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Waaa :c
4.30.2008 ★ 11:12:00 AM

Waa. LOL. Guys, I need help! 'Cause I'm being hated. Well, I have this quote or whatever. Haha.


Yep. Well, that is true, you know. Hahaha. I, myself, hate no one, nobody at all. Btw, sorry for the incorrect grammar. I'm just not in the mood rightt now. Trying to figure out how to solve this stupid problem. Hmm.. I think all I gotta do is... Be silent. Haha! Well, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Well, not really. Err, I don't know what to do so please.. Please help me! Dude, I need to solve this problem. Grr.. Hm, I did this crime, yeah. A big crime. Well, not a big crime. Just a weird crime, a stupid crime, a whatever crime. Lol, yep. It's no biggie.. yeah! I think. But for some people, it's a big crime. Huwaa! This is so wrong. HAH. What to do, what to do? MM. How bout um, watch TV. Kidding! I think I should do that stupid thing. The shut up thing. Maybe that will help. What d'you think? YEAH! LOL. Ok, ok. I'll go now. Goodbye!


Headache much? Pfft. :|
★ 10:06:00 AM

Well, um.. You're not updated. Haha. Psh. Anyway, my fever left. Yey! Chyea. But, I still have this headache. Yesterday, I think I don't have this friggin' headache. Actually, this headache strikes unexpectedly. Yeah! Um, about 7 or 6PM I guess, my head ached. And then, 'twas gone. Then, last night, um.. Around 11 or 10pm, I had this frickin' headache again. Pfft. :|

So yeahuh, I can't sleep last night 'cause if I move, my head will suddenly hurt. Rawr. -__-
But, thank golly, I fell asleep last night. Yipee! As of now, I didn't eat breakfast yet. Woo.

Yo, I'm darn hungry. Feed me oh feed me. :|
Ooh. Btw, when I move my head, it hurts somehow. :|

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I feel sick.
4.24.2008 ★ 4:26:00 PM

Oh wait, I already am sick.

Gosh. My head hurts like hell. [not that much]. I just took medicine like, 3-5 minutes ago? :|
I hate it when I'm sick, I'm not allowed to use the computer, and I can't walk that much. Err. I think my head will explode and I can't type anymore.

Gosh. :o I hate it! I hope this would last tomorrow or so. :(

Buh-bye. I feel... Blah. :|


4.20.2008 ★ 7:07:00 PM


My brother bought me a GUITAR!!

YAY. Gosh!! :D
I love my brother so much! (:

Thanks, bro! Love ya. *hug* :P
Guitar, guitar, GUITAR!! ^^


They all feel sorry for me.
4.19.2008 ★ 11:05:00 AM

'Bout the title, here's how it goes.

Some people say, "Aren't you bored here? You don't go outside, and you're just stuck here everyday. You're like a prisoner locked up at home" LOL. I wanna cry when they say those freaky words. Haha. Gosh. And after they say those words to me, I'm like.. "Oh, yeah. Why the hell am I stuck here?". Goodness. I realize that.. Yeah! But then again, I can't do anything to change it. Tsk. My mom wont allow me for this freakin' guitar lessons which I totally want. If I were my mom, I would allow myself for that guitar lessons. Instead of being here at home, stuck and have nothing to do. Bored bored bored! Tsk. My mom always goes somewhere and I'm here. I don't go outside or whatever. I should wander around or something. Grr. I hate it. This summer '08 is boring. I envy everyone. The miseries of Clarisse will never change. Err. Miserable forever.

