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Halloween 2008
10.30.2008 ★ 7:08:00 PM

A halloween to remember. (:

Golly. It's our last halloween party and it's really saddening.

Well, I arrived at school pretty early. I saw Ken, Lc and Ivan. Blah blah. I went to Math. And saw Ms. Shirley. Other classmates arrived too and we started the party. First, we started playing games. I think the first one was "trip to jerusalem". Arielle won. Haha. And another game, "book relay". I think Tiffany's group won. Then me and hannah won in the apple-eating game. :D

Time to eat!! I ate cake, chicken and etc. After eating, yehey! It's time for the performance of the band. Lol. I also joined Alain in singing Betamax since the mic is too soft. Gahd, I sang Tonight and my voice was like wah and I don't really know the lyrics of it so yeah. I just laughed it out. LMAO.

Many of my classmates left that time and I went to Filipino Area because Paolo's band is also going to perform there (5 blue). Again, they played Betamax. Yeah, Go alain! When they were finished, we talked in arts and we were planning to go the mall. But they told me they were going to watch a movie. So I told them I'm not going. But then, they said that they're not going to watch anymore. I said, I'll go with them if they're not going to watch. I went downstairs with Mary and I saw Sam. I told her not to leave early. So she called her driver. We got so bored while sitting on the umbrella tree. Then we decided to go to DLL because Micah was there.

We got there and hung around. Suddenly, we saw Hensen, Ken and Shawn pass by DLL and they went to St. Joseph. Sam told me that we should go with them. But I was like, "hell no". And then, I told her I'll make libre to her. But we will go inside if they leave. So we waited for them to leave. We left Mary and Micah at DLL and we stayed outside of St. Joseph. Finally, they went back to school and I made libre to Sam. When we went back to DLL, Micah and Mary were already gone. And we went back to school. We saw Tiff, Ella and Pau with Mary. Ken and Abraham were also there. We laughed and chatted.

Before we (sam, mary and i) went to DLL, we talked to Sir Francis & Sir Gerard. We asked them if we could party with them later. When we got bored in the payphone area, I said "let's go to computer area! and let's party with the afternoon session!". They agreed with me and we went upstairs. Their music upstairs were so cool. It made us want to dance. Lol. I went inside the room and I saw other grade 4 students. I changed the old songs to new songs. Haha. And sir Francis got mad so I changed it back. I watched 4-yellow play "trip to jerusalem". I think Julianne won. Or was it Danielle? Hmr, weird, iunno. Then, everybody went outside for the games of Grade's 456. Of course, they let us join. Wee!! Only me, Samantha and Tiffany joined the games. Arielle, Mary and Pauline didn't join. I was in group B. While Sam and Tiff were in Group A.

First game; Calamansi Relay. LOL. When it was my turn, the calamansi kept on falling. Hahaha! Pauline was making me laugh kasi. Second game; Newspaper Dance. Like whoa, I wasn't able to look for a partner. I told sir, "wala akong partner!!". Then he said, "hensen!!". I said, "HA! ANO? WAG!". :)) Tapos aiun, Ella was my partner. Haha. We lost by the 2nd round agad. Lol!! I think nobody won in that game. HAHA! Third game; Caterpillar. Well, I think it seems that the game sucked and no one won because it was like warak. Hahaha! Sir gerard told 4-yellow to all go inside. I went inside, too. I watched them play charades. And lol, every round it was palpak. I kept on laughing each round. :)) Even one time, we were all green-minded because of Danielle. I mean, basta. Ahaha! Then, time to eat! I lead the prayer and they all ate. I changed my clothes after.

Omg, ella ate. haha. Kapal ng face! :)) But yea, sir Francis told us to but I was too shy. I only ate barbeque and brownies. Then, all of them went outside. Mary left too. When we were alone inside, In The Ayer was playing. We were so hyper and danced! Haha. Afterwards, we went downstairs too. Tiffany left when we got downstairs. I changed my flipflops to converse and we went to the court. I was really waiting for someone to let me join in robber. Then, jack asked me if I wanted to play. So yeah, we played robber. Hensen also joined and so did gus and jerson. Grabe, really fun!! And there was this time na I pushed hensen dun sa may walkway. Lol. He fell down pa. And one time, they can't catch me at all. They were counting and I stepped on the base and shouted "in your face!!" then another one, "asa!!" :))

We played robber to the max! Gahd. I was really perspiring to death and having fun at the same time. I was also laughing because they can't chase me at all. Even others who were watching us play were cheering at me. Hahaha! Very funny. Then, Jack left and we suddenly stopped playing. I got bored. Franklin and I made a new robber. Aiun, the twins also joined but left too. So konti nalang kami. I asked demi and others to join. But only Angelika and Fatima joined. Haha. Grabe. 'Twas really funny because they can't chase me at all and they were easy to catch.

I was able to save a lot of times and blahh. I really got tired and I was catching my breath that time. Manuel even touched my bra. Buti hindi natanggal! And while I was catching Angelika, I think I touched her bra too. Hahaha! Soo fuun. I got tired and just sat by the tree. Angelika, Demi, Elijah and Shawn left together. Only me, ivan and idk were in school. Teachers were leaving and the canteen was closed. I was suppose to call the house but I had no coins at all.

I waited for my driver. Manuel, Dipsi and Lou were also there. I just sat by the payphone and then my fetcher arrived. I ran to the pre-school area and got my stuff. I went inside the car and left. It was 5:30 when I was able to leave school. We went to church and we went home.


I loooove Halloween '08!! :DD

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It's not that easy to believe.
10.29.2008 ★ 6:57:00 PM

Hello, strangers & fellow readers. Wassap? :)

Yesterday, there was a practice for the U.N. parade and living rosary. And my classmates decorated the Math Area. We also designed our booth for our Nation which is China. :D


It's our United Nations Day today! Wee. I arrived early at school today. (wow! what a miracle. lol). I put what I brought in our chinese booth and blah. Then, pauline arrived. Around 7, we fixed our hairs to make it chinese-y. Haha! And the bell rang. We had our living rosary and afterwards we had our U.N. parade. We walked from the quadrangle to the outside of school and to the parking lot and back to the court. Another round (sheesh!) and we paraded in circles. Man! Lol.

