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A few hours left before the special incident.
3.27.2009 ★ 8:40:00 AM

Another week has passed and today's the very special day. Good luck, everyone. Here's the summary of every practice/rehearsal we had this week. And I must admit, every single practice has been memorable! Thanks a lot for making a remarkable week, guys. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009
-- Practice for mass and graduation. Well, we went to church for our Thanksgiving Mass practice. Ms. Julie & Ms. Vivian rode in our car together with Ella, Pau, Tiff, Aika & Hannah. We had our practice there at 8-11. After practicing, we walked from St. John Cathedral to Rubis. And we walked through the shortcut. We passed through Careenan, actually. And man, it was such a great experience! A hot and sunny day, we were all tired because of walking. When we got to Rubis, we were all relieved! LOL. I ate Chicken Teriyaki. After that, we had a graduation rehearsal @ Reading Area. We were dismissed at 5pm. :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
-- Thanksgiving Mass @ 8am in St. John Cathedral. My mom and I arrived with the flowers at 'round 8. The confirmation started at perhaps 8:30am and the thanksgiving began at 10 o'clock. Fr. Mario gave an inspiring message in his homily which obviously made all of us encouraged. :) After the mass, we had our short recognition. Suddenly, I got an award! Most outstanding IT Student. Even though most of us got that award, I'm still grateful that I got one. ^^ We ate at KFC and we had our practice again during the afternoon. :P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
-- Rehearsal again at school. We practiced the whole program at the stage. Just a typical day... LOL. We ate at Rubis, I think. Oops! I forgot. :)) Ooh, I didn't eat. Ella and others went to Nepo. They bought me a shirt! Aika and I were left in school. :>

Thursday, March 26, 2009
-- Last practice for graduation! \:D/ 8am-12am @ school & 1pm-5pm at STADiA. Whoo! Haha. After practicing the whole program at the stage [in school], we departed and went to Stadia. Most of us rode on the bus! Yes, a real bus. HAHAHA. We were so many! LOL. It was so fun inside. We bought food at McDonald's and we ate at the food court since there were no space left in McDo. Yummy food!! After eating.. Arielle, Tiffany and I went to Colorado to print some pictures. They printed 34 photos. We got the receipt and went to Stadia. We left our bag there and let Erar carry them. We went back to the mall to look for Pauline and others. We saw them and altogether, we went to Stadia. We began our rehearsal at 1pm. It turned out to be quite hot at first, but when they switched on the air conditionar, the atmosphere changed from hot to cold. While practicing, some of our batchmates were really noisy and such. That's why Ms. Reggie scolded us and the teachers were annoyed. They called us the worst batch ever. Awts. Then, finally, our practice ended at 5pm. But we waited for Arielle & Hannah to get the developed photos. We gave them to sir Francis. Pauline & I hurriedly rode on a jeepney and got to school. I left and fetched my mom at St. Therese. :]

After a few hours, I'll be graduating. Wish me luck!

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Sooner or later, it all comes crashing down.
3.21.2009 ★ 8:03:00 AM

Okay, since this blog needs to be fed will all the updates, I guess now's the right time to fill in. Well, it's the day's at its middle time. Actually, it's 3:30PM. And as far as I'm concerned, it's Sheanelene Castro's birthday today and I want to let everyone know that she turned 13 today. Happy birthday, Shane! Wish you all the best.. (:

My previous post was last Thursday, March 12. I must tell you all the happenings that has been done until this day. :P

Friday, March 13, 2009
The grade's 1-5 last day of examination. I know, they're very auspicious to have an early summer break. In fact, I envy all of them. Despite the fact that we had an earlier vacation because our exams were held before theirs, we still need to stay inside the campus for our graduation rehearsals. That day was ordinary. Practice for the mass, and at the same time the graduation. That was the day when most of us let our schoolmates sign our PE t-shirts as a sign of remembrance of our friendships. But I wasn't able to let everybody sign since not all of them were present. Or maybe I just had lack of time in letting them sign. I didn't even get a chance to let Hensen sign or even Vic. LOL!

