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Missed me [?!]
12.30.2008 ★ 8:11:00 PM

I'm back from my hiatus since my cousins left at noon today. Anyway, I missed using the computer. I just let them use the computers since I always use these anyway. :)) Anyway, here's an update for the days I haven't blogged. Man, I haven't blogged for almost 3 days! :O

* Sunday, Dec 28, 2008
I slept last Dec 27 pretty late 'cause I was free. My mom was in Baguio and the one who slept in our bed with me was Ren. So I guess it was not a problem at all and I stopped text messaging at 1AM. However, we woke up early so perhaps I've got huge eye bags again. We ate breakfast and watched House Bunny. Maybe tito Roel didn't like the movie. Lol, because he loves action. After that, we watched Wall-e. We ate lunch and took a bath. Raymond taught me how to play chess and we played. Obviously, I lost ('cause Raymond's a pro; he competes in contests. Whoo!). Then, I played with RJ but we stopped 'cause we were about to leave. We left and went to tita Edith's place and gave the brownies and to tita Cora's place but she wasn't there so we went to City Mall. We ate siomai & pancit canton at Gloria Maris and afterwards, we went to the Cinemas. We watched Shake Rattle and Roll X. Before the movie started, my cousin told me about the couple at the back of us, WHOA. They were kissing! :)) Then, the movie started. Ren & I screamed most of the time. LOL! "Emergency" and "Class Picture" were definitely frightening. But the last one, "Nieves", it wasn't scary at all. In fact, it was funny. :)) After the movie, we went home and my mom was there. They watched American History X. I slept early 'cause I was sleepy. XD

* Monday, Dec 29, 2008
We woke up at 5AM. I took a bath and I dressed up. We were all dressed already and we just waited for some things. While waiting, others watched TV and RJ & I played chess but we stopped and headed for the car. I slept there while we were on the way. I woke up when we were close to Baguio. Then, we arrived. First stop: CJH. We got there and we went to Mini Golf. Yes, we played golf. Man, I was really sucky. Hahaha! I was even lazy to play. LOL. When we were finished, I think I was the 4th despite that we were only 4 players. HAHA. We ate lunch & after eating, we ate ice cream. Vanilla! Mm. Then, we went to SM Baguio. We watched "Iskul Bukol". Yeah, it was funny and a bit boring. Lol. My mom and brother fell asleep and eventually woke up. Hahaha. After watching, we ate merienda at the food court. Then, we left and went to Burnham Park. We did nothing there. Just sat. We waited for my mom && others but they had a hard time finding a place to park so we just left. On our way home, I slept and woke up + text-messaged. I got dizzy, too. I stopped text-messaging 'til we arrived home. I still felt dizzy, though. Err. :| We ate dinner and I took a shower. I slept early, again. 'Cause I was pretty much tired. :)

* Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008
We woke up, ate breakfast. I started reading "Tuesdays With Morrie". At 10PM, we ate our merienda. Pizza then Blueberry Cheesecake. YUMM. I kept on reading. And then, it was lunch. We all ate and tita Josie, tito Roel & my cousins said their good-bye's and they left. Finally! Time to use the internet. I used it 'til I took a bath (1PM), I realized I still have piano lessons. After, my piano teacher arrived and yeah, I took the lessons. I was sleepy but I was awaken by then. After my lessons, I continued using the computer. My mom arrived. We watched House Bunny (again?!). :)) Blah. Used the computer.. And now I'm about to end this LOOONG blog. :)

One more thing, I'm wearing different pairs of slippers. The other one is different and the other one is too. =))

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26 && 27. :DD
12.27.2008 ★ 8:49:00 PM

December 26, 2008 --
Ey! Um. Well, my cousins were here. I thought my piano teacher's gonna come but she didn't came. Lol. Hm. Well, I played the piano, used the computer && etc. Blah. Oh! We also watched House Bunny. It was so great. :DD Then, I fell asleep after eating lunch. I woke up. I used the computer and I ate my merienda. Then, at 4pm, I played Badminton with the child of our helper. However, the racket was broken already. Hahaha! And tita Chay + her kids went home at 7pm, I guess. (:

December 27, 2008 --
Last night, I tried being unli but it didn't came. Then when I woke up, I saw a message from globe saying that I'm unli again. Hahaha. I received it at 12:44am. LOL. I was already sleepin that time. Hihi. So, I texted && used the computer. Eh, my mom and I played Mystery Case Files and we were so addicted! Haha. My mom left at 11pm and I took a bath at 1pm. I watched American History X & Mamma Mia! while texting. :D Then, I played MCF again with Ate Christina and waited for my cousins to arrive. They arrived at 8 or 7, I think. (:

Urgh! I want to watch MMK because it has a romantic story (puppy love) but my aunt and uncle are watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo at GMA. Err, I'll just go upstairs if I could still watch it. :|

xoxo. :b

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Merry Christmas to all. :)
12.25.2008 ★ 9:05:00 PM

I slept at 12:30am, right? The funny thing is, I woke up early; I got out of bed at 7 or 7:30am, I think. LOL. :))