We squatted when we reached the court and watched the orchestra do their thing. Rofl. Some of the boys were like wow. Haha. Easily impressed, I guess. When they were done, we changed our clothes to civilian. We went downstairs and fixed our hair (again). Aw. We weren't able to watch Fatima and others perform. But I was able to see the performance of Julienne, Megan and Patricia. They sang a chinese song which I didn't understand. (but it was cute haha). And then, Dana Dion (grade 5) played drums and there was this music to add with it. Yehess! Time for the bands to perform. Flaming Frets and Beetle Bugs (i think). The first to perform was Ken's band. Whoo! Go hensen. HAHA! They played Betamax and Paranoid. Hensen was the drummer when they played Betamax and he became the rhythm guitarist during Paranoid. (LOL!! Hensen lang talaga 'no? Wahaha!)

I went back to the booth when Paolo's band was finish to perform. They played Betamax & Tonight. When I went back, I told Ms. Weng that there were still some siomai left. They sold it all when the customers saw it. When I saw Alyana eating her siomai, I asked her if she wanted some toyo. I looked for the toyo I brought and realized it was lost. I asked Ms. Weng if she saw it. And I was like "Teacher! My mom will get mad!". Aiun. They looked for it. And I was like totally worried. But I forgot about it somehow. And finally, they were able to find it. I left it again in the booth. I went with Ken to his house and I played piano there. Haha. First time to go there. Woohoo! And when we got back, I went to the booth again to check out the toyo. It was lost.. again. Well, they fixed everything so Ms. Weng told me that they put it upstairs.

We went to KiCaCo. Tres Marijuanas ft. Tiffany. Vincent also went there. Before that, he gave a rose to Ella. Aww sweet haha. I ordered a Strawberry Soda (maxi) and shared with Pauline. Arielle ordered pasta, I think. Paolo and etc also came to kcc. Ella made libre to them, as always. LMAO. We went back to school as fast as we could because we thought that they weren't going to let us in because t'was already 12:30. When I got to school, I called LC immediately. I asked him why he did that to Hensen (paolo told me everything). LC got mad and I got pissed. But after a few minutes.. I saw Hensen and Ivan together. And damn. Wasted effort, eh! Hahaha. Inaway-away ko pa. Roflmao. Bati na daw, agee. So yeah, peace to lc! Hahaha.

We played robber with the afternoon session but only for a while bcos Mr. Frederick gathered all the graders for the games. We went there and watched the first game. Cat & dog, lol. Grade 1 pupils played and next was Grade 2. 3rd & 4th graders played entrance/patintero (seperated). 5th graders played sac race. Idk who won, haha. At last! It was our turn to play. I was really bored and getting pissed off because of the sun. It's like so init. HAHA. So, we played tag of war. Wooh. Red VS. Blue. Red section won! Oh maan. Next, Orange VS. Yellow. Yellow won. After, Red VS. Yellow. Red won, whoo go red! We requested loser versus loser. Orange versus blue. Only one chance. Duuh we did our best. And yea, we won. Wahoo! Ahaha!

Then, it was time for the afternoon session's living rosary. We all made tambay 'dun sa may tree (behind the other ring). After I got my siomai and toyo container back, I went to Tiffany and bla. We laughed and chatted. When the living rosary ended, LC asked me if I wanted to join robber. Well yeah, I joined. With hannah & ella. GARSH! It was so friggin' fuun. Carl & Jack weren't able to chase me. Haha! Lalo na si Carl. Bwahahaha. So funny. But kj naman. Shawn had an accident. I think he fell from the tower of chairs. Idk. Haha. But yeah, sprain ata. Or something.

Of course, we stopped playing. We just made stories. Yehey! Abraham, me and others laughed about green things. Then, hensen came. They forced him to sit beside me and Dr. Heart's (abraham and jack) tried to hold hensen's hand and mine. Lol. Nakakatawa nga eh. Then I did my plan. I said it. Whoa. Haha! Unbeleevable. Lmao. It's hard to explain though. Sayang! ((:

Well, he left. And I wasn't able to ask him what I planned all of a sudden. I guess I'll just do it tomorrow or something. But yes, jack asked him why he's not talking to me. It's because.. He loves me *daw*. I don't get it. Haha. But I still don't believe. 'Cause jack was the one who asked. Not me. Wahaha. Not able to do my new plan bcos his brother came. And they went home. I went home too. Around 5:10. Luckily, Julienne was still there to accompany me. Wee. Hahaha.

I went to church when I departed from school. And went home after the mass. (:


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12 years.
10.26.2008 ★ 8:12:00 PM

12 years old. (:

I wasn't able to reach 12 AM a while ago. Because I fell asleep. Haha. I woke up around 6 AM. Checked out my phone and noticed I received one message. It was from Ella. And she was the first one to greet me happy birthday. Love you girl! :)

And afterwards, a lot of people greeted me too. Like tiffany, sam, and so on. Thanks, guys! :*

I went downstairs while texting and I went online. Ate Lyka greeted me and I saw some comments from Ate Angie and Ken. They both greeted me and I thanked them. Weee.

A lot of people greeted me via text. So, I thank those people who did greet me. :D
I took a bath and went downstairs. I ate lunch. Played the piano a bit. And blahh.
Today's a pretty simple day for me. Simple yet special. ^^

We went to church around 5 and we took mass. The mass ended by 7 PM and we went home. We weren't able to eat outside. We ate at home and I am now making this blog.

I thank those who didn't forget my birthday. And to those who weren't able to greet me, it's okay. I know that you guys didn't forget it anyway.=)

Love y'all! :D

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Before she turns twelve.
10.25.2008 ★ 5:10:00 PM

Oh goodness. I'm turning 12 in just a few hours and I still can't believe it.