Saturday && Sunday, March 14-15, 2009
Normal old weekend. Internet here, television there. Music here, noise over there. What are weekends for, huh? :P

Monday, March 16, 2009
Um, I wore a yellow shirt and jeans. 'Twas such a simple day that I couldn't even recall the things that happened. Haha! The things that I could only recall was, I played robber.. And during dismissal, we played robber again then I accidentally collapsed with my butt on the ground. It happened because Aika held me on the back and Hannah carried my right foot. After a few seconds, boom... Outbalance. Awts! My butt even hurts until this very moment. -__-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
I wore my bubble dress with leggings. I think we ate at Jano's. Hmm. Or I think 'twas Rubis. Haha. I forgot! Subsequently, when Pauline and I were finished eating, I told her, "C'mon! Let's walk.". Then, she consented and we just walked. And later, I told her that, "Let's play a game! Let's figure out where Hensen's house in RV is". Then, she played with me. LOL! I have to say, it was quite fun being inside the village, we even saw students from La Marea. Then, we took pictures for the so-called "evidence" that we got. We had 2-3 choices of where Hensen lives. It's either the cement-like apartment, the green-roofed apartment or the garbage-like apartment. :)) We kept on laughing there. Hahaha. Weird. We went back to Rubis and we spotted Arielle eating her lunch while Tiffany eating ice cream. Hahaha. We told them everything we did and they chuckled. Tiffany said that she knows a gate wherein a house is built. Pauline and I really can't get the direction of what Tiffany is saying. So, we told them to go with us again in RV, and what we did there was... We ate ice cream, ella's treat. Haha. Tiffany also showed us the brown gate. 'Twas really an amusing day. :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
I wore my "Little Miss Bad" shirt. Hahaha. Well, I tried exchanging shirts with Paolo. He wore his "Jabbawockeez" t-shirt that time. And when exchanged, he decided to switch back the shirts because he looked girly. Hahaha. That day was pretty unusual as well. :>

Thursday, March 19, 2009
What an awesome day! I wore my Ninoy shirt and jeans. I used Arielle's iPod shuffle which she let me borrow and so on. We ate @ Rubis again with Mary and Hannah. I ate Siopao and Lychee shake. When we were all done eating, Arielle was still finishing her Siopao. We laughed at her because when she was talking, something little fell from her mouth. HAHA! After that, we went to KCC and Arielle treated us Gecko. We went upstairs [kiats'] and saw Christian and his friends. We fooled him and kept on making jokes about his ludicrous voice. Tiffany said, "Tho long thucker!". LMAO. Because when he mentions the letter, "S" he mentions a "th" sound. Haha! When we went back to school, we made prank calls with Alain and man, we impersonated Christian's voice again. Hahaha. Alain said, "Bye, ricky boy!". ROFL. Then, Hannah and I tried looking for Arielle and Mary 'cause they left. We went to the Snow cones and saw Paolo and other boys. Then, we saw Pauline and Tiffany. Later, Arielle and Mary showed up, too. Mitchell & Abe tossed the bottles and they broke. Haha. After that, Paolo decided that they'll have a race. We said, "Ready.. Set.." and they all ran. Hahaha. Paolo was left. Alain wasn't included in the race but he was walking in the middle, when Abraham was running, he bumped into Alain's back and he tumbled. ROFLMAO!! We laughed 'til our stomachs ached. HAHA! Laughed, again. Then, we played robber. And we stopped, and laughed with Kyle and other boys. And we continued our rehearsals for grad. What a hilarious day! :))

