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24 hours online? Pfft.
5.31.2008 ★ 1:10:00 PM

Aryt. It didn't happen. Oh well. It's over. Game Over. Tch. School's coming, yes. Excited, uhuh. Scared, totally. Yes yes, I am not that confident as you think I am. BUT, I am not shy. Hha. Psycho. Anyhoo, the thing is.. it didn't happen because of the horrible typhoon named 'Cosme'. Psh, more like tornado. :l Huuh. It was very calamitous. Absolutely disastrous. Truly tragic.

Whoa whoa whoa. What a tragedy. A disaster. Calamity.

*big sigh*

Let's forget about it and smile on and on forever. :)


I need a new 'do.
5.17.2008 ★ 1:02:00 PM

Well, first I planned on having bangs like Tyra's. Well, blah. hm, I do want to cut my layers though it's still short and so. Urgh, Then I wanted a bob cut. Then I wanted Nicole Richie's hairstyle. Gosh, I'm confused. :)) Ok, no more laughing. >.< Anyways, I really want a new haircut. NOW, okay. Hmm, I've got an idea. Magpapabangs lang ako. Haha. :P :P :P :P Okay, done. :)


inspired by Naruto.
5.16.2008 ★ 7:30:00 PM

I can't stop crying every episode :[ I'm inspired.

You will be an excellent ninja, if you work hard.
-- Gai-sensei.
Never give up. That's the way my ninja is.
-- Uzumaki Naruto

A battle should be fought in a proper match.
-- Rock Lee.

and more more more. I love it. Super.

Naruto forever. <3

It seems like I've been inspired in learning the guitar and almost everything :)

Like, with my "loved one". Lol. :))

And with my future, whatever it is. ;)

I love naruto über much. Melabbsnarutooskeh. ^___^

At last, Clarisse is inspired.

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Gwen Stefani, I'm root beer and Black & White cookie. :P
5.15.2008 ★ 2:13:00 PM

You Are Root Beer
Ultra sweet and innocent, you have a subtle complexity behind your sugary front.
Children love you, but so do high end snobs... when you're brewed right.

Your best soda compatibility match: Dr. Pepper

Stay away from: Diet Coke

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Gwen Stefani
Trendsetting, unique, and stylish.

You Are a Black and White Cookie
You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.
When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!


out of wisdom.
★ 9:46:00 AM

i'm out of wisdom. i don't know what to write in here. i'm not sure what to, if 'tis incorrect sayings. or so. i'm so tired of writing blogs which you don't understand. well. i myself, understand. because it was written by my own soul. i guess i need some more learning. i need to learn new things. i need some new words. new definitions. *sigh*
i don't know how to say this, but i miss my reading class at school. although, there are times that are very difficult. but i miss those times when we have those spelling. we grab our spelling booklets and hurry up to write the spelling words. yet, we don't have those "high scores", I'm really glad we learn a lot of stuffs. i love those times when we have the discussion and raise our hands as high as we could and the teacher would give us points. sometimes arielle and i compete and in the end, know who has the highest score. LOL. :D it's so fun. i don't know what's happening to myself, but I miss school!!! :|

klarees needs a teacher. *laughs silently*

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5.14.2008 ★ 7:59:00 PM

Well, it's complicated. I'm not really obsessed with him. But, to tell you the truth, I do miss him. As in. :| *sigh*.. Well, I'm guessing he's very happy right now. I wish he could smile just once. :] :))

i'm like...
"how is he?"
"is he okay?"
"why didn't he reply? :|"
"does he hate me???"
"I miss him so muchooos."

>:| Yeah, i know. It may seem kinda stupid or cheesy or lame. :)) But, yea yea. It's true, blah. Hahaha. I'm not what you call addicted. I guess, I really can't take him off of my mind. ;)


Time after time.
★ 8:50:00 AM

Well, I didn't sleep last night---That's what I know. I haven't noticed. :)) I think I did fall asleep. But, time after time... I wake up then sleep again. :)) I really didn't notice. In case I fall asleep what I know is around 4AM? Hahaha! Anyway, what I did before 4AM. hmm....

