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9.04.2009 ★ 8:59:00 PM

okay. hello. there have been a lot of things goin' on these days that i haven't mentioned to you yet. some are too private and some are indescribable. okay. let's start now.

omg. 'ber months already?! wow. time flies SO FREAKIN' fast. lol. okay, let me reminisce the august days...

aug 12 - happy bday eryk dee :D
aug 19, 20 - finals examinations for the 1st grading
aug 20 - HAPPY 13th BiRTHDAY, ELLA TORiO! ayt, she's a teenager already. pfft. haha! well, her birthday was simple yet a day to remember. it was a fun day for us. :))
aug 22 - there was a practice for the buwan ng wika in our house. it was so FUN here. haha. we were incomplete but we all had fun, i swear! ma'am phoebe was here, too. and that day was extremely awesome! we even played luksong baka in the garden. HAHA. i miss that day. c:
aug 24 - contest for 'pagsulat ng sanaysay' and i'm the representative of edison. the title was, mula baler hanggang sa buong pilipinas".
aug 26 - no classes 'cause of the NCAE of seniors. so, we had a practice again. this time, @ gio's house. that day was fun as well. we were almost complete, again. haha. gio's house was cool btw. haha! the garden was the best place there. i wanna go there again! i also realized that gio's house is not that far from ours. lol. oh, aug 25 was gio's bday. belated. :))

aug 28 - this is it! the big day! the day we've been all preparing for.. FILIPINO FEST. woo. haha. it was a hectic, fun and great day for all year levels. the program started with sir astadan's description of "buwan ng wika". then, the contests started. first, tagisan ng talino. well yea, i was one of the contestants again with frenzys & reince. the sad thing is, we lost. we had 37 points and tied up with pascal [4th year] and then they won. haha. it's okay, they're 4th years and we're only 1st years. so yeah. haha.
then, pagkukuento. no representative for edison. boo. :))
next, the duet. our representatives were: mary and russel. they sang tabi by paraluman. haha. not so good performance but 'twas okay.

after lunch, they continued the duet. SABAYANG PAGBIGKAS -- we did our best. haha. and we practiced & practiced. i guess our performance was fine. lol. KATUTUBONG SAYAW. edison did well. haha. they danced pasiguin which they practiced here at our house. haha. their dance was so cuute! even the dialogue during the first part. heehee. MODELONG PINOY; edison's models were samuelle and samantha. we didn't manage to win, but i admit, the ones who won deserved those awards anyway. haha. better luck next time. :D

sept 2 - awarding for buwan ng wika. haha. unexpectedly, i won 2nd runner up for pagsulat ng sanaysay. yipee? haha. then we got the trophy [champ] for the katutubong sayaw. yees! thanks to ma'am phoebe, our choreo. LOL. we didn't win in the pagbigkas, so saad. haha! but it's okay, at least we won a few awards, eh? XD
sept 3 - HAPPY 16th BiRTHDAY, Ms. Bon Marie Tiangson. :)

today's september 4.. and everything went alright this day. i guess. ;)

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