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Shake, shake. Shake it.
8.31.2008 ★ 8:05:00 PM

Ey, it's Sunday. And today's pretty boring and too ordinary to be blogged about. Boohoo, but I still want to. ((:

Um, I was supposed to sleep very late last night, but I fell asleep. Loser. Then, I woke up around 4am. And since nobody texted, I continued sleeping. I woke up about 8am. Checked out my phone. Aiun, text-messaged. LOL. I ate breakfast. And I watched Wanted. I didn't really comprehend the story of it, but yeah, 'twas full of action scenes. While watching, we ate tacos. Yumm. Ahaha. Next, I tried watching Big Stan. Never heard of it, but yeah, comedy. Wasn't able to finish, either. Because I took a bath. After taking a shower, I watched Finding Nemo, yay! I ate lunch. Continued watching Finding Nemo. It was so nice! =) Afterwards, I went OL, just checked. And my mom used the PC, so I went invi. I watched Meet The Robinsons. HAHA, movie mania!!! And then, we ate snacks. Um, Idk what it's called. Parang macaroni. Hahah! It was tasty, I can say.

My brother clicked Ch. 24, HBO. There's this movie called "Last Holiday". We weren't able to start the movie, I think it was the half of it by that time, yep.. It was pretty cool. Too bad I wasn't able to start it. Huu. After the movie, I tried practicing the tongue twisters. Whew. Still, I can't do it well. Rawr haha. Then, we went to St. John. We took mass. Ha, I saw Dorothy. :D

We went straight to Enso when the mass was done. Wooot, japanese food. Itadakimasu! LOL. We ordered California Maki, Tempura [uh-huh, uh-huh!], Salmon, Um, the parang dimsum. Haha. And ramen. Whew! LOL. Gotta love japanese! :P

whaa, pasok nanaman bukas. i want more rest. :l

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slam your body down & wind it all around.
8.30.2008 ★ 7:15:00 PM

3..2...1! YO.

Well, I want to blog now, so here it goes. Um, it's Saturday. And we have classes. wah!

-- So we had our long quiz. Well, it's not finished yet. We'll continue it on Monday. In the meantime, I have 3 mistakes. Kk, that's alright eh? I guess I was just too careless that's why I got mistakes. But I think I can handle it. I mean, what the hell. Just three mistakes, don't want to be too vain.

-- We read something from our book. It's about Alice Ramsey. The first woman to drive an automobile. I admire what she did, yes of course. I mean, who wouldn't.. Right? And we did this creative writing. The first one was if we'd like to travel with Alice, herself.. And certainly said yes and so. I wasn't able to finish it, but teacher said we can do it during I.W. I got pissed of Alain because he was so irritating and making disturbing noises. I hate it. Ms. Carina let Alain go out of the room, and thank goodness for that. Whoo. He deserved it!

-- I thought there was going to be spelling and I thought I didn't bring my spelling booklet, well, I did.. But there was no spelling. Phew. Adrenaline rush, haha! Omg, we had tongue twisters! At first, I didn't know that the one written on the board was for us. But then, Ms. Lily wrote something on the board about Speed which is 30%. Pronunciation for 35%. And Volume of Voice for 35% too. Which all equals to 100. There were three tongue-twisters. The first one was really confusing and so is the second one. But I guess the third one was pretty manageable. I was the 4th to recite in front. I did good, I think so. While reading the text written on the manila paper, I wasn't really able to see them well because I don't know.. whoa, I'm being nearsighted. Nooo! While others were reciting, they were pretty funny so we were laughing at the same time. LOL.

Um, I bought with Dana, as usual. I bought Choco Mucho + 7up in-can. Dana went upstairs and I stayed at Pre-School area, desolate. I thought Sherwin and I will meet but he didn't show up. Awwe, that's okay! So I stayed with Raffy and we sat. We watched a lot of boys playing robber. That's all.

Math - When the bell rang, we were in front of Math Area, waiting for Ms. Shirley 'cause the door of Math's locked. Then teacher came, she opened the door and we all went in. I answered the book pages but I was distracted. Ella and I kept on laughing. And we moved to the other table, wherein Alain stays.
Reading - We answered the workbook. About 2 pages, I guess. I got pissed of Alain, again. Because he was spraying water on me and my book. Urrghh.
Language - We finished our creative writing. The second one was, if we could do a first what would it be? I wrote "stop poverty". I wasn't really sure if that was a first. But corruption must stop and everything should be fair and square. Arielle told me that what I've written was like a speech or it's like I'm campaigning. ((:

I went down, alone. Um, I said hello to my Grade 4 friends. While downstairs, Mary went to me because she's alone. I bought guava in the canteen and I left after eating it. Man! I put too much salt. Oh no, salt rush!! Haha. If you have too much sugar, you have sugar rush. Talk about, too much salt.. What is it called? ((:

I left, fetched my mom in the Cathedral and we went home. Wee, sweet.

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buwan ng wika. :b
8.29.2008 ★ 8:44:00 PM

Fri August 29 2008

Whoo. It's our Buwan ng Wika today. I haven't got chance to make the sound effects for our presentation because my brother was using it last night. So yeah, whatever.

Science ^ We did a seatwork. I got 8 out of 10 + 2. Haha, moron. And yeah, after that we answered questions that teacher asked. I answered one of the questions, yep. Then we went to our next subject, Hekasi.
Hekasi ^ Hekasi time. Well, when it was our Hekasi time, we stopped for a while and watched the Grade 5 Blue perform at Filipino Area. Ms. Heide and I were surprised when they popped the party poppers. LMAO. Yey, Ms. Mina allowed us to practice for Buwan ng Wika so we did nothing in Hekasi, just practiced. Wee. :D
Filipino ^ Oohlala, buwan ng wika! We had our draw lots. Our group got no. 2. First performance by Tiffany's group. Dialogue + dance. Then, our turn. Lol, funny. I tripped, Louis was screaming on the fire part. Jhuliano's an ambassador. Haha, wth. Whe, Ella's group, no. 3. Also dialogue and dance. I love Ella's dance. Modern. Last group, Pauline's. They did the dialogue and dance after. In the middle part of their dance, we joined in. Haha! Yeah. Soo fuun!

Recess ^ We stayed at Hekasi Area. I ate Nova + C2. Made libre to Dana. Again. T_T Haha, sprite. I asked for Nikki's pretzels and a bit of Kristine's super thin biscuits. Haha. We didn't change our clothes. Sticked to civilian. Then Dana and I exchanged our shoes. We went to preschool area and listened to songs from ella's phone. Then I returned Dana's shoes. Uncomfy.

I.W. ^ Filipino, we threw ice cubes and confetti at each other. Whe, ROFL. And we played musical chairs, although, we were too lazy to continue. lol. Science, we copied the reference. But we were only able to copy a few sentences because we were very sleepy. hahah!!! Hekasi, alright.. we did nothing. The previous group didn't go to filipino since they will do nothing, too. They stayed at hekasi. I did nothing. Tried to sleep, but nahh. I played a game called ColorPanic at Ahggai's phone instead. Dismissal!

21? Anton and I hid at the part where junks are in. We waited for quite some while. Then, Jhuliano saw us. He tried to tag us. Whew, he wasn't able to tag me. Then, Ahggai left and so did others. When I saw my fetcher, I left too. My mom was in Jano's. I ate a sandwich and palabok. Then we went to the mall to watch For the First Time. So nice! (:

OMG, we have a long quiz tomorrow. And not reviewing yet. ((: "CLARISSE, you're so LAZZY."