Well, I didn't eat lunch yet but I did watch TV since my mom was using the PC. And I think I played the piano. Uhh, I'm not sure. Haha. And then, I ate lunch with my mom. I ate Ham && Hotdog + Bread. :DD I started plurking since then. My mom suddenly told me to get away from the computer 'cause its her turn to use it. Obviously, she'll just play Chuzzle Deluxe. Pfft lol. So I got up and lyed down on the couch. Hahaha. I was still sleepy so I fell asleep. When I woke up, some of our relatives were here. My mom gave them goods and money, I guess. And my brother gave the kids some chocolate. :)

I continued using the computer. And my brother was watching TV. When he was browsing channels, he saw Stomp The Yard at ch.15. So we watched it and 'twas just the beginning. I told him that it was Chris Brown who got shot by the gun. He didn't believe that 'twas Chris Brown. So I google-d "Stomp The Yard" and I saw the cast. I saw "Chris Brown" and showed it to my brother. Ha! Told you so. And I also saw "Ne-Yo" in the cast. And I was like, "oh! Ne-yo's in the movie too". And there, I saw him in the movie. Hahaha. The movie's so cool. I think we have a DVD. I'll just watch it again some other time. Woot. Stompin', stompin'. :>

After eating lunch, the movie was done and I was still usin the PC. And my mom wanted to use it so I grabbed the remote and changed the channel to HBO. It was Mr. Bean. My mom said, "Don't change the channel!". We watched it and yeah, we laughed && laughed. :)) Though I already did watch the movie before. But I wasn't able to watch the beginning. Hahaha. Mr. Bean's so funny. That's why he's my fave. XD After the movie, I called Pauline. And blah blah. Chatted here and there. Next, I took a bath. I started using the computer. Oh wait. I think I'm messing up. Whatever! :)) And I called her again. Etc, etc. :P

My cousins arrived at 4, I think. And I stopped using the PC and they used the two computers. I just watched Project Runway. And I ate merienda with them. I ate spaghetti + ham. ;) Then, I watched "Date My Mom". Hahaha. I was right about who Bryan would pick. Ooh. Yep. :b

I dressed up again. For the mass at 6pm (St. John). My cousins left and went to Nepo Mall. I opened my gift from them and 'twas my scrapbook. I took a peek inside and looked at the pages. Hihi. It's so cute!! And then, we left and took mass. Oh, Ms. Julie's there again. :P After the mass, we went home and tita chay, tito bong and their kids weren't here yet. Yay! I can still use the PC. But my mom used it so I practiced Für Elise. I got bored so I switched on the computer in my bro's room. I used the internet and my cousins arrived. We ate dinner and I posted a blog here (previous blog). Hahaha. :D

There you go! Btw, globe -- you're so unfair. You know why. :|| && Merry Christmas again, everybody! ^^

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Christmas Eve :DD
★ 7:09:00 PM

Well, I spent the 24th here at home. I used the computer and so. Oh! I also made a plurk. Hihi. It's so fun there. And really interesting. Don't forget to visit my page!! clrszpln @ plurk [click!!]. Anyway, after enjoying some time at plurk, I continued watching Wall•e 'cause my mom was usin the computer. I just watched the part that I haven't seen yet in the movie. And yay! This time I finished the whole movie. Hurrah! I repeated that movie for like twice, and I was always unable to finish it. And now, I finished the whole thing. Yipee. Btw, it was an incredible movie. What a cute love story, eh? :)

So, I used the computer again. And at 8pm, I prepared myself for the Christmas Midnight Mass at 9pm in St. John Cathedral. I dressed up (ninoy aquino shirt + jeans + converse). First, we went to Mercury Drug Store and bought my mom's medicine[s]. Afterwards, we went straight to St. John Cathedral. I thought we were too early and I thought we were the first to arrive but then, when we went inside, there were a lot of people. MAN, I thought we don't even have a place to sit. However, we did manage to find a place to sit in the front row. But when the mass was about to start, someone sat on our row and it became uncomfy, I can't even breathe and it was so unspacious! I was even supposed to stand because I was suffocating. But I just stayed there and waited for the mass to end. Um, I saw sir Pejay there (Hi sir!) and Ms. Julie, too. :DD

The mass ended at 10pm. We got home and I used the computer immediately. I got online && chatted with ate Kara. And I went brb for a while 'cause we ate our Noche Buena, I think. :) I ate Spaghetti, Ham && Hotdog. Wee. I was so full. Hihihi. After eating, my mum went upstairs and I used the computer. My brother went inside my room && the helpers are all asleep. Yea, I was FREE. Yeabah! Hahaha. I chatted with some peeps while waiting for 12am. Chatted with ate Chaz and etc. When it was 11:59am, I sat beside the Christmas tree and waited for 1 minute to pass by. LOL. Who knew 1 minute will take so long? Haha! Then, it was exactly 12am when I saw the time in my phone. My friends started sending GMs that said "Merry Christmas!" blabla. I wasn't unli so I didn't reply. When I saw the time, I opened the gifts. The first gift I opened was Julienne's. :D Alright, I'll just post another blog about what I received from my friends. Deal? ^^

Uhh, after opening my gifts, I made a GM via Y!M and sent it to all of my contacts. Hihi. Oh, right. I slept at about 12:30am? I wasn't unli so I just slept early. Tsk, tsk. Merry Christmas, everybody! :)

