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Card Day. :-S
9.27.2008 ★ 9:51:00 PM

It's our card day today. Ahaha.

I woke up around 6 AM. We went to St. John Cathedral. We took mass. Afterwards, we went to Rubis. When we were finished eating, we went straight to school.

OMG. I'm in the D.L. Haha. Top 20.

We went to Nazareth Hospital for my check-up in my dermatologist. LOL. I got new meds. (:
And the dermatologist cleaned my face. Bwahaha. :p

Then I went home but my mom went somewhere. Blah.

I used the PC after eating lunch. I did my powerpoint presentation which ain't done yet 'til now. Haha. Graphics time. :D

Well, around 3, i guess.. We went to Manaoag. For the novena and anticipated mass.
When the mass ended, we went to Dagupan. And we went to Wearelse to shop some clothes. ((:

Haha. I bought two cute shirts and a pair of sandals. ^^

We ate dinner by the time we got home. And I'm using the PC right now + talking to Ken. Haha.

Congratulations, everyone. (:
And congrats to mee. Yipee. Haha.


1:43 PM
9.26.2008 ★ 6:49:00 PM

Aight. So today's friday. Yipee? LOL.

I went to school. We played robber before the bell rang. So, when the bell rang.. We stopped playing. Ahaha. Naalis 'yong button ni Prince dahil sakin. Hinila ko. :))

.science. quiz. ahaha. 'di ako nakapag-review that much. ack.
.hekasi. quiz. yey. perfect score. rofl. :p and i made a script for our dialogue.
.filipino. discussion. we didn't listen. too bad. (:
.recess. fried chicken. harhar. with pauella @ preschool.
fil, reference + activity
sci, paper thingy. oh yea, i got 11 out of 15 in the quiz. ew. haha!
heka, dialogue. WAHAHA. the ultra mega boring dialogue. :P "get out!!" =))

dismissal : oh, you know it. ROBBER. :p
with --hensen, noel, erar, ivan, sherwin, gus, & blaaah.
grabe sila hensen. may "superman" pa. HAHA. feelers. tapos.. may robber language pa, i think. haha. dating laro [binulong kay erar]. blah. basta. Pasakitan. Haha. Nag-sosorry pa nga si Hensen eh. Bwahaha.

After playing robber, umakyat kami ng Arts. Nag-complete kami. Kaso... Nakakatamad. Ahaha. Tas aiun. Nag-truth or dare. Pero.. Tumigil din kami. Binalik na namin yung workbooks. Then.. Someone said.. "ANDUN SI SIR PEJAY!". Then sabi namin, "SAAN?!" Takbuhan! Tas sabi nila. Joke lang daw. Afterwards, bumaba na kami. Pupunta ng KCC. Sabi naman ni Pau, "wait! parang nakita ko si sir pejay!". Tapos.. Takbuhan nanaman! We went to the 2nd floor [new building]. Andun siya!!! He's alive!! HAHA. We missed that silly ol' teacher!

So... We went to KiCaCo.
We ordered ::
Orgeat Almond Smoothie
Fish N' Fries
Banana Split
Fish Fillet
Strawberry Soda

Whoo! It was hella fun. We laughed our butts off. Hahaha. Nakakatawa 'yong Krim Stix! And yung nasa CR kami. Bwahahaha! So fuun. Sumakit tiyan ko! Ang sarap & ang dami. LOL. XD.

Then, I left na. Bcos my fetcher was there. URGH. Hindi nakapag-robber. Oh well. Pwede naman sa Monday, 'di ba? Hihi. I MISS YOU GUYS AGAD! :)


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Mildly sweet chocolate. Hershey's.
9.25.2008 ★ 6:07:00 PM

Yesterday, (092408), I wasn't able to blog. Eh.

[sept. 24]
Dana's back(:
*science* we had an experiment. uhh. volcano cop thingy. ;p
*hekasi* discussion, discussion. ;)
*filipino* we read a story. blah. haha.
++recess. pre-school area.
i.w._ fil, questions were answered. sci, science journal. heka, activity.
lunch_ roooobbberr. naguilty kami kasi basta. HAHA.
epp_ i cried. bcos of alain. haha. binasa niya yung manila paper ko. we did this thing in epp. LOL.
dismissal_ robber again! and i think the bones in my ankle cracked. creepy! oh yea. H gave me dark chocolate. haha!! awwe. and i gave him a hug plus kiss. yeeee! :D

[sept. 25]
golly! i have an ankle sprain. gaaahh. hurts so much.
arts | whirlpool. didn't finish.
computer | truth or dare. :p
CL | sinermonan lalamet. and answered the pages in the book.
recess | pre-school area w/ ella, pau + dana.
PE | boooring. short discussion n' we watched intense badminton. (:|
music | short discussion and we answered pages in the book.
dismissal | robber. LOL. hensen. nag-"superman". idoool
!! ((:

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Exit light. Enter night.
9.23.2008 ★ 6:05:00 PM

Tuesday 092308

Well. I wasn't late. Thank golly!! I went upstairs. I saw Ahggai, Raffy & Louis. Ms. Shirley told us to go downstairs. And so, we did. Flag ceremony. Blah.

