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6.24.2008 ★ 8:11:00 PM

Hm. I'm pissed of someone right now. Well, there are several times that I've been pissed due to this person.. But now, I'm like really mad. Truthfully, nahh. But, from now on.. i'm not gonna accept those apologizes. He's like, when we fight or something.. he then says sorry. It's like not a big deal for him. What if.. I did the same thing to him? What do you think would he do? Duhh, what I'm doing! This is matira matibay. Ignore me, sure.. whatever. Ignore you, OH HECK.. YESSS WAY! Not to be rude or not to ruin other people's names.. but, he's like soo annoying. Even if you are only there, hangin' around or just sitting quiet.. he will disturb you and like make arguements. Blabla this, blabla that. OH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! I'm so sick of him. I just want him to shut his enourmous mouth. Thanks very much!! Tch! I can't believe this. And y'know what?!! He's two years younger than me. Yeah, SHOCKING. Pfft. He's so childish and disrespectful. Those are two words that best describe him or maybe only those two words can. HAHA. Okay, enough of this whatever-ish blog. TOOTLES!


Hm. I have.
6.22.2008 ★ 2:18:00 PM

whoo. i have load already. :)) i got it from someone. ROFL. well, actually.. i've got load yesterday afternoon pa. i think. um yeah. i texted and texted. but i fell asleep when no one texted no more. watched Hannah Montana -- Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert. [[too bad i dont have any 3D glasses]]. Ok, past is past. I don't wanna talk bout it anymore. And one more thing, I'm too lazy to tell you anyway. HAHA. so yeah. i had my gut feeling, uhhh.. early morning. anyway, i hate it when i have it. :| LOL. Butterflies must be murdered. Kill theeeeem :)). Im bored. Im unli and OL. Hm. I need a new skin. Too bad my bookmarks[ff] are missing. I put my fave blogskins there. Um yep. It's raining at the moment. Ombrophobia is now away. Ionno why. But, I just wish/hope that there would be NO long blackouts, storms and calamities that would happen. Chattin w/ Raizel. Ate Jean is brb and so is Ken. Idk what ate jean is doing. Unfortunately, ken is cleaning his room. Or somethin' like that. :P Alright, I'll tell you how I feel.. It's like, I don't want to go to school due to those horrible lessons that we learn[LMAO] but I'm excited because I really miss my besties because of this stupid long weekend. Tch. Y'know what I mean? Okk, it's that. I was shocked last night for the reason [xxx]. It's a mistery. But that's my secret. And I wouldn't tell you. Haha. How can you help? :p I guess not. And it might be a gossip pa. This is a public blog. So possibly what I am saying will really happen. What I should be doing right now: Taking a bath.... no thanks, too lazy. (:

I'm outta here. [[gone]]


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no load. :|
6.21.2008 ★ 2:57:00 PM

Gosh. I have no load and my friends are like making flood flood. Haha. So much for no load. Oh look! Another message. What could it be? And who did it came from? Well.. let's see. Ah! It's from hensen.. again. LOL, xD. I think that he thinks that I'm ignoring him. Coz when I had load, I keep on text-messaging him too. And I was like if you ignore me and ima ignore you too. Somethin like that. Haha! And now, he's the one doing the thing that I did. Destiny naman. It's so unfair. Haha. I wish we had load the same dayyyy. Anyway, Sunday --Monday. I can't wait to talk to him. Para we're okay na. I really dunno what we will talk about but yeah. I just hope that we'll get along na. Anyway. I wanna hug him. Yikes. Hahaha. Wala lang. Me and my bezties, we hug after we say sorry[well, sometimes. :P]. Hihi. But I know, we're girls. xD Maybe a handshake? Err, that is so corny. How 'bout erm, uhhh. Okay, never mind. Lmao. I need load. LOADDDDD. :| THE END.