--> Watched tv. But I turned it off around 11PM, perhaps?
--> Text messaged. :D :D
--> Listened to music...
--> Played games in my mom's phone. xD
--> And do anything that can make me still awake. XD

AND WOOO. The coffee was effective. It worked. haha. Mission Accomplished. :p

Anyway... I stopped text-messaging around 3am. And I finished listening to music around 4am. Due to low battery. Haha
! LOL.. Uhh, so yea. Yipee! Hahahah.

I think I need some sleep tonight, so maybe I'd not do this tonight. Maybe tomorrow night or something. Ey, I need some sleep.. rightt? Harhar. xD

Eye bags, Eye bags.. It's like nothing changed
! My eye bags are still the same shape. hahahaha! Oh well, I guess my eye bags were too big before pa. :]]

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Friendship first before Romance .
5.13.2008 ★ 8:07:00 PM

This is so true. If you don't believe it, I do. :) Friendship is very important to me. Yes, of course. Endless friendship. Aww. Best friends Forever. Like, Me; Pauline; Ella. Yey. :D

Although, I'm still in love with my besties. Yeahuh. :P 'Ya jealous?

They're the love of my Life! Aww. Sweet, huh? Hihi!

Anyhoo.. Love is lame. Haha, well for me. Bcoz, sometimes.. there's this guy that you like. Then afterwards you thought you love him. Then, it's not true. In the meantime, there's this time you realize you DO love him! LOL. It's so funny. :]]

I love you. 143. ILY.
Very very very important words, that is. It's very hard to tell as well. How come you asked? It's simple. Practically because it's very hard to correct something by your mistake. If you told someone "i love you" and ending up realizing that you don't really love him, it's an absolute mistake, as you can see.

I think I have tried this once. XD Anyway, it doesn't matter. Okay.. uhh, It's better for you to like/love someone who is older than you. In my opinion, though. :)

Love love love. One word, millions of definitions.

Some people can be happy by being in love.
Some dudes are heartbroken because of Love.
Some are just plain in love. :))

Clarisse's Blog about Love. :)


★ 3:13:00 PM

Bored, perhaps? Well, I'm practically bored. Pretty much bored. Isn't it obvious? :P
Anyhoo, Boredom is a very random word, that is. As you can see, a lot of people use the word "boredom". Reasons; They're bored, they have nothing to do. Or they pretty much want to use the word. Me, I used the word boredom practically because I want to use the word and I'm bored. Okay, I know this sucks because I think this is not the first time I blogged about how bored I am or about boredom, that is. But, I can't force myself not to be bored. Because, I'm always bored. More like, everyday. >___<

At the moment, Thou is Multiplying and chatting, But in a few minutes, I'd be chatting with nobody. Well, change the "in a few minues" into now, perhaps. T___T Well, I'm just site-hopping. And I want to go to the mall. A while ago, I thought I didn't want to go to the mall. But now that I realized I'm absolutely bored. I need some shopping. -___-". I'm texting with ella. Since, she's in KiCaCo. How lucky. >:| I want mcdo.

When I forced my mom to be in the mcdo kiddie crew, she made a lot of excuses. Boo. This sucks, I'm bored
! *sigh* I wanna go to the mall so baaaddlyyy!!!!! >:| I want to go join the McDo Kiddie Crew.

AHH! Enough, I don't want any more miseries. >.<>

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Mommies' Day. :)
5.11.2008 ★ 12:34:00 PM

"A mother's love is a lifelong blessing."

Sana matamaan kayo. Haha. Kidding.

Mommies deserve all the happiness in the whole world. Because they took care of us almost everyday. She's the one who made us happy. She raised us into a sweet child. I'm proud of myself. And I'm gonna make my momma proud. Haha.

I love my mom. I love her. I love my mother. Mom, I love you. :)

Sweet, huh? Hehe. I know, right? :D :D :D :)

Mother = lalalalove.Loving my mother is like happiness to my soul. :P

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in the whole planet.
:) :*


Got Home.
5.10.2008 ★ 4:10:00 PM

Sorry for not making a blog earlier today. I was at some other person's house and prayed 2000 Hail Mary. With my mom, of course. :| Then, I haven't wrote yet in my Diary. Waa. After we had lunch at the someone's house, we went to Nepo Mall. I was excited. But, when we got there.. we headed to Robinsons Department Store. Then, I thought my mom will buy me stuff, well.. "Stuff" means clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. XD But then again, I ended up holding a small plastic bag with socks and a pair of batteries in it.

