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Hello, high school! :)
6.21.2009 ★ 7:49:00 PM

Freshmen year has finally begun. And in my opinion, high school is absolutely different from elementary. New people, new teachers. Completely dissimilar. However, I have realized that I should cherish my high school years; and make the most of it. :)

First week of 1st year high school was fine, it might be a little boring but some occurrences were fun as well. My section is EDISON. I was hoping for Galileo but now, I realized that I should be proud of being in Edison. I have tons of new classmates and new friends, too. At first, we were all shy and quiet. But as time has passed, we became confident and we became closer. :D

I arrived at 7am and saw Tiffany & Mary by the gate. I went down the car and I smiled. They were shocked! Why? Because I've got braces! HAHA. Yes, I haven't blogged about this because.. I wanted it to be a surprise. So, are you surprised? :P
Ella and Pauline arrived and were shocked, afterwards. Haha. We saw a lot of new transferees and we stayed at the mini gym. They discussed about A(H1N1) flu and then we had a break. We just stayed at the white house during lunch. Then, the programme started. Some teachers discussed about curriculums, disciplines and others. They also introduced the teachers. And, there were dances too. After that, they announced the sections. I was called last because of Zaplan. Haha. And the last section was Edison. Pauline and Mary were in Edison, too. Ella is in Galileo while Tiffany was in Dalton. Meanwhile, we proceeded to our respected home rooms. Our home room was the Comp Sci room and our adviser was Ma'am Phoebe. We copied our schedule and we were dismissed. We visited elementary during dismissal.

The past few days were hard yet fun at the same time. We introduced ourselves to some teachers and we know each other already. Hurray! We had loads of homework but we managed to do them. I've been reciting in THE these days. Haha. It's fun! What else? Um, Louisa Villegas from Ednas' School is also in our section- she's my friend. Hm, some teachers say we're the noisiest section in 1st year. I don't know if it's true, but I have to admit, my classmates are hella talkative. School again tomorrow, yes! I miss my section already. Heehee. I get to say hello every now and then to my high school friends/schoolmates and I'm trying to deal with the fact that we have assignments all the time and some of my classmates are just plain annoying. :))

JUNE19 : I won a car in the Raffle for a Cause in St. John Cathedral. Haha. Not kidding. Well yeah. I won a Vios. LOL. Congratulations to me! That day was so happy. Wee.

Enjoy high school life! Make it worthwile. :)

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Independence Day
6.12.2009 ★ 9:34:00 PM

Happy independence day! :)

Today is independence day, Ate Jamie + Kuya Bounce + Ate Queen's birthday & achi Kara's blog anniversary.. A lot of events, huh? Well.. Let's start off with this blog then. :D

Hello! What's up? 2 days left before school starts and yet I'm still not prepared. I somewhat don't feel like going to school. Not only because I'm not ready yet but it's because I'm too lazy to wake up early, eat breakfast early, take a bath early and I am definitely not ready to study/do homework and the like. :|

Yesterday, I woke up at.. 8:30am? I dunno, I forgot. Well, when I was sleeping at early morning, I was overhearing the noises that chickens make. Obviously, I got irritated. I was almost awakened but I just persisted the disturbing sounds it made. Eventually, I was able to resume my sleep. Well, I used the pc for a while. Until my mom got home from the church and she told me, "Let's watch a movie!". So I called city mall's cinema's hotline to ask the screening of Night At The Museum 2. So, I told my mom the screenings and she told me that we'll watch @ 3PM. Then, 2 of my mom's friends called her to go to Tita Edith's office to eat lunch. Although, we already ate. Even so, my mom just brought food there and they ate lunch with Kuya JR. At 'round 2:00pm, our driver went home and fetched my brother who will be accompanying us in watching the movie. At 2:30pm, the 3 of us left Tita Edith's office and headed straight to CT mall. First, we went to McDo and I ordered Apple Pie, McFlurry, McFloat and regular fries. On a diet? NO. :)) We went to Tubby since my mom was there and me & my brother checked out some socks which we find cool. And then, we went upstairs to the movie theater. The movie started. I ate my snacks and I just watched. My brother & my mom fell asleep while watching. HAHAHA! But I didn't; I was a bit sleepy, though. It's funny, I have to admit.