Despite the sadness, I'm still happy and still having fun with my loved ones! ;)
Yesterday, a day full of happiness made me joyous! And today was a glorious day.
Today's the day I celebrated my birthday. Wow, it all rhymed. Perfect! ((:

I woke up early today. Around 6 am. I texted with my friends and sent gm's. I went online and ate breakfast. When the clock stroke 'round 11, I dressed up and picked up my girls. (:

We arrived in City Mall at 12, I think. We went to Worlds of Fun and bought some tickets. We lined up to the bump cars. Yes! It's our turn. LOL. Well, I wasn't that good in driving. But at first, we bumped into the sides. But as time goes by, I was able to bump some of my bump-mates. >:) HAHA

After the 1st round, we bought some tickets again for another ride. This time, I rode with Arielle 'cause I rode with Pauline during the previous ride. Haha. I laughed my guts out! Wait a sec, is that possible? Lol. I had fun riding on bump cars! I was like "kung rav4 nga kaya ko i-drive, ito pa kaya!" ((:

Ohyeaa. In WoF, the girls saw this "cute" guy wearing a brown shirt. They were like so obsessed. Every time the guy walks, they keep on following him. In my opinion, he's okay. HAHA! He's kind of cute, but not actually my type. Sorry, girls. Rofl. And they even told dares about the guy. Talk to him, touch his shoulder, blah, something like that. FUNNY! ((:

After riding on the bump cars, we went to PhotoLine to get our pictures taken. We also reminisced the times we took our pictures in the same room before. Haha. Good times, good times! In our pictures, I was the only one who had different faces/expressions. Wahoo! Hha.

When our pictures were taken, we went upstairs to check out some stuff. We went to Penshoppe and saw some gorgeous clothes. I liked this shirt. And ella's going to buy it for me as a birthday gift. Yey! That's the shirt I was craving for ever since I heard about it. It's the Ninoy Aquino shirt. :DD

Next, we took our lunch in Shakey's. And gosh, we had no place to sit in. There were a lot of people! And we "sorta" managed sitting in a table of 4. (but we were actually 8). Haha! Yes. In one chair, two people sat on it. Like chyea. The coolest ever. Bwahaha! We were laughing out ourselves because we had a hard time in eating. But we sure did have a hearty meal. (:

We went back upstairs and checked out some shops. Tres Marijuanas went to Kaprichosa, Bench and ended up in Penshoppe with the other girls. I was supposed to buy this cute shirt with a heart on the center but it was too expensive for a simple shirt. But then, when I was looking for something else to buy, I saw this cute top that I liked. It's a light-blue shirt with desings on it. I'm planning on wearing it during our U.N.! Yep, I bought it. Haha! And there was a discount! So I bought a perfume since I had some money left. Oh! We even saw sir's Alvin & Gerard in front of Penshoppe. They asked me for libre. Waha! I gave sir Alvin the leftover pizza we took out from Shakey's. But sir Gerard told me to make libre to him on Monday. I agreed because I was too busy looking for shirts. Ahaha.

When I bought my top and perfume, Pauline, Alyana, Ella and I went downstairs to get our developed pictures in photoline. We left Mary, Hannah, Sam, Tiffany, Alyana and Arielle in the mall since Pauline and I had to go. We said our goodbye's and we left. I took Pauline to Kingfisher (where her driver is) and she left as well.


Advance happy birthday to moi. (1026)

I heart my girls.
-- Pauline; Arielle; Samantha; Tiffany; Mary; Hannah; Alyana;

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Ang dami mong alam, umuwi ka na! ((:
★ 7:15:00 AM

Well, Howdee. :)
No blogs for yesterday bcos of indolence. I was too sleepy to make a blog. So, sorry!

Yesterday was hella fun. [:

Friday again. But MayPanCake wasn't able to go to kcc. ):
Hahaha. That's okay! :D

Here's how the story goes ::
Arrived. They told me that the mini fair's going to be next year. ):
@ Science. We had an elimination for Science Quiz Bee. And Ms. Ruth discussed. (Nope, I didn't listen at all) :))
@ Hekasi. Another elimination. And yay! I was picked. (: Me, Kristine & Anton. And we had this poem writing [tagalog]. I got 95 (grade). ^^
@ Filipino. Discussion 'bout Konotasyon/Denotasyon. I listened a bit. Too busy talking to people, though.
- Recess. && we ate at the court. with Mary. I ate 2 cream-o's and drank cowhead. [:
activity [filipino] reference [science] reference [hekasi]
Dismissed. We waited for Jhuliano and others bcos we will go to the mall. And then, we went to Nepo Mall (rode in Mary's car). First, we went to Robinson's Department Store. We weren't able to pick some decorations (for halloween) because the decorations there were pretty lame. We went to PhotoLine for pictures. Haha! Then, we went downstairs to Magic Bookstore. We bought our decorations there but we bought only a few. Since they only had several halloween designs displayed inside. After, we ate lunch at Greenwich. Pizza, pizza! Lol.
After eating, Jhuliano & Ahggai and us, split up. The girls went upstairs to get the photos in photoline and Jhuliano & ahggai left already. We left too, after we got the pictures. We rode on a jeepney! Haha. We were like so noisy in there! Even the driver told us to behave. ((: Because we were laughing so hard. Ahaha. Then, we arrived to school. When we got there, we immediately made our Photo Journalism. OMG. We were like mega-cramming that time! And we were in a rush. At last! I finished mine. Also Hannah's & Tiffany's. When we were done, we passed it to Ms. Vangie and we left. But Arielle and Pauline weren't done yet so they finished it and they waited for each other.


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10.23.2008 ★ 6:01:00 PM

Before I start my story-telling, Happy Birthday JV Lim! :)

And today, we had our living rosary practice. I brought my guitar to school, too. But I wasn't able to use it that much. Because I'm not good anyways.

Well, I wasn't late. And I wasn't early at school either. I went upstairs and I saw Arielle and others. Afterwards, I went to Arts Area with Paolo and the gang. We played the guitar and so. Then, I went to P.E. Area with Rica. When the rosary ended, we went downstairs and I forgot why we did such a thing. To get some needed things, I think. The practice started around 8. Wait, I'm not sure. But yeah, we did start our practice when Sir Romy called us.

I can't remember how many practices we had but whatever, I have to admit, it was so hot in there. I was like about to be dehydrated. So freaking hot inside. I had no water, too. And I felt pretty hungry while practicing because yeah, we practiced for hours. Finally, the break which we all were waited for happened. Our break was for 50 minutes. 10:10am to 11am. I ate Mr. Chips and choco mucho and C2 to add with it. Oh yeah, when we were about to go downstairs, I pushed sir Frederick. (:

When it was time to resume our practice, we went upstairs with sir Frederick. I kept on pushing him. And he didn't get mad, not even at least one time. Also glad that he didn't give me any sad memos or violation action reports. And I have to say, I want a violation action report or something. Plus, a trip to the principal's office. HEH. Alright, maybe I'm not that serious right now. But yeah, I do miss going to the principal's office. Roflmao.

