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I'm standing there on the balcony in summer air.
2.26.2009 ★ 7:49:00 PM

Light travels faster than sound. That's why some
people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Why hello there! She's back. I mean, Clarisse is back. Bwahaha. How's everything, loves? :D
I'll now tell you the other things that happened during the 20th until this day. :P

Fri 20Feb.
I forgot!! LOL. But, in science- we copied references. Hekasi- um, we had a discussion & activity. Filipino- 1short discussion + 1long discussion. I also lost my activity notebook && I was so desperate. >.< We stayed in school until 5pm. The IRAA players had a practice in MGP. Aika + Fatima skipped Filipino just to be with us. Aww. Sweet, huh? LOL! :P Sat 21Feb. I was suppose to complete in school but 'twas teachers' day, so instead, I stayed at home. :) I studied for the spelling exam. Sun 22Feb. Hahaha. I also reviewed again for the spelling exam. I think I also reviewed for Science. ;) Oh, I also slept late. Hahaha. Why? 'Cause my mom went to Baguio and I was alone in her room. Yay.. Freedom!! Unfortunately, I fell asleep while watching a movie which was "The House Bunny". Haha.

Mon 23Feb.
My mom arrived from Baguio and she bought banana bread and raisin bread from BCC. Yeyy. Hahaha. I reviewed for the spelling exam for the last time. Woohoo. :))

Tues 24Feb.
SPELLING EXAM. Woo, I got 1 mistake. Haha. Acceptance, yeah, whatever. Hahaha! Math&Geom- references. Language- discussion + reference. :P

Wed 25Feb.
Science- review and seatwork. Hekasi- discussion w/ Ms. Virgie. Filipino- discussion while eating. LOL!! Recess- donut && Sparkle. Filipino- whoa, I found my activity notebook, yay! And we copied references. Science- continued our seatwork. Hekasi- activity about EDSA. :)
EPP :: we copied a looong reference + seatwork. After that, we did nothing. I accidentally tripped Paolo. Now, he's mad at me. Super angry. Tsss. I hope he forgives me, though. >:|

Thurs 26Feb.
TODAY. We had our entrance examinations in MGSHS. We passed our forms, gave the payment and went to the high school department. There were 3 sets of exams, Science-Math-English. The easiest was English. :)
After the exam, we went back to elementary and we didn't attend class because there weren't any teachers. Yess, free time. Hahaha. We just sat and laughed. When I was sitting, I slipped and I fell on the ground - HUMILIATING! :o OMG. Hahaha. And we did these actions for "The Seed". Most especially the "Thank you, Mother Goose" part. We'll do a japanese thing-y and squawk like a chicken. HAHA! Yeah, we kept on laughing. And, Arielle, Mary & I joined robber. Fun fun fun! ^^ After playing, Hannah and I went upstairs to Computer and I talked to sir Francis. He told something about the presentation. When I got home, I did the presentation && I passed it. But I didn't include the songs and fonts in the e-mail. It took forever to upload. >.< I also studied for Hekasi a bit a while ago & I'm finished in the homework. (:

P.S. - I changed my layout. Woo, finally. :DD

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PUBLISH POST: Clicked. :))
★ 2:14:00 PM

My gahd. It has been a really long time since I've posted here in this weary blog. No idea why I have been busy all the time. Or maybe I was just too slothful. Tss. It's really unlike me; I usually post blogs - EVERYDAY. But now? My last post was on the 17th. It makes me laugh, though. :))

Anyhow, I'll make updates. This will be a long blog, so don't blame me if I bore you. ;)