That sucks, eh?! >.< *sigh*. Okay, It's kinda alright for me 'cause I don't really like the shops there at Nepo. I more like it at City Mall. Obviously, 'cause there's McDo, Movie Theatre, and diff shops that I love! Hihihi. :)) Dang. I really want a new hairstyle naaaa. Waaaa. I want something na straight and with bangs. XD Hmm. Dibali na. Bahala na. Ah basta. I will have a haircut before classes will start. Yey for me. ^___^ hahahaha. Brb; I'm writing a blog in Multiply....

Mmkay. I'm done. Hehe. Im holding my guitar right now. Haha. Nope, Im not an expert. Sorehhhh. :p *sigh* i really have nuthin to put here. -____- forgive meh. tsk, look who's talking, i mean look who chatted me. "the boy" a.k.a Barbie Doll. :]] hahaha. ill just post a random blog later, ok?

Thanx for understanding Clarisse. HUUUGS. Mwamwa. ^...^

stupid entry.
5.09.2008 ★ 10:43:00 AM

WARNING: this entry contains total stupidity. XD

this just a simple but stupeeed entry. :)) thank gawd, im nuts. that's why it's easy making an ordinary entry into a cool and stupid one. well, erase the cool. :)) okay... here it goes,

well, it's May. unless, it isn't obvious?? yeah, for forgetful peepol like me. =)) anyway.. I don't really check the dates that much sooo yeah. those type of people, check this blog out to know the month. :))) how dumb is that eh? :> MUHAHAHA. >:))

Ok, just wanted to let ye know, clarisse is going nuts. well, she IS crazy since years ago. [wait, is that correct? >.<] Lol. The sad truth is, I'm not that good at English. WELL, i'm better than pig[ella, knows her. :)) i think so.] Lol. Pig means a lot to us since we're total pranksters. XD

Then, I'm still pissed cause of barbie doll. You don't know her/him either. xP ella knows her/him. And I won't tell you his/her gender. Bcos.. i like hiding identities. :))) But this one's a pig. Kidding. =))

well, to be honest....I don't really know when classes will start. so yeah. x)) though, I enrolled already. But I don't have my books yet. =)) hilarious. wait, what am i laughing about again? :)))) Anyways.. I am entirely excited for schoool. YEY. :D But, I am scared too. I hate those references, activities, quizzes, exams, and other blaahs. Tsk tsk tsk. >.< Well, one reason im also scared is of my boy classmates if they would tease us[me and my besties] Psh. I hate 'em. XD but I do love them in a way.{WTH?} Lol. I was just kidding. They're still my friends IN A WAY. ;)

Obviously, I hate my teachers. =)) well, some of them. But sometimes, I feel that i'll miss them all when i turn highschool. *watery eyes*. >____<> and i'll cut my layers. :D im wondering what it would look like *daydreams..* AWW. it's cuuute. XD

HEY, i thought this was a stupid entry? how come its turning into a blah? :)) Define blah pls. Blah means a lot to me. KIDD. :P =)) Anyway. blah blah blah, blah blah. BLAAAH. :)))) Jk. Jk. :P

Okayyyy.. I have to improve in school. Due to low grades. Well, my grades aren't that bad. What ye think? =)) Lemme show it to you first, but i have one question, HOWWWW? :)) Ok. I exactly wanna concentrate this sy. But I assure you that I still have time to have fun. Eh eh eh? Ayt ayt? =)

BLAAAH. i need a new penmanship. :)) my handwriting sucks balls. =)) if you could see it you might have the right choice not looking at it. lol.. hahaha. boredom boredom boredom...ROCKS. I mean, sucks. x____x, YEY. ate ly went OL. anyway, boredom is term which means bored. well, in a noun type, it's called boredom. there's this thing added [i forgot what it's called :))] +dom. You know what I mean?

Like, freedom. and, uhh.. hmm. =)) IDK na. hahaha. Let's change the freakeh topic into...