At last! Our practice ended. Well, after the last practice, which was 11:45, I guess, sir Frederick told us that it was our free time. Like last week. Yey's and whoo's.

We played robber during our free time and even when the teachers told us that we can go home. Well, we played robber with the afternoon session, too. So it was afternoon versus morning. I have no idea who won. But I know that I was able to chase some of the afternoon students. E.g., vincent, christian, etc. I must say, I had fun playing with them. Even though I was too serious chasing them.

Arielle and others left me at school because they went to the mall. I stayed in school with Mary, Alyana and etc. Mary left, though. But Alyana stayed with me in school because I think they have this workshop or something. She "played" with my guitar. And then, I told her that I'll play the piano. We got the keys from Ms. Irene and there, I played the piano. With Erika and danielle, too. When Erika and Danielle left, we tried to lock the piano and give back the keys to Ms. Irene.

When I returned back the keys, I went downstairs. I put my ankle support and talked to Shawn and Erar. After a few minutes, Paolo arrived. He asked me if I saw KM, I told him I didn't. We checked out Jil's, if they were there. They weren't there so we went back to school. Shawn bought a litre of pepsi and erar bought cracklings. We ate and talked. Laughed a bit and so. Alyana also appeared that time. Although, it was like they (shawn & others) don't want Alyana to be there. Haha.

While we were talking, we saw KM and JV walking from the canteen. And we ran towards them and we went to Jil's. LC, Abraham and Hensen were there too, practicing and using the band instruments. When their time was finished, Paolo, JV and KM had their band practice. Suddenly, Arvin appeared too. KM and JV were screaming because of excitement. We tried playing Betamax. They told me to sing Betamax because I know the lyrics. Like omg, the instruments were so loud they can't even hear my voice. And we haven't perfected Betamax because Paolo kept on laughing whenever JV made mistakes. :)) Yeah, JV was so funny that time. So we were like laughing and laughing AND laughing. Hahaha.

We left Jil's around 3 and went back to school 'cause the three of them had their basketball practice. When I got back, I went upstairs with Paolo and Arvin. When we got downstairs, I saw Ken and Noel playing my guitar. I got it back and I left as well.

Even if time flied so fast, I still had fun somewhat. (:

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10.20.2008 ★ 4:04:00 PM

Supposedly, today was our newscasting. But then, Ms. Vangie postponed it tomorrow. Because she didn't settle the things in the area and she didn't prepare the stuff for our communicative activity yet. Therefore, she told us that we should be all ready tomorrow, Oct 21.

Ha! I was kind of excited. Lol. But actually, I wasn't. But I got a bit disappointed when I heard about the postponement. So, yeah. Boohoo. ((:

Mkay, mkay. Monday!!
As of what I told you before, I find a monday a boring day. Although, I realized that monday's pretty cool. Hahalol. Idk what got into my mind. But yes, monday. Bwahaha. Maybe it's because of the spelling, discussion, activity. (OMG! Am I clarisse or what?!) =))

-- Math&Geometry. Well, we had our Surface Area discussion but then this "new" teacher gave us a demonstration for a while. Yahoo! No discussion. Wahaha! Her demonstration was about Verbs, blahh. One of her sentences was incorrect grammar. Lol. I laughed so hard that time. Demonstration? Nahh. More like damnation to me! Kidding. :))
-- Language. Okay, we thought that today was the newscasting. Luckily, we asked teacher first before dressing-up or else we have to put back our uniforms. Lol. But some of the boys were dressed-up when they got inside. Whew. Haha. Instead, ms. Carina read us this weird story. And she assigned us to make a story of our own. Which means, own creation. No copying! My story was entitled.. Oh! Not gonna tell you. You might copy it and yeah, it's a unique title. Nyahaha! :b
Paolo's title was so damn funny. Narnia Prince Caspillan. HAHA. =)) No copying but then, ha?! LMFAOOO.
-- Reading. Spelling spelling spelling! Well, I thought I was going to be the highest (again. roflmao). But then, others got 9 and I got only 7. :( 7 again! Haha. But at least I was the highest last and last last spelling. xD We had our SSR, but I didn't recite today. I was too busy messing with Paolo & Abraham. Hha. I made stupid dares just to get my things back. Yep, they got my things. Dang! ((:
[[Recess]]. Our plan worked! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Me & Pauline were the only ones who took recess together. I ate Dana's cinammon roll and I bought Oreo + Royal in-can. (Wait! Does oreo have melamine? Oh well, just wondering. I don't care anyway. LOL.)

* I.W.
?? math. uhh, an activity + copied our homework.
?? language. we continued writing our own story. ahh! still ain't done yet.
?? reading. copied the spelling words and response log. as always, i was the first one who finished everything!(: [whatt? yes, i'm bragging >:)]

| Dismissal | Well, we had our so-called practice for the news-casting. But if you ask me, I don't call it a practice. Maybe just another case of stupidity. HAHA. Very funny. Yep. Still not prepared. What the heck?! Who cares anyway. ((:

We left while Mary was reciting her Sports News. Lol!! Yea, we left her. And she got mad. ((:
I think that was exactly 1 PM when me&&pauline left. Uhuh, we both left together. ^__^

xo .clare

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We proved them wrong.
10.17.2008 ★ 7:13:00 PM

Boo! MG's the best. And DWAD sucks! No offense.

*Today's Friday. You know the drill... MayPanCake Day! :)

So, today.. I went to school. I saw Pauline. We both went upstairs. And blahh. We saw Ella. A li'l chat here and there. Flag ceremony. We thought we were going to have our practice. But then, we didn't. So, we had our classes. Urgh.

*Science -- No quiz, people! Hahaha.
*Hekasi -- We had this group thing-y. And we picked Tula.
*Filipino -- Okay, after the prayer, Ms. Shirley called us. Then, we went to Math Area. Me and Rica. With Shaira & Julienne. Elimination for YMCA thing-y. Haha. Got 9 out of 25. :)
RECESS : I forgot what I ate. Haha. Wait, I think I didn't eat at all. Oh yea, a bottle of Nestea ice.