I'll post another entry about today. :P

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12.24.2008 ★ 10:15:00 AM

Our vacation started last Dec 20. I'm currently enjoying myself here at home using the computer, watching movies, sleeping late, text messaging every minute.. Oh the love! (:

Last Sunday, we watched Twilight. Oh yeah. ((: It was so hella nice. Okay, not that nice but I find it really romantic. In spite of me, not reading the book (I don't even have a book :P), I still like the movie. But people say that they cut some parts, which I don't even know 'cause I haven't read the book yet. Haha. I guess the book's still better or something. LOL after watching the movie, we ate dinner at McDonald's and after eating, we fetched Tita Edith and went to St. Therese. :DD

Monday, 22Dec, I just stayed at home the whole day. I think I had my piano lessons that day. I think (?). Iunno. I forgot, sorry. :)) Then, that day, we watched "Eagle Eye" but I didn't watch that much 'cause I was using the PC. Haha. But I think it's nice. Just going to watch it again next time. (x Oh yeah, simbang gabi at St. Therse, again. (:

Yesterday, I stayed at home, bla bla. Oh, we got lots of chocolates! Idk who gave it but whut the heck, let's dig in. :)) At 2pm, I watched Wall•e because I was really bored that time. While watching, my mom called and she told me to fetch her with my brother. Argh! Wasn't able to finish the movie. It wasn't even the half of it yet. LOL. I called my brother and we dressed up. We fetched my mom at Pauline's beauty clinique. Then, we thought of some restaurants. We were supposed to eat at Shakey's. However, we changed plans. My mom told us to eat at Razon's but my bro doesn't want to eat there. Then, Plato Wraps, and changed plans to Jeck's. MAN, finally! XD. Haha. I ordered clubhouse and they ordered pancit and cheeseburger(s). We also bought 50pcs. of yema. :> Then, got home, used the PC. And we left at 7:15pm and went to St. Therese for the last day of simbang gabi. Yep! We completed it. :P When I got home, I used the computer for a while and I stopped. I just watched TV and played the piano. I was also text messaging. Nobody texted anymore so I slept at 12am. ^^

13hrs & 28mins left before Christmas! Can't wait to open all of my gifts. :P But we're still going to Christmas Midnight Mass @ DWAD Gym. So I guess I would be opening my gifts after 12am or something. Hihi. Happy Holidays, everyone! Have a merry little Christmas. (:

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12.22.2008 ★ 4:21:00 PM

Got tagged by Kaye.
Okay now, this is funny. I tagged Kateey, and she tagged Kaye. And Kaye tagged me (in my other blog, here). HAHAHA! Just made a circle, eh? :))

The rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules.

List 8 random facts about yourself
1. I love California Maki! (:
2. I'm not into OPM. Sorry! Haha. But I'm still proud to be Pinoy. :D
3. Twilight made me crazy. @.@
4. I usually don't eat a lot. Hahaha.
5. I can keep secrets. I think. ;)
6. I'm a bit boyish. :|
7. I still drink soft drinks even though I'm accidic. :))
8. I don't know how to sing. HAHA.

First name: Clarisse Zaplan
Name you wish you had: Kenneth. JOKE. :))
What do people normally your name as: Clare
Birthday: October 26
Bitrhplace: Dagupan City
Time of birth: Night.
Single or taken: Single, doii. (:

H0w tall are you: 5"
Wish you were taller: So much!!
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Current hair color: Black
short or long hair: Above shoulder (short)
ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Not at all.
last time you did something dramatic with you hair: Never.
glasses or contact: Glasses. 75. :P
do you wear make up: When necessary.
paint your nails: Yes. Sometimes.

what eye color: Dark brown
what hair color: Black
shy or outgoing: Both
sexy or cute: Both
serious or fun: Both
older or younger than you: Older!
a turn on: Cool personality
a turn off: Smarter than me (?) :))
flowers or chocolates: Flowerrs.
pepsi or coke: Coke.
rap or rock: Metal? :P
relationship or one night stand: Relationship
school or work: School.
love or money: Money. :)) Love, duh.
wish you were prince or princess: Princess
like someone who was taken: Depends.
Saved your head: This is weird.
used chopstick: Sure!
sang in the mirror to yourself: Um, ionno.
favorites flower: Sunflower
candy: Huge lollipops :D
junk food: Cheetos.
website: http://upbeatoptimist.blogspot.com/
location: Dagupan City, Pangasinan, PH.
animal: Vampires? HAHA. Wolves.

ever cried over someone: Yep. xD
is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Nothing. :)
do you think you're attractive: Ask other people. :B
if you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Bella Swan! :D
Do you play any sports: I wanna learn basketball. x)

Persons whom I tag
No one.. No one! No oneeee. *alicia keys XD*


Christmas Party 2008
12.19.2008 ★ 10:13:00 PM

YO. I'm now gonna make a blog 'bout today. Sounds pretty awesome, huh? :p

Our helper woke me up at 6:30pm. I got up, used the PC, ate breakfast and I took a bath. I thought I was late. HAHA. I hurried up and got all of my things and went inside the car. When I got to school, I saw Tiffany with Sam, Ella&Pau. We went upstairs and dropped our food/drinks/gifts. We waited for the party to start. We just went oustide and we took a lot of pictures. :)) After camwhoarring, we went inside the room and we started partying. Wee! :DD

First, we played games. Trip to Jerusalem -- I won. Yay. :) Book Relay -- We lost. Boo! Haha. Longest Line -- Wow!! The boys won. Haha, first time? The last game was Truth/Dare. Haha. Most of them didn't reveal there secrets. Wahaha! But some did. Whoo! XD.
After the games, it was time for eating. I didn't eat that much (as always!). :) When we were all finished eating, Ms. Shirley gave us our gifts. Yipee! LOL. When we got all of our gifts, we left Math Area. Then, we went downstairs and to LC's place. We left our gifts/paperbags there and we went downstairs. We talked a bit, chatted here and there and we went to the mall.

