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Juicing Thoughts - 3rd place
11.29.2008 ★ 8:34:00 PM


First and foremost, I want to thank all the people who supported me. I know that this is not as big as a medal or a trophy, but hey, I'm still happy that I became third. It's my first time to join in a contest in the internet and yet I've won third place. How lucky!

I want to thank: Elijah, Angelika, Demi, Raizel, Ken, Pauline, Tiffany, Mary, Sam and other people who voted for me. I really appreciated what you did, guys. Thanks a lot.

I just got really touched of what they all did. Especially Elijah and his other grade 4 friends. Including Julianne. (:

I know that they were all supportive and I was really overwhelmed.

They even put "Vote for Clarisse!" as their shoutouts in FS and status messages in Y!M. Even though I wasn't the winner, I'm still a winner for all of them. I love you guys to death!!! :D

I didn't know I had a chance in winning. And truthfully, I don't really deserve to win. But I'm glad to know that a lot of people voted for me. I know it's really hard to make people vote for you. Ken even told me I was like a president! And Pauline even got irritated because I was like, really freaking out. But, I didn't became 1st. That's still okay, though. I became 3rd and I'm overjoyed!! (:

That's all. And never-ending thank you's to all the people who helped me in this contest. Thanks a lot, everyone. ILYSM! (:

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I never thought that I’d get hit.
11.28.2008 ★ 8:14:00 PM

Friday | Half Day

Hi! It's Friday. :DD
I went to school at 7am, I guess.
Science - We had a discussion. Whoa, I listened. A bit. ((:
Hekasi - New game. We got 2 out of 15. HAHA. And quiz. I got 18 over 20. :p
Filipino - Passed our vocabularies and post test. I'm perfect! Yaayy. (: And discussion 'bout Bibliography.
Recess - I ate this sticky blah. Haha. And Fit 'N Right + Piattos.
Filipino - We did almost nothing. Woohoo.
Science - Reference. But I was too lazy that time. (x
Hekasi - An activity. I got 15 out of 19, I think. LOL.
12:30PM. Dismissal time! I left and went to the mall. But then, we went to tita Edith's school and fetched my mom with tita Edith. I ate inside the car. Haha. When we got to the mall, I bought iced tea. Then, we went upstairs to the movie theater. We watched "Scaregivers". Hahaha! Man, it was so funny. ((:

After watching, we went downstairs and ate our merienda. I went to McDonald's and bought a cheeseburger with large fries and a coke float. Mm.. Delicioso! (:

We dropped tita Edith back to her school and we went home.

Oh, please keep on voting me in Juicing Thoughts. Don't forget! Thanks a lot. :D

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Happy 12th, Pauline Soriano.
11.27.2008 ★ 8:15:00 PM


Whoo, I had fun in the mall with chapstem (-A [alyana wasn't there]), Paolo and Arvin. My blog might be a bit long, I'm warning you. xD

I went to school. We played robber when it wasn't time yet. Then, the bell rang. All of us went upstairs. Haha.

Arts - We did our Christmas projects. Although, our group wasn't able to make snowflakes because no one knows how to make one. We'll just continue it next time. Still lazy, tho. :|
Computer - Free time! We stayed in the library. + answered our Tekkids. (:
CL - Prayed the rosary && free time.
Recess - I bought a drink and two ovaltinies. Heeheee. :D:DD
PE - Copied "Volleyball" reference. After, free time (again!).
Music - We forced Ms. Irene to have a free time, but she refused. Err. Discussion and book activity.
Dismissal time; we played robber. I got a bit pissed while playing. But after the game, we were all fine. Haha! Nice game, eh? xD

After playing, we all dressed up and we wore our outfits. LOL. I wore a shirt and jeans. We went to the car and arrived at the mall. When we saw Paolo and Arvin, we went to PhotoLine and while waiting, the three of us walked around the department store. There! We saw LC and Abraham. Next, we went back to PhotoLine and our pictures were taken. After that, we went to Worlds of Fun and we rode on the bump cars. I drove by myself. And, we (paolo, arvin & me) have a target. Her first name starts with an S. :p On the 3rd round, Pauline & Sam left. Woo!! The 3rd&4th round were the best rounds! (:

We ate at Shakey's. Yummay! When we were eating, we saw Hensen and Ivan. Hahaha! We laughed out loud because.. ((: Then, we all played Hide and Seek in the mall. When we we were playing in the department store, a guy (oops, she's a lesbo :))) got mad at us 'cause we were noisy. Hahs. I never got a chance to be "it". Haha! It was hella fun, we even hid in the girls' restroom. LOL!! When we all got tired, we went back to WoF and arcaded. Haha, 'twas fuuun. (:

We went back to school at 4:30pm. Sam, Tiff and Hannah left. Arielle, Pauline, Mary and I stayed in school. I waited for my driver to arrive. He arrived with my mom at quarter to 5 (I think) and I left the three in school.

Fun day!! Happy Birthday again, bes. Wish you all the best! Kisskiss. :*

*I changed my layout. Do you like it? (HAH Feeler!). :D By the way, don't forget to vote me in Juicing Thoughts! Clarisse of upbeatoptimist, arayt? Thanks a lot, everybody! (:

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Four eyes.
11.26.2008 ★ 7:37:00 PM

I'm not a geek! LOL HELL NO. (:

Wed-nes-day. XD
Science - We continued copying our incomplete reference. "The Changing Atmosphere". After that reference, we copied ASTRONOMY.
Hekasi - Discussion 'bout Sibilisasyong Roman. Haha. I was really too sleepy to listen. But I guess I listened.. A bit. xD We had this group game. All about Panitikang Latin. We were given those letters and number of letters. We got 6. We'll continue it on Friday. (:
Recess - Argh. No spongee. ): I bought the Sago 'N Gulaman (I think). It didn't taste well. LOL. ((:
Filipino - Copied the new reference.
Science - Continued copying "Astronomy". Still unfinished. :|
Hekasi - New reference. Huwaa!
Lunch - We went to DLL. I checked out my blogs, surfed the internet, etc. (:
EPP - We all copied a loooong reference. Dang it! Hahaha. But, luckily, I was able to finish. I was the 5th person to finish the reference, I guess. It was not that long. Haha. We also have a new project. This time, we don't need to bring materials. The school will provide the materials and we only need to bring a glue gun and a pair of scissors. After that, we all got bored. Tiffany & I battled at a "Snake" (game) bet. Haha! I lost. But then, we had a rematch. I won! Hooray, no 1 peso for Tiff. xP
Dismissal - We played robber. Not that fun. We were police, eh. Psh! Hahaha. Then, I watched a basketball game. Plus, did random things. Like, sat on the walkway. Talked with Paolo. Laughed at the girl who was playing with sir frederick and blahh. ((:
5:00pm - I left already. I went to St. John for the 5pm mass. (:

I'm so excited for tomorrow! It's Pauline's birthday.
Advance Happy Birthday, Pauline. :DD
We're going to the mall tomorrow. YAY..
And my mom allowed me to go there! CAN'T WAiT. (:

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Sit! :))
11.25.2008 ★ 7:44:00 PM

Tuesday again. LOL. (:
Nothing special/important happened today, I think. Hahaha! If there was/were (a) thing/s that happened today, I won't even tell you what it is. Just kidding. Haha. ;p

I'm listening to Tonight by FM Static. Yeah, yeah. I never get tired of it. Why do you even care?!? Hahaha. Just shut up and let me go, men. ROFL.

I wore my eye glasses in school today. Some reacted and others didn't. Hahaha. When Tiffany, Arielle and Sam saw me, they were like.. "Eh?". Haha!

Thing-y's that happened today. (:
  1. Math&Geom. Book again. Language. No discussion. Haha! Writing at once. Reading. Alright, Ms. Julie told us something 'bout deodorants. HAHA. After that, we got our spelling exam papers. Ooh, I got 68 out of 70. Say what?! I guess that's okay. :|| ((:
  2. Recess. We ate at Pre-School. I ate an egg pie. :p Math&Geom. Continuation of reference. Language. I lost my paper, ugh. So I did my writing all over again. Reading. I changed my story impression. ((:
  3. Lunch Break. I ate lunch near the canteen. I bought chicken. Haha. After that, we went to P.E. Area. Then, Ms. Julie told us to telll Kuya Joel that we weren't the ones who threw the trash in PreSchool. And we went to the newest building. And bought a pack of yema. Hurray, yema! LOL. :D
  4. Computer time. Sir francis told me I look pretty in my glasses and this hairstyle. Like, whateverr! ((: We had a hands-on. My partner was Pauline. 'Twas hella easy. Haha.
  5. Dismissal. We stayed in the court. And there's something that happened. I won't tell what it is because I pinky-promised. LOL. It's really private and it's important. Haha! Um, we ate green mangoes (yumm!). And after eating, Arielle and Pauline left. I waited for my driver to arrive and when he arrived, Samantha and I both left. (:
  6. 5:15pm. Mass @ St. Therese Parish. The mass was so quick. It ended around 5:45, I think. Whew. Heehee.
We don't have any homework, let's celebrate! LMAOO. Oh, I changed my skin here. Haha. Do you like it? I hope you do! (: And I'm finished in posting the Juicing Thoughts entry. :D

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Juicing Thoughts
★ 6:17:00 PM

First of all, I thank Pearl for asking me to join in this contest. I hope I win! (:


The first time I visited Juicing Thoughts was the time when I first saw JT's comment in my tagboard. It said, JOIN JT's second contest! Visit my blog for more info!. After reading it, I immediately visited their blog. And my golly, I read the mechanics for this contest and I've suddenly thought to join! I do know that I don't have any chance in winning, but it's worth a try , isn't it? (:

I'm not really familiar of Juicing Thoughts. But what I know is, it's the best site that i've ever seen. It's managed by a fellow blogger of mine, Pearl Therese. She's one of a kind, I have to say. Now.. Let's see. Juicing Thoughts? It's a blog that tells you everything you need to know. It's a blog full of facts, cool things and lastly, great wisdom. :D

I deserve to be a winner in this contest because I try my best in posting this entry and I try to give all what I've got. I know that I don't really make the nicest blogs but I have to admit, I do want to make everybody happy whenever they read my blogs. It's my first time to join a contest, actually. Hopefully, I'll win in this contest even though this is my first time to join.

I bet there will be a lot of contestants but I hope I would be one of those who'll win. I'm only new here in blogger. I've been a member since March 2008. I just want people to read my posts and I want to them to criticize so I'll know what to change in my blogs. I try everything just to make everyone inspired by reading my entries.

My site is open for everybody and I hope no one would get mad because of my blogs.
Peace to all and please avoid making wars! (:


2nd Trimester Spelling Exam
11.24.2008 ★ 6:04:00 PM

The spelling exam went good. I still don't have the results, though. Argh. :|

I woke up so early a while ago. 3:30am, perhaps? I even used the internet and blog hopped! LOL.
Then, I arrived at school. Tiffany was there, but Arielle wasn't there yet. (:

Math & Geometry [1st subject]. We did this book activity and I was too lazy to answer. Hahaha.
Language [2nd subject]. A long discussion by Ms. Vangie. Waah, I was too slothful to listen. As usual, I didn't listen. I even played Games in Tiffany's cellphone. ((:
Reading [3rd subject]. Spelling exam! Woot, very lucky of me. The sentences were easy, in my case. Hahaha! Yay me. XD
Recess. I bought a donut and blahh. xp
Math & Geometry.
Copied a reference. Didn't finish. LOL. (:
Language. Ms. Vangie continued the discussion. And we had our quiz. ;p
Reading. Waah, teacher didn't check our papers yet. So, we just answered our workbooks. Prince & Clarenz copied all my answers. ((:

Uhh. I went home early. Today's a half day only. Weeee. Then, around 2pm, my mom and I met at Cilamar Botique. We stayed there for a while with her friends. At around 3:30pm, we went to City Mall and went straight to Siapno-Tada Optical to check out my eyes. Woah, it was my first time to go inside that refraction room thing-y. LOL. It wasn't correction glasses! 'Twas eye glasses. That's why I have to use my glasses everyday. ):
The grade of my eye glasses are 75. Both eyes are 75. It was pretty cool inside the refraction room, by the way. :DD

The brand of my eye glasses are Levi's. Cool, huh? It was expensive, too. P4800, I think. T__T
Afterwards, we went to St. Therese and took mass at around 5pm. (:

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Fetival of Words - Day Three
11.22.2008 ★ 5:34:00 PM

Last day of the festival. We won 3rd place in the Dance, well that's what I heard. (:

When I got to school, we practiced and Paolo arrived. So did the other members so we practiced all together. There was this funny part that happened, too. Arielle sat on poop. And Paolo touched the poop accidentally and wiped it on his pants so his pants got dirty. Arvin even laughed at Paolo. But then, when Arvin got up, he sat on the poop, too. HAHAHA. They all washed up because they were smelly. ((:

While waiting for the dance interpretation to start, we practiced for a while. Hannah dragged me to Language Area all of a sudden for the table skirting. I wasn't really supposed to be there but she called me so I helped them. Urgh, 'twas so hard putting the thumbtacks. Around 10, it was time for us to dance! We left our work in Language and ran to the 2nd floor. Our dance was very sluggish. Everyone was not being energetic and we looked like we didn't feel like dancing. Haha. That's why we're 3rd placers. And there are only 3 participants, by the way. ((:

After dancing, we went back to language immediately to proceed our table-skirting. It was really weird 'cause we started early but those who started late were the first ones to be finished. Dang! I got so tired and lazy so I left Hannah and Pauline in Language. I went to Music to play the piano with Kyle & Sherwin. When I was about to buy, I realized that I left my wallet in Language. So I went upstairs to get it. Pauline and Hannah were finished table skirting and I did the napkin-folds. Then, we went downstairs and I got my wallet. The both of them left me and they went to the mall. I went upstairs and waited for the awarding ceremony to start. It started around 2pm. I only got 2 of my certificates but I was supposed to be given 4 certificates. I left early because I need to go to the doctor. I wasn't able to hear the winners in Poem/Editorial/Sports Writing. So I have no idea if I won. LOL. I hope I did, though. (:

Although, Ken told me that LC told him that I won 1st place in blah. However, ionno if it's true. ((: I still have to review for the Spelling Exam on Monday. I hope I get a perfect score! :p

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Fetival of Words - Day Two
11.21.2008 ★ 8:19:00 PM

I won again! Awww. So happy. :*)
2nd placer in Pagbigkas ng Talumpati. Yaayy! ((:
7am : I went to school and Arielle wasn't there yet. But Tiffany was already there. So, I practiced my Talumpati and tried to memorize it 'cause I haven't memorized it all. XD
8am (or was it 9?) : They continued the quiz bees. After the 4th graders, we were next (in Hekasi Quiz Bee). Well, we tied up with the Yellow and Red. But in the total, we got 10/15 and we were 2nd place! Yay blue. (:
9am (or 10) : I hurriedly went upstairs to Language because of the Editorial Writing. And when I was finished writing, I went downstairs to Science 'cause I forgot my cellphone there. How lucky! The teachers got it and they gave it to me. Then, I went upstairs to Reading for my Poem Writing. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish my poem because of Talumpati. I went downstairs and dressed up immediately. I wore a saya and a shirt with a kimona. (:
11am : I recited the Talumpati on the stage. Crap! I was contestant number 1. I know, it was too scary. But luckily, I did pretty good. Yipee! I also waited for all of us to be finished because 'twas really long. Waah. Haha. Alas! All of us were finished. I hurried and changed my clothes. I went back to the primary's classrooms for the Announcement of Winners. I was so nervous! Finally, the other judge announced the winners in Talumpati. Well, she announced them in Tagalog. But I don't really remember how she said it. So I'll just explain it in English. "3rd place goes to none other than Julienne Lara Fernandez. 2nd place goes to CLARISSE MAE D. ZAPLAN *overjoyed* and 1st place goes to Joshua Rodriguez *with a hi-5*". :)) The three of us even went up the stage. Woohoo. Congratulations, everyone! (:
12pm *slash* 1pm : We went to Jano's to eat our lunch. CHPSTEM. Yeah, no A 'cause Alyana wasn't there. I ordered Ham & Egg sandwich. I think Arielle got pissed because of us but we were just fooling around that time. LOL.
2pm : Back to school. Haha. We went to Hekasi so that we could practice. But, Tiffany got humiliated and I think Pauline and others were laughing at her. So I made a scene (as usual) and said, "Sometimes SOME PEOPLE OUT THERE shouldn't be a joy-killer.", but they were too busy laughing so they didn't even hear what I said. I was in a bad mood that time so I didn't practice. Then, I practiced a bit. And I had my mood swings. From bad mood to good mood. Whew. We practiced but some of us weren't participating. And I was one of 'em. ((:
3pm : I played robber downstairs with Paolo, Arvin and the afternoon session. But 'twas kinda boring because others weren't even chasing us and some were too lazy. Hahaha.
3:30pm : We had our practice in Language area. Yes! We've completed the whole song. We just practiced the steps so we won't be dizzy tomorrow. Oh yeah! :DD
4pm : We went downstairs. Pauline left. Hannah left. We watched the varsity's practice. We ate green mangoes. Mmm.. Tasty! Hahaha.
4:30pm : I played robber with Vincent, Manuel and a lot of people. The only people who are in the morning session are Clarisse (me lol) and Raffy. Haha. I ran so fast, as always. ((:
5pm : I left school because my fetcher might leave me. LOL. But before going home, I went to St. Joseph and bought Sprite. I was really thirsty, you know. (:

Alrightie! The awarding ceremony's tomorrow together with the Dance Interpretation. I hope we win. But there's no doubt about it.. All of us will be in the top 3 because the yellow section's not going to perform. Oohlala, hurrah! I hope we win 1st. But I think we're going to be 3rd. Whatevaa. ((:

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Festival of Words - Day One
11.20.2008 ★ 6:41:00 PM

Hurrah! Let's partay. I won 2nd place in Declamation. Yehey! (:

I arrived in school so early. I practiced with Arielle. But then, she backed out. Then, Mr. Romy called us and told us to be disciplined while watching the contests. At around 7am or 8, I dressed up and wore my skirt and blouse. I practiced and practiced. Then, it was our turn! I was contestant no. 5. When I was waiting for contestant number 1, 2, 3 & 4 to be finished, I wasn't nervous. But when they called contestant no. 5, my hands were shaking and I was really scared. Luckily, I did good. I did my best, too. :D