/filipino/ haha. we laughed at the children outside. basta, 'don sa may la sallete. :)) and we did the activity.
/science/ i did nothing. sorry, babes. :b
/hekasi/ activity. haha, so easy. x)

DISMISSAL : Kk, we went to different places. But when I sat in the umbrella tree, near LC's place, Hensen apologized. Basta, I think he's mad. But, I still.. :p I cried also kanina. LOL. Because of him. And Ella cried because of *toot*. :)) Pauline played those sad music. Haha!

Then, we went to DWAD. Uhh. Tres Marijuanas rode on a tricycle. I screamed. I said "MAHAL KO SI..!!" haha. Inside the tricycle, of course. Aiun. We got there. Saw Jhuliano and others. Blah. Umupo sa tapat ng Enso. Etc, etc. Basketball players arrived and we went to DWAD. We went inside the gym, found a place where to sit. Hha. Go MG! I got pissed off because of the DWAD students. They were like insulting our school. I almost made a scene right there. Good thing I didn't. :))

Oh.. We screamed our hearts out in the game. Haha. And guess what? We won!! I forgot the score. 50 something ata 'yong DWAD and 60 something tayo. Weee! Yey, we love MG! :> Laos pala tayo ah. Aww. Sinong laos ey? KAYO! YOOOU SUCK! :)) [the war doesn't end..YET] xD

The game ended around 3:30PM. We rode in Ian's car. Wuh, thanks Ian! :D And when we got to school, we were bragging the MG won. YAY. Haha. And we went straight to kcc. Grabe. Daming order ni Ella. KiCaCo Club, Fish Fillet, Fish N' Fries, French Fries, French Toast, One soda and a something. Basta drink siya. Haha! Ang gastos. 1,020 ang bill. Oh. Ivan & Ian went to kicaco too. Kaso nahhihiya sila kumuha ng food. So, yeah. LMAO. Ian threw french fries on my skirt. Wahaha! Ang messy ng uniform namin. Food fight!! :))

We went back to school. We took-out our orders. Hindi namin maubos eh. ROFL. When we got back, we gave it to Noel and Justin. Blahh. Tawanan with basketball players. Noel and divino (ata) even jumped over us. Haha! And nilibre sila ni Ella. Haha. Yeah. Laughtrip with afternoon session + varsity. :))

Pauline & I left around 5. :)

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There is always a second.
10.16.2008 ★ 5:55:00 PM

Oh by the way, it's my lolo's birthday today. Happy Birthday, 'lo! We miss you. And we know that you're happy up there. =)

If you think the title is about chances. Then you're wrong. HAHA, BOBO! :)) [kidding.]
You will soon understand why I typed that title when you keep reeding my blog. So keep reading!

Today's Thursday. PE, yep! We were told that we were going to have our practice/s for the living rosary. Yeah, we had our practice. After the rosary, (daily rosary before classes start), Sir Romy && Sir Frederick gathered 6th and 5th graders in the P.E. room. He called our names. And we went to the positions where we were assigned and there you have it, a living rosary. First practice @ PE. And the second in the quadrangle/court. After the practice in the court, we had our recess. Yey! I ate two cream-o's and one carton of fresh milk. Haha, the small one, duuh. When the bell rings, we went upstairs to PE area and time for practice.

Practicing really makes me sleepy. Haha, sleepy-head! I thought we were going to have 2
practices, but naah. We only had one. Whoo. After the last practice, we were supposed to be having our last subject. But they decided that it will be our free-time. Which means, we did nothing today. Yipeee! Free-time, of course, robber! ((:
Robber today? Had fuun. Bcos I was only caught one time by Paolo. Ah yes, when I was chasing Paolo, I pulled his patch or pocket and it ripped, but not all of it. Just a portion of it. Haha, just look at his PE t-shirt next week, and then you'll notice it. But it depends if he'll stitch it. ((:

1PM. YMCA Officers' Election 2008-2009 (Grade 6 only)
That soo made me mad. First of all, I was elected as Sub-Tresurer. (:
[wow, yabang]. Anyhow, the afternoon session dominated the election. Whyy? 'Cause almost of all of them had positions. Tss. President : Manuel Yao. V-Pres : Samuel?! My golly. And Ms. Vivian also scolded us because we raised our hands when Alain's name was mentioned. She told us that we should vote for the person who's deserving. Kk, we got "hit" by what she said. Stop voting for Alain! Don't vote anymore. Although, I have this question. Is Samuel deserving to be a Vice President?! Dang. And sayang, if Micah && Pauline were inside the room, Paolo should have won the position of Adonis. Oh, Arielle was also elected for Business Manager. =) I think only 5 from the morning session had positions among the YMCA officers. ((:

After the election, I went with Joseph, Mary, Anton, Tiffany and Justin to DigiLinks. I left Pauline && others in school without asking for permission. Sorry, guys. Lol. Mary printed her news in DLL. And Anton searched for world news. Then, he printed it, too. Afterwards, we didn't want to waste Justin's money so we surfed the internet. Hahahaha. Around 2, I think.. We went back to school. We saw Pauline && Ella. They told me that they were looking for me like forever. And Marion plus Sherwin were also looking for (ahem) Hensen. Idk why. Nawawala rin daw siya. :)) Tapos they tried to call the both of us, pareho daw cannot be reached or no answer. HAHA.
They searched for us everywhere. Then, Paolo said "baka nag-tanan na!". ROFL. =))

Aiun. We had our "practice". Na-memorize ko na 'yong first paragraph. Yahoo. After nun, tinamad na kami. We just played and fooled around. ((: E tapos, nung mga 4. Tumakbo kami nila Ella dun sa may flag-pole ta takbuhan daw. Pagkaapak ko sa flag pole, natapilok ako and sabay hulog sa floor. And medyo nauntog ulo ko sa floor. AAH!! MALAS. Umiyak ako, 'di ko nakayanan. Gaarsh. Madrama ako kanina, grabs. LOL. I cried. And I used Kristine's handkerchief. :>

Oh, 'di ba natapilok ako? Nagkaroon ULIT ako ng ankle sprain. Oh damn. Why am I so frickin' hapless? Gaahd. So emotional that time. Aiun. Naglakad ako sa flagpole. Paikot-ikot. Sobrang daming beses. 'Til the clock strikes 5. 'Nung five na, Pauline and I left. So, yeah. I didn't eat lunch, by the way. Harharr.