6.20.2008 ★ 6:29:00 PM

Okay, I haven't made you some stories these days 'cause yeah, I am online.. But I was too lazy to do so. So, I apologize. :P Well, I was supposedly not sleeping last night but I think I did. Who cares? Basta, all I remember is.. I sleep; I wake up; I sleep; I wake up. That's the drill. LOL! Anyways. Uh. Nag-away kami ni Hensen. But we're gonna talk on Monday. Uhh, I drank coffee last night; doii. But guess what?. My brother caught me in the act!! Haha. He was shocked when he saw me using the computer. He thought it was some ghost. But in my case, I thought it was ate Maribel[helper.] HAHA! Um. Dora dora. And so and so. Ken said he's gonna say sorry but does not know when to do such a thing. :)) That's all. Done :]


6.19.2008 ★ 11:41:00 PM

Online, yes. Chatting, no. ELLA. I need you. I have to make chika to you. A lot. But now you're not here, I guess there's no way to do it. Summary lang 'yong story I told you in sms. So i'm bored. Wow. How unusual. NOT. Only a psycho would say that. Boredom is the very used word. Well not that i'm serious. But it's only a huge huge hugest guess. Now, please believe me. I do not wanna be arrested. And yeah, you need to laff. But if you don't wanna, then mkay. Well, since there are no classes tomorrow, I'm online which I should not do more often. Well yeah. It's the bestest idea ever, riighhtttt? See. Told 'ya I'm pretty clever. *chuckle chuckle*

Tss. Well, as of now.. I'm listening to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz since I just downloaded it minutes ago. Hm. I'm planning to go offline in a while. Since I'm getting pissed that some people are online. But they won't chat me. I guess I'm totally worthless after all. Whoo. My prediction was correct. Hooray. AARGH. I'm pissing myself to death. What the heck am I doing? I think it's a habit. Well yeah, insulting people are not really my thing.. but pissing myself is not good. Okay, not retarded. Just trying hard to be one. This is so not cool. That's why I hate my blogs. Kasi naman, it's so lame. They're all so lame. Yahoo. AHH. I miss Ella. I remembered we both said "yahoo" when the rosary ended. ((: Err. I'm so upset that there are no classes tom. It's like gonna be a uber boring weekend. This sucks. I'm scared coz anytime my brother would go home. Mas lalo akong takot coz maybe when he gets here he has visitors or somethin'.

alright, I'm Yours just ended. Next stop : Naruto - Hero's Comeback. Lol. Shippuuden. Yes yes, I don't watch shippuuden yet. But I do watch some episodes because my brother is watching time to time. (: I love this song. It's so addicting. Superdiduper. I love the intro. Thing is, it's japanese. I only know the parts when it's the english thingys. HAHA. Pathetic much? Ok, let's not talk bout my patheticness. If there is or there isn't such a word. Who cares anyway? A dictionary doesn't have a mind. Ohhh, right! My homework in Reading. The etymology thingy. I should do it. But, idk when. Kanina, feel ko mag-aral and so. But now it's like i'm so lazy nanaman. Hahaha! I guess I have to end this blog now... Bye guys!

CLARISSE ZAPLAN (: [ 11:53pm ]

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6.16.2008 ★ 4:22:00 PM


6.15.2008 ★ 7:34:00 PM

oh man. this is the last day i would be online. huu. i really need to control myself. from usin the internet so much. i have to study hard this school year. i promised myself that. well, i would be online only on weekends. or if i have projects, homework(which needs internet, if you know what i'm talkin about) or if i've to search something important{that is needed in school or something}. hmm. this sucks, but i really have to do it. errrr. oh well. it's for my own sake. doii. i'm really gonna miss the internet. oh the YM.. multiply, aww. F-ster. even blogger! boohoo. this is really a 'to-do-always' blah. i'm really going to miss you, blog! i know i told you that i will keep you updated everyday of the happenings in school. forgive me but i truly have to!! gaah, :(

anyway. too bad i only went online minutes ago. it's because, err.. it's a long story. i really feel sad about this. HAHA, not really. :| i just feel kind of 'a-bit' sad. because i got really addicted to the net and know i'm gonna try to avoid it. *sigh* it's for me, my grades and the school. and i absolutely wanna decrease my talkativeness. from now on, i'm not going to talk and talk and talk. after all, i wanna change, right? so i'm doing this because it helps. what i mean is, it helps in being in the dl. and i am going to do anything to be in the dl. well, i'm not really like other people who really really wanna be in the dl. i just really wanna be in the dl. even in the top 10, if i could.