I went downstairs and played robber with Dorothy. Ms. Sandra told us to go upstairs. So we stopped playing. We were supposed to go to Jano's but Kuya Henry won't allow us to go out. We went to the office to get a letter for permission to go outside. But Ms. Reggie told us that it wasn't lunch break yet. Argh! We stayed at the court. But since 'twas too hot, I transferred to the tree with the boys. We talked and laughed. ((:
After that, I ate lunch at the canteen with Tiffany and Sam. We got bored and I tried drumming. LOL. Drumming by the hotdog stand. ((:
Then, we went upstairs. Announcement of Winners. I crossed my fingers so tight! One of the judges announced the winners. "3rd place goes to Demi Jemimah Lomo *applause*.. 2nd place goes to CLARISSE MAE D. ZAPLAN. *shocked*.. 3rd place goes to Danielle Duenas *SUPRISED*", she said. When I heard Dana's name, golly.. I screamed! And there was complete silence except for my scream. 'Twas a bit funny. Haha. It's alright that I'm only a 2nd placer. I'm happy because there were 8 participants and I was 2nd. Yaayy. (:

I ran as fast as I could to Language Area and told Arielle that Danielle won. Then, I didn't know that the writings already started so I hurried to write. I was picked in Sports Writing. The facts were on the board and we made a basketball story. Afterwards, I waited for the Hekasi Quiz Bee but it was so long. My head was aching that time. And I wasn't feeling good, too. Me and Hannah joined the robber of the afternoon session so that I would perspire. Because when you perspire, you won't be sick anymore. In the middle of the game, there was a fight that happened between Hensen and Vincent. Man, it was so crappy. I hate fights, by the way. :| We continued playing and I told Arielle what happened. Joseph was so funny. He threw ripped leaves on us. LOL.

Around 5, I went upstairs to check out the festival. And 'twas still Grade 3 - Spelling Bee. I went upstairs and I saw Kristine. She reviewed and I told her that I'll review downstairs. My fetcher was already there and I told him that my quiz bee's still not done yet. I waited for the quiz bee. But 'twas already late when they told us that the quiz bee's postponed. I thought I wasn't going to be fetched! It was 6pm and everyone was leaving. I was alone in the shed waiting for my driver to arrive. Finally! He arrived at about 6:10pm. I fetched my mom in WearElse and we went home. (:

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Food and money I give to you!!! :))
11.19.2008 ★ 6:56:00 PM


A day before Festival of Words

Oh goshy. The festival's tomorrow. And, I'm not yet prepared. Booo! :|

Wednesday subjects:
- Science
- Hekasi
- Filipino

In Science, we did this project thing. We were going to draw animals and make our own food web. Argh! I don't know how to draw. ):
In Hekasi, Ms. Mina discussed about Rome (again) so I didn't listen. After that, she gave us a quiz and I got 7 out of 10. Huhu. ((:
In Filipino, my classmates recited the Talumpati but I didn't because I was already finished. I recited last Thursday. :p
RECESS. Oh, I forgot to tell you.. Arielle went to school today! At long last. LOL. We ate at PreSchool Area. I only ate ChocoMucho + Nestea. And got some noodles from Arielle. :DD

* Filipino; I practiced for the Talumpati but I kept on making mistakes because Pauline and others were trying to make me laugh. Obviously, I was disturbed! ((:
* Science; We finished our projects. My drawings were definitely sickening. xP
* Hekasi; We copied a reference. At first, Pauline and I planned not to copy. But then, Ms. Virgie told us to copy our references 'cause next week, we're not allowed to complete. So we all copied. However, we were too talkative that's why she let us leave. :/
DISMISSAL. Paolo told us that there will be no class in EPP. Iunno why, but I guess Ms. Analyn's too busy, or I think she's absent. Whatever! I watched Dana's practice for the Declamation. She's pretty good, you know. Hihi. Afterwards, we went to Jano's. I ate halo-halo and we laughed about this "thing". I was in a bad mood that time so Dana and I headed for school.

Tiffany and others arrived in school and I was really not in the mood. They asked me why I was grumpy, but I told them that I'm mad at this girl. (x Alain and blahh arrived with a ball. They challenged us to a game. 4 on 4. (Mary-Dana-Tiff-Clare VS. Alain-Prince-Arnold-Abe). Hahaha! They were all varsity players. We were 10 and they were 0. It was up to 12. So we only have to shoot 2 points. Uh, I think we won. Hurrah! ((:
Our classmates told us that Mr. Romy's calling us then we went upstairs. He told us to go the Library and for those who are competing in the Dance, they'll practice. Uhuh, we're lucky! Rofl. We practiced for a while. But still, we don't have complete dance moves yet. It sucks. I was too indolent that time. Harhar. Ella left so early. That means, HannahTiffMaryPau & I were left. We laughed out loud every second there is! It's weird though, when Arielle's not there, we have fun and we always tend to giggle. Haha! Clarenz & Manuel were really funny because they were singing this funny rap during their recess. ((:
Then, it was time for them to back to class. I practiced my Declamation and Talumpati. I was annoyed in a funny way 'cause they weren't listening to me. Ahaha! And, I tried singing the Declamation in different tones of different songs. LOL. There were so many songs. Even the rap that Clarenz was singing! ((:
Oh, and there was this time that they were talking and I continued reciting, by the last part.. For tomorrow you shall die!, I pushed them! HAHAHA. They were sitting that time and they weren't listening. That's why, when I shouted that out, I pushed them and they were astonished. ROFLMAO. Hannah almost fell. (x She even tried to chase me! And Mary almost threw the chair at me. Hahahaha. Hannah & Pauline left. Mary watched me practice one last time and I text-messaged my driver. I stayed with the guards when Mary left and I waited for my fetcher. He arrived 'round 5pm. As always, I reached the Grade 1's dismissal since it's their PE Day. (:

Oh nooo! It's the Festival of Words tomorrow and I haven't practiced yet in Declamation. Wish me luck! I'll just try my best. I hope I win. *crosses fingers* (:

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And I miss you more, whenever I think about you.
11.18.2008 ★ 7:01:00 PM

yo. i'm wearing all-yellow right now and i don't really know why. really random. lol! :))
i just finished taking a shower and i have to admit, i'm too lazy to make this blog. :p

listening to: moment of truth by fm static
mood: agitated

let's talk about tuesday. arielle's still absent. golly, she's still sick. :o well, in mathematics, ms. shirley discussed us a new lesson which is; statistics. yep, i know it sounds really sucky but i'm telling you, it's a bit easy. (: okay, in language? we checked our quizzes/activities and continued copying or incomplete references. i was able to finish the latest reference so i started writing in my journal. whew! i haven't wrote there for quite a while, my last entry was september something. talk about hiatus! :)) reading time, we had our post test. i rushed in reviewing because i wasn't able to review last night. luckily, i got a perfect score! ms. rowena even asked me if i had a tutor. and i said, "no way!". she replied, "you're so good!". or something like that. :))

hey, it's time for our recess. i went downstairs with kristine and dana. i bought a donut and sprite. we ate with frances, jannah and raizel near the canteen. we talked and ate. obviously, the bell rang! :p

during math, arnold, paolo, alain and us girls reminisced some memories back then and we all laughed out loud because we remember the funny facial expressions of corinne, our old classmate. hahaha! :)) so funny. we abruptly talked about her because arnold told us that they saw corinne in nbs one time. lol. we said that we don't believe them. then, arnold said "we even called her name.. corinne!". haha, it's hard to explain. but the corinne sounds like a bell. "cring! cring!", something like that. whaha. they even told us that corinne rolled her eyes when she heard them calling her name. and maaan. alain immitated corinne's face and i swear, it was hella funny!! :)) we convinced alain to repeat that "face" and we told him to face back and when he hears the name "corinne", he'll face in front of us and to the "face". holy crap, it was so funny! :)) we even got scolded by ms. shirley because we were too noisy. ahahaha!! :))
in language, i continued writing my entry about my birthday. wee!! when i was finished writing it, i made a new one and i wrote about the two school events last month; united nations day & halloween. (:
then, time for reading. we did this response log thing-y. "my own award". we congratulated ourselves for the good things about us. haha. i wrote some things about myself that are not entirely true. roflmao. xD
yahoo!! dismissal. we got out of the room pretty late. but still around 12:30pm. we went downstairs and decided to go to st. joseph. i bought cookies&cream chocolate, nagaraya + fit 'n right. hannah and tiffany ate halo-halo in jano's so we all stayed there. laughed at silly things by me, of course! (: we went to jil's after and they bought guitar picks. i didn't buy one, i'll just get one from ken since he has a lot of guitar picks. ahaha.
we got to school. and then, we went to epp area 'cause pauline wants to take a nap. we went inside the room and we lied down. then, kyle went inside the room and we went oustide. we went downstairs so pauline could buy water. we saw sir francis and sir gerard. therefore, we went upstairs. and there was something that happened to erwin. the oil paint got stuck in his hand. soo funny. and gross. :)) we did nothing in computer. but sir francis gave us a reminder about checking our e-mail's regularly. i hope i don't forget to check it out. xD

we played robber after class and it was really funny. :)) i stayed in school until 5pm with samantha. we were still there when the 5th graders arrived from their recollection. :D

my fetcher arrived around 5. as usual, i reached the grade 2's dismissal. :p

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damn you!
11.17.2008 ★ 9:18:00 PM

.. Can't think of a nice title. But there you go, a "normal" one. ((:

HIYA! Monday. Arielle's absent; she's sick. 4th graders left and went to Lay Formation Center for their recollection. Hooray! No more noisy students. XD Just kidding. Peace! :))

And that means, only 5th graders and 6th graders are in the New Building. 'Twas the same without the 4th graders & Ella. It was kinda fun, actually. Hahaha.

* Math - Probability discussion. Book activity.
* Language - Communicative activity [Oration].
* Reading - Spelling & SSR.
- Recess * We ate at Pre-School Area. :)
I.W :
- Math : Book Activity, again. Which I didn't answer. :))
- Language : Copied the reference. Voices of Verbs.
- Reading : Spelling Reference and I read a book.
Dismissal -- We went to DLL. :p
We went back to school after going to DigiLinks and I tried shooting the basketball. Hahaha! There are LUCKY times that I shot the ball. And there are also UNLUCKY times wherein I wasn't able to shoot. :| We were supposed to have a practice. But we all didn't participate so we played instead. Pauline and I played table tennis. And then, we made this new game. Haha. It's so weird. I don't even know what to name it. It's like golf. Or something. You serve the ball with the racket (of pingpong) and the opponent will strike it back. It's a really complicated game. I assure you though, it's totally fun! :D

We got tired and went downstairs. Chit-chat, laughter, and all those silly things we did. LMAO! Pauline, Hannah and Tiffany left. I watched the practice of the varsity with Samantha. We talked and yeah. The 4th graders arrived. And it was the dismissal of the Grade 3 pupils. Sam and I talked to Ken and blah. I left 'round 5pm. I left Samantha at school with Ken & Ivan. Haha.

That is all. ;p

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I never left.
11.16.2008 ★ 9:16:00 PM

i need you back. i never left.

hell-oh. today's sunday. :DD
i woke up a bit early this day. i slept early, so that's why. haha. texted & texted. i ate breakfast. played the piano for a while. then, i took a bath. i ate lunch, afterwards. my brother bought the adapter for the internet. and finally!! the internet's back. i missed you!! :( haha. oh btw, wtf happened to friendster? arayt, nevermind. it's a crappy webbie anyway. :||

i took piano lessons. my teacher tried teaching me "jingle bells" but i kept on having mistakes because it was a stacatto. and stacatto's a bit hard.. for me. (: i only had 45 (or was it 40?) minutes of piano lessons because we were going to the mall. aww. but my teacher said that she'll drop by the pieces here tomorrow. yey!

we arrived at city mall. we headed straight to mcdonald's. i ordered cheeseburger, mcfries, sundae and regular coke. yummmy! lol. we went upstairs so that we could wait for the movie to start. wee!! the movie started. we watched "quantum of the solace". starring daniel craig and olga kurlyenno. whoo, what a pretty lady! :)

the movie ended. wow, that was a long movie, right? haha! well, i find that movie pretty interesting. and 'twas alright. full of action scenes. i mean, seriously.. hardcore! roflmao. we went to penshoppe. and i bought that ninoy aquino shirt.. at last! ah, i also saw pat lim there! (in penshoppe). hahaha. we went downstairs. my brother also decided to buy a ninoy aquino shirt. so, we went back to penshoppe and bought another shirt.