&&math. Discussion about Algebraic Expressions & Equations. Wooh. Algebra
! It was a bit easy. But partly hard. Ionno. Some were pretty difficult, in my opinion. (: + Activity.
&&language. We were suppose to be having a grammar lesson but then we ran out of time. Instead, we continued our news writing. Ms. Carina discussed about news again. And we didn't listen. Again. ((: We repeated our news writing 'cause what we did last time was wrong. The topics were: Science Exhibit and Card Day. I didn't know what I was doing that time. LOL. Just wrote.
&&reading. We had our spelling. I forgot my spelling booklet. Pff. We also had our SSR. I wasn't able to recite bcos Kristine was the first. Then, Alain's turn. After that, it was already time for recess. I guess we'll continue it next time. And I bet I won't remember what I've read by that time. ((:

RECESS @ Pre-School Area. After eating, we went to the 2nd floor [new building] and we talked to LC. =p

-math_ reference 'bout algebraic blah.
-reading_ copied our spelling words. then, response log.
-language_ continuation of news writing.

**Lunch Break
I ate Piattos and Sparkle. Ella made libre and she bought me chicken nuggets. I only ate one piece. I gave louis the other two pieces. Hee. We played robber. Yahh boi. Lol. But then, everyone got tired. We stopped playing. I decided on playing basketball w/ Justin and Jhuliano. We played bente uno and around the world. Ahaha. Yay, I was able to shoot the ball. :D When Paolo and others arrived, they played with the ball and I stopped playing. Me, Ella and others made tambay for a while. Then, time for computerr

` Computer }. Sir Francis gave us another powerpoint presentation report. But this time, we will make a presentation individually. Argh. But I guess I can manage it. Bwahaha. Our topic is The Internet. At least the topic's cool. :>

^Dismissal^ We played robber. LOL. And I left when my fetcher looked me in the eye. [wait, wrong grammar, i think. HAHA]

Oh yea. Class picture-taking was postponed. We're going to have our class picture taken tomorrow. Yee, Dana's back. Missed 'ya, D. =)

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9.22.2008 ★ 10:45:00 AM

There are no classes for today. Yes, suspended.

Should I say "whooo" / "yaaay"? As I've told you, I hate rain.
I'm kind of happy that there are no classes for today. But..
I don't like it when it rains. What if there are no classes tom.?
Argh. Oh well. I'm sort of lazy to go to school in the first place.

Because it's Monday, boring. Monday's booooring. Yeah. ((:

I woke up around 6. 6:16 perhaps? Wow, exact pa talaga eh. LOL.
Then. It's raining that time. So, I called Pauline if she's going to school.
She told me she is. But I was still not sure if I was going to school.
I tried calling the school office. No one's answering the phone, though.
When I called Arielle, someone answered and told me Ella left already.
Wooo. Ambilis niya 'no? Ahahaha. Afterwards, I ate my breakfast.
I called Pauline one more time to make sure if she's really going.
She said she was but I said "Maybe there are no classes because of this rain."
Pauline agreed. I took a bath and went to the car.

I reached school. Some of the high school students were going home.
I was like "oh, no classes". But then, I read the one written on the board.
It said No Classes, Pre-School only. I told the driver, "may pasok!".
I went inside the gate. I asked some of the drivers/fetchers there.
"Meron bang pasok?". They said "wala.". And I saw Mr. Frederick going out.
He changed the one written on the board. I went back in the car and left.

Urgh! Hate rain. It's sooo irritating. Alright, not really. But that's it.
Clarisse hates rain.
I wish there'll be no rain tomorrow. Hopefully. :|

I bet today's going to be a really, really boring day. Since I have nothing to do.
Pfft. Oh yea, my mom opened my inbox and read Sherwin's message. =))
Now, she's kinda "annoyed", I think. And my brother's teasing me. Boohoo.

Oh well. I guess I won't be unli today. LOLs. See 'ya!


9.21.2008 ★ 8:30:00 PM

haha. today is pretty laos because i practically did nothing. yeps.

When I woke up, the long-hand points 12 and the small-hand points 10. It was 10 AM.

Got up. Took breakfast. Bla bla.
Lunch? I ate.
My mom arrived around 3?

She bought a lot of foods and goods. That's all.

We went to church and while on our way home, mom talked about the concert [[Apo Hiking Society]]. Lol, funny.

Then dinner.



Keep the partiying till the A.M.
9.20.2008 ★ 7:08:00 PM

HOOOI. hey there, babe. :)

It's saturday. Boring, I knoww. Mom's not here and it's not the same without her. (naks! LOL.)

I woke up. Checked out my phone. Received Ella's GM and texted with her & mary. I got out of bed by 8. Gargled. Watched TV. And continued texting. Woo, just keep texting, just keep texting. :)) I went downstairs because I was like "urghh" and I was hungry. Ahaha. And so, I ate. I watched TV + text-messaged. I went upstairs. I took a bath. Afterwards, I watched Are We Done Yet? in HBO. I've already watched that movie, though. When the movie ended, I went downstairs to eat my lunch. When I finished eating, I went online. Chatted here, there. F-ster and Multiply.. Bla blah.

