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No, he can't read my poker face. :3
4.23.2009 ★ 9:03:00 PM

Belated happy birthday Raizel Kate C. Ignacio! Belated 11th, kid. Loveyou. :*

Oh, take your time in looking at my layout. It's new so it takes time for it to adjust. HAHAHA. Yes, it's alive. And I love it. What d'you think? Love it too? :D

POKER is my current addiction. Yes, Poker. The gamble of every person in this planet. But in my case, it's not gambling at all. Why, you asked? Because it ain't real money. Just junk in the internet. Hahaha. I'm so obsessed with it. Whaa. Poker face! :3

Time to update my days of boredom. (:

April 21, 2009 [tuesday.] : The day Raizel turned 11. Yee! Well, I thought I was going with my mom at her friend's party but she told me not to so her wish was my command. LOL! I just stayed all day at the house && all day in front of the computer. Ah, I also watched "X-men Origins Wolverine". Even though it will be shown in the screens on the 30th of April. && I reached Plurk Nirvana! XD
April 22, 2009 [wednesday.] : Yesterday was a senseless day. It didn't give me any sparks. Hahaha! Well, just a normal/simple/ordinary day of C's life. Another 12hours [or more x3] of computer, I guess. Hihihi. :P

Thursday. [april 23, 2009] - I had a pokerful/pokerrific/pokericious day today! :)) Yup, I almost played Poker the whole day. And it makes me happy. :D I just enjoy playing it, idk why. But sometimes it upsets me because of the losses. LOL. That's okay though, I try to earn tons of money. Hm. I ate McDo, I changed my blogskin. I was also supposed to have a facial + haircut. However, plans changed; 'twas postponed for the morrow. :]

By the way, if you're going to steal my song (if you like it or something) don't forget to credit Clarisse Zaplan for that. Mkay? OK! ^^


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Let's have some fun, this beat is sick.
4.20.2009 ★ 8:03:00 PM

I'm currently text-messaging with my friends and just got home from the mall. I wasn't publishing here because my mom keeps on telling me that I must switch off the computer. Anyhoo, have you heard of the blog that tells about the "cat killer"? Hahaha. Maybe I should post a blog about "how i killed the dog". LOL. Which I didn't do, of course.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILAMER GLORIOUS T. CELI! I went to... no where, I guess. Hahaha. Just home. I think. =))
Well, we went to St. John @ 3pm for the Divine Mercy Sunday mass. =)

-/ Today is my aunt's 41st birthday. Happy birthday, tita Chay! I just used the computer the whole day. I also watched You Got Served during lunch at Star Movies. Love that! Hahaha. Er, we went to Gloria Maris for dinner; my aunt's treat. Hahaha. After eating, my brother treated us some ice cream [mcflurry & sundae] at McDonald's. We just arrived a few minutes ago. :D

It's Raizel's 11th birthday tomorrow --advance happy birthday, dear. :PP I'll try to greet her when the clock strikes 12am. Wee. I hope I can. \:D/

Much love. <3

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Corn, corn, corn! CORNY.
4.17.2009 ★ 8:58:00 PM

Halu. Haha. I'll just make a short and quick post because my mom might call me and she might want me to go upstairs now. Hmph! Okay. So today's Friday, April 17, 2009. :)

When I woke up, my mom told me to bathe. Say whaat?! So, I ate breakfast and used the pc for a while. Finally, I took a bath and we went to the travel agency.. I almost ate all the candies there because of boredom. Hahaha! Then, we went to Highlights to take pictures for the req't. Next, we went home. I used the computer, again.. At 3pm, my mom & I left. We went to Chinabank and withdrew P9, 600 from my account. We went to St. John and went to Msgr. Magno, we got the money to be deposited and went to PBB. After that, we were supposed to go to the money changer to exchange pesos to dollars. But then, the store was closed. I just bought ensaymada and we went back to church.. My mom talked to monsignor again and we took mass. :D

Oh, I loved our dinner this night! Chinese food. Ate Christina's treat, hahaha. It's because today's her graduation. So yeah. Yummy food! (mmm)

- My title is "corn" because my mom smells corn. =))

Alright, 'til here. Gdbye. Loveyou. :]

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Together Forever.
4.16.2009 ★ 7:46:00 PM