18th FEB
--> RETREAT, babyy! Woohoo. Hahaha. I went to school early with my huge backpack with clothes, slippers && toiletries inside. First, chit-chat with friends. Of course, I missed them. Haha! Then, Ms. Julie arrived and told us to wait. Although, some already went ahead to LFC. They were probably to excited. LOL. And at last, we were tolerated to depart. Yay! Arnold was with us 'cause he was going to trick Alain that he won't go but he will. HAHA. We arrived there at 8am, I think. And Alain's face was, "FU!". LMAO. :)) We left our bags in a room & we all registered. Afterwards, we went inside another room where many chairs are in. Our row consists of 5 chairs which Pauline, Sam, Tiff, Ella and I occupied. Hannah & Mary occupied 2 chairs in front of our row. Then, we copied the schedule && 1st session started. 'Twas all about Reflection. Next, snacks. We had Bake Mac + Juice. Haha. 2nd session was all about uhh, I forgot. LOL!! Um, gratitude, I think. IDK. We also had an activity and we drew. We've drawn our "herods", "stars", "gifts to Jesus", God & ourselves. After drawing, Fr. Sanchez called out names to stand in front and recite what we have drawn. We were all hoping that our names won't be called but then again, Arielle & I heard our names and we both recited in front. HEELARYOS! :))

After -- LUNCH. Wee. After lunch, we had our rest. We saw our rooms. Oohlala, oh btw, our room had aircon. Yipee. Next, 3rd session. We wrote "I would like to thank God for the following". Hahaha. I wrote so many that it filled up the whole paper. Hahs. SNACKS!! We had this soup and water. :> 4th session, sins. Um, I forgot the title of that session... But we wrote our sins on a piece of paper and we were supposed to confess it during confession. Oh! We also did this "dear Jesus" thing-y. Uhh, idk what session that was. Hahaha! We also had action songs like: Journey, Only Selfless Love, Madali Lang, Deep Deep and I Can. :D

After confessing, we took a shower, prayed the rosary, ate dinner and time for meditation && sharing. We all went to the Pavillion. First, we were all happy and we sang "Deep Deep". Each section performed in front. Hahaha. Then, 'twas time for Meditation. Ms. Susan said 'twas the time to relax and a time to talk to Jesus. Then... She started asking us these questions, "How are your grades? Are they high? Or are they low? How are your parents? Do they scold you all the time? How are your friends? Have you betrayed them or have they betrayed you?". We [pauline and I] thought that we wouldn't cry 'cause we didn't want to cry at all. But we couldn't help but to cry our hearts out. Idk what happened, but I cried all of a sudden. It's awkward, I know. I heard murmurs and cries everywhere. All of 'em were weeping and most likely, they were moaning. Crying real loud including me. We all apologized. I apologized to everyone I needed to say "sorry". And likewise, they apologized to me, too. I can't stop crying at that moment. Next, we had "sharing". We made a circle in Blue section, Arielle was the first to share; she was still crying. When someone was sharing, he/she was crying, too. I shared and I cried again. Afterwards, we had a big share. All of us were included. Shane shared first. She had a very nice share, actually. Arielle shared, Vincent shared and I shared, too. But I didn't cry. Haha. After sharing, we were given letters made by our parents. Tss, we cried again. Haha!

After reading, our teachers gave us messages and we got inspired in every word they told us. Thanks, 'chers! We love yooou. And the most inspiring teacher who gave a message was none other than our principal, Ms. Julie Palaroan. :) After all that -- TIME TO SLEEP! We had no plans in sleeping, though. Haha. In our room, we switched the aircon. We ate, text-messaged, chit-chatted, talked && everything. Ms. Julie opens our door every now and then. Sometimes she just pops in unexpectedly. Haha. One time, she went inside and she sat for a minute, and Tiffany got up and said, "Ms. Julie's gone? Yes!". Then, Ms. Julie replied, "Sleep now!". HAHA. Then, she left. LOL. I didn't sleep but my other room mates fell asleep. Some boys went to our room, too. We talked and such. When everyone was asleep, I was the only one who was talking. And I was sleepy, too. All I could do was to sleep as well and so I did. Haha. I slept at 'round 4am and our alarms rang at 5am. Which means, I only had 1 hour of sleep. :))