And so, I continued texting and I continued surfing the internet. Because of too much boredom, I decided to sleep because I was sleepy. (hahaha) I slept for an hour and so. When I woke up, I went downstairs to check the PC. 'Cos I was still ol that time. I saw ella, she was still ol. I did this and that. Haha. Wait.. Did you notice something? Nothing much is happening today. It's totally boriiing. And the things I did were pretty.. Whatever. ((:

Basta. I miss going to the mall. Ahaha. I forgot na when was the last time I went there. I think that was the time when we watched For The First Time. Yep, OMG. Ang tagal na nun. HAHA! I guess it's because I or we don't have that much time to hang out in the mall. We've been busy lately. LOL. Mahal na kaya ang gas ngayon! And one more thing, going to the mall will cost you a lot of money. I mean, you'll consume a lot if you go there. Haha! Why? Xempre, bibili ka ng mga abobots. ((: Natural, mapapagastos ka, dibuhh? Anyway, wala naman ako masyadong hilig sa mga clothes. Jeans and t-shirts are fine with me. Oh yea, I'm craving for polos and this shirt. Ninoy Aquino shirt. :D Yeeeps, idol ko siya! Bakit.. Angal ka?! Haha. I also want a new pair of converse. Red! Yeah. But my mom told me she'll buy me when my converse doesn't fit me anymore. Wah! Basta, I want to go to a shop and buy a lot of clothes!! Oks na yun, kahit isang taon kami hindi mag-shopping (exagg, lmaoo), basta madami as in sobrang dami na bibilhin. Ayows na ako dun. Haha.

Well. I'm not hoping that my mom will bring me home pasalubong. Sometimes, she does. But oftentimes, she doesn't. Ahaha! Not that I'm complaining. I understand naman. Mahirap la'y bilay natan, awa? =)) But, seriously. It's true. Bwahaha. Sigurado na ako na wala, sa sitwasyon pa na ganito. Waha! I'm not a spoiled brat naman eh. So, no worries. ;) harhar.

Akala ko, ngayon uuwi si mother. :)) Buti nalang nagpa-load ako agad. Wahaha. d:
And puyatan daw ngayon. Sabi ni hensen. Pff. Sana totoo. =)) Eh, sana totoo.. Then,
nakatulog ako 'no? Hahaha. Ampasakey.

**Whoo, un lang. Sana may pasalubong ako!! ((:
-- Kidding. Hha. Meron o wala, masaya pa rin ako! (:

P.S. I wanna change my skin here. Whatchu think? ^.^

Outta here. Put your hands up in the ayer!!!

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Masaya akoooo! :) [continuation]
9.19.2008 ★ 5:42:00 PM


Eh di umuwi na ako, ayt ayt ayt?

Kasi may sinabi ako dun sa driver na gusto ko mag-drive. Ahaha. Tapos.. Nung pag-dating namin sa may compound, nag-palit kami. Akala ko nag-bibiro lang siya, pero totoo pala! Whoa.

As iiiin! Ang saya ah! Idol!! Nung una, dirediretso. Tapos nung mag-tuturn ako, grabeh. Pag mag-preno, nasobrahan. Haha! Ang saya, sobra! Pinagtitinginan kaya ako ng mga tao dito!

Muntik ko pa mabangga ung mga manok! Haha! Ang dali lang! Lalo pag dire-diretso. Balet.. Laos. Kasi sa compound lang. Next time.. Sa kalye! Alam nio? Ninenerbyos pa ako nun! Wahaha!

Pero sabi nung driver, wag daw ako nerbyosin. Pagkatapos nun.. Parang gumagaling. Maganda pag mabilis! Pero mamamatay ung makina mo. Ahaha!

First time ko kaya! :D Try ko nga ung manual. RAR. haha! Gusto ko ulitin! Yeah! Ung reverse, dapat maingat at nakatingin sa likod. Ung drive, itancha ko lang ung gas. Wag masyado apakan. Ung preno din. Haha! Di ko pa masyado gets ung neutral at park. Pero gets ko na ung drive at reverse. :D



Masaya akoooo! :)
★ 4:47:00 PM

Wassap? HI! :)

It's friday and I had tons of fun. GRABE, sobrang dami. Ahaha. Sayaaa! :D

Dumating ako ng school. Andun sila Ella. Yeess naman. Opening ceremony na. Woo. Support! Support! Edi aiun. Flag ceremony muna. Sa school. At sa wakas, umalis na din kami. Mag-8 na ata nun. Sa kotse nila Ella. Pag-dating namin, eh, pinag-titinginan kami. Ahaha. Pumasok na kami ano? Ang daming tao. Dun pa kami sa gitna dumaan. Oha! Sikatt. Waha. Dun kami sa pinakataas. Nandun rin sila Erar, Sherwin, Ken, etc. Sigawan kaya! Nung MG na, shocks, "gooseans! gooseans!". Wooo, napagod kaya kami sa kakasigaw!!! :))

