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With love and obedience, everything turns out right. :3
5.29.2009 ★ 8:28:00 PM

Howdy, chums! ;P

How have y'all been? I have been ordinary yet fantastic. Anyway, another three days without blogging is pretty long, eh? But always keep this in mind-- it's not goodbye, it's so long. Not adios, but ASTA LAVISTA (until we meet again). Bwahaha. Why am I like this? It's because of something; long story short. :))

The day before yesterday, my mom & I went to a party @ Sta. Barbara; which is my niece's (wait, is she my niece? Not sure.) 1st birthday. Well, she's my uncle's son, so she's not my niece, she's my cousin! First off, her name's Raine Kiera (forgot the spelling, sorry) and so, we ate lunch there and yeah. His father (my uncle) passed away when she was still in her mother's womb. Tito Rudy passed away because of asthma, I think so. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time, I hope that she will grow into a magnificent child. (: After that, we went to different houses because my mom invited some of our relatives/friends on my Lola's 79th birthday on 1June. \:D/ Then, we went to MG to return the uniform that my mom bought because it was too big. But then, my mom decided to return it for good because 1) 'twas too expensive 2) its sizes are really inappropriate. So, she just bought some patches. I also met a girl there named Irish, incoming 1st year (a transferee); we exchanged our cell numbers. ;]

Yesterday, I was scheduled to be at Dr. Uy's clinic to remove my stitch at 3pm. Although, the other dentist there informed me that the stitch is already gone. And I mentioned that the night before that day, there was something that got removed from my mouth and it looked like a stitch so I guess it was detached by itself. So, my mom and I went to Cilamar's and tita Edith was already there. My mom bought clothes and I bought two plaid blouses, yeah. So cute. :D After that, we tried watching the hearing of Halili & Kho. But we eventually got tired of it and stopped. We just went to Mitsubishi afterwards. My mom just signed a lot of check's and we departed. We proceeded to St. John and took mass which was at 530pm. After that, we went to Magic Club and grocery-shopped. I bought Mango flavored ice cream, yipee! Then, we went home & ate dinner + I ate my ice cream for dessert. Also, Lakers won yesterday so I'm really really blissful about it! ;)

Today, I woke up really early; yes, reaaal early. What time? 6:30AM. Haha. It's hard to believe but I did-- I woke up when my alarm rang, but I got up after 5mins. I went downstairs and I ate breakfast. Then, I just washed myself quickly and dressed up then we went to church. After the mass, we went to Philippine Business Bank then my mom went to the market & bought veggies and meat, I guess; I just stayed in the car & played games. And, we went to Nepo Mall to eat merienda. We ate @ Greenwich but my mom ate Palabok from Jollibee & a slice of pizza. I ate lasagna, very sumptuous. Then, we went to the department store and went to the bathing suit section. I tried a few of them but I bought something else, shorts and a sando-like something, can't explain. Then, my mom showed me a bag and I liked it. We also got bra's. xD After that, my mom went to the cashier and paid. Then, we went home.. At around 3, I washed my hair and changed my clothes.. I used the computer for a while. Then, I dropped my mom at the bank and the driver dropped me at the dentist; she just put on the moral separator and we talked about stuff until the driver arrived. So, I went back home and waited for my mom. We went to the church again and my mom and people had a meeting about blabla.
At about quarter to 7pm, we went to the Parish Hall and started the Bienvenida and Despedida party for Fr. Manny and Fr. Fernan and for the two new assistants. We ate dinner and then the impromptu program started. Mrs. Aurora Samson was the emcee. Msgr. Magno with his words of welcome, he mentioned that, "My heart is full and my lips are empty". Then goes Fr. Fernan with his own quote and said, "First love never dies"; which he referred to the parish as his first assignment. After that, Fr. Manny quoted, "Love is sweeter the second time around." I kept on laughing. HAHAHA! Then, Rudy sang, If We Hold On Together. :> Still laughed. Then, the two new priests said they'll do their best to bring joy to Dagupan. (:

School is fast approaching and still, 10 more days until it starts. Time flies so fast so I want to enjoy the last days of summer. Three cheers! :D

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When you see my face, hope it gives you hell. >:)
5.26.2009 ★ 12:44:00 PM


I just finished brushing my teeth. WHO CARES?! Anyway, I have a question -- Can you withstand 4 days without blogging? I can. See, I haven't blogged for 3 days now. Beat that, foo! :P

DAY 1 without blogging: May 22, 2009
// I have experienced something terrible. WORSE than terrible. Read my latest blog @ oncloud9kid. :|

DAY 2 without blogging: May 23, 2009
// First day with 3 wisdom teeth; the other one got removed the day before. I wasn't able to speak, chew, open my mouth wide & many others. It was difficult for me to do the things I can do before they pulled one of my wisdom teeth. Torture much? I just ate soup, noodles and etc. By the way, I stayed at home all day.

DAY 3 without blogging: May 24, 2009
// A Sunday full of boredom, as always. For breakfast, I ate noodles + used the PC. I watched some episodes of BoF and surfed the web. I ate bread, woaah. I could eat bread, whatta miracle! Then, we went to church for mass. After that, we went to St. Joseph and bought some oatmeal + our driver bought lottery, did I use the correct term? Eh, never mind. :))

DAY 4 without blogging: May 25, 2009
// Yesterday, me & my mom were supposed to go somewhere but she text-messaged me & said, "We're on our way already, don't come with us". So, I just played PetSociety in Facebook and watched a few episodes of Boys Over Flowers. At around 3PM, I ate sandwich/es and took medicine. My mom arrived at 6:00pm and we ate dinner. I got offline really early. 7:30pm, I think. I just watched TV shows and I registered unlitxt. I text messaged while watching TV until I fell asleep.

DAY 5 with blogging: May 26, 2009
// TODAY is a day with blogging since I am doing it at the moment. Doing what?! BLOGGING, of course. Well, my mom woke me up at 6:30am so I could take Augmentin [my medicine] and I did. I resumed my nap and I woke up at about 7:40am and then I just sent messages to my friends. I went downstairs and watched "Date My Mom", I decided to go upstairs since it smelled paint in the other room. I watched NBA: Lakers VS Nuggets. Unfortunately, Nuggets won. Pft, they suck! HAHA. I went downstairs, ate lunch and took a bath. A few moments ago, I posted a blog w/c is copy-pasted from my journal in Multiply; it is my previous blog in http://oncloudninekid.blogspot.com/ right now. Please view! Thanks. I will now continue my surfing (in the web) & maybe I'll watch a movie later + BoF + play Pet Society.

'Til here, loves! :D

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CS3 made her happy.
5.21.2009 ★ 9:43:00 PM

School is fast approaching and don't put your summer to become a complete waste. Agree? ;)

Just 18 days away from the big day. Big day which I am referring to is the first day of 1st year high school. If you ask me if I'm nervous... Not at all. In fact, I'm quite excited and being too impatient about the school's comeback. :D

Two days ago, I've blogged about the past & now I'm ready to press fast forward. I will now tell you about yesterday and this day's occurrences. Well, yesterday, my mom and I went to the church, FILCO and we went to Calasiao for my panoramic x-ray. When we got to the clinic, we waited for them to call my name. Then, another customer arrived and gaah! A cutie I have seen.. Hm? He looks pretty cute to me. PERIOD. :P I got my x-ray and we went back home. I just used the computer for the rest of the day and I watched Boys Over Flowers, too. Heehee.