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badtrip talaga, naiinlove ako sayo
★ 6:16:00 PM

Thurs Aug 28 2008
P.E. Woot.
Arts - Activity. Tape thingy. Haha, I didn't finish it.
Computer - We did nothing. Teacher arrived late. So while waiting for him, we squatted and leaned on the walls. I was sleepy. I leaned my head on Ahggai's legs and put my legs on Joseph's legs. LOL. Ooh, Joseph & I planned that we would do a crazy video like the one in Ahgs' phone. HAHA. \:D/
CL - Me and the people in our table finished the word search in the book. Yeah. Haha. And did other pages. :p
Recess - Well, I made libre to Dana. Again. Psh. Haha. & I bought Fit N' Right. Then I stayed with Sherwin at the Pre-School Area. Timeeee for PE.
PE - First, Sir Romy gathered the people who weren't wearing complete PE uniform. Then we told why we didn't wear 'em. Meanwhile we did this passing thing. Afterwards, a game. It's also related to the ball-passing. Our group lost. Haha. 4-0. We were the zero-heroes. LOL.
Music - Teacher discussed while me plus ahggai and others were busy laughing because of the pics in the book. Haha. Weird, funnnyyy.

Dismissal/Lunch Break - After Music, we played 21. Urgh, not fun! I ate a popsicle. haha!! And we went to Smart Click. Oh myy. When we got there, the lady in charge said that students aren't allowed to go to internet shops all around school from 7am-5:30pm. They had a memo from somebody. Errr!! KJ.. Then we went to WorldNet.Link. Yipeee! They allowed us. Louis is so blah. He said, "sa sobrang bulok, walang pakialam!" :)) Loko. I got pissed, a bit. Because Justin and Louis didn't play Dota. They played Counter Strike with Anton. wah. So Raffy was supposedly going to play flyff. But there was no flyff at the computers so I teached him how to play dota. We only played AI though. Not GG. Haha, it was soo fuun. We were like, "chaarge!", "aiun aiun!! may kalaban!!", "raffy naman!! go go go!". Hahaha!! Ang saya.

Practice - We had our practice on the corridors ba tawag dun? Haha, idk. Basta dun sa may stairs. So we had our practice. Phew. Louis is soo makulit! And we went up the wall. To see the window thingy. Urgh, hard to explain! The second time I tried to go up or jump up, my left shoulder hit the wall. Awts! Then we had practices and blah. Finally, it was over. Yey! We did lots of stuffs. I ran from downstairs [close to the payphone] up to 2nd flr, new building. I had a bet that I would run for 1 min. and 30 sec. Unexpectedly, I got 1 minute. :D And for the second time, I had a bet for 45 mins. Then I ran, you know what? I got 40 seconds. Woooo! Haha. XD Then Ella, me and others laughed out loud. Then we danced. And so. After, we went downstairs. I went home around 4:30. :]

When I got home, I watched Camp Rock for the second time. Very nice. I used the computer when the DVD was done. Omfg. So I was texting with Sherwin. And he was like "sana nandito ka, ang ganda ng view", and then I said, "hahaha". Coz they went to a party, the cousin of Sam's birthday. Then my mom asked me "Want to come?". "where?", I replied. "To sam's". And I was like "OOKKAAYYY!!!". While dressing up, I was like "HOOOLYYY SH-T!!" HAHA. I was so excited while on my way. When we got there, we ate first. Too bad the kids were in the floating boat. I was with the adults party. Haha. Then I saw Sam went inside, I went to her immediately. Then she said something about Vincent. And I said, "Vincent?" And then she shouted "AYYY ANDITO PALA SI HENSEN!!!", I was like "Ha?" haha!! But I know Hensen was really there. :b And yeah. She took me to the other house. I saw Marion, said hi. He was shocked, lol. And when I got in, they were all surprised. Haha, yeah, Kyle, Joseph, Elijah.. everyone! They were soo many. And noisy, too. Wah, so fun. :D I was so happy that I saw them. Wee! Raizel was there too. With Dorothy, ate Kara and their mums. Whoooo!! I love this day. (: And oh, ate kara and I took a pic together. The very first. Ahaha. The best!! <3 We left around 8, perhaps. When we left, the bus was still there. The bus where Hensen and others were in. Yeah. Whew. I lalalalove it!! ^^

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here i go. :D
8.27.2008 ★ 8:10:00 PM

Wednesday, August 27 '08.

HAHA normal day. i got to school, went upstairs with ahgs, raff and tin. played 21 with ahgs and raff. time na!!!! kj much. rosary. i was with dana and others. whoo! tapos na.

science :: a new discussion about the earth, again. uhh the pangaea thingy. yea yea whateverr.
hekasi :: ms. mina told us to read a portion in the book which tells about the apat na lahi ng sangkatauhan. yea, beat that! haha. and recitation, too. yey!! i got 85. lol. what shallow happiness!
filipino :: oh, just practiced for the buwan ng wika. hehehe. [:

recess -- i ate krispy kreme. the best!! with mary and etc at filipino. woot! and i went downstairs to prep with sherwin and ken. haha.

I.W. hahaha! funny. filipino, laugheeed. science, copied the rc. hekasi, copied the pointers and had a talk with ella&pauline.

lunch break at library w/ tiff. we did our own outlines, so yeah. i didn't eat lunch. HAHA again.

EPP wah! we cooked. chopsuey. idk how to spell it so correct me if i'm wrong. rofl. yeah, i ate very quick. haha!! i just put it all in my mouth. washed the casseroles. lol, ew dish lady. lmaooo.

dismissal. whew, pauline and i went straight to smart click. i did my project. yep. haha. so awkward. we were there for maybe almost 1 hour. haha!!! so tiring. then we ran to school. omg we were like so full of perspiration. and we ran soo fast. then we passed our project to reading. we were gasping so fast! even he was there. :> hahaha, tch! so yeah, then we went to our cars and went home. finally!! haha.

we went to church, again. so yep. we went home 'round 6. and blaah!! :D


extra mistake. weh!! corny!
8.26.2008 ★ 6:17:00 PM

haha. tuesday. badminton tryouts. yay!

went to school. tambay in front of reading. talky-talk. flag cerem at pre-school. haha! :] omg, math! we thought we're gonna ave our long quiz. but first, we completed our incomplete ac's. yet we don't have any more time to have a long quiz, so we didn't. yeeyy! and it was language. so we had this communicative activity. a presentation 'bout advertising. lol i was grouped with dana && mary. heelaryos. we advertised N5300. hahaha. i kept on laughing that time and idk why. lmaoo. whaa reading time. afraid of spelling exam. :-S aarrghh!! i'm so disappointed. i got one mistake in the spelling exam. )): exhilaration. ha, i was so careless. but yea yea, keep moving forward. ;]

recess w/ dana @ reading area. and with other people. but they left, too. i ate dana's sandwich plus coke. then i went downstairs to prep. saw sherwin but he didn't talk to me at all. he was even hiding his head from me! haha!! time na!

I.W. at math, we talked about naruto.. well, a bit. then we answered our book. wow, reading. so we answered our workbook, that's all. mm, language. rewrote my homework on my h.e. and did the journal entries. and 'twas dismissal time, me and jhuliano went to filipino area to ask when the buwan ng wika will be held. so teacher said "on friday". wooot. and we checked our scores in the long quiz, alright.. i got 37 out of 40. pff, that's okay. whee.

lunchbreak :: we played badminton badminton + badminton. first, we had doubles then singles. haha. i got exhausted but i admit, i had fun. haha. i didn't eat lunch, again. tss. harrdiharhar.

computer -- we merely did nothing. lolz. just did the skills workout. & blahbla. hha.

tryouts !!
we had our tryouts. 2nd game: clarisse VS. hannah. i won, yipee. ^.^ then, it was me VS. dana [gr v]. i won, again. haha! yess naman. so ms. aileen or whatev. haha!! told us that we are in the badmindon varsity. but then, there was a spoiler. there's this rematch.. me and al. errr. she won, of course. gaahh, very disappointed. haha, should've cried, but no use. but i'm an extra. ew. haha.

so yeah, i was fetched about 5pm. then we went to st. Therese and took mass and went home. [:


Been sitting.
8.25.2008 ★ 8:07:00 PM

I've been sitting since kanina pa. Well, I'm soo bored. And there's nothing else to do in this house! LOL. Watch TV? That's old school man! Ahaha. Corny. XD. Eh, I'm texting, too. Now, no. No one's texting. So boriiing. I'm kind of wasting my unli since I'm not texting. Urgh! No one's replying.