Kasi, doxology muna nun. Tumatawa pa sila Ken. Atapis. Hahaha. Tapos, yun. Tawanan. Si tiff, pinagttripan nila Vincent. Si vincent, nilalagyan nya ng mga papel sa ulo ni tiff at kinakalabit. Hahaha! Tapos.. Napikon si Tiffany. Aiun. Bumaba siya. Tapos tawa kami ng tawa. Ang saya, grabe. Si vincent. Sumasayaw, nababaliw na. Hahah. Kakatawa si Erar. Crayon ng crayon. Whoo. Tapos nanalo pa si baboy? Shooot. 'Di pa rin ako makapaniwala hanggang ngayon. Sabi pa ni erar, "mabilbil". =)) Onga pala, panalo muse naten! 2nd runner up, men! Yeeess. Sayang pero. Siguro kung maayos sagot niya, panalo na talaga. Ahaha. Nanalo met si singkit. Si 9-year-old chubby girl. :)) Dragon pa tawag sakania no? Hahaha. Tapos sabi namin, gago! gago! Dracula naman sabi ni Erar. Hha. Laos met. Umuwi na kami agad. Mga 10 palang nun. 'Di nanaman kami nabunot, for the 2nd time around. Whah. Pero kahit papano, masaya ah!! Kakatawa ung mga afternoon, saya kasama!

Hahahahaha. Nung pauwi na eh? Eh di naglalakad kami. Sa labas na. Sasakay na kami, inunahan kami nila Hensen. Tapos, may tricycle. Takbuhan!! Kami nila Pau sa loob. Sila erar dun sa may likod ng driver. Sila vincent naman, andun sa likod.. Nakatayo!!!! =)) LMAO. Tawa kami ng tawa. Grabeee. Ang saya nilang kasama! HAHA. 'Yung tricycle pa, gumagalaw-galaw. AHAHAH. Wooo. Nung dumating kami, diretso sa canteen. E di pa daw pwede, aakyat na sana kami, recess na pero. Haha. Kumain na kami ano? Tapos time na. Fil, ac at writing. Sci, ref. Heka, ac. YEEEH! Time na!!!! Hahah. Robber naaa. Pero bago nun, nag-buko muna kami. XD. Ayown, robber na. Kabwiset si Louis ay. Hindi nag-gigive chance. Tapos sumali sila Hensen. WHOO. Si ella, ilambeses naano si Hensen. Nung una, nahila ung shirt. Tapos pangalawa, nauntog silang dalawa. HAHAHA! Ay oo, si noel, parang nadapa dun sa paa ko. Ang sakit. Hha. Nung si erar na, hinahabol ko. Dapat sha ung madadapa, eh ako pa ung nadugo. Haha, nadapa ako, dude. May sugat pa ingen! Wahaha. Idol! Then, umalis na sila Hensen at sila Louis. Tambay kami nila Ella.

Nung nakaupo kami sa tree, tinawag kami nila Noel. Tinanong kami kung nakita namin si Marion. Eh, magtatanong lang pinaakyat pa kami. :)) Tapos.. Si ella, pinagtripan nila Shawn. Waahahah. Ung bola binabato sknia. Si V met, ung racket pinapalo kay ella. Haha. Edi bumaba na kami. Naka-upo ulit sa tree. Sinabi sakin ni Ella ung prob nia. Tapos si Hensen tinulak sakin. Sikiipp, lalamet. Then, si Ms. Julie, lumabas. Takbuhan sila Shawn at Hensen, umakyat sa klase nila. Haha. Tambay nanaman kmi nila Erar sa may tree. Kwentuhan. Tapos ung parang paputok. Haha. 'D best. Tas.. Nanlibre si Ella. Woot. Cobra kaming dlwa ni Ab. Silang tatlo nila ivan, coke. Nag-unahan kami ni Ab. Nanalo siya! Tapos silang tatlo din, nauna si Erar. Ahaha. Sumakit kaya tiyan namin! Wahaha. Tas tinuruan kami mag-basketball. Kapos lagi. Haha. Si ella din, pero sayang, linakasan nia sana!

Nag-tambay kami sa taas kasi andun ung sundo ni Ella. Haha. Nakakatawa. Pero bumaba din kami. Nag-basketball ng konti. Pero parang napagod din. Kaya.. umupo na kami ni Ella. Binigyan ako ng ice ni erar tapos ginagamot ako ni Ella. Sabi ko, tama na. Tapos pinag-pasahan namin nila Erar. Ung hindi makaka-catch, unggoy. Eh, hindi naman namin na-catch lahat. Unggoy lahat. Haha. Nag-badminton kami saglit ni ella. Haha. Then kinuha na ni stephen. Pasahan kami ng bola nila Erar. Hahaha. Tapos si Erar, ayaw na nia. Nag-shooting nalang ako. Naka-shoot ako ng isang beses. Whoooo! At sumama na din kami sa robber ng mga Gr.4. Kmi lng nla ella, erar at ako ang gr.6. Ksma nmin cla noel. Haha. Ang dmi kya nung kalaban. Sila dipsi, ganun. Haha. Si ronber lagi kong nahahabol ay. Si gus, nahabol ko. Nasave nia balet. 10 daw sbi ni Noel. tpos angal ng angal si gus. Sbi ni noel, "suntukan?" hahaha. Tas nung nakaline na sila. Si mike, nagrereklamo. "grabe naman ang init". sabi ko, "pati yan lang, bakit ako? haha mafeeling" tpos sbi noel "onga buti pa siya." then tinulak nia ako. Hahaha.