Aww. Sorry for the late update's, I've been playing Pet Society all the time and I get so addicted to it that I couldn't find time in updating. My apologies, dear blog. I'm not at fault, pet society is. :))

Anyhow, hello there! I've missed blogging. Did you miss me too? :P

Monday. Our departure to Manila was a bit caught up because my mom had to do certain things. Well, we arrived at Manila at around 5? 'Twas turning 6, actually. Hm. We went to Harbor Square because of Ashley's birthday party. They weren't there yet so we waited. We bought toys from a stall near the place and we went to see Manila Bay for a few minutes. Then, the party started. There were games and so on. Finally, we ate. After eating, we left Jollibee and went to Las Pinas. (:
Tuesday. We slept at Las Pinas. I saw my cute nephew & niece. :D Aww, they were uber cute! We went to my grand-aunt's house afterwards. We were supposed to go to the Canadian Embassy but unfortunately, we weren't able to bring the reqt's. So, we just visited Baclaran Church. We ate lunch at Mang Inasal near the church. I was bloated, yum yum! Next, we went to LTO. I fell asleep while riding the car. I just sat in LTO while waiting for my mom. My mom has done the thing she did and we went to Greenhills. YAY, shopping! XD We shopped here and there, ate at Le Ching's and shopped again. We searched everywhere just to buy what I wanted. Now, we've finally seen 'em! I even bought 3! Jabbawockeez shirts!! :> Then, we decided to stop and got in the car.. We were supposed to go to my uncle's place but my mom changed her mind. We went home instead. :]

I just text-messaged and listened to music while riding the car during the trip. :PP

Yesterday, I haven't blogged again 'cause I was spending all my time playing with my pet to get more paw points and to earn lots of money. :D We went to the streets yesterday to watch the streetdance competition also known as Gilon Gilon. We saw our barangay dance! :)) Even our neighbor. Hahaha! There was also this irritating and shitty kid who puts his frickin' dirty hand in his mouth and after that, he wipes it on my pants. Before that, he was wiping his disgusting feet in my Converse. FU, kid! I almost hit him with my hand. But I was too sympathetic. :|

When the streetdance was done, we went inside Chowking and ate. My halo-halo took forever to reach our table. My mom complained and I finally had it. Man, it wasn't worth it.. There were more ice than the ingredients! LOL. And then, we went to QSL to get my mom's fixed phone and I asked the prices of different cellphones there. Hahaha. Lastly, we went to St. John & took mass.

Today, we watched Knowing. Before going to the mall, we went to the travel agency but my mom said we'll just go back at 6pm. We went to the mall, bought tickets, food and went inside the movie theatre. Me and my mom saw my brother & her girlfriend. We sat two rows in front of them. I like Knowing, despite the confusion it gave me, I still like it and I wonder why. HAHA. The funny fact is, the world's end in that movie was on 10/27/08. My birthday's on October 26. ROFLMAO! =)) We went to mass after the movie and we went back to the Travel Agency. :DD

** About my title, there's a line in Knowing which Nicolas Cage & the kid kept telling each other, "You & me, together forever". It was said through sign language. Hihi. My update's done! Be happy. Peace! ♥

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Happy Easter! :P
4.12.2009 ★ 7:59:00 PM

Happy easter, guys. :)

I didn't blog yesterday. Sorry! :P It's because of our crappy internet. Our network connection said "limited or no connectivity". So yeah, no internet last night. :(( I'll make a post right now which consists of the happenings that were occurred today and yesterday. :D

** Ok, let me see. Hm. All I could remember is.. I woke up, ate breakfast, used the computer, ate lunch, used the computer and took a nap. LOL! Well, we went to the mall yesterday. First, we ate Plato Wraps. Then, we went grocery shopping. :> After punching the water bottle, I gave it to my grand-aunt immediately. I asked for 5 pesos and she gave me 20. \:D/ I got 2 scoops of ice cream worth 10php. =)) When my mom was finished paying in the cashier, I asked for 10php again and I bought 2 scoops of ice cream and 2 ice cream cones for our helper's kids. Hahaha. After that, we went home. I tried using the computer again, but there was no connectivity. :( Hm. My mom and I went to church at 9pm and it ended at 11pm. (:

** Hello! It's the resurrection of Jesus Christ today. Happy easter!! I wonder why eggs symbolize easter. Y'know what I mean? Easter egg hunt and such. LMAO. I did three things today. Hahaha. Not literally. Of course, I breathe, I speak and others. :))