Unless, something changes. Oh how I wish! :) Rawrr. I need some activity. Haha. Though, I'm glad that I'm not only the one. Pauline also does nothing at home. But, I think she goes outside with her family. Tsk! I think I'm the only one among our best friends that is only here at home, always bored and blaah. Argh! I hope my mom will feel sorry for me soon, too. I don't talk to her. And I think my brother will not talk to her too. Maybe, maybe not. Tsk, I wish no one would talk to her! [kidding]. Well, I hope she feels guilty so she would give us what we need. Enough said. Sayonora! :|


I haven't blogged for a while. :P
4.17.2008 ★ 7:08:00 PM

As you have seen, I haven't blogged for a while. Well, I think two days ago? Or something. :))

I dont remember, actually. Though, I can check it out now. But I'm too lazy. Oh yeah, I didn't tell you that. Haha. The reason is, my brother and his friend have been staying in this room for quite a while so I didn't use the computer that much. I can't go inside. 'Cause its my bro's room after all. Anyway, my mom doesn't really want to allow me for that guitar lessons. So, I kinda understood that. However, at the same time, I don't talk to her that much anymore. :P I ignore her on purpose, actually. Yeah. :)) But, I don't ignore her, it's just like the same thing. When I try to talk to her, she doesn't reply or she's too busy doing those silly stuff. And when I ask something from her, she changes that topic immediately. Wah.

Wonderful strategy, huh? Haha. I wish my birthday would be everyday. Okay, that's too much. How 'bout once a month? LOL. Fantastic! :P Haha. But, surely, I can't wait for my next birthday once my birthay ends on that month. Okay, if you don't exactly get me, just try to understand it. :P First, I want to have guitar lessons and a guitar. Haha. Unfair, huh? Only one wish in one birthday? Well, those two are related to one thing. So, that's okay. It's my birthday anyway. Next, iPod Nano. Next, electric guitar and an amplifier. Next, laptop. Ok, why the hell am I making this stupid list if it won't happen anyway? Tss. I dream so high! UGH. I wanna talk to my mom and scream this to her face: "YOU ARE SOOO UNFAIR!!". So it'll make her guilty. Enough said, peeps. I don't wanna express my anger that much. It might destroy this thing. LOL :P You know what I mean.

So, 'kthnxbye. :D


Dang. I hate it.
4.14.2008 ★ 1:40:00 PM

Ok, I know I always beg my mom so she would allow me for guitar lessons. But, I don't want to brag at people that I know how to use the guitar. That's not my intention on learning how to play the guitar. I really want to learn. I want to have a talent. I wanna be like any other kid who plays the guitar. I don't have any talent. I'm talentless. YES. I am. What instrument I could play? Piano. What songs do I know? Mary had a lil lamb. Twinkle Twinkle. Happy Bday and blah. See? Do you think you should call that as talent? Puh-lease. If people ask me what I am doing for this summer. NOTHING. Yeah. I even have pity on myself. I cried. Um, lots of times already. I know this is a stupid reason for crying. But hey, it means I really want to learn how to play the guitar. I envy Ella and other people who are learning how to use any kind of instruments right now. Oh c'mon! I am so pissed. I hate it. I have no talent. And I am now thinking negatively that when I grow up, I'm just going to be a lazy clown. LOL. Yes, a clown. A miserable ol' clown. I really want to learn how to play the guitar!!! Teach me oh teach me! A lot of my friends want to teach me, But I'm certain that my mom won't allow me.

That's why I don't ask her anymore for something. 'Cause I know at once what she will answer. What? "NO!". Tsk tsk. I hate it!! Dang. I can't take it anymore. If I had a child, I'll allow her anything! Anything that she wants to do. At least, she has experience. Me? I never had a chance to do something that I want! Well, I guess I did have a couple of times. But that happens seldomly. Like, seriously! I want something that I want. And you won't give it to me. You say it's too expensive and I know that. But, don't you see? Your child is hoping to be given that stuff desperately. And you won't give it? Gosh! Err. And you won't allow me for neither guitar lessons nor piano. You see, Clarisse always uses the computer.. My mom always tells me I'm lazy. Then why don't you allow me for guitar lessons so that I won't be lazy anymore?! ARGH. Feeling so much rage right now. I want to cry. But it's totally useless. I want guitar lessons! RIGHT AWAY. Santa! Although it isn't Christmas yet... Please grant my wish! Twinkle twinkle little star, I hope you grant my wish tonight! Oh well. Like that'll happen. THANKS ANYWAY. I hope it would happen. :|

Thank you for listening. Psh!