Grabe. Ang saya. Tapos umalis na kami ni Ella. Parang ayaw ko pa umalis, nakita na pero ako nung sundo ko. Kaya un. Haha. Parang ayaw pa ako paalisin nila Noel. Pero aiun. Sbi ko, "bye babes" Hahaha. Saya sobra. Shoooooocks. Ang saya ng araw ko, sobra!!!!!!!! :)



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at long last. :))
9.17.2008 ★ 6:50:00 PM

..and finally i've used the internet. grabe, ang tagal na walang internet! at last, i'm blogging! i missed blogging. :D my last blog was my blog last thursday. creepy. :-s

Friday (091208)
Mama Mary's birthday mass. Commentators: Me and Kristine. :b
Priest: Fr. Mario Sanchez. We did nothing that day. Free day. LOLs.

Saturday (091308)
Wasn't able to use the PC. Um. My mom was in Manila. So, I slept verry late. :P Ahaha.

Sunday (091408)
PC was broken. Still didn't use the PC. Argh.

Monday (091508)
Uhh. Fine? Math, integers. Blah. Ohyea. They showed our test papers to us. ((:
First, Math... Eh, am I going to tell? Ohshor. I got.. 15 out of FOURTY. YEAH, 15/40. Means, I didn't pass. GAAAARHHH. :( So sad. Geometry, 32/40. YEP, contented. At least, I passed. Woo. :D Language.. Uhh, I got happy that time. (: I got 89 out of 95. Yipeeee. ROFL. And we did this newswriting blah. Reading.. Showed the testpapers. Got 82 out of 113. I knoww, low. :c Recess with frances and etc. IW, alrrrright.

Tuesday (091608)
WOOHOOO. Fun fun day!! ((:
Math :: Short disucssion + activity.
Language :: Newswriting. I picked "Celebration of Mama Mary's Birthday" and "Science Exhibit". :P
Reading :: Post test. Yey, 10. XD. Discussion.
Recess :: With ella and others. Plus frances. I ate chippy and coke. Ken also gave me this plastic bag that has "CLARISSE" printed on it and has a picture of dora. Roflmao. =))
I.W. Math -- continuation of activity. Reading -- Activity. Language -- continuation of writing.
Lunch Break -- We ate at the table close to the canteen. Afterwards, YAHOOO.. We played robber and police. Omfg, sooooo friggen fun. I was sweating like hell and my body was like BOOOOM. I was able to save a few times. WOO. Idol. I really really really had fun. Grabs. Super saya. We ran ran ran ran and raaan! My heart beat soo fast! And I was gasping so fast too! Mag-cocollapse na! HAHA. Sakit ng body ko nun! Buti nga nakaakyat pa sa Computer! LOL!!
Computer -- Uh, teacher francis let us go out because we were sweating! And aiun, we did nothing. Kung anu-ano. We went inside rin. We saw our papers. Yeah! I got a perfect score. In yerrr face, baby! Ahaha! XD.
Dismissal * Wala naman! Boring. There were drizzles and so. I left 'round 3. Whew.

Wednesday (091708)
Science, nakita na rin ang testpapers! Dude, 10 mistakes! Hahah. 75 out of 85. We had our activity, as well.
Hekasi, discussion 'bout population and bla. 74 out of 80 pala ako sa exam [[hekasi]] HAHA! Yabang. =p
Filipino, testpapers shown!! 69 over 80. Pwede na rin! Harrrr. Discussion. 'Di kami nakinig. Lol!!
Recess. Uh, I ate baked macaroni. Blah blah. Chatchat. With frances && sherree.
I.W. filipino, reference. science, reference. hekasi, activity.
lunch break, rest rest. after drinking sprite ice, time for robber man!!!! Yehesss! Pero bitin. Tss. Pasakit sila! Waaaha. Aiun. Ang sakit ng bodyy! Meh. Si raffy, he pulled my skirt. Natanggal! Waha! Thank you for saving my life, Pauline Soriano. Thanks sa pin! I'll return it tomorrow. :P

wah! un lang. XD. 'til here. =*


free day slash science exhibit
9.11.2008 ★ 4:38:00 PM

science exhibit today, yay. :))

When I arrived at school, I saw Ella && Tiffany. Chit-chat 'til Pauline reached school. Put our bags in Arts Area. Went inside, did stupid things. Whe, time for rosary. We were in PE Area for... uhh, hours. We didn't even got a chance to be in Arts. At all. Lol, wee! Computer? Free! We did nothing. We were vain. Took pictures. Text-messaged. Etc, etc. CL!! We drew, lol. Childish?? xD Recess, um. Hensen was already at school. Uh, we ate at pre-school area. i ate tostillas plus C2. When it was time, me and Kristine went to the office. We got our copies for the mass. And we went to PE. We played two games. First, the blind-fold game. The "it" will be blind-folded and will try to look for other players. Lol! I wasn't able to be "it". But I wanted to! Second game, uhh, idk what it's called. But, you have to hide the chalk. The group who wins will make commands and dare stuff to the losers! Ahaha! We won! Yipeeee! Whooo!