Phone's still charging. Apparently.. I'm chatting with Ella and Eula. I'll be offline later on. I will continue reviewing for Spelling Exam. Wish me luck, 'kay? I want to purrfect that! And I'm too excited to blog about tomorrow. "DUDE, I got a perrrfect score!!". Ha! I hope that'll happen. :]

This day's so boring. Boring enough. BLAH, wala akong masabi. Wala naman nangyari eh. 'Til next time!


such a crammer.
★ 8:05:00 AM

So I didn't make a blog yesterday. LOL. I can't use the PC because my cousins are using it. Yeps.

Saturday Mid-Day
My cousins arrived while we were eating lunch. After eating, we watched Iron Man. And watched watched watched. I haven't used the PC, since they were playing games. Blaah. Watched Basketball. Beijing Olympics.. blah this. blah that. We watched Superman Returns. Then we slept. I think I slept about 12am that time. :P

Sunday ^-^
We woke up pretty early. Watched TV. And so. I watched RJ play games because I can't go out since he will scream and go wild if I did. =)) Then Ren-ren and I watched Home Alone 4? Idk. Ahaha. Funny. Well, I was unli that time so I text-text-text-ed. And I took a bath. When I got downstairs, I saw tita Chay and her family. So we watched TV. We ate lunch. Watched Basketball. And etc. Still didn't use the PC because a lot were using or about to use it. About 5, we went to Manaoag for the mass. Then we bought cake. Whoo! Red Ribbon. :> We went home after. I immediately charged my cell. 'Cause I knew that I ave lots of messages by then. Funny! Last night, me and Ren were texting each other even though we're beside each other. Super close. We're even in the same one-seat chair! Ugh! Need space!! LOL.

We watched the Closing Ceremony of Beijing Olympics. OMG!!!! It was great But I'm totally sad because the next Beijing Olympics would be on 2012. Ö. I'd be turning 16 that time!! Whoa! So sad. Tch. The closing was a blast! 'Twas like a concert! Leona Lewis was there! Even Jackie Chan! ((: Cha! Can't wait for the next olympics. Goodbye olympics. :( After the olympics, I went upstairs and washed-up. Ren && I watched WWOP. It was corny but 'kk. Afterwards, we watched Beyond Conspiracy. Ninoy's assassination. Until now, the case is still not finished. I got sad, again. I really wish Ninoy was still alive. And I learned a lot of new things. But too bad, I wasn't able to start the show. So yeah. Ninoy's the best! :DD We slept after the show. It was about 12am that time. I slept. 'Coz no one texted. Yea.

Monday ^-^
'Kkkk, so we woke up maybe 8am. I used the PC, woot! But not that much. Then I continued texting. Whew, addict! :]] And I took a bath around 11. Raymond and I played a game, golf. Afterwards, we took lunch. Then my cousins went home. Just minutes ago, in fact. Yeah, woo. Freedom? ROFL! I'm using the comp. Wee! I'm still unli, and I have extra load. Thanks to tita Josie! She passed me P50. (: Ty! :-* I haven't finished reviewing for the three deadly whatevers. I'm still indolent. Ahaha. But slight, I reviewed. I will continue later, I guess. I'm not even done with the project! Urgh! So frustrating. :|

TTFN! I have nothing more to say. LOL. :b [[cramming=clarisse]]


are three days enough?
8.23.2008 ★ 10:04:00 AM

Three Days that I could review. :)) Pff. :|

I'm not done with project and still, I'm not yet reviewing for the Spelling Exam. Homework? WHAAAT. Buwan ng Wika? Efff. =))) T_T

Pretty busy eh? I hate it. HECTIC. -- Hatin' that word. Okay, maybe not so. But whyyy. x__x

Am I being tortured? So I woke up pretty early. And I slept pretty late. The heck, got a prob? LMAO. I slept around 2am. I woke up around 6. Buhh I was still in bed. I got up by 8. I was still in the room 'cause I was not hungry yet. I went downstairs at exactly 9 AM. Went to the computer. Text messaging. Then I ate my breakfast. Went back to the PC.

I've realized something. I've got 1 project to be done. I have to make a reviewer for the Spelling Exam. Do my homework; Vocabulary. And lastly, [last? this is too many. :||] memorize my lines for our dialogue. So is it enough? LIKE WTFFF. Do you think I could do all those things in just 3 days? I even got people who might spoil the stuff that I should do. MY COUSINS. They're coming home. Prolly we'll be "having" fun. And maybe I'd forget about these things. GAAHH. Alright, so I should leave the memorize-my-lines behind, I should concentrate on others. I guess I will make a reviewer first. But before that, the homework. After finishing those, I'll do the project + start reviewing. And oh yep, I forgot.. we don't have any ink. Miserable?

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watching eyes
8.22.2008 ★ 9:03:00 PM

LOL. Sharingan in Japanese. konnichiwa! ^o^

It's friday! Duuhh.
Um, so I ate some of Dana's nerds when there was no time yet. Time, flag cerem. 'Kkk, science!! Aah, experiment; we did it in our Science Journals. 'Bout the Earth's layers. I was done exactly when it was time. Hekasi!! Discussion 'bout the something something. :]]] Basta, it's tagalog! :P I didn't listen. Because I was talking to Hannah and other peeps. LOL!! ZOMG. Filipino. Time for long quiz, mate! Ahaha. I thought it would be very difficult. But it turns out, it was fine. It felt like it wasn't a quiz at all. 'Cause we were laughing and talkin'. Haha!!! Talking about our "band". Roflmao.
Recess na, dude!
So I bought Fit N' Right. Checked out Sherwin at P.E. Stayed at Science. Ate ella's pizza hut thang. I only ate one slice... :B So it was I.W. Lol in filipino, manuel was so funny! He did all kinds of stuff. Checked out the questions in Hekasi. Ahaha. Unfair huh? And we talked about naruto naruto naruto!!! Tiffany and others were outside, though. :b Science!! I did nothing. Uhm, reviewed for Hekasi. [activity] Bcos they say it was hard. :-S Of course, I got scared. So read read read!! Hekasi. First, we reviewed. So yeah, memorize memorize. Meanwhile, time for the activity! Gosh, me and the people from afternoon session were like teaching each other. And Ms. Virgie didn't care! LOL, she was even being nice to us! Wuhoo!

Dissmissal. Whe?
Well, after going downstairs.. I tried lookin' for Louis and Ahggai. Thought they were at Click. Hannah and Mary were supposed to take me there. But I waited for two people. Ate Corgele and kuya Kyle. So I saw kuya Kyle. We talked. Said hi's. And whatever. Ahggai and Louis happened to be in World Net. And I went there, too. I played dotA. Alone! AAARGH! They were too busy playing Counter Strike. Pfff. I wasted ma moneyy! Then we went back to school. Practice, practice. LOL-ed. Then Louis, me and Justin went to Click.. They played dotA. Ugh! Unlucky. There wasn't any seat left for me so I just watched them play. Km and Arvin VS. Justin and Louis. WHOA. Louis and Justin got beaten by two 5th graders. LMAO! ((: Lossserr. Afterwards, we went back to school. I watched Tiffany's group practice. Ahaha. Then we played 21. (with Ahggai, Louis & Anton [omg batsy!]). On the other hand, Louis & Ahggai went home. Anton and I did different things. We saw Ella and Mary so we chatted. Supposedly going to play 21. But it we didn't. Ella went home. Batman still there. Me & Mary watching the basketball practice. It was recess. And the catalysts' break. We laffed at the b-ball players cause we made fun of 'em.