I'm trying to go out of the house everyday just so I wouldn't waste my vacation at all. :> Today, I woke up at around 8 and I watched Tim Gunn's Guide To Style plus ate breakfast. Afterwards, I used the PC. My mom arrived at around 11 so I decided to go upstairs and fix the bed & take a bath. After taking a bath, we ate lunch. I just watched a few videos of BOF and surfed the web. At 1.30pm, I dressed up and went downstairs to resume my computer stuff. I waited for my mom to go downstairs. Suddenly, my mom's friend [who was a nun] arrived at our house and looked for my mom, the three of them had a conversation and her friends left, too. We were about to leave for the dentist as well, but many hesitations came because of the confusion of the somethin somethin crap. And finally, we left. Then, we went back because I forgot my x-ray.

We went to the dentist and my dentist told me that she'll measure my *****. Also, she checked out my x-ray and I had 4 wisdom teeth! 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. She told my mom that I needed this surgery to pull out those wisdom teeth because my teeth might be deformed if the teeth grows. Bummer! I'm a bit afraid of this so-called surgery but my mom told me that it wouldn't hurt because of anesthesia. Hopefully, I won't freak out because of that. :o

After the dental check up, we went to FILCO. Then we ate merienda at Jano's, went to Caleb's and went to church to take mass. We got home and I restarted the PC immediately. I waited for Sam [the computer guy] to arrive in our house so I used the piano in case the doorbell rings. Our helper's daughter told me that Sam is outside the house so I told her to lend the money and I got the CS3 Master Collection DVD. YAY! I installed it at once and waited for the installation's progress to increase until it finished. I now have Adobe CS3 Master Collection and I'm currently happy. Whoo! I have photoshop again, plus extra programs that I haven't heard of yet but I'll try to explore them. Wee. Really happy. =)

Enough said -- I hope you won't squander your summer like those lazy bums so just relish the time having a vacation.. YEAHBA! I need to go, my mom might scold me. :))

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The moon will never escape the star.
5.19.2009 ★ 9:14:00 PM

Watching Boys Over Flowers is the utter opposite of wasting time. By that, I mean watching that Korean series is like sitting on a cloud (like being in heaven). Hell yeah! Okay, you might wonder why I'm saying this right now. So I surrender to the cops, I'm obsessed with BOF. ><

Change is good, ayt? Layout change is even better. :D

This day has been.. Boring. Oh wait! It isn't. If it weren't for Boys Over Flowers, this would be the most tedious day ever - yes, that show is definitely a life saver! I was supposed to get my panoramic x-ray today. However, my mom seriously pissed me off hours ago, so I guess it'll be postponed. Ahh, the taste of fickle minded persons, whatev. In times of annoyance, boys over flowers [again!], cooled my head while it was sizzling hot. :)

I watched almost 4 episodes today, I think. And it is somehow relaxing in a way that I couldn't even explain. I just simply love it, just because. If you're really confused right now, watching the Korean comedy & drama show is the best recommendation I could give. Also, I had my piano lessons today. I was a bit encouraged by Ji Hoo who is a music freak [in the show] so I was into playing music that time. OMG! Fan girl much? :O

Yesterday, me, my mom and her friend went to SM Rosales; 1 hour of a trip wouldn't hurt, would it? Perhaps it was all worth it. I mean, with all the food I've eaten, the movie I have watched and the stuff that my mom bought, I guess 1 hour is harmless. After all, I became bloated twice and I have watched a mysterious yet remarkable movie. When we got there, we went to Max and we ate chicken. After that, we watched a movie - Angels & Demons, which I was referring as a remarkable movie. It's really interesting and a really amazing movie made by Ron Howard. Afterwards, my mom went shopping for home stuff and then, we ate merienda at KFC, full I was. My mom decided to go grocery shopping and I accompanied her. After all those shopping, we all decided to leave the mall.

We arrived home at around 7:20pm, I guess. I watched Boys Over Flowers immediately, I already consider it as my obsession. At 'round 8pm, we ate a late dinner. And I continued watching videos. What an addict I am, I know. The day before yesterday, I did nothing but to watch videos, again. And we went to church, blah blah. END OF THE STORY.

Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung & Woo Bin - I love y'all. :>

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But she wears short skirts & I wear t-shirts. B-)
5.15.2009 ★ 7:56:00 PM

Hej! - That's "hello" in Swedish. :>

How have you been, dear blog? Readers? Internet?
- As for me, I've been good these days. In fact, I feel awesome! Hahaha. 'Bout you? How have you been lately? Bad? Good? Go on, tell me. I won't bite. :3

3 days of blogging non existence, heh.

5.13.09 [..]
First day of work! Wee. Yes, work. You might think I'm too young to be working and/or to be having a job, but I have this sort of summer job in our office (Carl's Emission Testing Center). I encode there now and then. Sometimes our secretary does, and sometimes I type some of the thingamajigs there. If you're wondering, I get paid. :D

5.14.09 [..]
Yesterday, I've got my piano lessons. Finally. It's been a long time since my teacher went here. Our session always gets postponed because of erratic things. I was given a new piece which was - The Entertainer. I like its tune, very ENTERTAINING, hahaha! I also practiced A Song For Anna and If We Hold On Together. Two pieces that I've been working on every session I had. (: Well, I also worked yesterday but only from 12:30-2:00 PM. Since me & my mom had to go to Mitsubishi for my mom ordered a car - Montero Sport. Woot! The price of the car increased and I started teasing (I think that's the term:P) about not buying the car at once. Hahahah. After that, I went to Jollibee Calasiao's drive thru and my mom still in Mitsubishi. I ordered yum burger w/ cheese, Coke, fries & Swirly Bitz. Then, we proceeded to City Mall's cinemas and watched BFF. It's a movie filled with comedy. Haha. Actually, it's Comedy & Drama. It's okay. :)) After watching the movie, we went to St. Therese and took mass. Then, we went home. :P

5.14.09 [today]
I got up at around 8:45 am, went downstairs and watched TV. At first, I watched BTV; Orlando vs Boston. 'Twas only a replay. Orlando Magic really did win the game. Then, I changed the channel to Star Sports. It was a live basketball game between LAL and HOU also known as Los Angeles Lakers & Houston Rockets. Unfortunately, my bet which was Lakers lost the game and the Rockets won instead. However, there will still be a Game 7, which will determine the winner. Go, Lakers! After the game, I took a bath and I wore my JabbaWockeeZ shirt and some pants. I went to the office and worked. Hahaha. Until my mom texted and told me to go to the dentist with our driver. I went there, blablabla. Then, we went to the FILCO, the bank and went home. I went to the office then our helper's kid told me that my mom's calling me because the computer guy is in our house. He installed games, LimeWire, Java and Microsoft Office. (:

That's it! Thanks for reading. :D

Clarisse Zaplan, 8:33 PM ;

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Farewell, Virus. :-h
5.12.2009 ★ 9:01:00 PM

'cause you had a bad day, you're taking one down.
you sing a sad song just to turn it around.

I had a bad day yesterday. I woke up with my mother's voice saying, "Clarisse!". I got up and I noticed my mom carrying my handbag. I checked my wallet [force of habit] and I was stunned when I found out a 500 peso-bill was missing. I checked it out twice, and I was right, it was missing. I went downstairs, trying to forget about the missing incident. Our helper asked me how much I lost and I told her I lost five hundred. :|

I told my mom about it. And she went downstairs, furious. I don't know if she's really mad and/or angry, but it's like she's irritated. She went downstairs and called all the helpers. Nobody confessed. I was crying that time. Sorry, but every time I lose money - I tend to cry or weep. I got really pissed because of the helpers. My suspects were: Lolit and her kids. At that time, I felt like I wanted to kill someone! Exaggeratedly. I had nothing to do, no one wanted to admit that he/she stole the money. What else could I do? Take their belongings and threaten them by saying, "Give they money back or I'll never return this.". That is so last season. Although, that was one of my options. HA!