Science Exhibit time. Yahooo! Our group consists of me, ella, tiffany, mary, hannah, rica
& chanelle. It was sooo cool. My favorite was the animation station & the body picture. I had lots of fun. I also like the invisible strings. Rofl!! And I find cloud rings cool, too. Wahaha!! Some were boring but some were really cool! I like the ball thingy. Haha, yeah!

Dismissal. 'Kk, so it was our dismissal after the exhibit. We haven't got a chance to go to Music because 'twas already time. When I went down, afternoon boys were following me and they were pushing hensen to me. I was going away. I hid and I went to the office. We had our practice for the mass. And I wasn't able to hug him.. :c But I guess there's tomorrow, eh? :DD

! wala lang. :p

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9.10.2008 ★ 5:37:00 PM

YES! Exams are over and finally I could use the computer.. Plus, be unli. Uh-huh, yipee!

First day of exams! Computer. Math. Reading. Mkay, computer was pretty easy! Hope i'd pass. Math? OMFG. Super hard!!! Mama mia. :| Reading.. It was fine, lol. I reviewed for Hekasi!! Gosh, so many. And I wasn't able to hug him. WAHAHA. [that day]

Day 2. Music. Hekasi. Language. Easy, easy, easy!! Yey! Love it! Uhh, I hugged Hensen during dismissal. And shawn was pushing him to me. Wahaha.

Last day! YEY! Subjects: Geometry, Science and Filipino. Geometry, kinda easy but some tests are hard. Science, woot, easy. Filpino.. Easy, too. :DD

Whoa. May nangyari! So, it was dismissal. We went to pre-school area. Hensen, me, noel, dana, shawn, sam and erar. Basta, super long story! Ang daming tao. Afternoon peeps. Kissed. Hugs. Pictures. What!!! Rumors. Waa. Even teachers know daw. Grabe, this is too much!! From principal to teachers. Afternoon to morning students. Janitors to vendors. Who else? Wah!


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he's too cute.
9.06.2008 ★ 12:45:00 PM

Whoo, it's been quite a while. hahaha. Wasn't able to use the PC for, let's say.. 2 days? LOL.

Thursday ^.^
Well, I went to school. I went to Arts. Thought about what happened the day before. Haa, what a glorious day. :) Then, me and Pauline went to PE for Rosary. When it was done, we went to Arts. We had our completion of activities. I completed my activity, the scotch-tape thing. I drew a penguin. Wooh. Ahaha. Computerr, uhh.. Sir Francis discussed Lesson 7. CL, what we did? Mr. Frederick just blabbered about this and that. He scolded us for not participating during Rosary. Like yea, all we did was to listen to his ludicrous talk. Recess, um. LOL. =)) I ate tomi + C2. Then, Dana and I bought Cobra. [energy drink.] And whoa, I didn't know it tastes so good. You know what? We drank 3 bottles of Cobra. We were drunk. =)) PE, we had our "freeplay". Well, we were supposed to play 21. But sir Romy didn't allow us. Urghh. So, we played touchball inside PE Area. My gawd, si Dana.. ayaw manlang ibigay yung ball. LMAO. Then, we were sooo sweaty. Haha. Soo fuun. Music, we did this activity. Yay, I was able to answer. Ahaha. 21. WHOOO. So fun. And I hugged Hensen for 4 times. :DD =)

School. Flag ceremony. Science. Ms. Ruth reviewed us and we had a seatwork. I got 13 out of 18 ata. LOLs. Hekasi. HAHA, we were going to play a game but ms. Mina got mad and we did a seatwork, individually. I didn't know what was my total score, but in letter A, I got 10 over 10. Yipee. Filiipino, Ms. Vangie reviewed us for Pang-Unawa, I think. I only listened to two topics. Ahaha. Recess, chippy + cobra. Wahha, again. Abraham and I were supposed to have a bottom's up but he didn't buy Cobra. So, I did it by myself. But, I didn't know it was that hard to drink cobra, straight.. Masakit sa throat. Rofl. Hensen's in school!! Haha. Ella and others dared me to tell Gaile, "hey babe". And yeah, I did. And we laughed. Ahaha! I.W. Filipino, we did nothing.. Science, seatwork again. pff. Hekasi, seatwork too and I completed my reference.. I went down, sat with Ahggai and etc. I wasn't able to hug Hensen! Huu, because he was playin' robber. But thazz okay. Haha! And I went home..