Another day. Another misery.
4.12.2008 ★ 6:30:00 PM

Another day. Another Misery.
Why? Because...

Duh. I'm miserable. Okay.

To start with, I slept last night.. 1 AM. Okay, maybe 1:30 AM. LOL. And yeah. I woke up 7 AM. So, that means I slept for only 6 hours. Yey. NOT. It's a long story why I woke up early. Because my mom woke me up for something. And uhh, we went somewhere and we came home 9AM. Then, my mom told me if she sees me use the computer, I'm dead. Well, not really. Hahaha. So, I just watched TV. Uhh, I mostly watched the shows in Etc, MTV, and um, Cartoons. lol. Watched America's Next Top Model and Tyra, & so on. I cried a while ago. Maybe around noon. Yeah, I cried in my room. 'Cause my mom won't allow me in the friggin' guitar lessons that I'm dying to do this summer. xD Then, maybe around 4 PM, I cried again. 'Cause I miss my friends so much, and I can't believe I'll graduate next year and also the guitar thingy. :)) Yeah. These days, I've been such a crybaby. LOL. I really frickin' miss school and all. I needed a hug that time. But I only cried a bit. But the noon cry was awful. LOL [not really]. And my brother who gave me P1000 for the guitar lessons so that my mom will just add money.. Is taking it back. :o Jerk. Tsk. That's also a reason for what I cried. LOL. I know it's a stupid reason to cry. But, THE HELL? LOL. Okay. I guess this is my only blog for today. And I know I make a lot of blogs for one day. But today, I guess that's a no. Why? Duh, my mom will kick my butt. HAHA. Anyway, I really wanna learn to play the guitar! Like, chyea. I envy Ella because she started her violin lessons today. Haha. Anyway, gotta go. See ya. :P


Chatting with no one.
4.11.2008 ★ 11:21:00 PM

I'm currently chatting with nobody.
As you can see, I made a blog a while ago.
And I was currently chatting with Ella, right?
But now, she's offline. Uhh, I think an hour ago?
Or somethin.

Yeah. I am not chatting with someone because there's no one who wants to chat with me? Did I got that right? Anyway, Kenneth is not yet online. xD And other people who I wanted to be online aren't either. What a miserable life I have. :| Oh well. I'll just wait wait && wait. I'm really bored right now. I really wanna chat with somebody. I can't live chatter. My eyes are currently having a problem or something like that. What am I doing? Friendster, Multiply, Blogger and Dictionary MSN Encarta. [as usual] Tss. I am so bored. Oh c'mon. Go online now. I'm available. xD Ok, so now. I decided to chat Paolo. My batchmate. LOL. He's in the Red section. Anyway, I have no choice. Oh, btw.. Paolo said he's gonna play so I'm not chatting with him anymore. :o

So miserable! lol. Oh, I've thought of somethin. Whaat? Play in Neopets. Haha. I know I don't use my neopets that much. And I know I'm too lazy to play. But, I have no choice. Haha. Yeah. Uhh, I am now alone in my brother's room. Lights are on. Aircon's on. My grandma and maid are over there. Sleepin, I guess. So, I can say. I am probably alone. Yehep. That's the word. ALONE. Gosh. Im gonna try playing one game in Neopets. And I'll be back. LOL. And yes, I wont save this blog yet until I finish playing. But wait, ok? 'Cause maybe I'll get so addicted to it that I cannot even stop. lol. [11:33 PM]

11: 51 - stopped playing [maybe too sleepy or lazy enough].

324 - Stage 3
203 - Forgot.
97 - Too bored!

OK, I decided to save this blog 'cause I probably have nothing more to say. So, bye. Good night, everyone [11:53 PM].