we went to st. john cathedral and took mass. it ended around 7.. (:

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I'd rather be a loser than to be a nerd.
★ 12:20:00 PM

My oh my. I'm so not updated. :|| I didn't use the internet for.. How many days? 4 days! Whoa. The adapter for the internet was cut or something. Anyway, here are some things that you've missed about me:
- Nov 12 ; Wednesday? Well, I tried finishing my shorts that time. But I wasn't able to finish. Um. I had a short review w/ Mr. Frederick. And had a practice with Ella and etc.
- Nov 13 ; Thursday. Mom went to Manila. I completed in EPP. Thank goodness! I'm done with my shorts. :) Ms. Vangie also gave me a letter. I was picked for the Editorial Writing and Sports Writing! Gahd. And 'twas a fun day. I played with the afternoon-session boys. :DD
- Nov 14 ; Classes are suspended. I think it's because of Pangasinan Day. Blah. I still went to school, though. Around 1PM. Sir frederick reviewed us a bit. And my companions left. I stayed in school. Watched Elijah & others' dance. Hung-out with Joseph, Vincent and Elijah. Then, my fetcher arrived. I left about quarter to 5.
- Nov 15 ; Yesterday. Alright, 'twas the 28th Annual YMCA Province-wide Academic Olympics. The day of our bible quiz. I didn't expect that we'd be competing against 25 schools. :o Well, there were 21 questions. We got 16. We tied-up with 3 schools. We had a clincher-round for the 3rd place. Aww, we lost. But that's okay! We did try our best, didn't we? :p Pamela, Megan and Sam won 3rd place in the Quiz Bee (Hekasi, Math, Science). Then, we went back to school. Ms. Shirley, Ms. Ruth and I ate lunch beside M.C. Afterwards, we went back to DCHNS. We waited for the Hip-Hop Dance to start. Our school was the 3rd. Man, they were so good! Reo, Jack, Vic and I kept on teasing the other groups and we laughed out loud. Haha. They announced the winners. MG lost, again. But in over-all hiphop dance, they won 2nd runner up, that's what I heard. Well, better luck next time. Congratulations! LOL. We went back to school, fooled everyone that we won. Haha! Stayed there for a while and went home, too.

TODAY. Well, nothing happened. The day's half-over. Homework's not done yet. Haven't practiced just yet. Piano lessons aren't done. I want to go to the mall!!! ((:

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Congratulations, brother.
11.11.2008 ★ 6:42:00 PM

Readers! Hello. Lol. It's Tuesday. Obviously, haha.
It rained. But it wasn't that hard. Only drizzles, I guess.
Subjects: Math, Language & Reading.


• Ms. Rowena announced the participants for the Poem Writing. Anton & I heard our names. Congrats to moi. (:
• I ate lunch. Now that's a first! LMAO.
• We joined the Computer class of the red section. Got dismissed at about 2:30pm.
• Dance practice @ the outside of P.E. Area.
• Hugged three cute boys. :DD
• Departed from school to Dagupan City People's Astrodome.
Attended the graduation of my brother. Yes, at long last!!! My brother graduated just a few hours ago. :*) Congratulations, bro! Really glad that you have finally graduated. :*
• We left the Astrodome about 6pm.

I'm really happy that my brother graduated today! Oh yeah. I hugged 3 boys; LC, Ken + Sherwin. Heehee. 3 cuties. Aww. :)

My crush was absent today. Some told me he's sick. Or something. I hope he feels better! :))
* Yeah, I'm going to be nice now. Not going to pretend. It's time for me to take it all seriously. Uhuh-uhuh. Rofl. And I'm happy for the them. They're both my friends away. :p

i'm not letting you go, just setting you free..

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I got soaked in the rain.
11.10.2008 ★ 6:51:00 PM

I'm going to make a short blog right now. My mom's being paranoid (as always) because of this paint. Well, I'm glad that I was in school when they retouched the paint here by the family room. I don't even smell the "bad" smell of paint. They painted here a while ago. Morning, to be specific. Yeah, I know. Morning! Then it means the paint's already dry. She's so paranoid! Idk why. She's even scolding me for being so troublesome. But I really want to use the computer right now. However, my mom told me to go upstairs. Argh!

I don't know how to make a short blog. Maybe I'll just tell you the things that happened today and explain them in a few words. Deal? :) P.S : I'm only going to identify those things which are important/significant today.

- I got mad when I saw "his" face. :||
- We went to the mall during lunch. Chapstem (w/o Sam + Alyana) ate at Shakey's. Paolo, Abraham & I went to the bump cars for one round after eating. Window-shopped and went back to school. Ella left what she bought in Kaprichosa (oops!).
- We rode in a jeepney. :)) I paid the fare of Abraham and Paolo. We got out of the jeepney and our shoes got wet because of the flood. T__T
- I wore my shutter shades at school. And people told me I look funny and weird. LOL. And they were all staring at me. Some even said, "yo!" || "hey man!" :))
- We had our practice for the dance. *coughs* (asks suddenly..) Was that even a practice? HAHAHA!
- Hung-out with Ella and Pauline when the other members left already. We went to different places. We walked and such. I also completed in EPP.
- Pauline left quarter to 5. Ella left exactly 5pm. And I left about 5:10. Heehee.

Oh gahd! It was like 7pm there in school. All of the lights were switched because of darkness. 'Twas really dark. It's a bit scary. :)) Even though it was only 5pm, it looked like 'twas already 6:30! Yes, it was THAT dark. Haha. I wish I took pictures. Too bad, I don't even have a camera. Booo. Rofl.