Whoooa! Exams on Monday. Still have to review. Wish me luck! And I won't be using the comp for a while. :(


I'm crazy in love with you. <3
9.03.2008 ★ 6:05:00 PM

"i'll never let go of you even if you love someone else."

When I went to school, I saw Pauline, Ella and Tiff. They called me. We talked about cancel. Then, sir Romy called us because 'twas time for rosary and if you don't join, you will be given a sad memo. So we hurriedly went upstairs. I put my bag on the cabinet next to Raffy's, I think. Rosary, we responded in every holy/hail Mary. Then, science!! Ms. Diane reviewed us by asking some questions. When I was asked, I wasn't able to answer it because I became absent-minded. The answer to my question was "hemoglobin". Lol, tin told it about me nung Sunday but I forgot. Psh, haha! Then, we completed our references. When I was finished, it was about to be 8:30 so teacher dismissed us. We went to Hekasi. Before making a line, we watched the video wherein there are two retarded boys who are imitating the spice girls doing "Wannabe". Ahaha, I love that!

So, we went inside. Ms. Mina got mad, because we were too noisy. We thought we were going to have a quiz but supposedly, we're going to have a game only. Ms. Mina calmed down and in the meantime, we had our game first. In our table, we only have one mistake which was "Aeschylus" which was supposed to be "Myron". Afterwards, we had our quiz. Idk if it was a long quiz or whatever. Test I was fine. But test II was kinda hard. We passed our papers and went to Filipino. In Filipino, teacher asked us if we wanted to do nothing or to review. I picked review, and so, the people who wanted to do nothing went to the other side of the room and did this writing activity while me and others were reviewed by Ms. Vangie for the exam. I knoww, we were pretty talkative but I assure you that I understood what teacher discussed. ((:

Recess. Um, I went down with Kristine. I left her because she was going to her mom. I bought, saw Dana and others. Ella called me and asked me to stay with them. So, I did. And I got a lot of Doritos from Tiffany. :D It was so tasty, what can I say? And, we talked to Sherwin and etc a bit when 'twas time. When the bell rang, we stayed in prep area for a minute. When we got to Filipino, teacher wasn't there. But yes, we were late. When teacher came back, I think she didn't notice that we were late for class. LMAO. Tiffany and bla, went to Reading. And I did the writing activity which they did, too. Then, they gave a letter 'bout some science thingy. I didn't actually read all of it because I was too lazy. Science, we answered two questions after all, we're done in the reference. As for the people who aren't, they continued copying. I find Q1 hard, but no. 2 was sorta easy. Hekasi, we answered a seatwork in a paper, too. It was alright, manageable 'cause we were allowed to open our book/notebook. Ahaha.

Dismissal time. And, time for apologizing. At first, Hensen won't even notice me. Then, when I asked Ella and others to go with me.. Ella called hensen then Noel was like "pinapunta-punta mo dito si hensen, para lang sa wala??". And my mind told me, "clarisse, it's now or never.". I just took a deep breath and I said "sorry and... *oops, censored! :p*". Then, hensen's classmates were cheering. Hahaha! But they didn't leave yet. His classmates were saying, "hensen!! yakapin mo na!". Even my friends were cheering with 'em. AHAHAHA. So, hensen took a deep breath as well, and he hugged me, then I hugged him back. :DD 'Til now, it still can't get outta my mind. Ha, love!!! ((:

A libre to Dana, and we went upstairs. We played hide and seek. It was cool, haha. But too bad, it's time for EPP. Raffy n' I were late because we went downstairs to buy. When we got there, teacher was mentioning something about the sewing machine.
Ms. Analyn gave us an activity wherein you have to draw/copy the drawing in the book of Grade 5 students. It was so hard to copy, most likely to people who don't know how to drow, LIKE ME!! I was done, while drawing.. Hannah, me and others were so noisy and talked about a lot of topics. Haha!! When we were finished in drawing, we sang Joseph's song. Lol!! :b

And, it was dismissal. We were supposed to play 21, but Ahggai left. We just squatted and talked. It was afternoon's recess by that time. We decided on playing 21, when the afternoon's bell rang. We had lots of rounds, and there was this time where Abraham went upstairs to the library by using the secret place or something in the old canteen. Like zomg, we got tired because of him. Fuun. Ahaha. And, we played a last round, I was it. Whole school, though. I followed Abraham and Paolo. They went up, and they went down, too. When we were downstairs, I decided in going home since my fetcher was there and there's something in my body which hurts but now it's fine. Uh, it's like I'm pushing my body to play, but my body doesn't wanna. But my mind tells me to play play play
! Haha.

I went to Magic Club, fetched mom. I drank Gatorade. I ate Plato Wraps and we took mass at SJ. And we went home after....

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Please don't throw that away.
9.02.2008 ★ 6:03:00 PM

"cause your my, your my myy my true love. my whole heart. please don't throw that away."

Hey, I'm totally frustrated. Sulking, yes, you got that right missy. :| I want to cry my heart out. I want to lock myself up until midnight. I want to run away from this misery. In life, there are problems. But not all have solutions.