After watching, my brother went to the PC Market while my mom and I went to GIBI. She took a look at some shoes. Then, we went to STO and I gave my glasses for them to repair. After fixing it, we went to NBS and I bought a notebook. I saw Ate Annaiza there! But I didn't say hello. However, I did smile at Zacha. :P So, I was supposed to buy this notebook which said, "seize the day" but then I saw this other notebook which said, "I ♥ Trees". I was having second thoughts that time of what I should buy.. The 1st or the 2nd. After a few minutes of thinking, I finally realized that I should be a nature lover and so I bought the "I ♥ Trees" notebook. I went to the furniture store and saw my mom.. We went home afterwards. And, I used my PC 'til 10pm.

TODAY is independence day. Heehee. Also, it's the Game 4 of the finals. I woke up at 8:30am and switched the TV on. I waited for the game to start and I told the helper to cook me some breakfast. I ate breakfast while the game started. Then, my mom arrived. 'Twas 3rd quarter that time and I played Tap Tap for a bit. I just continued watching after that. My mom called me and I had to fix the bed. While folding the comforter, I thought that the Magic already won and I knew that there was no chance left. But then, Derek Fisher scored a 3 point shot and I shouted with glory! HAHA. Yes, my brother did too. Both of us were all screaming and yelling, "YES! BOOM!". LOL. Well, I'm really glad that LA won. Fisher truly is small but terrible, eh? :))

I took a bath at 1:30pm. I played RC. Yes, it has been a very very long time since I last opened my RC. I chatted with some friends, blabla. I watched parts 9-10 of Good Luck Chuck at YouTube. And then, I watched Dude, Where's my car? here in our PC. For me, it was a bit corny; it's okay. My brother and his girlfriend arrived and he showed me the socks he bought @ Tubby. Cute! We ate Tuna Pasta cooked by my bro. Ate Christina and I played Tap Tap Revenge. I just used the computer since then. Haha. Well, have to go now.. I have to brush my teeth, take a shower and look for my cellphone.. I forgot where I placed it. =))


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I already know how this thing goes. ;p
6.10.2009 ★ 7:53:00 PM

I'm apparently eating Cookies & Cream flavored ice cream and I'm lovin' it! Haha. Another 6 days of blogging absence. Sorry for being such a joy-killer but as usual I've been lazy again. I hate this habit of mine, it's sucky. :|