I'm currently...
★ 10:06:00 PM

Listening to Hannah Montana Music. But, I paused it for a while. And I logged out in friendster. Cause I fixed something in someone's other account. Currently chatting with Ella. Am online. :P PM me if you want my YM. If there is messaging here. LOL. Hahaha. I am waiting for someone veryyy special. To go online. :P Haha. Bored Bored Bored. Boreness suck. [i changed boredom to that.] Nothin much. :)) Just wanna change some stuff around here. LOL. I got used to boredom so I changed it to Boreness. Or borenity? LOL. Weirddd. :)) Anyways, Yeah. I'm bored. Isn't it obvious? :)) Ok, let me count the people who are online now. Gimme time. LOL. 10 people online and 6 people -SMS. Haha. Nothin' funny. :)) I really miss school. Yeah. I dont wanna be dramatic and all again. :)) Hahaha. So there you have it. [have whaaaat? lol.] -- NOTHING. haha.

Warning: Bored People tend to be more crazy and mentally retarded.
-- That is kinda true. :)) Look at me now. Am being crazzzzy. Lol.

I am planning to be online until uhh, my mom gets home. Because she's goin somewhere and she's going to be home late. I GUESS. Yess! Whoo. LOL.

Sad part is.. I am online, and the "people" I want to be online is now offline.
--Okay, too confusing. :))

Um, to be specific. It's like that. Okay? HAHA. I think that's not specific.
[then what is it called?] Hm, no idea!! :P

Ok, I'm totally getting TOO crazy. So uhh, tootles. I might blog again a lil bit later. Whyy? Cause its fun fun fun. HAHA. Ok, see ya. wouldn't wanna be ya. :P


Reason why.
★ 10:00:00 PM

Why I made a new blog?

Actually, for nothing, really. I just thought of making a new one.
Instead of changing the blog site's name, I made a new one.

Just for fun and blogging. :))
I'm practically being ridiculous right now.
Eh? Am I right? What do you think? :))
Oh well. Just sharing. lol.
I'm about to make a new blog. Better be ready.
--makes no sense. :))

Tootles! lol


It starts with this.
★ 8:30:00 PM

For your info, I just wanted to make a new blog.
That's all. Bow. xD
Kimberly Ledda made up this username for me. [upbeatoptimist]
Well, kinda. Why?
Cause she said upbeat[blabla]
And I changed the [blabla] to optimist :P
And yes, I forgot.
Even though she just told me that today.

Anyway, about my blog name or whatever do you call it. [upbeatoptimist].
It means I'm happy and an optimistic girl. Pfft. Yeah. LOL.
I really can't think of any username right now.
So. My username now is pretty cool/unique. or Whatever. xD

About Me. Hmm.
Even though I don't like smiling, I still do it.
Am cheery and always in high spirits. [I guess.]
You can say, I'm "optimistic". Yes, I am.
But, there's a BUT. I think negatively too. xD
Always, you ask? Maybe.
Sometimes I get a lil too pessimistic. -__-

I do have this weird family. A nice but happy-go-lucky brother. And a paranoid and hypertensive mom. xD LOL.
BUT, I still love them. Doii. :)

Hmm. Interests, interests. I'm interested in Photography and Arts. I don't like sports that much, but okay. I'm into music and all. Any Genres. As long as I like it. I wanna learn how to play the guitar and piano. Wanna learn how to speak in Japanese/French. I'm weird but I can say, I AM normal. Was Born at 26th of October '96. 11 y/o[6 months and 11 days.] I like HAPPY colors. Isn't it obvious? Look at the About Me. [Happy LOL.] As you can see, I'm pretty talkative. Hha.

Okay, I really don't wanna make you bored because of reading all this crap and all. xD I can say, I'm pretty boring myself. And I hate it. I hate being bored. Boredom sucks and it never ends. And oh, I promise I won't change this username/blogname of mines. [upbeatoptimist] Well, that is if I can. LOL.

Anyway, Cheerio!


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