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Hiatus no more.
8.05.2009 ★ 6:35:00 PM

sorry for the hiatus. was that a hiatus? 'cause i've been online yet i seldom post blogs. haha. it's because of my laziness. boo. blame me for lazing around all the time.

anyways. i'll just make some flashbacks or some updates just in case you're wondering. haha. mkaay? ;)

JULY10--SSC election. i won as the 1st year representative. i got 52 votes and nicole san pedro [my opponent] got 11 votes. hurray! i was under BIDA [brilliant individuals for development and action] under ate amity's leadership. the debate was awesome. thanks to the COMELEC, the results were posted immediately. cool, hahaha! :D
JULY17--THE festival. that was the day that we had our alcohol project. the SSC officers disinfected all the students. yeah right!. we just gave them alcohol (not the whole container, silly!). i joined the nutriquiz; we won 2nd place. yipee. our nutrijingle was a mess lol. but 'twas okay. that day was the best! :)
JULY21--awarding ceremony. unexpectedly, i won 1st place in essay writing. haha. so amazing! i was surprised and ecstatic. haha. i also received our medal from the nutrition quiz. dalton became the overall champ, congratulations! pascal won 1st place in the nutrijingle. haha. yaay for everone.
JULY24-25--preliminary exams. waa! hm. it wasn't that hard. but my scores were very.. erratic. haha. i didn't expect that i'll get those scores. i'm thankful for some of my scores because they're high. but for my low scores, i guess i'll just do my best next time. haha.

what else happened? hmm. noting special happened yet. haha! i guess i'll just tell you all about what happened today..

happy 12th birthday, dorothy!! so today was corazon aquino's funeral. i cried a few times. we will miss you, mrs. aquino. but you will always remain in our hearts. thank you for being a woman of democracy and peace. we love you, tita cory! farewell, president cory. D:

i asked my mom if i can go to dorothy's house for her birthday. and my mom sort of ignored me. haha. but i thought of that as a 'yes'. so i told dorothy that my mom let me go to their house. she and her mom fetched me at 2pm. i dressed and i went inside their car. we picked up demi, izumi & vincent at 7eleven. after that, we went to their house at raffles green. then, her mom fetched savanah, dolly & jessa. we played wii--bowling and boxing. afterwards, we ate our merienda. i ate pancit, chicken, shrimps, lechon plus oreo cake. after that, i played tennis. then, we went to dorothy's room. we played cards. haha. if we don't have an appropriate card, we need to face the consequence. lol. we laughed at all those consequences! =)) then we decided to go downstairs. we went outside. there was a drizzle all of a sudden so we went back inside and ate cake again. haha! when it was sunny again, we went outside and played robber. when izumi got my hand, her bangle slipped onto my skin. then there was blood. i had a cut! omfg. we stopped playing.

we went back to dorothy's room and got betadine and band-aid. we just told stories and laughed. then we all decided to go home. dorothy's mom drived us. i was dropped here at around 6pm, i think. now i have this band-aid taped next to my hand. it's like i want to commit suicide by cutting my veins or something. hahaha. as if!

today was truly fun. except for this cut. oh well. after a week or so, maybe this would turn back to normal. i hope so. haha. once again, happy birthday dorothy ladrillo. (:

we love you cory! ♥

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