Me and Alyana rode on a tricycle. While the others rode on the jeepney. When we got there, we dropped Arielle's group to the Cinemas and Tiffany, Mary, Alyana and I headed for the Arcade. We rode on bump cars, arcaded, blah. Alyana and I got addicted to this basketball arcade game. Hahaha! How many rounds did we play? I can't even count! ROFL. But I must say, we played a lot. Haha. And we also rode on the bump cars about 3 rounds, perhaps? We also saw Fatima, Issa, Mariel & Zacha in WoF. :)

After arcading, we went to McDo to buy McFloat. And then, we went to Penshoppe (outside) and we squatted. We talked and confessed about some stuff. Haha. Whew! And when we were looking downstairs, we saw Arielle and the group. We went downstairs and asked them if we could go home. They told us that if we want to go now, then we can. So, we went through the grocery so that we can rode on a jeep. We looked for a jeep, and there! Hahaha. We got to school and went straight to Computer Area. We thought we were gonna have fun there, but we were wrong. We got pissed because of this boy. Tsss. I don't even want to think about it. >:|

We just stayed there. I used the computer and played FreeCell and Hearts. It was so boring and cold inside. I don't even want to look at the 4th graders because they might say something bad or whatever. Ha! Tiffany and I just stayed there for a while. Sir Francis gave us Cobra and we drank it. When the party was finished, we went to Arielle because they arrived from the mall. Mia guided us to their house and we got our paperbags. Then, we went downstairs and put down our bags. Next, we went to the old building and I played the piano. Tiffany sang and we all laughed. Wee, happiness! :)

Then, Alyana, me and others played around the world. Hahaha. I can't even shoot the ball. :( But that's okay. Afterwards, Tiffany & Alyana left. I was left with Mary. I saw Ate Kat and Ate Kara so I went with them upstairs to have a photoshoot. Hurray!! So fun. :) Then, they both left and I stayed with Mary. I was waiting for her fetcher but it took her fetcher so long. So I left her at school and I went home. :p

MY OUTFIT :D *credits to kat fernandez*

Our Christmas Party wasn't that exciting but I have to say, it's one Christmas party that I have to cherish. I'm certain I'm going to miss these memories! :)

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Exams are over. Yey. :)
12.18.2008 ★ 6:02:00 PM

I'm finally back from my hiatus! Well, I have to admit, I did use the computer a couple of times but all I did was to surf (I didn't blog :p). Um, exams were alright. Some were kinda hard and some were quite easy. :DD

15Dec --
1st day of exams. (1) Science, it was okay. Haha. Not that hard. (2) Language, not that hard, too. :p
16Dec --
Day o2. (1) Reading, uhh, it was pretty easy! (2) Math, easiest! LOL.
17Dec --
3rd day of exams. Happy Birthday, Hensen!! :DD (1) Music, hard!! :)) (2) Geometry, a bit easy. XD (3) Hekasi, hard. :||

Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 (Last Day).

Computer: EASY!! xP
Recess: Mountain Dew & KitKat. :)
Filipino: A bit hard. But still manageable. x)
Dismissal: I thought of the things I'll do in the mall. + we played robber. Hahaha. But we stopped when Sir Gerard told us to. Marion even got pushed (or something) by Kith. Psh!
Then, Ella and others went to Nepo Mall. I stayed in school for a while. At around 12, Julienne (& other Red peeps) plus I, went to City Mall. When we got out of school, we crossed the pedestrian lane and looked for a jeepney. However, we were unable to find one because the other one was full of passengers already. We saw this bus and the man (from the bus) offered us a ride to CSI for only 5pesos. We all went inside and we sat on the back seats. Hahaha. The bus was moving and when we walked to the back, we kept on moving. LOL! Then, the bus stopped and we arrived in the mall. We went to department store and they bought prizes. Julienne and I went to the farthest part of the department store. I bought some shirts for gifts (3 shirts). Then, we went to NBS. We saw Micah & Aimee. After, Micah and I went upstairs to buy some shades in flywear. I bought one for *toot*. XD Next, we went to Penshoppe and Kaprichosa where Sam and others were. Then, I went with Ella to buy some gifts. We went to Bench, Penshoppe, NBS, department store & grocery. Hahaha. After shopping, we walked around the mall. Oh! There were a lot of gooseans there, so many! We even saw Kenneth & Jason from DWAD. :> LMAO! Yes, we did. Too bad they got out of our sight. Aww. :)) So, we went home with Arielle's dad in their Fortuner. Haha. We got to school, bla bla. Ella, Pauline & Tiffany left. Alyana, Sam and I were in school. Talked, laughed, teased people. :p
At 5pm, the three of us left school and we went home. :)
I just got home from Simbang Gabi @ St. Therese. Kenneth was there!! :"> =))
I'm still not done wrapping gifts yet! Argh. But I guess I'll still be able to finish wrapping. :D And this is also my first time to go Christmas shopping with my best friends. Fun day! :)

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone! ;p
I hope our party tomorrow will be soo fuun. :>

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Guitar Hero On Tour!!
12.12.2008 ★ 6:44:00 PM

Okay, so I got to school and saw Ella, Tiffany and Mary. They made stories and I laughed at them. LOL. Oh, I also told Ella about the movie "Taken". :) And a bee also kept on following us in everywhere we go. Hahaha. Yeah, it's a bit funny and at the same time, creepy, yeah.