I talked to Kuya Kyle. Asked some questions. HAHA. Chat chat chat. Blaah blaah's. Then I went home. LOOOL. And I took a nap. Mom woke me up. We took mass. Then we went to a party. Bloated, not really. But yeah, I was pretty full. :DD

That's all. && TGIF! :P


8.21.2008 ★ 4:55:00 PM

Today's Thursday. And we have classes!! Yey! :D

I went to school. Tambay at Arts. With Mary and other boys. Ahaha! When Dana came, we fought. Well, not a fight. Like a so-called debate. We were like saying a lot of bad words to each other. Haha! Then it was time. We did this "Book Illustration". Pff, I didn't get it. I just copied the sample and added silly stuffs. LOL! Computer, we had a quiz. Got a purrfect score. Wee! 20/20. CL. Um, we had a discussion about love. Then we did a seatwork. Drawing thing.

RECESS :: We ate outside PE because the PE door was locked. I made libre to Dana. I ate Nova, Sprite and the other half of Dana's sandwich. Wooot!

Meanwhile it was time for PE. We did the "sit and reach" but first we went to the clinic for this measuring bla. We were hecka noisy! Ahaha. Sit and Reach, hmm. I got 27 1/2. Sayang! Supposedly 28, but I didn't touch it for long. So yeah. Haha!! Music, we just copied a reference. Afterwards, Louis, me and others played this game. LOL!! Funny. :b

Dismissal, we played 21. As usual. But not fun. Many people didn't join so yep. I did lots of stuffs. Too many to mention. Bwahaha.

Lunch Break? Louis and I went to Click. YEY! He taught me how to play DotA. But I didn't get it that much so Paolo taught me. I kinda understand it, a bit.. Ahaha. It's a very complicated game. I'm telling you! Lolz. Then, we went back to school. We tried to catch some dragonflies. I didn't catch any. LOSER! Our group didn't have a practice. We played hide and seek for two rounds. Not so fun, but 'twas 'k. After playing, I ate ice cream. Rofl. Then when Jhuliano, Tiffany and I were left.. Me and tiffany went to Computer Area to listen to their song for Buwan ng Wika. In the meantime, we talked and talked to the teachers. (Sir's Francis, Gerard & Alvin). We talked about stuffs in school and all kinds of stuff. :DD

Mkay, that's all what happened this day. Hihi, pretty fun huh? ;)

Well, I have to run! Still hafta review for the long quiz tomorrow in Filipino. Wish me luck, arayt?(: thanksverymuch! :-**

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8.20.2008 ★ 7:19:00 PM

So there's this typhoon called karen. Tch! Classes are suspended today. So boring.

Hm, I woke up early. 'Cause I thought there are classes. When I woke up, I got my phone immediately. And checked out Bea P's message. She asked me if there were classes, and I asked my mom at once. Then, I switched on the TV. And the news happen to say, "High School and Elementary classes are suspended in Pangasinan". Something like that. Since there were no classes, I continued sleeping. It was about 6:30 when I resumed my sleep. And I woke up again around 8. I ate breakfast. So I just texted the whole day. And, I watched Transformers since I totally got bored and had nothing else to do.

After eating lunch, I went online. So yeah. I texted while chatting. Bwahaha. Still not content with that. Today's super boring. And it's been pretty cold lately. Because of this rain. Tss. Well, it rained hard. It rained soft. I just wished there were classes today. 'Cause we have our EPP and yeah, we were supposed to cook today. And I was craving in playing Hide-and-Seek or even 21! Okay, it's okay with me that there are no classes. I'm too indolent anyway. Lols.

So I text with Hensen, Sherwin, Kate, Daphne, Mary, Kateey, Kyle[a bit].. Um, who else? I don't know. Aah, my unli expired already. So boohoo. Guess I'll be unli tomorrow nalang. Now here in Pangasinan, we are only Signal no. 1, people! So hopefully there are classes tomorrow. I wish! It's our PE tomorrow. Funnest day of the week. And I also hope it won't rain so we could play. And I think we're going to have our dialogue practice tomorrow, too. Then I don't want to rain tomorrow because of that reason. Until 4:30 eh? That's too much! I'm actually worried because this so-called "practice" might not happen because Jhuliano didn't tell us all. I think he only told me via text message. So yeah, I'm saving load if ever the practice would be cancelled.

Oh it's Arielle's birthday today. Happy 12th!!! Too bad there were no classes. Wrong timing haha. Currently chatting with Ken. Trying to chat with other people, a few are only online. [few of my close friends lol] Ha! So bored. I'm supposed to be upstairs and washing up. But I still want to use the PC for a while. ahaha!!!

Haven't prepared my stuffs for tomorrow. I hope it would be a sunny sunny day tomorrow! ):

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8.19.2008 ★ 8:10:00 PM

I don't wanna be a murderer.

Haha. Um, today.. is Tuesday, August 19, 2008. Duuh. I woke up.. on my roof. Haha. Kidding. I woke up pretty early. Oops, I woke up late. Mga 6 na ata un e. I was suppose to wake up earlier than that. 5:40 AM, to be specific. So I ate very quick. Took a bath/shower. Hurried to school. I sauntered upstairs with Kristine and put my bag on the cabinet. And we went downstairs. Um, I saw Ahggai and others so I stayed with them. We talked about Naruto and so. Aiun, time na. Flag ceremony na, dude.

Math -- Um, Activity :: Discount and PRB. Yey, tapos na. XD
Language -- Another discussion. 'Bout Transitive/Intransitive Verbs this time. Haha.
Reading -- ZZOMG I hate myself. I got 2 out of 10 in spelling. :|| Disappointment, disappointment. Boohoo. Oh well, whatebur. Last lesson for the first trimester. Aah, Drawing Conclusions & Inferences. Yipee, highest among the people in the group (recitation score).

Recess :: I ate at Math Area. Yeah. With hannah, mary, kristine and dana. As usual. Eh, I ate Loaded and water. Haha. After eating, I played with the boys. Me and the other boys VS. Patrick. We threw erasers (of the chalkboard) at each other. Hahaha. Fuun.

I.W. = Okay lang. Math, wala masyadong ginawa. Naruto chikka lalamet. Reading, workbook and reference. Language, activity and reference 'bout Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

Lunch Break * Dana and I ate at Jano's. I ate fries. But Dana also gave me the other half of the sandwich. Haha. Maybe she didn't like it or something. Then headed back to school. Wasn't able to play hide and seek because I was with Ate Jean. YEY! :D We made stories. Talked about things, people and blah. Laughed out loud. And we took a pic together! Whoo. Then she left. Aww. ILY! :-*

Computer -- As a matter of fact, we did nothing. Haha, we thought we were going to have a recitation but thing is, we didn't. Woot! ;p

Dismissal ~ We played 21 a bit. But I went home afterwards. LOL. XD

Um, that's all. Gosh. My face is oily. HAHA!!! :]


I forgot.
★ 7:37:00 PM

Hahahaha. I forgot to write a blog yesterday.

So yeah, we went to the mall. Watched a movie. Tsss. Haha. Filipino flick. It was funny. But yep, I don't like it. ((: I'm so evil talaga. Haha. Anyway, the movie was pretty long. Um, we ate McDo food for snacks. Weird thing is, I ate Chicken Fillet. Tch, as in chicken WITH rice. LMAO. Yep, I thought Chicken Fillet was the "burger" [[the chicken one]]. But it happens that the chicken burger thingy is called McChicken. Pfft. Stupid me. LOL. So aiun. I ate it inside the theater. Grr. My top got a bit gravy and something. Haha. Anyway, I ate the yeah, whatever it is called, basta yung chicken. And apple pie and sundae. Plus, McFloat.

After the movie, we went to St. Therese for mass. Anyway, it was my first time to make daan to Bagong Daan. Haha. Yung highway na malapit sa stadia. Got it? Lol.

After the mass, we went home. And oh yeah, I saw ate Jean yesterday @ the mall. :DD

That's all. Hahaha. Wala lang. To tell you the truth, I didn't know that I forgot to write a blog 'bout yesterday. How careless of me naman oh. ROFL. XD.