3 things I did:

01) I used the computer. Hahaha. It's a daily routine, my loves. It never gets kicked out from the list. ROFLMAO. xD
02) I took a nap. I try to do this everyday because.. I want to grow taller (sshh) !! Hahaha.
03) We went to mass at 6:00pm a few hours ago. :)

That's all, I think. Hahahaha. Oh by the way, we'll be going to Manila tomorrow. We will depart at 1:00pm. I'm not sure when we would be back.. But as soon as I arrive, I'll update right away. I'd probably pack my things now. Hee hee. I'll miss you, blog of mine! Love lots. ♥

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Good Friday
4.10.2009 ★ 8:43:00 PM

Hi! Today's Good Friday. I just finished racing in the Stadium @ Pet Society. Well, I'm done handling Julienne's pet while she's away. I hope she'd feel great when she sees her happy pet. Yee!

It's time for me to speak about the occurrences that happened today. (:

I was awaken by our helper's kid at 7:00am 'cause my mom told her to do so. I woke up, gargled and went downstairs. I ate breakfast. But it didn't satisfy me; I just ate a little. My mom went upstairs and I sneaked through the computer. Haha. I went upstairs and charged my cellphone. We all bathed and dressed up. I went downstairs and used my Facebook for a while. When we were all ready to go, we went inside the car. We had 7 destinations which were 7 different churches. It's called "station of the cross". Some did this yesterday on the afternoon but we did it today.

We went to: Mangaldan, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Mapandan, Sta. Barbara church & dropped by Tito Edgar's house. And we continued our expedition. 5 done, 2 more to go! Calasiao church & St. John Cathedral. I saw Mary with her mom & brother in Mapandan church. Hm, I think I also saw Clarenz in Calasiao. After the 14th station, we prayed the final prayer and went home. We ate lunch. I used the computer after eating while my mom watched "7 Last Words". Then, she called me and told me to go upstairs. I went up and took a nap; I had a lie-down for more or less 2 hours. When I got up, I went downstairs and couldn't find my mom so I knew that she went to church without waking me up. I used the computer while she was away. I ate a sandwich and I didn't like the taste. My mom arrived, too. We watched Himala at Ch.1. It ended at 7pm and we all ate lunch.

I'm apparently watching May Bukas Pa. It's really a wonderful show!! I love it.
I'll post this now.. I might go upstairs while it's still early. Hihi. (:


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Maundy Thursday
4.09.2009 ★ 8:27:00 PM

Hey. Today's Maundy Thursday and I want to start updating everday. Haha. Sounds great, right? :)

I woke up at 8am today. I switched the TV on, trying to look for a decent show to watch. However, nothing made me satisfied. Haha. I went downstairs and switched the television on, again. I just watched "House of Mouse" @ Disney Channel. Yes, it might sound childish but what the heck right? I couldn't watch any channel so I just watched Disney. Hahaha. What can I say? I'm a child at heart. I also used the computer while watching. Then, I told our helper to cook me some noodles. I ate in front of the pc and watched "Phineas & Ferb". Although, I realized that I've already watched that episode and so I let my brother change the channel. :))

I played Pet Society, opened my plurk, went online in Y!M and the rest. LOL. I reached level 27 a while ago. From Platinum Pet to Uberstart Pet, I think. Heehee. I'm worried though, someone may reach my rank. Boo. I hope not. Um, I bought mystery boxes for 50c and 500c. Yay! I got an executive chair, samurai helmet, strawberry rug, princess dress & I think that's all. =)

Hmm. My mom arrived with my grand-aunt from church. We ate snacks-- noodles, tuna and green mangoes. Yummy. Haha. Then, I continued playing Pet Society to level up. Aika was my chatmate that time, too. Wooh. :]

We ate lunch at 12pm. No meat, it's prohibited 'cause it's holy week right now. The food were: crab (mm!), fish and kangkong. I just ate Crabs. Haha. I went upstairs and fixed our bed. After that, I went downstairs and used the pc again. I rested afterwards and took a nap upstairs. I took a nap at 3 and woke up at 3:30pm. Next, I took a bath. We ate snacks again and went to church. Mom and I sat on the upper left part of the church - first row. We sat there 'cause there was an electric fan in front of us. :)) The mass started at 4pm. Bishop Mayugba's homily was nice. Hihihi. I saw Reo, Dorothy, Kenneth M. and others! Um, the mass ended at.. I don't know. But, me and my mom attended the procession and the holy hour, too. So, it ended at a few minutes before 7pm. We went in the car and left.