Science -- Uh, an activity which we answered on the paper. ;p
Hekasi -- Long quiz. Awwe, I got 1 mistake. That's okay, still. Haha. :))
Filipino -- Complete. But while copying, I was playing Guitar Hero in Ella's DS. :>
Recess -- Played Guitar Hero (so addicting!) and ate Tostillas.
We jumbled up our I.W. groups. Rofl.
Science -- Another activity. ;p
Hekasi -- Did nothing. Guitar Hero!! LOL. :))
Filipino -- Um, Ella used her DS so I was really bored. Haha.
Dismissal -- I used Ella's DS when Mary finished playing. Whaha, I'm addicted to GH!! :>

I waited for my driver at 1 PM. But when he arrived, I told him that I still have to wait for Pauline and others because they were xerox-copying my reference notebooks. LOL. While waiting, (obviously) I played GH on tour. XD
Then, Tiffany and etc arrived and I got my notebooks. I left and ate lunch @ my mom's friend's house. Hahaha. And we (me&mom) were Petition #13. I think we prayed for 15 mins.? Idk. When we were done, I made a petition together with my mom and afterwards, we left. My mom dropped me at our house and she went to Toyota.

Well, I used the computer when I got home. When I decided to review, I went upstairs and started reading some references. However, I did fell asleep while reading. HAHA. :)) I just woke up around 5, I think. ROFL!! I went downstairs and used the computer, again. Then, we watched "Taken" (again) because I wasn't able to finish the movie last night. Haha. The movie just ended a few minutes ago and I find it very HARDCORE. Mind you, I love hardcore movies. Hahaha! That means I love that movie. :D

I ate dinner already (I guess). I only ate Lasagna. YUM! :)

* Hey, I changed my layout here. So, what do you think? XD. I find it quite nice. Don't cha think? Heehee. Anyway, I won't be using the computer tomorrow and I'm going to use the PC on the 18th. :| I'll miss you, though. I promise that I'll keep you updated as soon as our exams end. And btw, don't forget to pray for me! Wish me luck. :) Adios amigos! ;p

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Supposed to be reviewing. :))
12.11.2008 ★ 8:22:00 PM

I was supposed to pass the computer activity (MS Access) today, but Mr. Francis told us that the deadline would still be on the Christmas break. So I guess this is the last day I'd be using the computer. Whaaa! I'll miss you. 6 days of no blogging. How sad. :(

Mary forgot to bring the paint. We had a new art activity; Pop-out (?) art.
Computer: Mr. Gerard allowed me to interview the 5blue girls. :)
CL: We did nothing. Robber! :))
Recess: Donuts (again) and Sprite in-can. Hahaha.
PE: Did nothing, again. LOL. I just played the piano and stayed downstairs.
Music: Um, I saved the Pointers For Review in my drafts. :))
Dismissal: Let's play robber! Haha. :>
After playing, we were all exhausted and I received a text message from my driver. Then, I went home. I ate lunch. After eating, we went to Urdaneta to visit the funeral of our relative.
But first, we went to Jeck's to buy some cupcakes. While on our way there, I slept. Hahaha. When we got there, we said hello's and our relatives started making funny stories. LOL. :)
We also ate some snacks there while laughing. :D Around 4:40pm, we left Urdaneta and headed for SM Rosales. :) It was not so far from the house we went to so we got there pretty fast. Haha. When we arrived, we went inside the HyperMarket. Shopped, shopped and shopped. XD. And then, dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. :D Yummy japanese food! The waitresses were even speaking in Japanese with a bit of English. Haha. We left SM and went home at 7pm. My brother showed me the haunted house in Sta. Barbara (creepy!). After that, we got back here at exactly 8:10pm. :)

I still haven't reviewed for the Long Quiz tomorrow in Hekasi. I'm just going to review tomorrow at early morning. I hope I get a perfect score! :D

Oh, tomorrow will also be the last day that I'll be using the computer. Hahaha. I've decided that I'll still use the PC tomorrow so I can change my layout. Yipeee. :)

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Forget and just let go.
12.10.2008 ★ 8:38:00 PM

I'm going to make a short blog because I still have to copy my incomplete references in Filipino from Danielle's notebook. Here it goes:

SCIENCE: Review for exams. Haha.
HEKASI: Long quiz. Score: 17/25. -__- I think I'm 5th to the highest or something.
FILIPINO: I completed my activities and references. ACs: Finished! RCs: Unfinished.
RECESS: Donuts + Fit 'N Right.
: Copied an extra review for the exam. :)
HEKASI: Review, again! :D
FILIPINO: Copied references. Still not done yet.
LUNCH: Survey, survey. Interview, interview. 5Blue! :)
EPP: We did the bamboo splits project. We finished it around 4:30, perhaps?
DISMISSAL: Mangoes are lalalove! We ate A LOT of mangoes. I think I ate 5 or something. :)) We're getting obsessed. Ooh, yummyy. :>
Then, Arielle & Pauline went to Taipan and left me at school. While waiting, I watched the HS play basketball. And man, they were so good! Whaa. They came back. We went upstairs and we saw a Grade1 student sitting on the trash-can. HAHAHA. Seriously, though. :)) They dared me to sit on the trash-can too, but I told them I'll just do it tomorrow. LOL. We went downstairs and fooled someone through text-messaging. :)) We laughed and laughed. How troublesome, eh? XD

Pauline and I left at 5:20pm. :)
I went to St. John and after the mass, we went home.

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No more second chance.
12.09.2008 ★ 7:45:00 PM

Hello there. :)

Today's the awarding ceremony of the BAP. We really wanted to go, but we had to attend class.

Math & Geometry: Long quiz. I think we finished it all. I got 2 mistakes so far. :D
Language: Completion of references. I'm complete already! Weee. ^^
Reading: Tongue-twisters. My grade was 95. Yaayy. :)
Recess: I bought 2 donuts + Coke and Oreo. Hihi. Ah, I also wore LC's medal. Hahaha.
| I.W. |
Math & Geometry: Draw lots for the Christmas party. Haha. The real person who I've picked was Alain. But I exchanged with Paolo, he picked Ella. And Adel got me, but Pauline exchanged with Adel. LOL.
Language: We checked our quizzes. Waah, it was complicated. :|
Reading: SSR. I didn't recite because I've already recited. :)
Lunch Break - We didn't eat. Whoops! I mean.. We did. I ate Sky Flakes + Noodles. Then, we watched the boys play basketball.
Computer: Mr. Francis gave us an activity, MS Access. I'm the leader, there are two groups. We need to interview students and get information from them. We're going to interview the Grade5 Blue. :D
Dismissal - Pauline and I copied the names of the Grade 5 Blue in Arts Area. We went downstairs and we talked about someone with Sam. During the afternoon's recess, I was about to do what I've planned. I told them that I'll do it when the bell rings, though. In a few minutes, the bell rang. It seems that I cannot do it. I asked Pauline & Sam to tell Hensen what I was supposed to tell him. Then, I promised Arielle that I'll tell him, again. We went upstairs and waited. I really can't do it. He was inside the Filipino area. There were a lot of students, I was too shy. We squandered a lot of time there. He won't even get out of the room. Err, I got pissed and we left. Before leaving, we bought green mangoes. XD

Shame on you. You guys deserve to be with each other since you are betrayers. >:|

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Sportsmanship, eh?
12.08.2008 ★ 8:00:00 PM

I went to school. Oh by the way, today's the 3rd game between Mother Goose and DWAD. And today's also the Immaculate Concepcion. The guards won't allow us to go out. We all got mad. They told us to get a permit from Ms. Julie or Ms. Vivian. Then, Ms. Vivian arrived. We all went out and screamed!! She told us that we can go to DWAD. And suddenly, Ms. Julie got to school, too. She got mad because we weren't supposed to go there because there's a mass. We rallied and convinced 'til she allowed us. YEHESS!

We rode on Shaira's car. Dang, we were so many inside. LOL. When we got there, we went inside the Gym. Hahaha. I ran towards the seats. We waited for the game to start. Finally! Even though I don't have that much voice left, I still gave it all. I screamed, I held the banner that Alyana made, I banged the bottles, and I even irritated some of the players because of screaming. Did I forget to tell you that I was about to argue with the DWADers? Hahaha. Yes, it's true. The game was really exciting. At first, we were the lead. But then, the DWAD caught up. By the 4th quarter, it was 59 to 56. Only 11 seconds remaning. We gave our best. Nothing happened.

When the bell rang, the players ran to the middle of the court. I cried unexpectedly. I sat down and cried. I also saw Abraham and LC crying. Then, all of us started swearing at them. **** YOU! I'm still mad and I can't forget what happened. I can't stop crying that time. When we passed by the school of DWAD, the students were making "L" signs which stand for LOSER. Damn. Some were also showing us the "bad sign". Whaaa! I got outraged. But thankfully, I was able to control my anger. Psh!

We went back to school, talking about the crap that happened in DWAD. We saw the players when the mass ended. LC asked me, "Are you okay?". Then I said, "No". :)) The players started teasing me and pretending they were crying to make me annoyed. LOL. Useless, boys! :p Then, it was time already. We planned not to go to class. But we thought of getting a sad memo so we went to Language and copied our references. Reading, I did nothing. We had an SSR but I'm going to recite tomorrow. :)

Dismissal. I went downstairs. I put my bag on the tree and I went upstairs again. I went back to Language Area and Dana was there. She was copying a reference. I continued copying my incomplete references. I went downstairs to check my fetcher, but he wasn't there yet. So, I went up and contined copying. I finished the "Adjectives" reference and started copying the "Adverbs" reference. But only the front part. I went downstairs, and my driver gave me a missed call. I saw the car all of a sudden. Haha. I left at 1:30pm. :)