dl dl dl.. woo. i really wanna be there. 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester.. dl, here i come! i just wish i'd exactly be there. \crosses fingers\ well, if i really wanna be in there, i should really do these kinds of stuffs right? like not using the internet that much, not cram always and um, try not watching tv that much. yeah, somethings like that. and no boys. i'll try not to think of reckless boys who ruin my uhh, education? wow, how pathetic of me. lol. well, it's bad if i say they ruin my edu. truth is, it's me who ruin it because i think of them. so, i'm telling myself now to stop thinking of them. so yeah, i will. i realized they were annoying after all. lmao. not really. but some guys are. hihihi. (: oh golly, i'll miss listening to 'FD' or 'GO' by flow [[naruto]] gosh. but i'll try to bluetooth it from ella's phone to mine. yee!

that's all. see you when the right time comes! (:
*Clarisse Zaplan:)

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ym, screw you. >.<
6.14.2008 ★ 1:18:00 AM

grrr. the internet lost it. it was like i wanted to kick the cpu. :)) and then when the internet came back, ym betrayed me. it said 'please try a lil bit later achoochoochoo' puh-lease. ohcmon. it makes me wanna urghhh. LOL. Glad that it's back nowww. Hahahaha. =)) ;)

Friday the 13th.
6.13.2008 ★ 4:05:00 PM

Hm. Alam mo ba? Masaya pala ang Friday the 13th. HAHA. True, yes. I know it's kind of weird to hear me say this but it did. Hum. If you are still wondering, then here it goes.

Well, I just remembered moments ago that it was Friday the 13th. But I knew it was yesterday. Anyway, Keep listening. LOL. But when I in school, I haven't noticed. I didn't care anyway. Hahaha. So, it was fun today since all we{me and pauline} did was laugh our half bodies off. Lmao! We laughed and laughed; we laughed at everything, corny or not.. still, el oh el. Hmm. And there was a superdiduper fun part. But I'll tell you the first part.. first. Hha. First of all, we laughed at suckers, anybody. Duh, we're paranoid. ;;). We even laughed at hm, how can I say this? Somewhat fatties or as we call them "whales" or whateveres that are to be called with piggies. ^^ Yes, we're evil. Cruelty rocks. Haha. Nah-uh. Well, somehow. Mkay, back to topic. We made fun of some people that are away from us and did like in the commercial of Piattos. Try to search it if there are any results. Totally hard to explain, well.. complicated to make it short.

So yeah. We laughed to death. But we're not dead yet, Honey. We'll never be. :P So haha. But the bottom line for this blog is... tell you later
;). Hahaha. Okay, so hmm. We laughed so much that we didn't even care if it wasn't that funny or corny. We don't care. We just care if we laugh. That's all. We love laughing. It's our superfavoritestmegaultrauberfav hobby of all hobbies in the whole planet. We are laughingmachines. If you want it to be specific :). Anyway, I have to say some other words before you I tell you the best part. Haha. :P Soooo.. Arnold, Paolo and Alain were in our 'group' or barkada. Paolo is sooo wild. Arnold is hilarious. Alain is fat. :))) HAHA. Meanie. Who cares? =)) It's like Alain would read it anyway. But who knows? :-S hahahaha, yeah right. Alain wouldn't even care if he reads this. Or will he? rofl. ;p

ALRIGHT. GET READY FOR THE BESTEST PARTTTTTTT. I know you would not *toot* but try to. If you were there at that time you would probably laugh the hell out of you. :P BEWARE FOR THIS. dan dan dun don. XD

Now, here's the bottom line of this blog.. :P. Well, when it was our Math Subject. Our teacher was Sir Vincent. Cool name, eh? NOT. haha. {Alam ni Ella ang ibig kong sabihin} He is sort of *cough cough*. Ella also knows this. LOL. Anyway, we thought we're just going to write again our Name, blah blah blah's and so on. Like we did mostly in the other subjects except for Reading. Anyways, teacher discussed us about the criteria or whatever in Math and Geometry. And yea. We laughed at something because of Paolo. He said "sure" to Mr. Vincent because he told something. I forgot what it is but it sure is funny, I bet. :
)) Then, teacher told us to stand up and sit on the chairs. He said that we should get a piece of paper, write our name there and trace our hands. Haha, we were like 'huh?' and we said that we were like kinder. Hahaha. Then, he told us to pass the paper on our right and that person that we passed our paper to should write something about us. I didn't know it was fun.

