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ZOOOOM! I'm back!
3.31.2010 ★ 6:03:00 PM

The disclaimer is finally back, ma peeps. It has been almost 5 months, I think? Do the math! LOL! Before I start my blog, I'm going to tell you something. I FINALLY USED THIS SKIN!!! Hahaha. I've been waiting for the right time to use this skin by XSTACY (someone from BlogSkins) and now I'm using it. Just sharing. :))

Guys, it's finally Summer! I'm really, REALLY hoping for a great summer vacation! So, I hope that I would have tons of fun and hopefully I won't waste my vacation this year just like what I've done to my previous vacations. Haha! I have 2 good news for you. I'm gonna have Taekwando lessons (yey! :D) and we're going out of the country this summer. How bad does that sound? Hihi. I guess I am gonna have fun. Woot! :)

Uhm. I don't know what to say. Well, I'm going to update you about CLARISSE. The new Clarisse. Haha! In the 3rd grading, I was top 7. YEAH! It's so hard to believe but it is true. I surpassed Rica, Mon and Alfred. It's so... unbelievable. And at that point, I was thinking that my grades were going to decrease and my rank would also be lowered. But then, I was blessed with higher grades and a higher rank! So happy :D

First fieldtrip! It went well. Haha. The bus made my field trip oh-so-awesome :> BUS 2! Thank you for everything. Well yeah, if it weren't for the bus the whole trip would be tedious. LOL. Yuhh, if you want more information about my very first field trip everr, read my blog @ Tumblr -- Field Trip 2010. And oh, for pictures, check this out.. :)

Hm, what else? Well... About my new self, I have to admit, there a lot of things that has changed about me. Uh, okay, there's only ONE thing. Hahaha! And, it's this: ♥. Yup, I now have a special someone in mind. A loved one, specifically speaking. Wanna know who he is? That has to be a secret of mine already, hope ya understand :D It all started on the first week of January this year. Good thing to start the year, don't you think? :)) The happenings were so quick! But at least we all made them worthwhile.. ;)

AH! Prom. I also went there because of him, eventually. haha! Duh, what am I supposed to do there? Sit and watch? DUH, I've got an impt reason that's why I went there. And dayumm, that night was really unforgettable! Need I say more? Haha, it's too private, again. :p All I could say is, that night was romantic and simply perfect!

March 15, 2010 - my vacation finally stared. It's early, I know. It's because I'm one of the top fifteen, we had our examinations earlier. YAYs! No more worries. HAKUNA MATATA :p
March 19, 2010 - a very special day. VERYVERYVERY. If you're wondering why, it's the day someone STOLE MY HEART. I'm taken! ♥
March 22-26, 2010 - stayed in his house for the whole week! Yes, we dated. We need to make every single day worthwhile and make the most of it. That week was hella fun, I swear!
March 3o, 2010 - grad/recognition day. Went to Stadia to speak as commentator and got my medal. Medal for what? I'm one of the outstanding students from the 1st Year, baby! ;)

Apparently, holy week's done. Mom finally allowed me to have Taekwando lessons this summer. Unbelievable, huh? Isn't that great? Well, yeah. I realized that TKD is so hella tiring and it makes my body feel pain every night. Nevertheless, I have fun during my taekwando class 'cause Pauline and Tiffany are there. But there's just one thing I don't like about my class, which I can't tell, obviously. Muahaha. Actually, my body still hurts at the moment but I guess I could endure this little pain. Yesterday, I went to his house. I ate lunch there, hung out and watched "Saw" part 2. It was gross, but I like disgusting movies! They're amazing! After that, he and his friend went with me to commute all the way to our house. I walked from the highway until our house. 'Twas my first time walking alone, that's a fact. Lulz. But I must say, I had fun yesterday, as long as I was with him. We haven't seen each other for 12 days. Woah, too long, I know. That's why I missed him so much.. :( Good thing we met yesterday. I really, really missed him! I wonder when we will see each other again. I hope that we'll meet sooner or later. :D

Well, I guess that's it! I'm finally publishing this post, after saving it as a draft daaays agoo.. So now, I'm about to click it ... CLICK!

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