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Wake me up when September ends! :)
10.03.2009 ★ 5:37:00 PM

Okay, September flew just like a fast breeze. It's the 3rd of October at the moment. So, how's everybody? Everything's going on pretty well in my life, I guess. Well yeah, 23 days left until my birthday strikes. I wonder what'll happen on that day.. Hmm?

0908: Mama Mary's Birthday. Mass + living rosary. Well, it was raining that day so they flew the balloons when the rain stopped.
0911: Card Day. As expected, I was ranked 10th overall. Over 84, I'm #10. Haha. In our class, though, I was the 2nd. Jhuliano was the 1st, tsk. :))
0924-25: 2nd quarter preliminary exams. Most of our exams were easy, in my opinion. But some were okay, just the average type. :)
0926: We had a practice at Inn Asia. Well, it was more of a preparation, less than a practice. 'Cause all we did was to make the outfits for our Mr&Ms Futuristic models.
0928: Science and Mathematics Festival. I joined the Quiz Bee. We won 4th place so we didn't get any awards. Our math jingle sucked, too. Oh yeah, I cheered for Louisa so hard that I screamed my heart out. XD
Unfortunately, Louisa didn't win, neither did Paulo, her partner. Oh well, she's still a winner for us, Edison. And at least we MADE OUR OWN outfits. Haha. We didn't cheat. We obeyed the rules. :))

0929: Awarding ceremony. Actually, I was disappointed about losing the essay writing. What I wrote was okay. So yeah, nevermind. The shocking thing was--we won in the math jingle! YES! It was hell of a surprising moment. We, Edison, who didn't even cooperate that much and we sang horribly, won 2nd runner up?! HAHA. Maybe it's because we really did a jingle. We're very thankful that we won, just to make our adviser happy. :D

Those are the things that have happened so far last month. Since it's October, there are so many upcoming events that are about to occur. Eliminations, finals, intrams and my birthday! :) Can't wait for those fast-approaching occassions. I'm so excited! Haha. Stay tuned.

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