19th FEB
Good morning, sunshine! When our alarms rang, I was still sleeping. But eventually, I was awaken. Hahaha. We all showered up and after that, we took mass and ate our breakfast. After eating, we got our bags, cleaned our rooms and we went outside. We all left our bags in the Pavillion and we went inside the cottage. Laughtrip. Haha. We waited for Danielle's ride to arrive and when her driver was there, we all went back to MG. Goodbye, LFC! We arrived and yay, I missed school. Hahaha. We stayed in the court 'til 12:30pm. Tiffany && I went upstairs 'cause she accompanied me in completing. I completed in Math, Language and Reading. After that, my driver was already there and I left Tiffany in school with Frances. My mom and I went to the church 'cause she was handling the prize for the raffle. Guess whaat. I was sitting and I suddenly fell asleep. LOL. I wake up every now and then realizing that I fell asleep and it was like a lightning struck me. Hahs. :)) When we got back home, I went straight to the couch and I slept 'til 7pm. Sleepy head, eh? Hahaha. I took a shower, used the computer and I slept for real. :P

OK. This is a long blog. -___-

How 'bout I'll just make a new blog about this week?? :P Arayt. Seeyaharound.

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Oh, Manila! :)
2.17.2009 ★ 9:02:00 PM

Hey-o. It's glad to be back. :D

Well, I was absent for two days because I renewed my passport with my mom, Mama Deng, Kuya Noy && Kuya JR. + I accompanied my mom in the hospital [makati med] for her check up. :P

- - - -

Sat 02 14 09 [valentines day!!].
I didn't post a blog 'cause we were supposed to be asleep already because we had to wake up early, too. Um, we didn't go anywhere. Just at home. Haha. We watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua on DVD && ate pizza + Zinger (kfc). Hahaha! Mmm. Belated happy hearts day! (:

Sun 02 15 09
We woke up early, around 3am, I guess. Our departure was at 4:00am. I just slept during the whole road trip. Hahaha. Yee! Then, I woke up when we got to Manila. Hurrah. Um, I went to Notre Dame of Greater Manila [cousin's school]. 'Twas their card day so I went with 'em. But it was my 2nd time there. Oh, there school rocks! Then, we went to Cherry and groceried. Renren also treated me [zagu]. Woohoo! :> We went back to QC and stayed there 'til afternoon. @ 5pm, we went to church for the Sunday mass. Afterwards, we went to SM North Edsa && went to The Annex. Woot, 'twas so nice! :P And we also ate dinner at Yellow Cab [yum!!]. + dessert at Brownies [silvanas!!]. Hahaha.

Mon 02 16 09
We woke up early, again. We went to Tita Edith's condo to fetch Kuya JR. Golly, there was traffic. From Fairview to their condo, it took us almost 2 hours, I think. Whoa! Then, we went to DFA [department of foreign affairs]. 'Twas also traffic there. Finally, we arrived && went inside. We have renewed our passport in less than an hour! But we didn't make it during lunch break. Boo! We ate lunch at Max. After eating, we went to Las Pinas. We played Wii there. Yay! LOL. So fun. We played Bowling, Golf && Tennis. Hahaha. We went back home to Fairview at 6pm. And we got caught by the MMDA. >.< Lol, but we gave 'em money && they let us go. :))

Tues 02 17 09
We had to wake up early, again 'cause we'll be going to MMC [makati medical center]. We departed @ 5:30am. When we arrived, we went to the laboratories and they injected my mom. Hahaha. And we left again. We went to Tita Edith's condo. Then, we went to DFA again to continue renewing our passports. Finally, 'twas finished! Woo. And we went back to makati med. My mom had her bone scan. I waited in the Heart Station. It was so boring, I went to different places of the hospital. I kept on going down through the elevator and I'll go up through the escalator. Man, it was so fun && awkward. :)) We left at 4pm and arrived at 8:40pm. :P

I'll make another post later. Woo. But I'm still too lazy. Haha. TTFN.