We ate dinner a few hours ago. Shrimp and fish. No meat again. Hihi. After we ate, I used the pc and my mom interrupted me when I was using it. She told me to open the Bowling game. Haha. I did. At first, she didn't want me to play with her because she said I was cheating. LMAO. But still, I played with her. This time, my brother joined us. Haha! He kept on having gutterballs but in the end, he learned how to play well. We were also watching TV while playing. My mom decided to stop so I just surfed the internet. :D

Pet Society is under maintenance right now. Maybe they'll have new items. Yipee! :) I'm currently watching ABS-CBN right now. Hihi. Ok, I'll publish this now. Hahaha. Tootles! :*

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We belong together. :]
4.08.2009 ★ 1:55:00 PM

I feel like blogging at the moment. It's been a long time since I last blogged. Although, I did blog yesterday. That was my graduation post. I saved it as a draft last April 01. D'you know what the date is? It's April 8! I guess I have to put my blog up-to-date. Am I right? Everyone's looking forward to my new posts. So here I am, about to keep you posted. Anyway, I'll take a nap first. HAHA! :D

Sup guys? I'm awake! Time to update. I have to say, I can't publish this at once because I'm a lazy blogger. And also, this blog might be lengthy. LOL! :))

April 01 *slash* April Fool's Day - Nobody gave a prank. Except for the "april fool's virus" thing. I must admit, I did fell for that silly prank. Hahaha! I still went online sometime on the afternoon, though. No viruses at all. Ha! Oh, I also pranked my friends. Bwaha. How? I made a group message saying "Help! I still love him. I can't stop thinking of him. Blablabla". And almost everyone fell for it. HAHAHA. Dumbass! :P
April 02 *slash* Card Day - My brother and I got my card. Well, we arrived at almost 10am, I think. We went upstairs via ramp and said hi to Sir Francis. He was on the phone talking to someone by then. We went to grade 6's room and my brother went to Ms. Shirley. He even said "hello" to Ms. Lily. I saw my card. I asked Ms. Shirley if the testpapers are gonna be shown. They weren't. But she told me I could see them and I only saw my score in Reading and Filipino. In Reading, I got 74/85. Tss. And Filipino, 74/76. Yay! \:D/ Oh geez, my grade in Geometry decreased. Why? Because of the exam! It was friggin hard. And in Music, because I disrespected the teacher. :)) I'm so happy about my grade in Computer. 95.something! Wee. And my other grades also increased. In the final grades, Computer was still the highest. Bwaha. <3 it! :] AH! Tiffany and Arielle also went to my house. Hahaha. They ate Spaghetti, sandwiches, honeydew & ice cream. We also watched "Disturbia". Screamed our hearts out. =)) After that, we also watched "The Happening" but we got bored and stopped. We went upstairs and got Tiffany's USB. We ate ice cream and watched MTV. After that, my brother and his girlfriend arrived. Then, Ella and Tiffany were fetched by Tiff's mom at 5pm. :)
April 03 - Normal Friday. My brother went to Baguio. I just used the computer the whole day. Plurk, Pet Society, Friendster, Multiply, Twitter. Most of all, Y!M. Haha. Um, I also talked with Pauline and Aika on the phone 'cause Pau went to their house. We talked so long! And I continued watching "John Tucker Must Die" because I was unable to finish it the day before that. Hihihi! ^^
April 04 - In the morning, I used the computer and indulged all the time while using it. My cousins arrived at 1pm. I stopped using the computer to let them use it. After lunch, we watched "Slumdog Millionaire" and subsequently, we started watching "The Bucket List". After watching them, they just watched TV. My brother arrived, too. He gave me this shirt that he bought in Baguio. Woot! Artwork, baby. Haha! And then, we ate dinner. My cousins and I also played "catch" with a ball. So tiring! RJ [my 8yearold cousin] is so hyper! He tickles me, punches me and everything else. Whaa! LMAO. :)) They slept at 11pm, I think. And I slept at 12am. ;)