Hm. How aboutt.. GOSSIP GIRl. well, Idk if you watch this show, but it's absolutely thee best. :) Yeah. Chuck Bass, Hot. :p nate's pretty handsome as well. XD

what can i say? i have good taste. x)) haha. im sooo feeler. lol. if you get my point. in tagalog it means 'mafiling | mafeeling' xD Well, our language is unique. =)) or strange. :P HAHA. Trebuchet, one cool fontee. :D

Forgive me if im using a huge font, but it's for your own good. I don't want you to wear glasses ye know. :P anyway, blaaah. im gone. lol. XD


woke up early.
5.07.2008 ★ 10:08:00 AM

I woke up early today; Around 8AM. Whoa. Lol. Thank gawd I just finished the layout request from someone in MULTIPLY which was uber hard. I still have to do a banner for ate Corgele and another layout for ate fatima. Ima work on ate fatima's first cause hers is the lay. XD Yeah. I just opened Photoshop just now. I need to talk to someone to deal with my prob. lol.

10:57 AM
-- Done with the layout. now im going to start with ate corgele's banner. :D w8.. brb. im also chatting with ella. ^_^

-- Just finished ate corgele's banner. I hope she likes it! :]

Well, I haven't fixed our bed yet. And the television's still on while no ones watching. Haha! Im still chatting with ella. I think I should publish this blog now. So tootles! XD

Just Got Home. ;)
5.06.2008 ★ 6:13:00 PM

Just got home, from mall. Yipee. :D I just enrolled maybe about two hours ago. Thank goodness, my grades were fine. Lol. Define fine? hmm. 'okay', is that good enough for 'ya? ;)) haha. And thank golly cos i didn't see ken, likewise, ken didn't see me either. Haha. Let's all celebrate, mahn. :)) Then, we watched iron man!!! It's the coolest thang ever, baybeh!!! Gaaarsh. Haha. I'm glad I got a chance to watch the movie! ;] When we arrived at the mall, we headed to McDo. I saw a lot of kiddie crew[..is that what you call 'em?] I ordered.; McNuggets. Regular Fries. Coke Float. McFlurry and Apple Pie. My usual in McDo. haha. :> I'm lovin' it! Haha. :D I wanna be like that the kiddie blaaah. Haha! Maybe next year, guys. ;] :D I told my mom about it. But she told me to just stay at home and clean the house or stay at the emission center. Psh. It's more fun in mcdo. And it's more cooler. It's hot in that place. Tsk. Well, I saw the class picture. =)) It's so freakishly funny. haha. It mostly makes me laugh because of the boys. :))) Dang. They're soo weird. Haha. But what can I say? Boys are boys. :p Everyone knows that. lmao. Anyways, I told ella about my reason why I got pissed yesterday. And her reaction was like 'what-the-hell-is-his-prob?' haha. Thank gawd she's my best friend. Lol. ILOVEHER. :p haha. and Ken told ella something. About some shih tzu somethin'. Psh. Piece of non-sense. =)) rofl. It's true. It's true. Non-sense crap. :]] The things he tell me, it's soo pissing me off, that it makes me laugh. Yeahuh. :)) Weird, eh? harhar. Oh well. Leave him be. I'ma watch his misery. Muhahaha! >:)) rofl. whatev. i hope he's too lucky to be punished. haha. kidding. :p let's just see how the story ends. =)) i hope this is a good one. :P haha. ;)

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sleepy head.
★ 10:49:00 AM

I just woke up. LOL. Well, maybe an hour ago. :D[10am] I didn't eat breakfast yet. :| Well, I'll just eat lunch later. I hope my hunger would go buh-bye later on. Haha. Sooo. The bed was like a jungle. Lol. Because the pillows were all around. Dang, so messy. I think I have to clean it up later. Lmao. I'm too lazy though. I hope my mom arrives home late. WELL, not really late. Cos we're gonna watch IRON MAN. :> YEY. :D And I'm going to enroll later. So yeah. ^-^ Haha. I hope I see ella in school. But, I'm going to enroll at 2 o'clock. Means.. she's in musicians' corner. >.< Well, she told me they're going to watch iron man too. Yipee. Haha. But, she's not sure yet of what time they will watch. Pfft. :| Yeah. I wanna watch Iron Man. Haha. Yey. I cant wait. :P So yeah. I am so friggen hungry. :| Bbye. XD


wasted summer. =))
5.04.2008 ★ 9:54:00 AM

hahahaha. :)) yep. i think my summer is deserved to be called 'wasted'. Wahahaha. okay. im going to make a list of why im saying my summer is wasted. Okay. it's because.....