Dude, ang sakit ng ankle ko. AGAIN. As usual. ((:

Sige-sige, just stay strong. But I'm being weaker. :|
Farewell, 'til the next blog!

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A few minutes after the clock striked 9.
10.15.2008 ★ 9:02:00 PM

Haha. Honestly, the title was supposed to be "Before the clock strikes 9".

But then, when I got back to this room, the clock said 9. So yeah, it was too late. Sayang naman 'yong title! Amp. :)) But at least, now you know, right? Cool title, eh? :))

Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday.
It's Wednesday, everyone! Yipee! NOT.
Okaay, went to school. And blah. I saw my name in the Scientists' of the Week. And Arielle's name, too. Say thanks to me, I helped her in the quiz! ((:
Ohyea. We had this YMCA Science Quiz Bee Elimination. PM me for the questions! HAHA. Too late. Bawal na! VI Orange had their elimination a while ago, too. So, elimination's closed. Lol.
We had our discussion 'bout Ecosystem in Science. I listened, yes I did. :P
Hekasi, discussion about U.N. (: Listened again, yaayy!
Uhh. Ms. Vangie told us something in Filipino. We wrote in our story journal. :D *Kahanga-hangang Tao*

Recess. I bought Dutch Mill, the small one. (Yep! The cute one) LOL. And oreo. =)
Afterwards, me, Alain, Paolo and Ella went to Computer Area so that we could do our presentations. Although, we decided to do it when class dismisses.

I.W. Ella and I joined Dana's group during i.w. (Yes, we changed!). In science, I copied a reference and did the activity. In hekasi, another reference 'bout UN. In filipino, we copied our incomplete references.

12:20PM! Time for elimination. Elimination for the Provincial Bible Quiz Bee. Only a few of us joined the elimination among the grade 6 students. Those were Me (of course), Ella, Dana, Ahggai, Raffy, Jhuliano and Alain. But before the elimination, we tried to wait for other 6th graders to come but no one came. So, we proceeded to the elimination. It was only up to 10. I wasn't sure of my answers right there. But zomg, I got 7 out of 10!! :D So did Raffy & Jhuliano. Alain also got a score of 7. But we caught him changing his answer before we checked our papers. Eventually, I, Raffy and Jhuliano were the ones who were picked for the said quiz bee. YEY! So proud of myself. Lmao. (:
Congrats to meee! And of course to Jhuliano && Raffy. ^^

Lunch Break. Um. I bought mountain dew in-can and a sundae with toppings. Lol. I left my can of softdrink to Dana. Bcos I played robber with the other boys. And somehow, I decided to stop playing because the game was like blah. Got pissed, I think. Oh yea, Luis (the twin of Victor) tripped. I think the reason why he tripped was because of me. Hahahaha, forgive me but I couldn't stop laughing that time. I guess I pushed him that's why he tripped. But yeah. It wasn't my fault he was too heavy. HAHA! Alyana let us check out her vintage camera. Her camera was pretty difficult to use but I managed to take some hideous shots somewhat. ((:
Then, it was time for EPP! Alyana also showed us our old photographs during the U.N. when we were 3rd graders, I think so. Funneh! Hahaha.

EPP. Argh. Stitching is the worst evaa. I keep on doing my work over and over again. Because I always make mistakes. I think I did my work for 4 times. Tss. So much for hard-working (?). I was so quiet that time and I felt like being alone. Therefore, I did my work silently and I was alone when I was about to do my work around 3. Maybe I just really got pissed of my clumsy works. ((:

Dismissed! Before dismissal, Ms. Analyn lectured us. Well, maybe them. Not us. Hahaha. Basta. Hard to explain. But we were really satisfied when we were dismissed. My head was about to explode in that room. By the way, we were like prisoners in there. 'Cause teacher put this sort of ribbon by the door so that nobody could open the door or go outside of the room. So, yeah. Pff. Tambay tambay. I left when the afternoon session's bell rang. (their recess ended)


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I still love you. Don't you know?
10.12.2008 ★ 8:38:00 PM

Dear Blog,
          Hi! I'm finally done with my homework. But I haven't got out of my frustration yet. I don't know how to get out. I'm still frustrated. I guess I should just let out my anger and enmity. It's sunday. A sunday before a damn week. Damn? 'Cause I guess this week's going to be harsh. I have no idea why.

         I'm scared to go to school. I don't want to see his face. I might cry when I see him. It's hard to explain. It's just too depressing. And I can't help it. It's hard to get out of this misery. I guess I just have to deal with it.
        Maybe I should tell you about the things that happened today. Or maybe I shouldn't? Okay. I will. Since I have nothing else to do. And since I want to catch the attentions of viewers/readers of my blog. I don't want to make them bored you know. That's not my purpose. Well, obviously.

Today, I woke up around 8 AM. I went downstairs. Washed my face and played the piano for a while. Afterwards, I ate my breakfast. When I was done eating, I used the computer. The one outside, that is. My brother was still sleeping that time so I wasn't able to use the PC inside his room. I chatted here and there. Chatted with him, her and them. I bathed around 11, I think. And ate lunch. Oohh. Sorry, I forgot what else happened that time. Forgive me!

But around 4-5 PM, I had my piano lessons. My teacher gave me two assignments. Give Love On Christmas Day and Chopsticks. She didn't hear Für Elise because I don't know.

We left 5:30, perhaps? We went to church. Because we were going to mass. We took mass from 6 to 7 PM. We arrived home. I read some parts of The Diary of Anne Frank. Then, my mom called me for supper. We ate dinner without my brother because he went to someplace. I was trying to read Anne Frank after I ate. But I was too indolent to finish the whole thing. Oh goodness. It's so long! Probably 10 pages or more. I'm not that industrious to do so. Therefore, I decided to use the computer and just search for my so-called book report or story outline of Anne Frank. Yay! I was able to search for the answers. And now, I don't have to worry about my homework. Even though I didn't read the story, I don't have any blanks at all. Whew! ((:

Relief, relief. No hassles. (:
What's up with you guys? I'm stuck in this sweet tragedy. But I can't get out somewhat. Move on. I know, you don't have to lecture me, honey. Currently searching for the meaning of lecture. LOL. Anyhoo, tomorrow's the elimination for the spelling bee for the festival of words. Wish me luck, dearies. I want to join in this quiz bee. Listed in my "list of quiz bees i want to join". Harhar. Just cross fingers for me, will you? Thank yous.