I got over it somewhat. Pfft, there's no point in sulking when you already know the fact that everyone lies, everyone steals. I just wish NO ONE steals. Lying is agreeable. I admit, I lie. Everyone does! But stealing? I have to disagree.

Yesterday, I also called Magic Club about the computer problem. Yes, the virus. It hasn't been fixed yet. So, I informed them about the virus and I told them to go here. They told me they'll just return my call. Today, I woke up and I watched TV for a little while and I went downstairs. I saw my mom eating so I joined her. I ate noodles & sunny side up eggs. My mom told me she's going to David's Salon for her pedicure because her in-grown hurts. I told her that I'll go with her so I could leave this prison.. I mean, house for a while. LOL! We went to David's Salon and I just lsitened to the iPod while text-messaging and I read the newspaper. After my mom's pedicure, she went to the market to buy veggies. After that, we went to Magic Club. Finally! I could follow up the computer repair. I sketched our home and we grocery shopped. When we were about to depart, I asked the guy in the store, "When will they go to our house?". He told me they'll just contact us or they might go here in the afternoon. So, I waited for them.

At around 3, the doorbell rang and they were here. When they got in, "Will something get deleted?", I asked. "It depends.", he replied. They couldn't remove the virus without reformatting. I had no choice left. They said, "Decision!". I agreed with the reformat thing. I had no choice. I was really disappointed but of course I had to deal with it. I have to say, they were really funny and friendly as well. Hahaha. They also told me to stop using uTorrent but I kept on disagreeing. Ha! I can't explain their humor, but they were pretty humurous. Hihi. I saw the guy's ID and his name was Samuelle Sanchez also known as Sam. I added his Y!M in case of any emergencies. :D

The virus was removed and the computer is finally fixed. Thanks to Sam and his partner, i-forgot-his-name. Hahaha. Tomorrow, Sam's partner will come back to install Microsoft Office and some games + Adobe Master Collection. Yipee! Full version of Adobe Photoshop CS3! \:D/

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Mother's Day
5.10.2009 ★ 8:02:00 PM

Happy Mother's day to all the mommies in the whole world. =)

Yeah, today's Mother's Day. Have you greeted your mom yet? Well, I did. I greeted her the first thing I woke up. Wee! :D Hope you greeted your mom too. Greet her for me, will 'ya? :)

I woke up at 7:30am, I think. I greeted my mom. Ate breakfast. Yadda yadda. Haha! Anyway, I used the computer. I opened my Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and read some blogs. I read one of ate Jaypee's posts which said, "Thank you Lord sa advance mother's day gift! May 9, 2009 6:55pm". Yes, that includes the date. I wondered what that meant. Besides, she's pregnant so I guessed she has already given birth. Yipee! Nonetheless, I just greeted her "happy mother's day" and I hope she'll have a healthy kid! That's my niece/nephew. OMG. =))

After that, I told my mom about it & she said, "Baka nanganak na. Tanong mo si Alev!". Alev is ate Jaypee's sister. Haha. Because ate Alev told me, "Paki-sabi kay tita gie, happy mother's day.". Yea, I told my mom about it so yeah. I also told her that I like ate Alev's boyfriend's newly renovated room. HA! I saw a picture of his room and it's really modern. Wow. Haha. It's really nice. We were finished eating & decided to take a bath. I bathed first, since my mom was reading the newspaper, it was my turn. I took a bath then 'twas my mom's turn. We talked while she was taking a bath and stuff. Haha. I told her that we should go to Palawan. LOL. She told me then, "kung pupunta tayo ng palawan, edi pumunta ka nalang sana ng hongkong.". But because of that H1N1 virus, it ruined everything. Ugh! But I'll still beg my mom about the Palawan thing. xD