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Up, up and away...away from me
8.18.2008 ★ 12:15:00 PM

I listened to "Superman" by Five For Fighting. I felt something. Sadness, perhaps? I have no idea why. But it's like.. i don't know. Do I miss somebody? Probably. And who is this special someone? I guess I'm missing a lot of people lately. I don't want to mention any names because I know you guys know who you are. :)

I'm thinking about graduation. I guess I would feel depression deeper than this. I'm not considered as depressed. I do not know what this song made me ponder. Or who did I reminisce? Is it a "somebody" or a "something"? Sighs. This is very complicated. I want to see everyone. But at the same time, I'm really not yet ready to graduate and escape/exit from Elementary. Farewell, Elementary.. Hello High School? Omgosh.

What a fragment. Or let's just consider it as a sentence. Golly, I can't take this. What would happen to my wicked life if I graduate? Hopefully, I'd have a lot of new friends. Sociable friends, that is. I forbid backstabbers or traitors. Betrayals are a no no for me. So you better be 100% nice if you want to be friends with Clarisse. You don't know me.. yet. So don't judge me in a good way nor in a bad way. I'm partly good and partly bad. You truly have no idea who I am. Therefore, be ready. You're clueless when I'd bust a move.

I've realized that this new school year is absolutely different from last school year. I have regrets. I've done a lot of mistakes. And now's the right time to begin a new year. But it's turning out pretty unusual. Very different. And not so good. As far as I've seen, there are incidents happening. Incidents that aren't supposed to happen. First of all, arguments, ignorance, quarrels, hmm.. What else? It's between me and my best friends. Add three boys there, too.

As you can see, our friendship has been torn apart. I don't know whose fault it is. But I've got an idea. I won't tell you who that person is, but I'm just saying because it's only my opinion. Opinions of mine are different from yours. So you don't need to know who I'm referring to. I'm going to be frank, because of these ignoring situations, I have decided to stay with other friends and not hang out with my best friends anymore. Last school year was a fun year for me. But this school year is pretty not so typical. Well if you'll ask me, things have changed. Lots of things. Teachers left. Classmates gone. New people around. I mean, what the heck? I miss a lot of people, people don't notice me anymore... What else do you think is happening?

Ignore me, whatever. Ignore you, THANK YOU. Ding ding ding! Right answer! LMAO. I've been unknown recently. Haha not that I'm telling you that I'm popular. Actually, I was disreputable ever since. Don't need to know who Clarisse Zaplan is. Just a simple o' girl trying to be perfect in her own weird way. What do you think? Psycho! Everyone's imperfect. And everyone's just trying hard to be perfect. And why pester? Nothing's gonna change even if you're a perfectionist. Honey, you're just squandering your time for old times' sake. I have to say, this school year has just begun. And many other disasters would be stricken so thou shall wait for more tragedies to come.

Oh baby, save me from this
misery!! (:

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The time I learned to fall.
8.16.2008 ★ 7:03:00 PM

It's Saturday. Classes, I know.... right?!?!

Woke up so early. Very unusual for someone to wake up early on a weekend. But chyea, have to whether I like it or not. :|| We have our classes to day, well ain't it obvious? Hmm. I went to school. Went upstairs immediately. Put my bag on the cabby. Went downstairs. Saw Kristine and Mary. Greeted Dana a happy birthday. Talked to Ahggai and Raffy. Ate Lyka was spotted. Ahaha. Chit-chatted a bit. Then returned to Mary and Kris. It's time for... oops, there's no flag cerem. Straight to Math Area.

Math ::
Another new lesson, Congruent Triangles. Yii, I remembered. :> And last short quiz for 1st Trimester.
Language :: Completed references.
Reading :: No spelling. Only read a story in the book. "Don't Listen".

Recess :: Wee
! Saw Corinne. :D omg she's so tinyy! lol. Well, we ate at Language Area. :p

I.W. -- We were all together. Whole group.

M: Reference. ahaha!! Ms. Shirlay helped me on the homework. lmaoo, that's why I was late for lang.
L: References. Complete!
R: Quiz 'bout the story. 7/10. Kristine and I have the same scores. And we answered Q6 on the book in the Response Log.

Went home.... Blah. Very simple simple dayyyyy. :] Oh, and it's D's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dana! =)

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Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up.
8.15.2008 ★ 4:33:00 PM

Friday, hihihi. ^^
'K, first of all, I went to school, and golly, Kristine, Hannah and I were like so hyper and talked about the eliminations. :)) So yeah. And flag ceremony, of course. Science. Activity of the Earth thingy. =)) Sorry, people. Idk the title so curse me [?] LMAO. :)) Eventually talked to birthday boy, Ahggai 'bout the elimination. :P Hekasi, Ms. Mina gave us a dialogue about Teoriyang Panreliheyon and Teoriyang Ebolusyon. So we memorized our lines. Mine was the 5th among the 1-5 in the book. Filipino time, whew. Another dialogue? Whatt? Okay, I approve. Wahaha. My groupmates were Louis, Chanelle, Hannah, Jhuliano and Justin. Jhuliano and Chanelle made up the script. Yet Louis and I talked about Naruto, again. Like chyeaa. Everyday. ;;) Then we all went to Arts Area. It was like a jungle there. Haha. Paolo, Alain, Abraham & Arnold were soo green. && funny. =)))

Kkkk, recess. Hmm. I bought Nova and Royal and we ate at Filipino Area. With Kristine, Hannah and Mary.

Filipino -- Wee, we did nothing. Ahaha. Me, Nikki and Vyanna just told some stories. :D
Science -- Seatwork. Questions about the layers of the earth. Haha. Still don't remember the title. :P
Hekasi -- ZZOMGG. Dialogue. :-S Ahaha, sort of nervous. But handled well. Paolo was soo funny. And I can't explain why. Too complicated. Lolz. The dialogue went fine. :]

That's the end of my day. Pretty boring eh? Well, that's life. xD

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fuun again duuh
8.14.2008 ★ 7:36:00 PM

fun fun cause it's thursday today woot woot haha lmaoo yey

Earlier, stayed at Arts with Kristine. We talked about the elimination. Then it was time for rosary. Didn't go downstairs so I went inside Arts where Louis and Ahggai were. Then I talked to them. After, we went downstairs for rosary. I was with Ahggai and Jhuliano. And blah. Rosary's done, time for arts.

Arts : Completed the last activity and did nothing else. Watched the Grade 5 doing their shuttle run, perhaps?
Computer : Supposedly going to have a quiz. Review, only slight. T. Francis was too busy doing his thang on the Rubic's Cube. Woo, quiz cancelled. Score! LMAO :D
C.L. : Copied the reference. Finished the activity in the book. And watched peeps sing [for the elimination]. Aiun. Galing. HIHI.
Recess : Whew. Lol, ate at PE Area. After eating, Dana and I did karateee. Mixed with wrestling. Nyahaha. Lots of kicking. Which means so fuun. :] Hahaha. Yeah man. Rocks. \m/
P.E. : Shuttle Run. Also fun. Me vs. Ella. She won. I got 10.73 seconds! LOL. Yey! I beat the boys! Ahahaha! Then clarisse vs. joseph, Joseph won, I think. But still higher than the other boys' scores. Bwahaha.
Music : Reference. And talked to Louis and Ahggai about... of course, NARUTO! Haha! :PP

ZOMG! Fave part of the day...21!!!!! Yahoooo! :] Idk how many rounds basta it was uber fun! :] Yeyyy! Ahaha. I was kind of lazy to run pero aiun, pagooodd. Lolz.

While waiting for elimination, we did all kinds of stuffs. Me and Joseph had a "rematch" of Shuttle Run. He won again. Tss. And I/we tried to review but I was sorta lazy so yeah. Lol

ELIMINATION!!!!! OMFG. Haha. First, we were tables with Kristine and others. Yet it was too strident so the DL people were transferred to Reading Area. Wow, what a word.. strident ((: Anyway, so yeah. And the table positions were arranged. So Ahggai and us were apart. Lol. Hanna and I were in the other table. Haha. And lol, Ken and Kyle too. Even Noel. There's this girl, I don't know her, but we're tablemates. Loool. It was sooo freakin' fun. Ahaha. Kyle's laugh, LOL. So funny. Ahaha. The questions were pretty difficult but manageable [?] hahaha. ((: I just hope I could join. :DD Kyle and Ken are fun to be with. Aww. I really wish they were my classmates. :( If they were, they'd probably be my best friends by now. ((:

BASTA, this day is so fun I can't even explain to you what happened. :P Cool huh? xD

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I'd probably break down and cry
8.13.2008 ★ 4:28:00 PM

the daily Wednesday. exclusive! :]]
this day sucks. but fuun. funks? Whatthe?! Ahaha

Arrived at school. Not too early, not too late. Saw Ella and Tiffany. Said hi. But unfortunately, they were hiding from me so I decided to go upstairs. Hung-out with my other friends. Laugh trip with Mary Hannah during rosary. hha.