Terrifying! He's going to be in the morning session tomorrow. With Ken and Ivan. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just ignore him or whatever. And yes, he's going to join the Blue Session. I'm so hapless. But what the hell. I guess I should just stop worrying and stop thinking about it. It just makes me go crazy. LMAO.

That's all for October 12. Break it down, yo!
LOL. 14 days more. <3



Let's talk about Friday.
10.11.2008 ★ 11:47:00 AM

Friday, friday.
YAYY!! ((:
GDO again. :D

Around 7
Flag Ceremony + Got the glasses from Frances. && wore them, duh. LOL.

We had our quiz. Hahaha. *crosses fingers* (about Volcano).

We made flags out of blah. LOL. We made the flag of China. Melamine scare!! :))

Discussion. About parts of a magazine. Ahaha. But we didn't listen. Only a bit. Bwahaha.

Recess ♥
@ the court. But then, it rained. (well, drizzle). Then it stopped. Haha. Phew!

I.W. We copied a reference. (Science). We continued our flag-making. (Hekasi). I copied a reference and did the activity. (Filipino).

Dismissal ♥
Robber with others. We stopped when Sir Francis called Paolo && Louis.
Ooh, before we went to KiCaCo, there was something that happened! LMAO. Ella was trying to play with Migi (kuya Danny's baby son) but then natumba si Migi. Tawanan kami nila Pau! :)) 'Ya know why? 'Cause Ella ran fast as she could when she saw Migi lying on the ground. Crying, of course. Grabe. So fuunny. =))

(Strawberry Smoothie Maxi & Salami blah & Peach Soda & Fish N' Fries & Fudge)
I think that's all. :)) Talked about people. Laughed out loud. Blah. We left 'round 2.

Back to School
Ella, Pauline and I went to Music Area so that I could play the piano. But then, Ms. Irene didn't allow me to use the piano because Sir Frederick was handling a class. And so, we went to the pre-school area. We saw Ms. Annie. (Lc's mom). We were bored that time. Then she said, "I-visit niyo si LC dun sa taas!". And we were like whoa. Haha. And so, we did. But we looked for LC first because we were scared to go up by ourselves. Haha! Whoo. At last, he finally guided us upstairs. Wee. Ang gandaaa! You can feel the breeze up there. :)

We went downstairs to take Ella to the gate bcos she was gonna leave. And, we went to Music Area (pau&lc&me) so I could play the piano. The piano was eek. Für Elise. :( Sounded awful. tsss.

We went downstairs. Talked. Blah. && Abraham + Prince arrived from somewhere. We went to them. Abraham was supposed to eat the panis na Carbonara. ((: But we didn't have any money to pay him so he didn't eat it. But he told me he ate it. I don't believe him, though. :p

We left when Abraham was about to eat it. Boohoo! ROFL.

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10.09.2008 ★ 3:11:00 PM

Don't mind the title. It's senseless. And I also don't know why I typed that. Weird.

Okaay. My last post was Friday. Which means I haven't blogged for almost a week. Since today's Thursday, I haven't blogged for 6 days. Yep. Aah, I gotta make stories!

Saturday. I dunno why I didn't post any blog. Maybe I had nothing to tell. Weekends are boring after all.
Sunday. Same with the sentence/s I said about Saturday. Weekends rock! NOT, Psycho.
Monday. Dang! Our PC was broken. Kk, I mean still broken. The TV monitor won't go on (TV monitor, our monitor's a TV. :D). Maybe it overheated. Or something. So I wasn't able to use the internet. Wah.
Tuesday. The computer still won't go on. Instead of the red light, it turns into orange. Ah! It's really hard to explain. So why should I explain? HA HA. :))
Wednesday. Ooh. Mom bought a new PC. Which I am using right now. In my personal opinion, I still LOVE the old computer. This one's not that good but still fine. I just think the old one's better. 'Cause the old screen's bigger. The new keyboard's friggin' hard. And the speakers are pfft. Hahaha. (I probably should stop whining && just suck it up ^^). I also had my piano lessons yesterday. Woot! Für Elise, babeh! :DD
Thursday. Hm. Today, when I got to school. We played robber. I went to the rosary. Arts time! We did this alien shaped-numbers. Blah. Yes! We didn't present today. Sir francis was late. ((: We're so lucky, uhuh! LOL. CL!! We did nothin'. But we went to the Clinic first for this dental check-up thingy. And then, free-play!!!! Haha. Recess, too. Of courrsee, we played robber! :b Recess. I only drank buko juice. Idk how many I drank. But I have to tell you, I drank many! ROFL. P.E. We did those cross-postions with a racket. && free-play. Yaayy! Mary & I played badminton. And same with me and Alain. && time for Music. We did this activity. Boring. Ms. Irene didn't bring the key to the piano. :( hahaha.
DISMISSAL! Robber. Of course. With paolo & others. But. We stopped playing because everyone was too tired and so. We ate popsicle sticks. Afterwards, Pauline + Tiffany left already. Then, Ella left too. I was left with Samantha. We ate lunch. Blah. When sam left, Kristine, Hannah and I went to Science area. Abraham & LC went there, too. So, yeah. Ahaha.

We talked, chatted. Blah, blaah. Next, I left already. Haha.

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10.03.2008 ★ 6:50:00 PM

Uhh. Heyy. ((:
Today's Friday. GDO, GDO!
Ahaha. Just keep reading, dude.