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Friday the 13th.
2.13.2009 ★ 10:50:00 PM

Nothing bad happened to me... So far. :))

When I arrived in school, Arielle greeted me a happy valentines day and she gave me this flower. I can't explain to you what the flower looks like, but it's made of dried petals. :P

7:15 AM -- Flag Ceremony. (:
Science -- We had a pop quiz. I wasn't prepared. Pff. Then, Ms. Ruth calculated the time && distance of our "normal walk". My partner was Ella. Our distance was 13. After that, book activity.
Hekasi -- Another quiz. Well, I got perfect!! Yipee. Book activity, afterwards.
Filipino -- Writing activity 'bout Panitikang Tuluyan. I didn't finish it. Wasn't in the mood to write. Haha.
Recess -- Cassave cake, Piattos + Sparkle. :D
Filipino -- Continued the writing. && Arnold went outside the window... We all shouted, "ARNOLD!!". :))
Science -- Completion. Alain && Arnold used the faucet and the water splashed. They were scolded by Ms. Ruth. HAHA.
Hekasi -- Book activity = unfinished. :P
Dismissal -- We watched Grade 4-yellow's dances. Raizel's group had a nice dance!! && we didn't get a chance to watch Mixcraft dance. ERR. That's what I've been waiting for and then nothing happened. AARGHH. I just played pogs with Dana and other people, too. Haha. I watched Paolo's dance. It was so funny -- apologize & papayo!! LOL. Then, Arielle + others arrived. After a few minutes, Tiffany, Sam & Arielle left, again. Mary was left in school. I just sat down by the tree. My brother fetched me at 'round 4pm. Hahs, I was suppose to complete in Arts but the door + window was locked and Ms. Ruth wasn't even there. ((:

When I got home, my mom told me to dress up 'cause we're going to watch a play @ the seminary in Bonuan. I dressed up and we went to the seminary. We bought a souvenir program && a shirt. Then, we upgraded our ticket to 200 and sat on the 2nd row. The play was nice. 'Twas about St. Paul and 'twas Tagalog, too. MAN, there were so many cute guys that had different roles in the play. LMAO! :))

Muahaha. It's Friday the thirteenth and yet, nothing unfortunate happened to me. Hopefully, nothing else would happen until the day ends. Haha. Anyway, advance happy valentines! (:

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Alas! An update. :D
2.12.2009 ★ 9:01:00 PM

At long last... I've finally decided to update this blog. :))

Feb 5, 6 & 7 :D
Sports Festival! All days were fun [just check out my other blog for my "sports fest" post]. :>
Feb 8
Sunday... Eh, normal sunday. :P

Feb 9
Um. I went home early. Oh, I watched The Death Note: Last Name [movie]. Yee! I loved it. ^^

Feb 10
Um, we were supposed to have a dance practice @ school but Arielle left the radio. Boo. And, we didn't have computer class 'cause Ms. Julie talked to us. (:

Feb 11
Yesterday, another topic in Science; Motion. Hekasi - Scientists of Enlightenment. Filipino, a new topic too, which is Panitikang Tuluyan. :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Today's our dance practicum and we don't even have complete dance moves. We all got worried, of course. But at the same time, we didn't care at all. We didn't have any class in Arts && Computer. Just practice for the dance. We thought that the practicum was going to be next week. But then, we were informed that it will be today. So, we had a practice. Then, the practicum. OMG! We were embarrassed by a lot of people who watched us dance. Haha. But that's okay, I guess. Um, I stayed in school 'til 5pm. Arielle and others went to the mall while I stayed in school with boys. :P

HA! I'm so lazy to update -- sorry!! (:

I'm currently: Breathing, text messaging + typing these words. :>
I'm listening to: NOTHING! :))

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A day before the sports fest.
2.04.2009 ★ 8:39:00 PM


Um, I wore civilian to school today. KM forgot his drums so Ella, Pau, Mary & Tiff went to KM's house to get it. I didn't accompany them since I don't want to waste money. Hahaha. Then, Ms. Julie called all 6th graders because we need to talk about the retreat, graduation and many others. So, we talked about different events and their dates as well. Our retreat will be on the 16th&17th of February. The entrance exam in MGSSHS is on February 19. Our final exams would be on March 4, 5, 6. The thanksgiving mass is on March 25. We will have a final rehearsal in Stadia on the 26th of March. Last, our graduation on March 27th. :D

Woo, so many to say about that. Hahaha. I can't believe that our graduation would be next month already! How quick. I'll miss everyone in elementary. Boohoo. :(