• I don't go to the mall.
• I only watch TV and use the computer.
• I'm not having guitar lessons. [:))]
• I don't hang-out with my best friends. =))
• I don't go outside the house.
• I'm miserable. Kidding. rofl =))
• I simply do nothing here. >:|
• I don't get to eat ice cream. :[[
• I had only one chance to swim. =))

and the rest is in the miserablestest. =)) okay. no more laughing. >:| I wanna go to the mall. It's okay if I don't have guitar lessons. i can learn on my own. cos i have a guitar. yeah baby. ;)) but i still dont feel the blast. or somethin' like that. i wanna go to the mall like everyday? ok, not everyday. at least once or five times a month. :| Gaaaaarsh. I wanna watch Iron Man. :> haha. :)) Yepyep. I think I only go outside on sundays. yeah, go to church that's all thanks for nothing. =)) lol. yeah. -____- Sundays only. waaaa. :c Gaaaah. Iwanna go to the mall. Taralets. hihihi. :)) lol. kidding. thnx for listening though. tssk. Summer Bummer talaga. ;)) Pfftt. >:|


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The Forgiven. Yeeeaa ;)
★ 9:38:00 AM

Yey. I'm forgiven. Wahaha. Thaank Golly. hihihi. ;)) Now, I don't have to worry that much. Yey. :)) Well, at least I don't have any enemies right now. I think. Wahaha. =)) :D :p Anyways.. Having an enemy or someone hating you is veryy difficult. For ME though. I dont like having enemies. Well, I do like having enemies sometimes if I'm the one who is HATING someone. Not the one being hated. Do you get my point? Well. I dont like being hated by people or a group of peeps. Sooo. All I wanna point out is....

Don't hate. Thaaaaaank You and Peace out. hihihi. :)) :D ;)


Can't wait for school. ;))
★ 9:19:00 AM

Well. I'm impatient to be specific. I really can't wait for school. I want to see my best buds. I wanna look at the changes in school. Are there new comers? Yey. :D I can't waaaait. Actually, I haven't enrolled yet. I didn't get my card or buy my books yet. I didn't check the directors' list yet. LOL. I really wanna go to school. As in. Well, my best friends and I were planning to hang out at school. But, we're not really sure if it's gonna happen sooo my best friend told me that let's not continue the plan so it would be a surprise in our changes. [patience is the virtue ^-^] :)) But I totally miss theeem. Superdiduper. Well, I guess I should be patient at times. Soo yeeah. LOL. I still have those striking headaches which I completely hate when it happens suddenly. But, oh well. Psh. :| Anyways, I think I'm truly wasting my summer. Yep. I only got 1 chance to swim. And uhh, I only went to the mall when my cousins were here and I think it has been 2 months or 1 and a half that I didn't go to City Mall. Lmao. =)) Dudes, this is true. I'm not lying. :)) Anyways.. yepyep. I wanna go to the mall later and watch Iron Man. Yeheep. To be at the mall, at least. Pfft. :| MAAAALL. Oh well. Bummer. But I'm guessing SUMMER '09 would be a blast. XD Haha. Yeeeahuh. But it'll be a sorrowful moment as well. 'Cause we're goin' to be graduatin' next year. *SIGH*. OMGMUCH. Gooosh. Okay. I don't wanna think about it. I still want to enjoy the whole year. Well, I think all of this summer bummer thing is all worth it cos im gonna enjoy my year in school. Yeah baby :). Uh huh Uh huh. Duuh. I'm a 6th Grader. Gaaaarsh. I really really can't wait. Most definitely. AAHH. Lmao. :D

Honestly, I'm just thinking the positives right now. I'm running away from the summer bummer issue. Pfft. >:| I'll just write a blog later 'bout it soo youll know how im feeling. :]] Okay? 'Kthnx 4 listenin. XD

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