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Summer lovin'! :D
4.25.2010 ★ 12:41:00 PM

Sarreh, late update again. Been busy this Summer. Woah, did I just type that? HAHA. Yes, usually, during summers, I don't get busy because I tend to be bored all the time --that's a fact. But this Summer 2010, I am absolutelyy having FUN! I feel great :)

Anyhow, I've been having my Taekwondo lessons for 3 weeks now. & I'm telling ya, if it weren't for the lessons, I won't be having freedom this summer. I made the right choice, YEAH BOI. :>

If you want to check how my summer has been, just check out my Summer 2k10 ♥ album on FB :p

** I'm just going to update you with all the SPECIAL days that have passed.. :D

|| 04.12.10
Samantha Fernandez turns thirteen. Yes, this girl finally turned into a lady! Time to take the training wheels off, kiddo! It was Monday, we had Taekwondo class first. We did stretchings, practiced kicks & punches and the like. Immediately after our session, we left using Sam's car. First, we went to my house to get my camera's batteries (I left them; so forgetful lol). So, we took photos using the tripod at the front garden. Afterwards, we went to Sam's house to get her things, too. Then, we went to Inn Asia. We removed our jogging pants and put on shirts. SUMMER! :D We ate lunch and went back to the room to talk about gossip. Sshh! I can't spill any of 'em, 'cause we promised not to tell anybody. Harhar. At 3pm, we decided to go swimming, at last! We jumped in the pool. Wow, so cold. We took jump shots using my cam and Pauline's cam, 'cause mine had low battery. It was so fun! We just kept swimming, just kept swimming.. :)) At around 4PM, we ate merienda. Pasta, corndogs, chicken and other delicious food. We dried up and dressed up. 'Twas time for the "birthday girl" to blow her candles! We sang happy birthday to her, and she blew the candles with her li'l bro, Enzo. Aww. Happy birthday, girl! After that, we took photos here & there and we departed. Sam drove Pauline and I to my house, Pau's driver was already there so she left, too. THANK YOU, S! :*

|| 04.16.10
Sleepover at my house!! After Taekwondo class, Tiffany & Pauline rode our car and went to my house. We ate lunch here and watched TV. We used the internet, plurked and laugh at knock knock jokes that caught our eyes on Tumblr. HAHAHA. We also sang them, yes, those knock knock jokes I'm referring to are Filipino Style. LOL! After singing, we kept laughing. Aah, fun fun fun!! =)) We also ate Double Dutch Ice Cream. Mhmm.. Next, we went upstairs and watched My Sassy Girl 'cause 'twas too hot downstairs. Such a romantic movie! I'll never get tired of it. ♥ We went downstairs 'cause Tiffany's mom arrived, she was to pick up Tiff. But we begged her to let Tiff sleep over. She approved. YAYYZ. We went upstairs, prepared the jacuzzi and put on shorts. We dipped in the jacuzzi, so relaxing! We took photos and had heart-to-heart talks. We took a shower and dressed up for East Gate Plaza. We went to Havaianas first, to check out the flip-flops. We went to Pebble Beach Café. I ordered Choco Nutty Espresso. It was so good. We took photos and drank coffee. At 8pm, we went back home. I talked to Errol on the phone while Pauline and Tiffany plurked. At 11pm, we decided to eat dinner. The Glee marathon started by then. We stopped watching after 2 episodes 'cause we got bored. We just watched television, took pictures using a tripod and used our cellphones. Before going to sleep, we watched Phineas & Ferb. We turned off the TV and the lights. Pauline and I didn't sleep yet; we talked about Edison and our classmates. We slept at 5am and woke up at 10am. Awesome sleepover! :D

|| 04.19.10
HAPPY NINETEEN♥ We had training @ Stadia for Milo Summer Sports Clinic. I only attended half day, because I had a date with Errol. So, when he arrived at the mall, I gave him my gift--roses and a huge card. Before leaving the mall, he bought me a cute bear from Bearhuggs. When we arrived at his house, he immediately read the letter. I'm glad he was touched, aww. We ate lunch, watched TV and used the computer. We also had kulitan and everything. Gosh, I love him so much! All those kisses & hugs... oh the love! At 4pm, his grandfather drove us to Ahead, after that, Papang treated us at Jollibee. I ate Jollifries + Iced Tea. Then, they drove me off to Stadia and I waited for my fetcher. Woo, our driver let me drive at DeVenecia Highway Ext. Hoorrayy! It was my first time to drive on the road. He made my day complete. I love you, babe. Once again, HAPPY19. <3

That's all for now, I guess. Just check out my photo album at Facebook, to keep you updated. Stay tuned for more photos! Cheerio! :)

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