Science. Copied the reference. Erm, shared w/ Ahggai
& Raffy. :)
Hekasi. Discussion. Hmm. While texting pala. And laughing w/ hannah. :
Filipino. Discussion. Didn't listen that much. Basta it's about "tayutay", figure of speech. I was too sleepy to listen to teacher. Ugh. I under slept okay?
! Lmao. :))

At Filipino Area. w/ Kristine, Hannah plus Mary. I ate donuts.
(Bavarian & Strawberry). And buko juice. :D

I.W. @ Filipino, Activity. Prince and Clarenz were so annoying. Ahaha. @ Science, finished the word bank thing on paper. And after, eventually, did nothing. Chitty-chat with Clarenz and etc. @ Hekasi, reference and copied the homework.

Lunchbreak @ E.P.P. I ate nothing. Woot. Played hide-and-seek with Louis, Ahggai, Raffy and Anton. So fuun. Meanwhile, Mary and others joined too. Wee. Fun fun fun. :

EPP Time. All we did, you asked? Hm. Raffy and I played x's and o's the whole time. The paper was full of tic-tac-toe's. Hahaha. Afterwards, we tried playing sabugan on the same paper. And our reminder of our players, are x's and o's too which was soo confusing. :
)) I even kept the paper. Haha, yeah. Wee. Simple things make me happy, you know. ;) And we squatted. Heard the peeps who were gonna recite.

! 21!! Yep, again. YEY! :DD w/ Raffy, Louis, Dana, Ahggai, Anton, Ella and others. Haha. Fuuuun. I was only "it" for one time. Haha. It's so hard to tag other people. But yes, it was fun. And I was able to catch them. Nyahaha!

When we got "tired", well actually, I still wanted to play.. But they were exhausted already so I just sat down and watched the players practice. We laughed because of the boys who were doing push-ups. Haha. Hilarious
! On the other hand, I went home too. I was bored and so.

I miss miss miss you, slash
! :)

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I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.
8.12.2008 ★ 5:35:00 PM

Tuesday. Isang napaka-simpleng araw.
Na sa sobrang simple hindi mo maiintindihan.
Ah basta. Here it goes babe!

Pag-dating ng school, spotted; Her bestfriends, Tiffany and Arielle. Aiun. Pauline arrived. We copied our answers in our books. HAHA!! Afterwards we tried to ruin lives of others. Err, we're so... evil? :)) So whatt? Tssss. Wag na mangialam. xD Hmm. Nag-tago kami dun sa may 2nd flr, new building. Then we went downstairs. Blah, biglang nag-ring yung bell. Di na kami nakatakas. Wahaha.

Math. Another topic?! But yeah, I guess we "approve". But pfft. Lapit na kasi ng exams. Oh bummer. Measurements. x__x Activity, again. Wait, even quiz, I think? BLAAAH.
Language. Hmmm. Discussion about Verbs. Tsss. Lol. Daldalan siyempre! :p
Reading. SSR!! Uhh, yun lang? Wahaha. Ang boring amp !
Recess. Eh. Wala. Natatawa ako kay Ella and Pauline. They bought the whole pizza. Wahaha. :)) I didn't drink any liquid (wow. drinks nalang. :P)

I.W. Firstly, we lined outside. Urrghh. So sunny. Hawwtt.
Uhh, Math. We copied a reference. And of course, we again, talked about Naruto. Ahggai, Louis, Ella and moi
Reeeading. Workbook. Ahaha. Didn't finish page 14. Whatt? Pwede naman ah. Angal ka? :))
Language. Hmm. Another reference. Psh. Ella and I laughed... stupidly. Ahahaha. Short for, "we laughed about stupid things, stuffs and whatsoever" Blah. Ahaha. Evans. Ang tangkad mooo :))

Lunch Break. I got left behind at school so I played with the boys. :> Soo fuun. Number one, Hide and Seek. Ahahaha. Na-taya lang ako one time. :P Then biglang dumating si Ms. Julie. CODE RED. HAHA. And many people were throwing things sa baba. Coins, lollipop, bottles, scraps, junk. Blah. LOL. Then we went upstairs (with Ahggai and etc) bcos we thought it was already our time for Computer. But turns out, it wasn't time yet. So we decided to play a game. The "master/s" are goin' to order/command the people in the game to like be curled up. Something like that. Blah. Ahaha. Sooo fun. Promise. Haha. :)) But it was time. Awwe. Lols.

Computer. Discussion about Lesson 4: Hardware. Ahaha. T. Francis was teasing Dana and Arnold. 'Cause Arnold doesn't want to sit next to Dana. And then sir started saying, "ganyan din ako dati. mag-classmates kami. and ngayon asawa ko na." and we were like "AAAH UIIII" ahaha!!! Mr. Francis even teased and discussed at the same time. For example, he teased the two but it was related to the discussion. Gets? Ahaha. Malas mo pag hindi. xP After the discussion, sir Francis started playing the guitar... Ahaha. With the lyrics, "grow old with you", something like that. Idk the title, sorreh! Ahaha. And we laughed laughed laughed! Idol. Grabs!! Ayows, hanep! Hardcore. xD

Dismissal. 21!!!!!! Whooo. Ang bilis ko! Wahaha. Yabang noh? Wah, pagbigyan! :P Louis was so funny. Nag-tago siya sa CR. Tapos parang binabato niya yung tabo. Ella grabbed it and I poked Louis' eye. And booom. Viva!!!! haha. Another time, Louis went to the 123 Hekasi. Wahaha. Tapos ginagawa niyang weapon yung Class Records. Hahaha. Patawa. Tapos. We climbed the monkey bars. I was too scared to go down. I looked very ridiculous. Ahahaha. And I went home after. :P


all in one pack
8.11.2008 ★ 7:06:00 PM

I've got five assignments. And I've only done two of 'em? Haven't started on the other one. And the Math Homework's still missing with uhh, how many answers? Idk, short for a lot. LOL. Well, my vocabulary's done. But I haven't memorized yet. I'm done with the Key to Geometry.. Wait, is that supposed to be called "done"? 'Cause I skipped 2-3 pages, I guess? Urrghh! I'm soo uhh, screwed up?!?! Lmao! :)) Assignment in Language is so not understandable. I can't understand it. AT ALL. Dialogue? Wtf?!
Okay, my day started out pretty fine. We laughed the crap out of us. Ahahaha! Math. Tsss. Discussion. I didn't listen that much. Wahaha! Because I was too worried for Reading. Waaa. I forgot my spelling booklet at home. :|| Then it was Language. Teacher was telling something. I wonder what it was since I was too busy looking at magazines. HAHA!! Ms. Carina was telling us what we were going to do for I.W. Oh no! Reading. Rawr. My spelling booklet. Noooo! Psh. But it was "alright", I think? BLAH! If I had my spelling booklet, my score would be higher than Kristine's! :)) My score was supposed to be 7. But yeah, "paper". AARGH. We had our SSR. I was the first to recite. Wee. My story was Tales of Horror. Eek. Ahaha. Recess at Language.