After the "talk", we had a cheering rehearsal in P.E. Area. They removed the "three fights" cheer. I got contented already because I had nothing to do. We kept on repeating our cheers because the kids always get confused and they always make mistakes. When we were all hungry, we yelled "Recess! Recess!" as if we were having a rally. Then, we had our recess, finally. I bought a cassava cake and I drank water. I got crackers from Ella. And she shared some foods, yey! Joshua [gr.1] also gave us this pack which includes donuts, a container and some candy. Thanks a lot, J! LOL. Of course, we also shared it. Woohoo. (:

After recess, we had a practice in the quadrangle. My voice was like "eek!". Haha. I was running out of voice, you know. Then, when some of them were saying "boo!", I added the "three fights" cheer so it'll make our cheer longer. After the cheer, everyone was screaming, "woo!". It's like they won a competition or something. Haha. Then, we asked Ms. Mel if we could add the other cheer. Then she said yes. Woo! Happy, happy. Hahaha. We went to St. Joseph and bought drinks. We got back to school and played Badminton. Then, we started playing Volleyball. Oh! We also got our jersey shirts today. Yee!! Haha. We jogged with our jerseys on. Yes, such arrogants. LOL!! Um, we had a tune up with the red section. 'Twas just a friendly game. No scores at all. :D

Then, at around 4-5pm, the afternoon session had a cheer practice in the quadrangle, too. First, the orange section. Err! Don't ever remind me of them. They make me so irrritated. Why? 'Cause in their cheer, they said, "Hey blue, we're gonna kick ya!". And in every section, they will say "we're gonna shoo ya, we're gonna smash ya".. Whateverr! On the other hand, yellow team. We cheered for them! Wooo. Go yellow! LMAO. (:

I left at 5pm. I went to Novo and bought a blue t-shirt. The line there was so long. Tss. GO BLUE EAGLES!! Good luck, peeps. :P

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Suck it up, loserr.
2.03.2009 ★ 6:26:00 PM

I apologize for being too busy and too lazy to post blogs here. But I hope that I won't be too indolent to post some entries. That is if I could. Muhahaha. LOL.
To make the story short.. I discussed in Filipino, yes I did! "Talumpati". I did my Science homework during I.W. We played with water [SAM&I vs. ELIJAH&ETC]. We watched Mixcraft's practice. We laughed and blaah. :)

Piano lessons -- boring, as usual. Hahaha. Um, I just stayed at home. I used the computer + text messaged. Oh, I also watched Hannah Montana & Suite Life on Deck. :D

Well, I just used the computer. Oh! I also played "What has the biggest brain?" in Facebook. At first, I had a brain of a chimp [lol]. Then, I became a neanderthal. Next, I became a nerd. Until I reached rank#2 which has a brain of a scientist. Yay for Clarisse! Hihi. We went to St. John at 6pm and I saw Reo there. :P

We did nothing in school because there were no classes. But all we did was practice and to yell/scream/shout. Hahaha. Ella, Pauline, Tiffany, Mary and Hannah went to my house yesterday for our so-called "dance practice". But we kept on fooling around so we had less time in practicing. LOL. We also had Volleyball practice when we went back to school. ((:

We had our first subject which is Math. After that, we had our cheer practice. At first, we were really okay and all. But after a few hours, I got pissed because they kept on changing the cheer. And the cheer was already nice. They were only making it worse. I have to admit though, the cheer was nice ever since I made it. And now they're changing it?! THE HELL. So irritating! Then, we were dismissed. We went to LMC, went back to school and had Volleyball practice. I must say, we are having "progress" even if we really suck. :))
I also played Chess with different people. Sad part is, I lost in every game. And guess what? I played for like, 6 times [i think]. Man, I suck! But I hope we still win during the Sports Fest. Mm, after practicing, we got tired and we just watched Basketball: Old Gooseans vs. Freshmen [hs]. The "old gooseans" team includes different people like Sir Romy, Sir Francis, Sir Frederick and other staff of MG. :P

* P.S. : Lenard is currently making my blood boil. Thankfully, I'm not that "high-blood" at the moment. :|

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