Yep, I'm still mad at the guy who doesn't have any feelings. He sucks! And he's so stupid. =/

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karma comes so fast unexpectedly.
11.07.2008 ★ 6:29:00 PM

because this is my blog, i want to use lowercase or whatever you call it. :))]

hey hey you you how's it going? :DD

how's my day? it was certainly okay!
how am i? i'm absolutely fine^^
who do i miss? hiiiiim! LOL.

friday, end of the week, tgif!
science// we had a quiz.
(i.w.) -- endangered ecosystem activity + checked out the result of the quiz. my score: 10/10. wahoo!!
hekasi// game. i didn't cooperate at all, yayy.. but i think we got 7. thanks to those hekasi addicts! (rica&&patricia). and a quiz, afterwards. i got 12/15. :| misspelled words, argh. no consideration, dang.
(i.w.) -- activity about rome. lol, i didn't care if the other one was wrong. i was really lazy to figure out what the answer is. :))
filipino// dialogue! ours was the worst group evaa. haha. anton's absent, btw. our leader didn't go to school?! tss. i took his place. therefore, i had two roles. the narrator's role and one of the carolers. lol. teacher liked the group of nobody. hahahaha. which means, she didn't like all of the groups. yay for us!
(i.w.) -- completetion of incomplete references. and mentos madness. roflmao. :))
recess || when i was about to go to the canteen, ken tried to surprise me. i got shocked and i headed for the canteen. while ken was running, he tripped and got boo-boo's. aww, poor ken. hahaha! p.s., i don't have any sympathy. that's why i laughed out loud when i saw him lying on the ground. =))

dismissal. i wasn't in the mood that time. that's why i did stupid things. pauline left and they all started to do the same thing. arielle went to musicians' corner and paolo's gang headed for arnold's house. i saw kristine then we went to music area so that i could play the piano. i played a bit but sir frederick was going to have a class so i stopped playing. i went to e.p.p area and completed. i stitched, stitched and yeah, i stitched. rofl. yes! combination time, baby boy. :)) i went downstairs when the clock striked 3. 'twas the 4th graders' recess, i saw tiffany & mary squatting on the floor. i bought nestea ice and played robber. i was really lazy and didn't feel like playing. when i took the game seriously, i chased dipsi. i pulled his shirt and accidentally hurt him. he started punching my back. gahd. ella arrived and i told her everything. we talked to dipsi and i also told other grade 4 students. dipsi almost did something. but other grade 4 friends of mine tried to protect me. yay, love you guys haha!

ivan and hensen joined and they all started joining. but because of their stupidity and wasting of time, 'twas the 4th graders' time already. yes, we weren't able to play robber 'cause they were too busy talking and chatting with each other. the recess of the 123 & 56 started. chatted with some of the 5th graders with ivan plus ella. their bell rang and ella played the violin. we went upstairs and i played the piano. ella and i tried making a duet (für elise) but she can't recall the song. i just continued playing, even some of the iv-orange did a round of applause. hahaha. :"> ella and i went downstairs and just watched the boys play basketball. i asked her to play only hope in the violin but she was too lazy. my driver kept on giving me missed-calls. so when it was exactly 5:00pm, we went outside and i got inside of our car.

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I got what I wanted.
11.06.2008 ★ 7:01:00 PM

Hey girl, I like your style! :)

Thuuursday. Heehee, our P.E. day again! Finally, I can wear my converse baby. :D

Dismissal, of course, robber!! With the afternoon session. Paolo and the gang didn't join, they played basketball instead. Hannah, Ella and I were the only girls in the game. It was so hella fun I couldn't explain how I played robber. :p But there was this time that I almost bumped on Hensen. Hahaha.

I joined the red section in EPP. Yes, time to complete that damn project. Rofl. At last, I've started on the second leg. As I've said before, stitching sucks. I left the room at 3:30. The exact dismissal of the red section. While my other classmates (blue) stayed there and continued stitching. I went downstairs and played robber. That robber was so boring. I didn't even run that much and I wasn't able to chase people. Haha. We were "police". Hensen picked me. :o

The afternoon session's bell rang and everybody went upstairs. I just watched the basketball practice. Then, the 5th & 6th graders' classes were dismissed. It's our/their P.E. day so their dismissal was early. Erar asked me if I wanted to join their robber. I said no because I saw my driver searching for me. But I did envy them. Thus, I played with them. We were robbers. I was with the girls. I left in the middle of the game, though. 'Cause I saw my driver walking towards the gate. And so, I headed for the gate and left.

[ short blog. trying to make short ones bcos my blogs are usually long :)) ]

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Ice cream will ruin your clothes.
11.05.2008 ★ 6:55:00 PM

Konnichiwa, blog-san. ((:

About my title, in case you're wondering, the ice cream I was eating a while ago fell or spilled on my blouse + skirt. Rofl. But, before that happened.. Things were done first.

  1. Science, I <3 that discussion. It was about the bad things that destroy the Earth. E.g., global warming, pollution & etc.
  2. Hekasi&Science. Boriing. ((: But in Hekasi we had our discussion about Rome and in Filipino, dialogue man! Argh, but at least the dialogue's on Friday. Weee. Lol.
  3. Recess. Gahd, I'm broke. Have no money. I bought oreo, voice, choco mucho and sprite.
  4. I.W. Holy crap. Jann Gaile (the worst maniac i've ever met) did something. Well, he tried getting close to me. And I kicked him. Then he slapped my butt. SHAX. I told Ms. Vangie immediately and she said something to Gaile. I really can't forget what he did, though. So gross. And still worried of what he'll do to me next time. Oh yeah, I hate you CJ!
And yayy.. Class dismissed. I had no money left, golly. I was very desparate looking for someone to lend me some money or something. I was not in the mood that time and I don't know why. My stomach was even hurting, too. Hapless much? Psh. Ella let me borrow money and I bought lunch. Finally, I've eaten already. We went inside the canteen and there it happened. The beautiful mess I made on my blouse. Chocolate all over, wuhoo. ((: I looked for someone who's nice that'll let me borrow an extra shirt. YAY, kristine! Thank yews. But I also wore my blouse (inside out). Yeah, very awkward. Eh, I had no choice. Haha. But when I put my blouse, the chocolate mark can't be seen. Hurray! LOL.