'Kk. I.W. time. Whew. There were these "teachers" from, where's that again? Isabela? Bleh. Whatever. We had to be silent and all. And we can't live by doing that every single day. Eww. :-S That is so creepin' me out. Freaky much? Reading. Response Log and Spelling reference. Language. Letter to the editor. Oh golly! Afraid. Blaahhh! I want to be in the Junior Catalyst!!! :|

Lols. Dismissal. Kind of crowded. 'Cause there's this infamous actress or blah in our school. LOL!!! Not that pretty but white. AHAHA! That's it. :P


the magical chair (080908)
8.09.2008 ★ 8:33:00 PM

Okay. I've been sitting in this chair for almost 14 hours. Still, I'm still sitting here. Doing my daily routines. LOL. I call that "routines"?! Haha. After the time I ate breakfast up to the time I ate dinner. Wahaha! I think it's normal for "people" to be online or to be sitting on their so-called "magical" chairs for hours and hours. But I call ourselves weird because our parents, which haven't experienced these kind of stuffs because there were no computers at their time. AT ALL. Yeah, lame eh? Haha... are scolding us for being in front of the computer for let's say 15 hours?? Or more, possibly. Ahahaha! Well, if people don't want themselves to be called "weird". Then I, Clarisse Zaplan, confess that I am totally weird. Superdeeduper! Why? I don't know if being a computer addict is to be called unusual but I'm different. Because.. I'm so addicted to my PC, that I sometimes I eat while using the computer, sometimes I pee twice in four hours? :)) Blah, idk.
And when the internet connection is fluctuating, I do everything just to make the internet better. I get really pissed when the internet does not come back, it makes me want to push the CPU!! Haha. It's like my life is worthless without internet. Now d'you get it? :]
Even my favorite subject is Computer! I wake up wicked early just to finish this blah for our powerpoint presentation. I know I don't live to impress, but I have to. It's for the sake of my groupmates. And mine too. It's like WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT THE ALMIGHTY COMPUTER? I bet everyone would be as boring as crap if the first computer wasn't invented! But yeah, Thank you to that man/woman who invented. I LOVE YOU! You are the best! :P


How funny. LOL!!
8.08.2008 ★ 6:25:00 PM

Ahaha. Today we had our last quiz in Science!! For the 1st Trimester. Three cheers for her! Got purrfect score. Name stays on the Scientists of the Week. Ü Wee. Recitation in Hekasi. Pfft. I got 80 'cause I didn't explain Teoriyang Big-Bang well. But 'tis okay, I think. But, I got a perfect score in the quiz, AGAIN! Yifee. Lmao. We had our dialogue in Filipino. When we were practicing in Arts, we laughed and laughed because I put the name "Tomas" instead of Joseph. That's why they kept on laughing. And I keep on saying, "Tomas!" while reading the script. Ahahaha! Then it was our dialogue. Soo lame! Joseph was so ridiculous out there. LMAO! Then it was Group Four's turn for the dialogue. HAHAHAHA ROFL MUCH?! Twas sooooo funny. Alain was like cursing in front of the teachers. Which was makin' it more hilarious. Ahaha!

Filpino I.W. = HAHA! ABAKADA. We were like abnormal peeps there. Ella was bragging about ABAKADA, but then she doesn't know the whole part of it. Hahaha!
Science = We laughed cos we were telling Ms. Ruth that Arnold's not in Science but he really is. He's only hiding. HAHA! And we did the activity. LOL. Alain was left behind in Science bcos he isn't allowed to go to the next subject 'til he finishes all of the references.
Hekasi = HAHA! We looked for our activities. We didn't find it. Then we went to Ms. Mina, but when we got back to Hekasi, it was in the cabby. LOL!!! And we did the activity, of course.

Dismissal. Tiffany and others went "grocery-shopping" in St. Joseph. I bought Yupi!! :> Lmao. And went home after. :] What a very simple day neh? HIHI. Cheerio! [[luckiest day]]

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Goodbye stress. ((:
8.07.2008 ★ 4:56:00 PM

Mkay. Stress? LOL. Well, fyi, the presentation's done and i'm frickin happy. whooooo. ((: and you know what? our presentation was a beautiful.... mess. (((: but the first part was okay. though the part where the information are, sucked. HAHA. but yea. at least we learned so next time we should do better. hihi. Thursday. Here's how it goes.

I woke up it was 5. I did somethin' fo the presentation. I ate breakfast. Took a bath. Went to school. Tambay in EPP room. Made silly doings. Arts. Man. My PE shirt got paint on it cuz of the stupid art activity. Haha. Computer. Rawr. Total pressure. But yes, it's done. Wee. Lol. The font. HAHA. Wasn't able to put it but twas ok. T. Francis liked the background. ((: But he doesn't like the body. Lol. CL. We did the book. Yep, I bought a book already. Finally. Hha. Recess. We bought our food in St. Joseph. Since I had a sandwich, I only bought 4 Yupi Burgers. and Mirinda. We ate dun sa may walk way. Basta malapet sa may payphone. We watched basketball. Haha. PE. Chair push ups. I got 14 only. Boohoo. Rofl. And lastly, Music. Discussion but we did not listen. Activity afterwards. Yey tama answers. Ahaha.

Yipee. Best part of the day. 21!!!! :D wow. ambilis ko ngayon ah. HAHA. But yeah, got tagged rin, obviously. :)

That's all. :P

Still hafta do homework, review for quiz and make a dialogue for the group. Bummer. :))

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rainophobic. haha.
8.05.2008 ★ 7:30:00 PM

well i don't know what rainophobic means cuz i just made it up but it means a phobia for rains. rofl

well today's a very woot woot day. hahahaha non sense. first of all, i went to school. there are classes. aw man. haha. then ella i pau tiff laughed and laughed blah. then it was time. no flag ceremony. whoo. haha we didn't know that it was time bcos the bell didnt ring. so when we reached the 3rd flr, everyone was inside math area... then it was math. blah blah this. new lesson? nah, yung geom pa din. tas language. discussion lalamet. kainis yung spelling. pagkarinig met namin honorship hindi ownership. mafeeling. reading na. geh. pretest. i got 5. haha highest from all. rofl. supposedly 6 pero nahh. bsta lazy to explain. post test. yey. i got 10. finally. haha. second ten na. discussion. weeeee. im the highest hahaha. 18. lol. it's the word order. aiun. buti i remembered. ahaha. it was pretty cool. rofl. lunchbreak. jano's. palabok. i felt pretty guilty that i didn't eat all of it. i regretted doing that bcos of the slideshow in computer. it's about not wasting food and so. then nung lunchbreak. i think 3x ako tinulak ni paolo. haha luckily nakahawak ako agad sa pole. but my socks were kind of wet that time na. Tapos. Si ella naman. Natulak ni Paolo. Nabasa yung socks nia. Whaha. And andun kami sa pre-school. Time na.

Computer. T. Francis showed us examples of ppt presentations. isa na yung sinasabi ko. it was so pitiful. yung iba pero tumatawa. tsk. and we got -10 sa presentation. rawr. si alain met kasi. pero ayun. ok lang naman saakin. i think. then wala namang ginawa sa computer. nag-gawagawa lang ng kung ano ano. haha.

dismissal. wala pang sundo. nadapa si tiff. hinatid sa clinic. nagstay sa pre-school. naglaro sila ng ds lite. umuwi na si pau at tiff. nagpaulan kami ni ella. pumunta ng st. joseph. bumili ng trolli ba un? basta ung mini na burger na candy? basta. haha e umuulan pa naman un. so aiun. basang basa sa ulan. ahaha. hinintay namin sundo namen. dun kami kaynila chanelle. w/ raffy and dana. pero umuwi na din si dana. dumating sundo ni ella. di pa siya umuwi. hinanap pa ate nia. pero hinintay niya pa. tapos eh di ang kasama ko si chanelle. and whoa. suspended classes ng mga afternoon. after ng recess nila, umuwi na sila. dayaaaaa. :| haha. tapos umalis na si chanelle. tapos kasama ko sila dorothy at raizel. kinausap ko. wee. first time, haha. at biglang dumating na mommies nila. kaya pumunta ako sa payphone. tinawagan yung office. grabe super worried ako. tas nakita ko si ate kat. nag-picpic kami. ahaha. then pumunta ng canteen. umupo. nag-pic. tas dumating si ate kara. wee. kinausap ko din. haha. tabi kami. tapos dumating na mama ni ate kat. tapos umalis na din si ate kara. i was kind of worried. kaya tumawag ako. but, andun pa si ate lyka. whew. makikitext sana. kaso dumating bigla yung sundo. yey. 4:30 ata ako sinundo nun.