Then, we were all set to leave the house and head straight to the mall. YAY! It was my plan to treat my mom in the cinemas, heh. Ok, so we we had a plan about watching 2 movies. Woot! The screening was, 1pm. So, we got to the mall and hurried to the theater. First, we watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I paid the tickets. Hahs. When we got in, the movie has just stared. Hugh Jackman is so sexyy. HAHA! The fact is, I love the movie. My mom got irritated about the kid who was at the back of us. She was so annoying and noisy. Rawwr. When we got oustide, I told my mom I'll go to McDo. I was getting 100php, but she gave me 500 bucks. Haha! So, I bought double cheeseburger, monster coke float, large fries and oreo fudge sundae. And a McChicken sandwich + fries & iced tea for my mom. LOL. My mom waited for me outside cinema 2: Fast & Furious 4. The girls in that movie were so hot! Hahaha. Even the cars were hawwt. Haha. I want those kind of cars. SO FAAST! Haha.

Well, I liked Fast & Furious 4 more than X-Men. Not only because there were few people in that cinema. But because the story was amazing! Hahaha. And the cars were fantaaastic. :> I don't know if people are insane or what, because it's like, nobody's watching in the theater of Fast & Furious 4. It's really awesome, watch it & you'll love it! Just like I do, I'm lovin' it now. :P

We went downstairs. I saw kuya Monte there. Haha! He won a consolation prize in the photography contest. Congrats! Then, we went to the church. We went to Msgr. Magno's place and at 6pm, we took mass. After which, we went home. Ate dinner. Now, I'm blogging about my spectacular day! :D

Again, happy mother's day to all moms. I love you, Ma. :)

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The virus' name makes her want to vomit. =/
5.06.2009 ★ 9:07:00 AM

My posts were delayed due to the time shortage I get every night, because I often blog at the end of the day, to mention all the occurrences which happened. But yes, I failed to do it for I was too busy indulging myself using this computer and I tend to forget about my blog. Aha! My apologies.

Well, my last post was.. May 1, 2009. I guess I'll tell you the things that occurred during the following days:

Saturday, May 2, 2009
- We took mass @ St. Therese.
- After which, we went to tita Edith's place to eat dinner (a celebration of their fiesta in Calasiao).
- I played the piano there. I wish we had a piano like theirs. Whew.
- There was a kid there, a boy. He reminded me of Ken Samson. Hi, Ken!
- We left at 9pm? Idk.
- I used the computer when we got home.

Sunday, May 3, 2009
- We watched The Battle of the East & West (Pacquiao vs Hatton).
- I'm certain you've heard of it. Yes, Pacquiao won over 2 rounds. YEAHBA!
- I watched One More Chance after taking a bath.
- I continued using the computer. Plurk, Facebook, Y!M and such.
- We went to St. John Cathedral.
- We went home, ate dinner and I used the computer.
Let me share a wee encounter of my mom and I during that night.
Ma: Mag-piano ka! (play the piano)
Me: *silence*
Ma: Wag mo akong hintayin pumunta dyan! (don't wait for me to approach you)
Me: Ayaw kooo. (i don't want to) *in a disagreeable way*
But I did play the piano anyhow. What can I do? :|
Monday, May 4, 2009
- My mom and I went to church before my interview.
- Afterwards, we went to MG for my interview. Subsequently, my mom enrolled me.
- I went home and we dropped my mom at tita Edith's place.
- I used the computer. An everyday must!
- I also watched Gossip Girl in the afternoon. <3
- My mom arrived and she gave me KitKat. Oohlala.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
- I used the computer when I woke up.
- At 1PM, I went to my dentist.
- I finished at 1:30 and I went home.
- I continued my computer addiction. xp
- My mom called & she told me to pick her up w/ the driver.
- We went to tita Edith's beach house for kuya JR's birthday.
- We went home at 8:30pm.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
- I used the computer yesterday in the morning.
- I tried to download a document in LimeWire which is a book by Mitch Albom.
- When it finished downloading, I clicked it. Then, I got a virus. OMG!
- Whenever I switch the PC on, it shuts down after a few minutes. -__-"
- It's officially broken. We'll get it fixed by Monday, hopefully.
- I just used my brother's computer.
- My mom and I went to Magic Club at 10am for grocery shopping.
- Me, my brother and his girlfriend went to Nepo in the afternoon to get something and buy two slices of Cookies & Cream with Oreo (cake) for takeout.