For me, MOTHER GOOSE is still the CHAMPION no matter what happens. MG is love! :)

P.S. MENESES & MARTY -- You guys are still cute even though you guys won. :))
P.P.S. We don't have any sportsmanship, I knoww. Haha. Surreh. :p

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Tagged by Jade.
12.06.2008 ★ 6:18:00 PM

I was tagged by Jade & Ashley. All thanks to them! :)

Here are the rules:

1 - Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2 - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3 - At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4 - Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Here are my 8 things about me:
  1. I usually fool around. And sometimes my foolishness can get too irritating.
  2. I love playing robber & police. :)
  3. I wear glasses. 75 (grade). Both eyes.
  4. I like teasing people. >:)
  5. I'm a loudmouthed most of the time. And argumentative, too. HEH. :D
  6. I don't like wearing girly clothes. I only wear them when necessary.
  7. Even though I'm always full of ridicule, I still have high grades. :))
  8. I don't give up easily. It depends on the situation, though. :p

  1. Kai!
  2. Kaye!
  3. Kimi!
  4. Niqui!
  5. Susie!
  6. Kat!
  7. Trish!
  8. Jh3n!


Game 2 - Basketball Championship
12.05.2008 ★ 8:57:00 PM

Today's the 2nd game of the basketball game between MG against DWAD.

Science: Astronomy ac + book activity
Hekasi: No long quiz. Book activity.
Filipino: Long quiz. And yes, it was LONG. :))
Recess: Fit 'N Right && Cream-O. :)
Filipino: Reference, too lazy to copy. :D
Science: We answered a question and wrote it in a piece of paper.
Hekasi: We did nothing. Ahaha! Supposedly, a reference. But we didn't copy it. :))
Oh, I also wore LC's jersey. Yey!! I'm so proud. LOL.

Dismissal: We waited for quite a while and we left. We went to DWAD. You know how we got there? We walked. Hahaha. It's unbelievable, but I'm only being honest. I swear, I'm not lying at all. It sounds a bit funny though. LOL, but still, it's really true, if you don't believe, then don't! Then, an accident happened to Savanah. She tripped in the middle of the pedestrian lane. It was so pitiful. But we were unsympathetic at the same time. :))

We went inside the Gym around 2, I think. We watched the cheerdance. PUI did good. :) Oh, and PUI won 3rd place. Yay for them! The game started at around 3pm. DWAD was the highest during the 1st quarter. We tried catching up. But unfortunetly, we weren't able to. :| Meneses & Marty were so good that it annoyed me. Abraham got an injury that's why he wasn't able to guard Marty. Whaa! I screamed the hell out of me, I cheered out loud, I used bottles to make noises to destract DWAD. It didn't work, I think. Err. During the 4th quarter, we were able to catch up a bit. However, there were only 12 seconds left and the remaining points we need to catch up are 8 points, we ran out of time. DWAD won us 8 points, that's what I can recall.

Still can't accept the fact that we lost. And it's MG's first loss. Really disappointing. Gaahh. :| I want to cry, but maybe I should be a little bit optimistic. After all those effort that I've exerted, then this? Maan, it's just too disheartening. But I know that in every game, there's a loser & a winner. We still have a chance, Gooseans! Don't give up that easily. We can still be the champion. And we ARE going to be the champions and DWAD is the LOSER! :)

Let's go, Mother Goose! Mother Goose, fight! WE are the CHAMPIONS - DWAD is the LOSER. :D


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Lessons to be learned.
12.04.2008 ★ 7:02:00 PM

What a weird day! Something happened. But before that, these are the things that happened:
ARTS: Instead of making snowflake/s, we made a star. We cut out a star shape from the Styrofoam. Very tiring. LOL. :)
COMPUTER: Sir Francis was late! He explained us the new activity. It's about MS Excel. Another project, perhaps?
CHRISTIAN LIVING: Copied the "Advent" reference.
RECESS: I ate 2 dewberry's & mountain dew. Then, we played robber.
PE: We did nothing. Oh! Hannah tripped while playing robber. She went to the clinic and we accompanied her. That's why we weren't able to attend the language class. :))
MUSIC: I didn't go to Music because 'twas the MTAP Elimination. After answering, we went back to Music area and copied the reference.
DISMISSAL: Robber!! LOL. It was so fun. But I think I was the only girl who joined. Haha! That's okay. I always play with boys anyway. :)) And I was able to save once. Nice one! Idolize. :))
We were supposed to go to KCC, but the guard didn't allow us. We thought of eating McDo food. That's why, we called McDonald's delivery and ordered. We bought 2 McNuggets (+ coke&fries), 4 apple pies and 1 McFlurry. Haha! We don't have that much money that's why we didn't order a lot of food. Haha. Around 2:30pm, Shawn and other 6th graders (afternoon) went to us and told us to donate. I thought they were just joking and when Shawn went in front of me, I slapped the basket (where the donations are) and the basket fell and I broke it, even the money all fell. I picked it up and the guard fixed the basket. I had a feeling that Shawn and Vincent got mad at me for doing such a thing.