06.05.09 -- Game 1 of the finals; LAL won. YAY!
06.06.09 -- Uh, I forgot what I did. I just stayed at home, I guess.
06.07.09 -- I stayed at home and we attended St. John's 6PM mass. My mom's highschool friend arrived at 9pm and they slept here. I talked to Kuya Philamer for the first time through cellphone. HAHAHA. 'Twas 11pm that time and he used his UNYT. I went offline at 11:30pm, perhaps? (:
06.08.09 -- Game 2. Once again, Lakers take home the victory. I went to the dentist at 10AM but the dentist wasn't there yet so I came home. We ate native chicken tinola for lunch. At 1pm, we departed for Urdaneta. Travel time was 1 hour and we finally reached SM Rosales. First, we roamed around the mall and went inside the dept. store. I got this correction tape while my mom was buying notebooks for Carina (helper's daughter). I also bought an interdental kit which I haven't used yet 'til now. And then, I begged my mom to buy me a bag even though I already have one. So, we just went upstairs to shop. I told my mom that there is no Gibi there but then we saw a little portion of the 2nd floor which had Gibi shoes. Then, I tried a few shoes and thank golly, a pair of school shoes I fitted was bought. After which, we went to KFC for some snacks; I munched mashed potato, soup and some fries. Subsequently, my brother and I went to the cellphone shop to buy a silicon case for his iTouch and after that, we went to Ace Hardware to buy a pitcher. When we were all set, we decided to leave. We went to 7eleven which was in front of KFC in Urdaneta and then Tita Dondi and her family left for Pasay. It was time for us to head for Dagupan as well. I pointed a haunted house on the road. HAHA! We dropped our mom @ the church and my brother and I went home.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
I was scheduled for an appointment at my dentist at 1pm. I used the computer in the morning and made a plurk layout for Aika; check it out! I took a bath at 11am and woke my brother up so that he can fetch my mom at Allied Bank. When he gave the caseroles to our driver, we were set to go to Tita Edith's office in Calasiao. When we got there, we went inside her office and we ate lunch: Kare Kare, Chicken Inasal & Bangus. At 1pm, I told my mom that I'll leave for the dentist. So, I was with the driver and we went to Tita Liza's clinic through a different route. When we got there, Tita Liza put a right molar band on my 2nd molar (I think) and she told me to come back the next day. I went downstairs and we went back to Tita Edith's office. After that, we went to PFC. We checked out some furnitures and then my mom bought a towel rack. And then, my mom and I went home. I just used the computer until 10pm. :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD & MARY!
Game 3 of the finals between LAL and ORL. It's Magic's turn to set Game 3 at their homecourt in Orlando. Sadly, Orlando Magic won by 4 points against the Lakers - 108-104. Both Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis got 21 points in Game 3. I still love Lakers no matter what! I used the computer the whole morning and I took a bath at 1pm. I dressed up at 2:30pm for me & my mom's appointment at the dentist. Tita Liza told me that there is no size for my 2nd left moral so she'll just order one from Manila. I looked at the colors of the rubbers and I think pink and silver look cute together! And sea green + light blue, too. My mom got her paste thingy there and the dentist & my mom talked for a while and then we left. We went to Magic Club and grocery shopped. I bought Cookies & Cream ice cream. Finally, I've been craving for those all week. I got home and played Tap Tap Revenge on my brother's iTouch. After that, Ate Christina and I played one-on-one in Tap Tap Revenge. She won at first and I won too. Haha! I've been surfing the web after that. Now, I'm listening to Heartless by Kanye West. I'll be watching TV in a few hours. I just wanted to update my blog, so yeah. :)

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I'm a monster, I'm a maven. x3
6.04.2009 ★ 9:04:00 PM

Hello, sweethearts. :)

My last blog was on 29May right? Today is already 4June. 6 days of no blogging?! Whoa. Sorry. Hahaha. My schedule has been hectic and I have been slothful nowadays so there are zero blogs that are new.. Sorry. xp

My cousins arrived at 'round 12pm and I already took a bath that time + ate lunch already. So, I just used the computer a bit before my two cousins use my computer. Well, we just watched TV and so on. Ren-ren [my cousin] and I watched BoF in my brother's room since her two li'l brothers were using my PC. Then, we decided to exchange computer because my bro's computer is soo slow. Wahaha. We watched BoF until we finished the last episodes. Hurrah! Yes, I'm finished watching BoF. I feel fulfilled right now. :)) Then, my other cousins arrived together with my aunt, Tita Chay and his husband. Then, we all slept because we will be waking up early the next day. ZZZ.