Pauline and I thought that we were only goin' to pass the papers in our table. But it ended up passed in all the tables. Haha. We sure chuckled so hard when we saw other people's papers. There were like soo funny. Haha. We laughed so loud. XD In dana's paper there was 'saging' written. =
)) And others were BAKLA, BADING---GAY. roflmao. Pau and I hi-5'd. :p hahaha. And we laughed and laughed ang laughed. When it was done, our papers were returned back to the owners which were us, doii. Lol yeah. And I am like sooooo laugh-shocked, haha. If you know what I mean. well, not really shocked but I did laugh. :P Y'know why? Because there was dora there. =))))) Golly. HAHAHA. Then blah blah's. I laughed at pauline because in her paper Louis has written tikbalang. :))))) I laughed but I stopped when she looked at me. :D :D :D Then we laughed like sh-t. HAHA. I'm sooooo tired of writing this. But this day was soooooo katawa. It was a veryyyyy LOL moment. iLavhet. xD LAUGH OUT LOUD, peepol. ^___^ This day was Awesome. :]

++the end, Bowwww.


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6.12.2008 ★ 3:59:00 PM


1. makaipon ng maraming moneyy. LOL.
2. iPod. ;]
3. New digicam. It's lost, where on earth is it? :0
4. Laptop. WAHH.
5. New phone? hahahaha.
6. High Grades [DL :p]
7. hang out w/ friends.
8. STATES; punta tayo? :D
10. portable DVD player.

-- that's ol ^^

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First day of Sixth Grade.
6.10.2008 ★ 2:56:00 PM

First day was awesome. I thought it would be awful. But then again, it was very fun. Super! I thought they would laugh at me. But I think they laughed just one time[mitchell and the peeps] meanwhile they just didn't care! Hahaha! First of all, when I arrived.. Arielle, Tiffany and Sam were in the shed. Without any roof of course. Haha. Then, Pauline arrived also. I hugged her, doiii! :P So yeah. Ella and I talked about naruto, obviously. Bwahaha! :D Then the bell rang. Flagt ceremony'd.y And there was a very troublesome moment. We were like close to transferring to Red Section. And thank God it did not happen! Woohoo! But they say we will be observed. If we don't behave, we'd be transferred immediately. Then we were like "YEY!" haha. So yeah. The class was terrific. Our adviser was Ms. Shirley; Math Area. I was the class president. Yaaaayyy! haha. But I was dreaming of being Hokage. ROFLMAO. Cornyyy. Hahahaha! Anyways, we did some things there. And I'm missing it already. So that's what happened this day. First day was cool! :D

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How many left?
6.09.2008 ★ 6:46:00 PM

11 hours left 'til school starts.
Hafta wake up earlier than my mum.
Haha. I went to the mall, yey. :P
But I wasn't able to buy plastic cover :(
At least I bout new socks. Hahahaha:)).
Yep. Three pairs. Anyway. Yep.
Eleven hours to go. ;) bbye. ^^



★ 10:29:00 AM

I won;t be using the computer that much since it's school. But will be using during the orientation. Huhu. Sorry, sorry. Bye! :]


Two days before school.
6.08.2008 ★ 2:52:00 PM

Sighs. Two days. Two days of mercy; Sounds like I don't want school to start yet. YAHH! Because of my hair, obviously. Well, yes. I know I should not regret 'cause I had a bob ALREADY. And I thank God that it happened. Bcuz I really forced my mom to have a new haircut. And my former haircut only lasted for Eight days. So, thank you. Anyway.. So yeah.. No regrets. Shall be no regrets. And yeah, be confident. One rule, I can't go to school without confidence. And that's a rule. Beware.

School? Nahh. I prefer to be home watching Naruto or even using the internet. Though, I can't do that. I have no powers. Boohoo. Whatev. I just wish the summer would be extended. This sucks. And there's something unfair. Other schools will start their classes on the 16th. No fair, right? Ohwells. Let's just forget about it and pretend that school is running all over our mind like a piece of chocolate. Okay, you might be wondering why I used chocolate, pretty random, huh? Anyway, I'm totally cramming for school. As in. Like, I didn't buy the other stuffs I need for school yet. Yeah, it's true. There are many things that I forgot to buy. Thank golly that it's only orientation. Woo. I'm scared. Scared of: classmates, afternoon session, lower grades, id and class photography, people's reactions. Phew. That's a lot.