Friday, March 20, 2009
Yesterday, I got to school and I listened to music. Pauline arrived and blaah. We stayed @ the flagpole and then I accompanied Pauline to the court with Alyana. And then, Sam arrived and apologized and I forgave her. Hahaha. And after that, we went to the overpass. Hahaha. And we did nothing there, we just stayed there. And we went back to school. It was so hot! And then, we had our practice and blah. We decided to have lunch by takeout. Arielle & Tiffany went to Shakey's and bought a pizza, while Pauline, Sam and I rode on a jeepney by ourselves [whoa! haha] and we went to KFC. I ordered Wow Steak and we rode on a jeepney again. Hahaha. We laughed of this guy who was riding a motorcycle. LOL! We went back to school and saw Arielle + Tiffany. I ate pizza, garlic bread and wow steak. Haha. We offered Ms. Julie a slice of pizza and after that, she gave us a pack of turon. Hahaha! She's so generous. We went to the mall and we did nothing there. Haha! Just walked. And we rode on a jeep. We were so many! All girls. After that, I paid my graduation fee to the office and I read the newspaper. After that, robber. Later on, we had our graduation practice. And then, dismissal. Tiffany & Aika rode on our car and I dropped them @ Petron. :D

- I'm through with this "filling in". Hope you're satisfied. XD

farts and spits, CLARE. lmao!

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You can put that blame on me.
3.12.2009 ★ 9:22:00 PM

And now is the chance for CLARISSE to write her awkward blog. :))

It's been 5 days since I posted my last entry. I haven't been busy or anything but yes, I was still lazy. [What? I can't change that habit! Haha]. Well, I have to tell you some stuffs that y'all need to know. :P

I didn't post a blog on Sunday but here's the epitome. I used the computer that day, we watched "You Changed my Life" @ CSI. I was supposed to buy Vans but there weren't any stock. Pfft. We just went to mass after that. (:

Monday, March 9, we had our first graduation practice. I went to school at 7. Then, we all met at PE Area. Ms. Julie called out our names so that we could get the positions of our seats during the Thanksgiving Mass. All the readers occupied the first row and all the students who were included in the offertory sat at the back row. My seatmate at the right side was Arielle. We practiced and practiced. During dismissal, we were just sat on the stage and we saw someone's brother who was so hawwt and we went home at quarter to 6. :DD

Tuesday, March 10, graduation rehearsal - 2nd day. We practiced the mass && the graduation. I don't remember the other things that happened. Oh wait! I wore a green top and leggings. I played robber during the dismissal. F-U-N! :))

Wednesday, March 11, 3rd day of practice. Yesterday, Ms. Julie wasn't with us during practice. Idk where she went but Ms. Lily, Mr. Frederick && Ms. Rowena were the teachers who accompanied us during rehearsal. We practiced the graduation only. All of us recited in front because of the processional march. :P

Thursday, March 12, 4th day. Today, Ms. Julie arrived at school early and we had our first practice at the stage. Arielle && Anton finished the introduction and the boys started ushering in and introduced themselves. Then, the diploma-giving. After that, we had the loyalty gold medals awarding. I'm the emcee for that part! LOL. And I'm also a loyalty awardee [9-10 years]. During recess, I ate Piattos and C2. Joshua and I did some wrestling. 'Twas funny. Hahaha. We also played robber, but Ms. Julie scolded us 'cause she told us we might get heat stroke because of the hot temperature nowadays. After that, Ms. Reggie helped us in our grammars while giving our [emcee] announcements. LUNCH! I didn't eat. Haha. I just bought Gatorade with Ella @ St. Joseph. I signed on different t-shirts and stuff. Ms. Julie told us that it's time for practice again. We had our practice at Science Lab and we did the processional march. We had recess afterwards and continued the practice. We practiced the mass with Ms. Julie and finished at 5pm. Before leaving, she told us not to run anymore because of the heat wave thing-y. LOL. Dismissal! I really wanted to play robber so I joined Hensen's robber. I was one of the police. I caught Hensen and his shirt got ripped because I pulled it. LMAO! I apologized and we started teasing each other and such. He's so silly!! =))

I waited for my driver to arrive. In the meantime, I stayed with Arielle at the stage with some other people like Ivan, Vincent, Erar && others. I just saw our car in front of the gate around 5. Perhaps quarter to 5 or something. I got in the car and my mom told me some news. She told me that she bought a new car and she sold our old car [Revo]. The car that she bought was Montero Sport; she told me that it was a new car. Blabla, we went to CSI because she forgot her eyeglasses and I saw the car. 'Twas nice and all. Haha! And we went to Villaflor for my mom's check up. I waited and I was really thirsty; I got some money from her and I bought Nestea @ St. Joseph with our driver. I went back to the Doctor's office and waited for my mom. When she was done, we went home because I was starving already. LOL!