Then, the clock striked 1:30. You know the drill.. Time for EPP. Aww, noo!! I don't want to stitch again. Gaah, it's the worst. And it will kill you because of boredom. :| It's totally boring. And annoying, too. 'Cause when you fall in line, people keep on overtaking in the line. That's why I let them fall in line in front of me. But whoo, I had nothing more to do because I left my cloth at home. Although, I'll just complete tomorrow. We tried playing hangman but Ms. Analyn got mad. So we just stayed there and did weird things, as always. ;p

DiSMiSSAL!! Yiheyy. Harhar. I went downstairs, I joined the robber&police of the 4th graders. Tch, I can't get out of the jail. 'Cause they keep on catching me whenever someone saves me. Ahaha. I was not in the mood in playing that time. My shoes were really crappy. I wasn't able to play that much because the bell rang, it's their time already. Me and Alyana just went to P.E. Area to play ping-pong. Haha! We really don't know how to play that sport. Duh, we're not experts after all. LMAO. We also laughed out loud while playing. Haha. Really hilarious:D We went downstairs and watched the varsity's practice a bit then Tiffany, Arielle and Hannah went downstairs from epp. Pauline left already and we watched them practice. Arielle left with her siblings and tiffany, hannah, alyana left too. Luckily, when Hannah and etc. were about to leave, my fetcher arrived suddenly. Weee! Hihi.

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Partners in crime:D
11.04.2008 ★ 6:41:00 PM

110408 Tuesday 6:45 PM

Hi, friend! It's Tuesday once again. Haha. Our computer class (in the afternoon) was canceled/suspended because Sir Gerard was absent and Sir Francis is going to handle the Grade 2.

Today, in Language, we had our elimination for the declamation. At first, I wasn't really nervous. Actually, I was pretty excited to recite. But then, when I stood in front, my hands became cold. And I forgot some lines. It was really scary out there. Even some of the grade 6 orange students watched us that's why I became more nervous. Lots of thanks, though. I was able to perform, at least. That's the only thing that matters to me. Lol.

In the middle of the discussion in Reading, I think Ms. Virgie got pissed because of us or maybe others (LOL. Alright, I admit, I was one of them), because we were so noisy and we never stop talking and talking. She even told us something. If you are not interested in what I'm discussing, it's fine with me, just tell, Ms. Virgie said. Then, she continued. And once more, Do you want me to stop? (I forgot what she asked us because I was too busy talking to Paolo) but she asked something like that. Then, Alain said Okay. They only told me about this, I heard nothing, really. But Alain said, Teacher didn't even hear what I said!. And they were like, Who knows? Maybe she did. Blah. The discussion ended. Oh my, we are so naughty students. ((:

Haha! There's also a funny thing that happened in Reading (iw). When we were doing this activity, I think Tiffany did something to Arnold that hurt, physically. Then Arnold got a bit mad. Tiffany told him, Arayt, go ahead, do the same to me! Then Tiffany bowed her head and accidentally fell down from her chair. ROFL. =)) Almost all us laughed out loud. Even Paolo! Hahahahaha! But I know that it hurt. Her butt touched the floor for crying out loud. LMAO! Heelaryos:D Um, when we were in Reading, we also planned to go to Tiffany's house to get her digicam. Because Pauline's going to develop her pictures in Tiffany's camera.

When our class was dismissed, we went downstairs. Left our bags in pre-school and I saw Hensen by the stairs. I was suppose to go in front of him, Tiffany dared me to. But I didn't because they went upstairs. They went there again. When I was about to approach him/them, they went up again. I followed them, even Mitchell came with me! When Mitchell was calling Hensen, he didn't come. So I just went downstairs. I saw Arielle and the other girls. I told them, Mission Unaccomplished! Then Arielle said, Let's go! I'll come with you when you do that "thing". We climbed the stairs, and when we were about to go to the 3rd floor, we saw them running to the 2nd floor (old building). Arielle went to music area, because Hensen and others were there. Then Arielle made a scene (as always) and told Hensen, Will it be like this forever? You will keep on running away from Clarisse when she's going to tell you something? Hensen replied, What? I was about to say it. But all of them went out first. (I could say it even if they're inside, though:P). We looked at each other and there, I said it. Haha! Well, I told him, Hensen M. Espinoza ... *toot* I love you. He didn't answer. If you want to say something.. nevermind, I said. Suddenly, he said, I love you too all of a sudden. Oh gosh! Kiligness. :)) :">

We all went downstairs and headed for the gate. We went outside, then Kuya Henry wouldn't let us out. :| Kj, argh. We went back inside and thought of a strategy. Sam's fetcher came, then somebody came out of an idea for Sam to drop us by Petron. Or anywhere far from school (and kuya Henry) at least. :)) Yay sam! We love you with all our hearts. Hahaha. We rode a jeepney and dropped us at Nepo. We rode another jeepney to Bonuan. Man, we were so noisy! Haha. We always are, right? LOL! Finally, we got to the place where Tiffany's house is. We just walked until we reached their house. Their house is small but cute. :) We went inside, saw her dad and we went straight to her room. Her room's pretty small, too. Thank goodness, 6 girls can stay inside. Haha. No offense, Tiffany! :D

We were so not shy there. We were like as if we owned the house! Haha. We act like we own the place. We got the food we were going to eat and drinks, as well. Yeah, partay in Tiffany's room! :]] Supposedly, we're also going to play Uno, but zac (tiff's lil bro) got the cards. Haha, aww. After signing on Tiffany's scrapbook, we left and headed for the mall. We rode in their car while Tiffany's dad drove it. Again, we were noisy.. as usual. ;p Mall! Yehess, we arrived. Immediately, we went upstairs to Colorado and Pauline selected the pictures in Tiff's cam to be developed. I also selected three pics. We waited for it and while waiting, we went to McDonald's. Uh-oh! My driver gave me a missed-call. Pauline said, Turn off your cell! Gosh, I was so nervous that time. I don't want to get caught off guard! No, I didn't ask permission from my mom. My oh my, if you only knew how worried I was! But thanks to my girls, they comforted me (a bit). After eating, we got Pauline's wallet-sized photos and we went back to school.

I ran as fast as I could and pretended that I was from the xerox place. But I think my driver didn't notice. I ran to the pre-school and got my backpack. Went inside the car. I was scared of what my driver will say. He only said something and blah. Whoo, I thought he was going to scold me again. Tch! And we went to Rubis (where my mom is). HAHA. I ran in the kcc part and woo, thank golly, she didn't see me from Rubis. I thought she was going to scold me! She didn't even ask me why I came out late. She just told me that my dismissal took so long. Whoo, another crime I made and I wasn't caught! Yahoooooo. :)

Had fun with Pauline; Arielle; Tiffany; Hannah; Mary. (my girls. incomplete.)
^^7:52 PM!!

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