April 05 - Palm Sunday. We woke up and ate breakfast. And then, we went to the lake here. We saw little fish. Hahaha. And every now and then, I was scared because I might fall. LOL! And we ran and left Ren-ren with her headphones so she didn't know that we left. Hahaha! But Steph went back and accompanied her. We got back and decided to watch "John Tucker Must Die". We ate lunch and continued watching it until it concluded. After the movie, we all took naps. Except for Raymond and RJ who played online games for hours. I woke up suddenly because I didn't feel comfortable sleeping with Ren-ren on the same couch. I went upstairs and lyed down on the bed and slept again. I woke up, went downstairs and I was told to take a bath. I took a bath and went down once more. I ate snacks with them and dressed up. I wore my Whatever black shirt and jeans. I went down and put on my Converse. After a few minutes, we went inside the car and left. We arrived at Manaoag before the mass started. Tita Josie and my mom bought palm leaves. It started at 5pm and at the end of the mass, we lined up for the blessing of palm leaves. We were in front and when the priest sprinkled holy water, we were all wet. Me and my mom immediately went outside because she feels dizzy due to the crowd and heat. She bought water and tamarind. We sat in a jeepney with no one inside near the car and waited for them. They came and we went in the car and departed. It was raining. We were listening to Francis M's songs and we kept on seeing lightnings/thunders. Wahaha. We reached City Mall at 7pm and proceeded to Gloria Maris. They ordered and my cousins and I played "slap". Hahaha! We stopped because we were scolded. :)) The food came, so many! And yummy. I don't like the soup. Bwaha. I was bloated after eating. I stood up and went to McDo. Steph treated me a Caramel Sundae with Oreo. She wasn't supposed to but I begged her. Muahaha lol. We went inside our car with Raymond and RJ. We fetched Ate Christina @ UPANG. We got back and watched Goodwill games [Team Philippines VS. Australia]. Philippines won! Haha. I made Friendster layouts for my aunt and cousins. I also made yahoo acc's + fs accounts for Steph & Raymond. I added friends, made layouts and comments while Ren-ren, Tita Josie and Tito Roel watched TV. At 10:30pm, we watched EHEADS The Final Set concert at GMA. RJ and my aunt went upstairs and slept. Tito Roel went upstairs afterwards, too. I used the internet and watched at the same time. The concert ended at 1am and we watched the replay of the goodwill games [4th quarter]. And we went upstairs and slept. :P
April 04 - Monday. We woke up and ate breakfast. RJ played online games and we opened our Friendster's at the same time. Hahaha. And we played Bowling until RJ cried because we don't want him to join. Tito Roel told us to switch the computer off so I put the monitor off only. We watched this movie in HBO. It's cool, hahaha. We played "slap" and "jack". Wahaha. Then, they took baths. We ate lunch and they all left at 1pm. My mom used the computer while I was taking a bath. I took a nap and I woke up, my mom was still playing. I got annoyed and she stopped. :)) My mom and I played Bowling [1on1]. Haha. And I decided to stop. I just texted and Fatima told me to watch TV because our graduation was being shown. I watched it until it finished. :>
April 05 - Tuesday. Yesterday, I used the computer. My mom used the computer. Vice-versa. Hahaha. Um, I tried taking a nap, too. But I guess I couldn't. I got up and took a bath. I ate a Cheese sandwich and drank iced tea. We watched "Death Note: The Last Name". When it ended, I just used the pc. My mom arrived and she played Chuzzle and bowling. 1on1 again! Hahaha. :D

Wednesday, April 06, 2009 -- TODAY. Hahaha. Uh, just played pet society, plurk-ed, twitter-ed, Friendster, Multiply, Y!M and BLOG. Hahaha. I should post this. :)) It's getting lengthy. HAHAHA. And oh, my mom and I would probably be bowling later. Most likely. Bwaha. Tootles! :*

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The day I graduated.
4.01.2009 ★ 8:29:00 PM

Overdue. =))