Here's what happened.
Around 4pm, we went to the parking lot with Pauline and Aika 'cause they were going home. When we went back, Paolo told me that my bag's very dirty. At first, I didn't care at all. However, the afternoon session started telling me what happened. Pauline and Aika went back to school. When I saw my bag, there was saliva in the middle part. OMG! I got so out of control. After a few seconds, I shouted the hell out of me. Then, I got outraged at Russel because they told me he was the one who spit on my bag. I cried. I went to the office and I told Ms. Julie everything. She told us to go to her office and we did. The people who went inside were Pauline, Russel, Vincent, Manuel, Carlo, Shawn, Paolo, Erar and I. We explained a lot. Even Mr. Frederick went to the office. In the end, Shawn confessed that it was his fault. And we all apologized to each other. We all learned our lessons and teacher reminded us the golden rule. Don't do unto others that you don't want done unto you. Now, we're not mad at each other anymore. We're friends again. Yipee!

After: We played robber. While playing, Tiffany texted Sam that her party was canceled. Shocking! I left at 5:26pm. Ella and Sam were still in school. I went to St. John and took the mass. After the mass, I left my mom there because she has a meeting.

Arayt, we have two (I think) long quizzes tomorrow and I still haven't reviewed. But I will, in a few minutes. I hope I get a high score! Good luck to me. And tomorrow's the basketball game, too. Gooseans, let's fight! :)

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I talked but I should have listened.
12.03.2008 ★ 8:22:00 PM

It hurts so much to be rejected by someone you really love but believe me, it hurts ten times more if you've moved on, and then he tells you all of a sudden, I STILL LOVE YOU.
mood: BLANK.

Hello, Wednesday! :)
Day's okay and alright. At least nothing bad happened.. I think. Haha!
Science - Completed the reference Astronomy.
Hekasi - No long quiz. Hurrah. :)) Discussion about Pamahalaan.
Filipino - Long quiz: Postponed! Yay again. Hah. Discussion, too. About Pokus ng Pandiwa. Nobody listened. Oh! Don't forget the braniacs. :)) We didn't listen, but they did. :)
Recess - I ate Sponge! Yay #3. LOL. And I got some drinks from Arielle and Hannah. x)
Filipino [I.W.] - We were late, as usual. We just copied some incomplete references.
Science - Haha. I finished the reference and tried reviewing for the activity. I was caught off guard! Ms. Diane caught me looking at the questions in the a.c (oh, i remembered something HAHA) and at the same time, looking at the reference card. :))
Hekasi - Um. Activity. :)
Lunch Break - We were supposed to go to the mall. However, Pauline, Aika and I didn't go with Ella, Hannah and Tiffany to the mall. Instead, we stayed at school and blah. We didn't eat lunch. Ella and others came back and Ella got me the Shalaku that I wanted. Thanks, Ella! :)
EPP - New project. Gahh, it was a bit hard. We used bamboo splits to make a something. When I was making a flower, it was ruined. Hence, I did it all over again and made a new one. The second one looked good. Oh yey. Hah. I only finished the medium part. I was going to do the small part but it was already time for dismissal.
Dismissal - We went downstairs. We bought green mangoes. And I ate some yema. Got it from Ella and Aika. We watched the varsity players practice for their basketball game on Friday. Good luck, guys! :) We talked and laughed. Oh! We also laughed at Vincent when he stumbled because of Russel. ROFL. Pauline and I laughed out loud like retards. Hahaha. :)) Pauline left at 4:50pm. I text-messaged my driver and told him to fetch me. Arielle waited for my fetcher to come. When my driver arrived, Aika, Ella and I went home.

Argh, I wasn't able to apologize.. Again. Because he attended the varsity's practice. That's why I did not have any time to say sorry to him. I promise I'll apologize to him tomorrow. And that's a promise! :)

Promises are meant to be broken.

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Let's go! Mother goose! Mother goose fight!
12.02.2008 ★ 7:56:00 PM

-- That's the cheer we did yesterday @ DWAD during the basketball game. Whoo! :))

Hey girlfriends! Whatevuh. LOL.
TUESDAY; okay, we have classes. Duhh? Haha! Oh, Aika joined the Blue section today and I bet she had fun. (:
Math - No long quiz. YES! We did a book activity, instead. I was too lazy to do it, though. Hha.
Language - Discussion. Adjectives! I listened. Haha.
Reading - Ms. Lily's back! Yay. (:
She read us a story. "The Simple-minded Merchant". I got 16 points in the recitation. Then, response log.
Recess - I ate two dewberry's and Coke in-can. (:
Math - Book activity, again. Too lazy, again. :))
Language - Quiz : Adjectives.
Reading - Answered the pages in the workbook.
Lunch break; I ate baked-mac. Haha. I begged for Ian's baller and he gave it to me. Then, we stayed in the umbrella tree and ate skyflakes. Hahaha. Ella's such an addict! (:
Computer - We answered the skills workout lesson 16, 17 & 18. Angelika copied some of my answers. Haha! Scores: 18, 11, 10. Aika and I have the same scores. :))
Dismissal; we stayed in the umbrella tree, again. 'Til the recess of the afternoon session started. I tried apologizing to Hensen but he kept on going away. I waited for him but I hate it when people make me wait. When Ms. Virgie got a bit mad at us, I went downstairs and Erar + Noel went back to their classes. I left home, afterwards. Just a simple sorry and so many things happened. Gahh. :))

Guess I'll save my apologies for tomorrow. Ha! Dang.

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