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Ooh, she wants it, so I got to give it to her.
3.06.2009 ★ 10:00:00 PM

Yo ma homies!! I've missed all of ya. I bet y'all did miss me to, eh? :D

Anyways, hello! I've got great news for you guys-- Guess what? We don't have classes anymore!! Thank golly. Hahaha. Well, we still have graduation rehearsals but at least, we don't need those dumb old books and we don't need to listen to those boring discussions. FREEDOM! LOL. Well, our exams are over and perhaps I have to update. Shall I? :)

OK. I'll start now.


Friday, February 27
- I studied the whole day. (not really). Hahaha.

Saturday, February 28
- I studied the whole day. This time, it's true. Haha! :D

Sunday, March 01
- I was lazy to study. But I did read a few notes. (:

Monday, March 02
- The day before our final exams. Well, I did some completion. Man, I stayed in language for more than 30 minutes! I had to be in the 2nd subject, but I was stuck there. :| Oh, we also did our Hekasi project that day. When I arrived home, I studied for the subjects on the 1st day of our examinations.

Tuesday, March 03
- First day of exams. READING && SCIENCE. Our first subject was Reading. Uhh, it wasn't that hard. But I think I'll get a low score. Boo! Science was easy. But I think I'll still get mistakes. Hihi. Nobody's perfect, right? :P

Wednesday, March 04
- Second day. LANGUAGE && MATH. Language-- hard. Math--hard. Whoa, hard subjects on a same day. WTH! Hell day?? Hahaha! We were all clueless in the tests in Language. In Math, I was so confused with the Polynomials. So frustraaating!! :|

Thursday, March 05
- Third day. FILIPINO && HEKASI. In Filipino, there were so many essays. And before that day, I didn't focus in reviewing; I just read here and there. And as unexpected, the test was hard. Whaa! But luckily, I didn't have any blanks. Haha. In Hekasi, 'twas pretty easy. Easier than Language, I must say. :))

Friday, March 06
- Last day. MUSIC && GEOMETRY. I have to admit, Geometry was uber hard. Only test 1 was easy for me. All the other tests were difficult. Raah. Please don't give me a failed score! Noo. In Music, 'twas kinda hard for me 'cause I didn't memorize the information about the famous musicians and others. But Aika told me I got 17/20. I'm contented, hah. Whoo!! After exams, we played different kinds of games. Hide&seek, ice-water and robber. We had our last exams for our whole elem lives! Now we're free. YAHOOO. Yesterday was Clarenz's birthday. Happy birthday, sugarplum. HAHA!

Saturday, March 07
Okay, so today, I went to school. My mom went to Manaoag and we planned that we'll just meet there at MG. 'Cause she also needs to go to school for they have this meeting for the computation of grades for the honor roll. Yeah, it sounds weird but hey, I'm an honor student. LOL! I woke up at 6:30am. I watched a movie in HBO. I took a bath, dressed up, called Arielle and left to school. I waited for Arielle to arrived but she took so long. My mom arrived and she ate @ the canteen. I saw Tiffany and I accompanied her; she was alone. Aww. Haha. Then, we saw Ms. Lily and we waited for other students to come. Arielle came afterwards. We started having this "audition". We kept on repeating lines till Ms. Lily, Ms. Reggie && Ms. Vangie have decided who to pick. I was picked to be an emcee! Yayy. And Arielle had the first part. :))

My mom left me at school and the driver came back to pick me up. I text-messaged him that I'd leave at 12 'cause I don't want to leave yet. I was with Arielle && Tiffany. We also threw rocks at Joseph C. Hahaha. And then, we stopped. We just sat there and talked about random things. When the clock struck 12:00pm, I went inside the car and left with my driver. I had a movie marathon today! I've watched 2 movies only because I was too indolent to watch some more. XD


Alright, I'm done updating. Happy? LOL. I'll bounce. BUHBYE! :-h

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