Okay, so our graduation was held on the 27th of March @ Stadia. At around 10, my brother gave me a Jolly Hotdog + Rootbeer [from Jollibee]. *yum* :)) Then, our neighbor arrived who was supposed to make me up and fix my hair, hahaha. So, I had my make-up. It took so long, actually. But not that long. First, I got powder then blush-on, mascara and such. Hahaha. I wasn't given a lipstick yet because I was still going to eat. After getting my hair and make up, I ate lunch with my mom and our neighbor. When I was done eating, I went upstairs and brushed my teeth. Afterwards, lipstick was put into my lips. Hahaha. Next, I put on my stockings + dress. When I was putting my shoes, my mom and I argued about it 'cause its size is too big. She keeps on blabbering about it and says, "If you went with me to Manila then you'd have a perfect size!" blahs and blahs. And I was like, "Eh. I didn't want to go there!". All we did was to put lots of tissue inside the shoes. HAHAHA. Awkward, I know. + cardboard. My mom put it inside to be a "cork". Apsh. :))

I also argued with my mom about my cap and gown. She said I should put on the cap. And I said, "If I'll put on my cap then I should put my gown as well". She told me, "Your choice. You might look stupid there! *laughs*". In my mind, "Eh. Who cares?". Blah! Then, I had my cap & gown on, which obviously made the temperature hot despite the fact that it's already warm that day. My mom dressed up and we both went to Stadia through the new highway. Haha. When we got there, my mom was teasing me-- "Hahaha! Look, you're the only one with your toga worn". And I was like, "Stop teasing me! Hihi". We got inside, I saw Tiffany, Arielle and Pauline. I talked to my batchmates, criticized people [lol] and the like. Even so, the program started. I was hearing Arielle and Anton doing their thaang (the emcee thing. haha!). After-- Introduction. Well, 'twas arranged alphabetically. Eventually, I was the last among the girls. LOL. Z! When it was my turn, I did alright. Haha. After that, doxology-tableau-prayer-national anthem-panatang makabayan-modern dance. When we were watching, Mikee arrived and I saw her weeping. I tapped her back and told her that it's ok. It's because she was late; she wasn't able to introduce herself and dance. Aw!

Then it was the time for the words of welcome by Manuel Yao. Then, a choric speech called "The Bells" [boring! 8)]. After that, declaration. Later, the speech by Kristine DM. Subsequently, the loyalty awards. I was the emcee! Hahaha. Yay, I didn't forget anything plus I didn't mess up. \:D/ I went back to my seat when I finished doing my thang. Haha! Thenceforth, we lined up for the loyalty 'cause we were the ones who stayed from 7-8 years. :P I was the last to be called, as always. :)) And I got my medal. Whoo! Besides that, I also got my "Computer Wizard of the Year" award afterwards. Yeah, boyy! Hahahaha. Sam announced Joshua's part which was to announce the guest speaker. It was quite long && boring! LOL. A guest speaker also shared with us his lifetime experience with MG. Now, he became a professional. He gave us inspirational words; too bad his voice was so low. Rawrr. Hahs. Uh, we also had this promise thing-y which was Mark's part. And when we were finished promising, we got our diplomas. In this order: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow. Hahaha. I was the last, again.. In getting our diplomas. After getting 'em, we are supposed to go backstage to line up for our production number.

We lined up backstage and Nick did his emcee thing, too. I was the first one to go up stage and sit in my chair. YEE! HAHAHAHA. When we were all seated and ready, the music played and Nikki&Nick sang "Reach for the Sky" and altogether, we sang. I made my voice louder, woot. I had fun in singing plus doing the actions. B) Reach For The Sky was done and it's time for our last song.. The Seed. Wee. We were bowing at first and when we heard the music, we moved our heads side so side while the intro was playing. And we sang, "Time has passed...". With matching actions, yeah! And the song ended, "Thank you Mother Goose, thank you Mother Goose. Oh thank you Mother Goose.. For the gift". Gila expressed gratitude to the audience and Bernald said our goodbye's. Hahaha! After that, picture taking session. Whoo! Mr. Francis showed us the slideshow he made. YEAH! I gave him the pictures. :P I'm special. :> HAHA. My faces were everywhere in that video! Yipee. It was awesome. We continued taking pictures after watching that great video. :] I got tired of smiling because there were hella lot of cameras! Hahahaha, sheesh. When we were about to leave, I was still wearing my toga and my mom reminded me that I should give my toga back. Phew, haha. I got it off and gave it to Ms. Vangie. We rode in the car and went to Star Plaza. My brother's treat. Yummy food! (mmm) Hahahaha.

I will never forget all the memories we had. I'll cherish every moment even the time when we became sad. Alma mater, I say goodbye. It is truly proven that time does fly. :)
I promise that I won't forget all the learnings you've taught me. Goodbye, elementary.

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