HAHA. Thankies to ate Kat F. for accompanying me nung wala akong kasama. To ate Kara for giving me P2. Pang tawag sa payphone. Haha. Thankyew. At kay ate Lyka. Kasi umm. Pinahiram phone. kaso di ko met natext. Haha, basta thanks na rin. haha sorry kung masyadong summarized. :P :D

*Grabe yung socks ko. Super basa. Err. Haha. Paunahan magkasakit kaming dalawa ni ella. LOL.

xo, clare :]


8.04.2008 ★ 7:45:00 PM

LOL. no classes. boring as usual. haha there's like NOTHING to do. so much for nothin' to do, i've to do the powerpoint presentation. which is so difficult for me. ahaha i thought it was easy peasy but it was hard as rock. haha. corny much? :p um. i went online, 7:40am. well, came home from school. hahahalols. soo i did what i can. multiply, chat, friendster.. i multitasked; i did the computer thing as well. soooo frustrating. worried? completely. :-S

i'm so clueless. i do not know what to do and since i'm the leader it's soo hard for me. but yeah, we will do whatever we can. lol.

this day's so boring i don't want to make a blog about it. tssss. no juicy stuff at all. hewhew.



no classes. AGAIN.
★ 8:21:00 AM


a daily sunday.
8.03.2008 ★ 7:03:00 PM

well, it's just a normal sunday. a typical day for a week. duh.

sunday sunday sunday. well, today's a very special day for my best friend, Ken. It's his birthday.. so, happy birthday Ken. :)

i woke up pretty late since i slept maybe 1 AM. i woke up at 9:40 AM. i ate my breakfast. after, i texted with ma friends; Grade 4 friends, that is. Ken. Hensen. Raizel. heeee. i love kiddos. :))

i watched tv. did the usual. but my mom's usin' the PC that time so wasn't able to use it yet. so i just watched tv and continued texting.

meanwhile noon came and we ate lunch. after eating, i was usin' the PC. however, my brother was going to use it so i just watched tv. then i slept for how many hours? haha. i forgot. i don't count anyway. HA-HA. :P :))

when I woke up, i checked out my mom's phone if someone texted. i saw Ken and Dorothy's messages. and i replied then i went downstairs to check if my bro's still using the comp. when i saw my brotha sleepin, i tried to watch Naruto since there was nothing left to watch. tssss. yet i didn't find the CD of naruto, lost. waaah. =))

in the mean time, i decided on using the PC. harhar. :))) and i went online and bla.. it was kind of boring, to let you know. =)) but yea, i had nothing else to do so wth? rofl. tas aiun. i chatted w/ peeps. i made a lay for frances but it ain't done until now. woot. =))) haha. then i took a bath cos we're going to church and we arrived there and the mass started and it ended 6pm, i guess.

then we went home.. when we were on our way i let my mom listen to 'Betamax'. haha. :)) and we got home. i used the computer. went online. ate dinner. still online. and still NOT reviewing for the post test. =))

tootles. :p oh, YES, it's done. boring eh? :))))


Ken turns ten!
★ 12:05:00 PM

Yoooo ken! Happy Birthday!!!! Best friend, yeee 10 na daw sya. :P Anyways, Ken, even though you'll go to London, be certain that you will NOT forget me at all!!! :)) and yeah, don't forget my pasalubong..... ACE FREHLEY! Ahahaha! Anyways, I love you as a friend, Ken!!! And I apologize if I didn't go to your birthday today. My mom didn't allow me and I've got a lot of stuffs to do. :-O

Have a fun fun fun time today. :D And I wish you good grades and a successful band soon. Haha! el P. GR will always be my favorite band! :P And I hope you will be happy for the rest of your life! Do not be emo, kkkkk? 'CAUSE EMO SUCKS! Metal rulessss! Hahaha. You better know all of KISS Songs and same with Metallica, Black Sabbath and other metal bands! HAHA.

Anyways, that's all, I guess. Basta, love you! Haha. Anyway, I'll hug you nalang on Monday.[[tomorrow]] :P

Happy Birthday!


junk asnadwujdwc
8.02.2008 ★ 8:56:00 PM

well this is scratch

Things I have to do:

Homework in Reading
Buy stuffs for Arts
Do the Compilation of Outline in Reading
Do the Report for Computer
Do the Compilation of Editorials in Language
Assignment in Language

AND WAAAAHH, super daming assignments

thank you blogger for standing as my list or notepad

Its sooo hard being a 6th grader

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whole day affair (LOL)
★ 8:00:00 PM

well, i wasn't able to go to school today, awww. :( but oh well, move on. ahaha. ((:

saturday, AGAIN? whatt? haha.

soo i woke up kind of early. i thought i was going to school but i decided not to. it was too complicated but what the heck?

soo after, we went to Manaoag for our mass since it was the 1st Saturday of the month. After the mass, we went to tita Monette's farm. we ate lunch there and golly. i was very bloated. there were lots of foods. haha. and by that i mean PLENTY. haha, so all we did was EAT EAT EAT. yeah, woot. pataba na talaga. lmaoo.

then we went to someone's something and then we headed to CSI. cuz we were going to watch A Very Special Love. haha. it was cool. i like it. :D hilarious. :P

after that, we took them home to their homes and we went home too. haha, today, my whole katext was Raizel. aww. love you. (:

when I was at the cinemas, ken and others were at the mall, too. sadly, we didn't see each other. ((:

* i still feel sort of disappointed 'cause i didn't go to school but yeaa.

hahaha. that's all for noww. :p

oh, and we arrived minutes ago. XD


fry dei
8.01.2008 ★ 2:46:00 PM

hey. (: well, it's friday again. tch tch. lol.

when i got to school, i was pretty silent. since, i didn't go to ella and the peeps. but i did have a relief when i saw hannah and others at science. buhh dana was absent so aww. then i saw my name on the scientists of the week. yipeeee. when it was still early, we laughed about the frogs and our classmates. namely, Abraham and Prince. hahaha, prince frog and king frog. rofls. then we went to p.e. area for the flag ceremony 'cause it was raining so we didn't go to the flag pole.

after the flag cem, science. lined-up. and my classmates completed their incomplete activities and whatnot. however me, kristine and etc are done so we did this activity in our activity book. it's topic was the frog thing. afterwards i sat for a moment yet ms. Ruth called my name and she told me that i should do the making a neuron in the activity book as well. after doing it, i just sat and talked about some stuffs with justin and joseph plus kristine and others. they kept on asking. about the questions in the ac book. hha.

hekasi time. wooot. =) so i sat at rica's table 'cause i don't wanna sit on our barkada's table. it was nice sitting at rica's table bcos they were so quiet that's why i understood the lesson. but even if i were in ella's table, ms. Julie was in hekasi area so everyone kept silent. teacher reviewed us 'bout our previous lesson. i raised my hand dozens of times. lols. however ms. Julie left and everyone was talkative/loud again. haha. :)) and then we did this something in the paper the stuffs that we wanted to learn in hekasi and the stuff that we learned. so i wrote about the Sibilisasyong Hellenic, from pamahalaan at gobyerno to oratorio. :p

filpino. ): hha, kidd. well. teacher recalled to us the lesson 'parirala sugnay pangugusap' and we had a short quiz. it was easy peasy. :D lol. then we squatted again cuz ms. Vangie told us about something and we did a writing in our Story Journal, if what were we to do if we were elected as mayors. ahaha. i said there that i'd help the peepol who were needy because of typhoons and so.

recess. me, hannah, kristine add mary ate at hekasi area. i had nova, 7up plus choco mucho.

I.W. = boring. :p

I'm done. (:


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