Well. Today's pretty fun. Ayt, maybe SUPER FUN!! Hahaha! Science, ac + ref. Hekasi, discussion. Filipino, discussion rin. Recess @ pre-school. [as usual. ;p] I.W. science, ref. Filipino, ac. Hekasi, ac.
Dismissal na, right? So.. time for robber! LOL. Uh. Robber with Hensen, Sherwin, Ella, Pauline, Dana, etc. When hensen and others left, other Grade four students joined. Aiun. We got tired. And so, maypancake decided to go to kcc.
We ordered..
* Cherry Italian Chilled Soda, Seafood Balls, Nachos, Banana Loaf, KiCaCo Espresso Dessert, Strawberry Soda, Banana Split, Watermelon Soda *
Haha! Too many. Magastos kami eh! ROFL. Anyhoo, I had tons of fun! :D Oh yeah, we also watched iCarly in kcc. So cool!! And we were soo insane there. We laughed the hell out of us! After iCarly, we watched MTV. Ella & I were dancing because of the music videos. LOL!! Grabe, if you were there, you might laugh at us! Ate anne laughed at us nga eh! And we also made this super crazy video! Soon to be uploaded on Ella's multiply. After paying for the bill, we went upstairs where Prince and Noel are. They were using the computers. Blah. And then, we went back to school. Haha! We brought the cherry [from the banana split] with us. Accidentally, Pauline dropped the cherry. But before that, we each took pictures of ourselves with the cherry. Whew! LMAO.
We bought plastic balloon from the canteen. And we made anak ng cockroach. Originally by Arielle Torio + Pauline Soriano. Ahaha. And we showed it to Divino. At first, he believed that it was anak ng cockroach. But then he touched it and yes, nabuhos yung water. ((: LOL. And we learned something from Divino. 'Yung supitbol. AHAHAHA. Then, Ken lifted ivan from his back. We copied 'em. And blah. Basta, funnyy. LOL. We played robber with the 4th graders during their recess. I think Dipsi got mad bcos I caught him. Basta, parang I scratched him. Hahahaha. Aiun. We played but too bad, while we were having fun, it was their time already. Huu.
We just decided to make kwentos with Divino. Haha. May nalaman nanaman kami! Nice! Waha. And yeah, we were vain! Took pictures. ;p When sherwin and others were going to Computer, I saw hensen walking in pre-school area. You know what? A kiss! Again, on the cheek, of course. ;) Waah. Kilig!!! ((:
Ooh. We saw some freshies. Uhh. Namely: Kuya's Ivo, Chris, Julien. Blaah. Harhar. Aah, we left maybe quarter to 5? Uhuh. :DD


MayPanCake <3>

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Burnin' bridges, makin' wishes.
10.02.2008 ★ 5:25:00 PM

Pards!! ((:
Hooooi. Ei yew, hey there. Haha.

Musta na ey? Buhay ka pa ba? I'm not dead yet. =p

Wah. Yesterday, no classes. Yaaayy! :D
But yesterday was pretty boring. Pff. I had my piano lessons, though.
Uhh. I learned new chords. Ahaha. And I know how to play some songs.

Well, I'm going to be forthright, I was too lazy to go to school today but yuhh, I had to. LOL.
Erm. First, we had our rosary. Ha, I was one of the leaders. Arg. But I didn't really want to. ((:

_** Arts -- We did nothing. Haha. As usual. 'Cause Pauella&&I completed last Friday, rememba?
_** Computer -- Nothing, again. Wooh! Ahaha! Dana and I made a new game. Grabe.
We laughed, laughed and laughed! Funnnyyy. ;p
_** CL -- Um, reference! But before that, we had this discussion. Which we just laughed about. ((:
_** Recess -- I ate Yakisoba + Sprite [in can]. We ate at the dating tambayan. MayPanCake + Dana. ^^
_** PE -- Sir Romy taught us parts of the racket&shuttlecock. And he taught us some cross-positions. Hihihi!
_** Music -- We got our new proper places. And there was someone who was assigned to write the noisy/behave. In our table, Jann Patrick was picked to write. Then, we copied our reference.

DISMISSAL : YEY! Robber time. Woohoo! :P Well. I got hit by a ball. Above my head. Haha! It didn't hurt, I'm being honest. ;p Oyea. And Louis slipped ata. He slipped in the mud part. That's why his back was full of mud or somethin. Yeah. And Anton was like, "You have no sympathy!!". Haha. Because some of 'em were laughing. Or maybe.. Most of them. Well, I, too, laughed. But, I think I was just forcing myself to laugh. Blaah. ((:

That's all. Oohlala, friday again tomorrow! D:

Bye, honey!
xo -clare


Between the bruises and the sprains.
10.01.2008 ★ 10:14:00 AM

Hello.. My last post was Saturday. And I wasn't able to use the computer yesterday.
Blah. Pretty busy these days, eh? LOL.

/sept. 28/
Whoops. Sorry, dear. I didn't make a blog.
Too busy working with ma presentation. ((:

/sept. 29/
Monday. Normal day. Robber during dismissal. :P

/sept. 30/
Woo. Tues. Well, when I got to school.. We played robber. And in the middle of playing, nadapa ako. Yay? HAHA. And I have this sugat. But, I still played after I got that sugat. And then, I got a bruise in my finger. Blah. Hahaha.
Math? Quiz. I got one mistake. Yipee. After math, we went to the clinic.
Aiun, ginamot yung sugat. Language? Discussion. Reading? Post test. 10!! :D
Recess : We ate with Megan + others. (:
I.W. -- Math; Copied h.w. And answered book. Language; Activity.
Reading; Activity + Elimination for Poem Writing. Woot, I got 19/20. ^^
LunchBreak. Syempre, robber ulit. Even if I have a sugat, go go go pa rin!
Hahaha. Pasakit si Keith. But thank goodness, he left! Aiun, sumama ako.
But 'twas kinda boring so I stopped playing. We had a "talk". [me, ella, etc]
Time for Computer!! I thought 'di na-save ang aking presentation sa CD.
But then... Andun pala sa loob! ((: Malas! Or should I say swerte? Ahaha!
Dismissal. We made tambay in Pau's car for a lil while. Then, she left.
Me, ella, tiff stayed in school. Ella, I and Raffy played robber.
We got tired and stopped. Aiun. Just sat and talked.
Tawanan with Gr.4 peeps during their recess time. Haha. Funneh.
We both left when my fetcher was there. Me and Ella.

That's all. Stay strong, everyone!
'Cause being weak won't give you miracles.

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