It is RAINING. And I've heard from the news that there will be a storm called Emong. Or was it Ebong? I forgot. But it sounded like that, whatev. I just hope that it won't be that bad like the disastrous "Cosme". Sigh, let's all pray that there won't be a typhoon like yesteryear.

Gotta bounce, see you soon. xx

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There is no distance on this earth as far away from yesterday.
5.01.2009 ★ 11:47:00 AM

The past few days were pretty much boring, but I must confess, there are some things which have occurred that I would like to mention in this blog. (:

  1. I wasn't able to go to my interview. It was supposed to be on Monday, April 27 at 2pm. Before going to MGSSHS, we went to a party. I kept on bugging my mom during the party because it took so long for her to tell goodbye. She told me that we should stay longer because we arrived quite late. When it was about to be 2 o'clock, I still bugged her. Finally, she decided to leave. Well, it rained and my mom asked, "Do you think there will still be an interview during this rain?". In a scolding way. And yeah, she told me that we don't need to be interviewed because we have graduated from MG in the first place. Psh, I already know that! Since it was raining cats & dogs, I went outside the car with an umbrella (duh!). Even so, I still became kinda wet. I went inside the high school department and asked if the principal was there. And they told me that they only had a half day. So yeah, my mom scolded me. Blablabla.
  2. It rained during the Festivals of the North. Rain became such a kill joy. We were supposed to watch it, but yeah, it rained. It did continue though, it wasn't postponed. (:
  3. I had a new haircut. After the mass in Manaoag, we headed straight towards David's Salon for a cut and my mom had manicure & pedicure. My hair is now thin, unlike before, it was hella thick. I got my bangs back, yee. Side bangs, that is. My new hairdo's okay, I like it. My brother and his girlfriend and mom were actually teasing me after having my cut. Whatever! :))
  4. I made a Yahoo! Answer account. I forgot to mention, I did become a member there last April 25. I've got 265 points so far. And my account's 9% best answer. YAY! :3
  5. Mother goose called. They told me that I would have my interview on the 4th of May. Well, I actually decided not to go (before the call they made). But yeah, I guess I should go. Psh! (:|
  6. Bangusan Street Party last night. My mom and I went to church first before departing to the De Venecia highway extension. All I could say is, there were a lot of people. And yet, this is really a small world! I saw Pauline V. in the grill we stayed with family friends. I saw Julienne while she was walking and I was sitting. I also saw Joshua Tolin, a former 4th year student. I saw my nemesis. :O I saw Kenneth Meneses. :)) Well, we ate Bangus, of course! Uh, I saw Bossing's band which was a sucky/unknown band. I also heard Moymoy Palaboy sing something because we were behind the GMA stage. Yes, at the back of the stage. LOL. Ther were so many people, countless people! But I appreciated the party somewhat. I loved the fireworks! They were amazing. Well, while watching the fireworks, my mom kept on saying.. "wow!". LOL. And the men behind us were yelling.. "happy new year! happy new year!". I just gave it a laugh while watching the beauty in the sky. Greatest thing built by man. ♥
We arrived at 11:30pm yesterday. Traffic, OMG! Despite the fact that I didn't get the chance to see any bands. Like, Paroyka ni Edgar, Pupil, Spongecola & such. It's still ok, I did have fun. (:
By the way, it's Labor Day today; May 1 --So what? Hahaha! Um, I also watched the first episode of Phineas & Ferb's new season. Yipee! Lalalalove.

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