We woke up early, around 6am, I think. I got up, gargled and went downstairs.. We ate breakfast and watched TV for a while. And then, I decided to put on my bathing suit with my jersey on top of it. I also prepared my stuff - clothes, soap, hairbrush and etc. After which, we decided to depart and go to the resthouse. We departed first and left the others at home. Inside the car, I was with my cousins + my grandma's sister + my aunt & uncle. When we got there, the gate was closed and we were looking for the caretaker. So, we just opened the gate and parked the car. I waited for my sunscreen to dry up and I started swimming. Yay! I get out of the swimming pool every now and then to eat Superstix. It's so yummy. Then, I told stories about BoF episodes to Ren and they all got annoyed of us because we were blabbing about BoF and we never stop. Bwaha. So, I swam for hours. & when I was hungry, I ate hotdog + rice w/ Raymond. We continued swimming while others ate their lunch. Raymond & I were the only ones in the swimming pool. It felt great! Hahaha. Then, my other aunt & uncle arrived with my other cousins + nephew and niece. I said hi to Archie, my nephew. And I continued swimming.. It was so fun! I didn't put sunblock anymore because there wasn't any sun! Haha. I swam at the deep part and at the low part. I also jumped like a robot, cannonball and like I was falling [like in the 24th ep of BoF where Jan Di jumped in the pool like she fell]. Haha! I also jumped at the deep part. Oh, I also got the 5peso coin @ the deep part. Whoa, it was so hard. Haha! At quarter to 4pm, Ren and I took a bath and changed clothes. Afterwards, we all left and went to Manaoag; I fell asleep while going there. And I woke up when we were there and we just sat. I got Royal from Tito Wel because I was thirsty. Then, we lit candles and we looked for seats. We found seats near the electric fan. Um, I saw Wil De Vera with his sister and Dorothy Ladrillo at the church. After the blessing, we went home. OMG, I got tanned. :)

My grandmother's 79th birthday. Happy birthday, Granny! Ren woke me up at 6:30am and I still won't get up so she tried pulling me and I got up, I gargled and we went downstairs. We ate breakfast and we watched TV. They all bathed and I still didn't took a bath, I took off the skin of the peanuts for the Kare-Kare. There were so many nuts that I got tired peeling them. Hahaha. After that, I took a bath and I wore my jumper and I fixed the bed. And then, the priest arrived and the mass started. After the mass, we all sang happy birthday to my grandma. After that, time for lunch! We had a hearty meal and I ate a lot. Wahaha. I was full! Then, I became the photographer of the day; I took pictures of everyone in the party. At around 1pm, my brother arrived from the states!. Yehey! Then, he showed me the JanSport bag he bought me + the transparent Converse - I LOVE IT! XD Then, we went to Sta. Barbara to drop the visitors to their homes and we went home, too. When we got home, I took care of KC, my niece. She's so cute!! At night, Raymond, RJ and I went to Pizza Hut to order the lasagna pizza for takeout. When we went back, we ate the pizza and then, they decided to order pizza again. So, we went to Dominoes this time and ordered two pizzas. Subsequently, we went to Jollibee to order 2pc chicken for my two cousins. We got home and I ate pizza. YUM! Then I slept after using the computer. :D

My cousins left with Tita Josie and Tito Wel. They departed after lunch and I just used the computer the whole day. :P

Yesterday, we went to Mitsubishi and got the car that my mom bought which was Montero Sport. Its color was red and we went straight to St. John so that Msgr. Magno could bless the car. After blessing it, my mom & monsignor talked and we went to Enso for lunch. We ordered Kani Salad, California Maki, Tempura Ramen, Chicken Teriyaki, Gyoza, Japanese Fried Rice, Tuna Sushi & I think that's all. I was so full! Then, my mom and I took mass at St. John @ 6PM. (:

Today, I went to the dentist and [..]. :)) I rode the new car and went home w/ the driver. I used the PC, ate lunch and continued surfing the web. My brother used the computer for hours so I got bored. He put songs in his new iTouch [2nd gen]. Omgosh, I'm so jealous & he's so "i've-got-money-so-i'll-spend-it". Wahaha. He has a lot of songs now and I think he also has 2 movies. I just used the computer when he stopped using it and yeah, I'm blogging right now. I'm also registered to unlitxt that's why I'm text-messaging at the moment. :D

That's all for now, my blog is so long. I'm sleepy. *yawns*

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