I went to school. I saw Ahggai, finally. He went to school, yipee. I talked to Dana and others. I went upstairs alone. Put my bag on the cabinet. Went down, stayed with Mary and etc. Woo, it's time already. Flag ceremony. Dana and I recited the prayer + Panatang Makabayan quite load. hha.

Math. We had our (long) quiz in Geometry. 'Twas like a pop quiz 'cos teacher didn't tell us we were going to have it. I forgot how many mistakes I got, but I know I had one. Plus, Abraham was being so noisy so I got pissed and shouted on his face. :b
Language. Woo, we wrote in our daily journal, again. Nothing much. While in front of Ms. Carina, texting with ella as well. Yup, not scared in getting my cellphone captured. Lols.
Reading. Oohlala, we had the last recitation for 1st Trimester. I got 23. 2nd to the highest among the two groups. Because the two groups were joined together. Teacher read to us the original story of Stick-Up. Gosh, it was so cool! :D
Recess. I drank C2, only. Um, Pauline and Ella were with me with Sherwin. At prep. Uh, we talked. Obviously.

The bell rang. Math. Completed the inc. references while blabbering with friends. Reading. Um, we answered the question in the board. And after writing a paragraph, we drew. Man, I truly am not good in drawing! Tss. Language, kept on writing journal entries while singing, plus texting. And after writing, we did this book activity, although I was too lazy to do it so I just sang Hero/Heroine. =p

Lunch time. I went down. Ahggai & others betrayed me. Rofl. I stood there, all alone.. looking stupid. Then, Pauline called me. She told me that Sherwin was crying so we immediately went straight to him. He was with Marion. So we asked Marion what happened. He told us that Hensen told him (marion) to flood Sherwin (inbox) so Marion got mad. (Kk, like.. who wouldn't?) So all of them fought and I think it's Hensen's fault but I'm not saying that I'm on his side. For your info, I'm in nobody's side. Don't believe? Then don't, the hell I care. Then he got mad. And I got my heart broken after a few minutes. Ah shucks.

Computer. We had a short discussion about Lesson 5 and Lesson 6. And we did this Boolean Logic, I think. And we had a nice day. (By that, I mean.. we were dismissed. lol). We played 21. Raffy, Ahggai, Louis, Adel, Anton add me. Equals, they left except me and raffy. Kristine was still in the campus and so is Hannah. Then it was the recess of the afternoon session. My fetcher came, so I left. Kristine, Hannah and I went home while Raffy was still in school. But kristine told me that she will still come back to school.

Lots of problems are killing me right now. And I want to murder those miseries. I just wish that in one click, all of my problems are gone. All gone, safe and sound. And like that'll happen. In my dreams, I guess. Blah, I hate my life. PLEASE DON'T THROW THAT AWAY.

AND, P.S. I still love you.

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i'm turning into incredible hulk.
9.01.2008 ★ 1:40:00 PM

Classes again, awwe. I still want to rest! So I woke up exactly the time I wanted to wake up. I ate breakfast. Then, took a bath. I arrived at school still alive.

Math. We continued our long quiz. Man! So hard. Can't take it anymore!! But I was so relieved when it was done. Finally. Language. We wrote in our journal. And my goodnes!! I couldn't control my anger. I got mad at Alain, AGAIN. Urgh, he was making this disturbing sound. Nanginginig yung fingers ko! I was like going to be hulk. So I was like screaming at him and then teacher did as well. Ha! He deserved it. Damn youu! Reading. We thought we were going to do the tongue twisters but instead, we did this story impression. I think so. You have to make a story based on the words in that story impression and you will compare it to the original story. Mm, I got 12 out of 20. Boo!

Recess with Dana. I ate Piattos and Royal in-can. We ate at Reading, then we were listening to Ms. Lily talking to this Gr.4 boy. LOL. The boy called me Piattos Girl. HAHA. And ms. Lily called dana, Ms. Noodles. ((:
After eating, Dana and I went downstairs to buy food, again. We went to Language, I left Dana there and I stayed out, did nothing. Blah.

I.w, We completed our references in Math. And we recalled our memories from the past in MG. We remembered Ms. Lina. Lol, terror teacher. Creeep. Then Louis was making us laugh. He said, "pag sinabi ni teacher, ikaw!!! iiyak na agad. *waaahh*" =))
Reading, we drew. Argh, I'm not good in drawing. First, I drew an abstract drawing saying "Stick Up". Which was the title of the story. Then, ms. Lily didn't approve. So I tried drawing a jewelry shop and Mr. Ness. And, it was too ugly. I just drew a watch. A hand-watch. I got 4 over 10. =))
Language time, we continued writing entries in our Daily Journal. Alain tried to make noises, but I said "hooooyy!", and he stopped because he was too afraid that teacher might get mad again. Ahaha! :p

After language, I went downstairs straight to the car and fetched mom sa church. Hungryy! Finally, I've eaten. :D

Gah. I have to review for exams, later on. I'll be offline! Man, but I have to do it! No but's. But guess I'll be unli later. ^^


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