I'm not really like this when school starts. Last sy, [ first day ] I didn't panic like this. Well duh. Nothing changed w/ me. Whatever. I'm soooo like scared. I feel hot inside. The temperature. Idk why. And no, I'm not sick. Weird. A while ago, when I was at the car and when I went out, my batchmate saw me. A boy. He was like shocked when he saw me. I should feel confidence. And my hair should be not thick. :)) I've noticed that most of the people who have bob-cuts is, they all have thin hair. And yeah. I have sources. :P

Oh well. I have to survive this catastrophic mistakes. [ EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES ]. I know that. What I don't know is.. I need more wisdom, knowledge. Everything. I need to learn more. And I should not do a mistake no more. I know I always do mistakes. But there shall be a time that I wouldn't have one. That's a promise. Next time I make a move, no mistakes would be encountered. Oh, the joy. What a wonderful feeling. I just wish I don't mess up when school starts. Oh, one more day. Tick-tock, tick-tock. WAHH. HARSH. :|

GIVE ME CONFIDENCE. Share your blessings, everyone. :) MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Thanksthanksmuch. Loveloveyou. :* Confident? You're welcome. ;) Hmmwa. =* ^^


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Damn :|
6.06.2008 ★ 7:57:00 PM

Those laughs. I can hear them. They're laughing at me. They're laughing at my backs. Talking about me. Asking me why I had a haircut. MTOFB!!!! Haha. I feel so much confident than before because there are two people helping me to think posii...

[ ate's; KIMI + CRiSTA ]




Naruto Fan Forever. ♥
★ 10:02:00 AM

I love Naruto and that's it.


You can't change my mind, darling.

Sorry but you failed. >:P


AND SASUKE IS... not yet sure ♥

I'll just keep on watching.




Excited or Scared?
6.05.2008 ★ 12:31:00 PM

Both? Wtf? Say what? No way. Well chyeah. I am. Idk why. Maybe because I have a short cut. Well, it doesn't mean that they will laugh at me, right? It's not really short. Damn. Idk what to do. Tell me.

LET's cut all their heads off if we/I get pissed. >:P X(

Don't be.
6.04.2008 ★ 5:46:00 PM

Heartbroken? I rather say no. Yeah, it is truly hard to move on. I know. I experienced it(YEAH RIGHT). But I guess I'm about to experience it. But I promise myself not to be too emotional. (OVER MY DEAD BODY) I have to admit, I am an anti-emo. So "EMO SUCKS". Lol yeah. Anyway, it is okay to be depressed or sad, but like to be too emotional? That's a no. You can cry. But not super. I do cry, but I don't show it. Lol funny, Not. I'm just telling you this because I do care to those people who are broken-hearted. Just because of these stupid boys [aka; suckers] Yes, yes. I hate heartbreakers, if that's what you call those bastards. Lmao. Do join me. If you have a friendster account, please join our Anti Emo Group. To do that, please click this:

Thank you. And please invite other people to join this group. Have a great day! :)


6.03.2008 ★ 12:26:00 PM

Friends are forever. Mmhuh. If you meet someone, talked to them. Bonding, bonding. BOOM. You can say that you are friends. Or even close friends. Friends are a treasure in your lives, even mine. I love my friends. Like in Naruto, the Third Hokage, has something that he loves. His grandson, and EVERYONE in Konoha. It hit me. Yes. I love my friends. And I know you love them too. We should all treat them as brothers and sisters. Friends are forever, remember that. You should NOT forget your friends because you'll always remember them because of the memories you had with them. Friends make you smile whenever you frown. It's a once in a lifetime chance to have a friend that is super nice and friendly. So love your friends as much as you love your loved ones. Love 'em all!

My Family. Cousins. Family friends. Betina. Pauella. Tiffany. Dana. ate Coleena. ate Denise. ate Trisza's famfam. Jean Arcinue. Sis Angie. Kimberly Ledda. KatZab. ate Crista. ate Lyka. ate Chaz. ate Kat f. NonBiological sisters and brothers. Nixy Pitrague. Kaye Lao. Skam. Beatrice. Arnold. All my classmates. Nikki Chua. Corinne Garcia. And all my friends in my whole life.

Those are the people I love and the people who are important to my life. I cannot live without these people. And I am sorry, If I forgot to write your name here. Just always remember, that you're always here..in my heart. I love you, I love all of you. :)


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