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Blue Eagles!
1.29.2009 ★ 7:55:00 PM

-- About the title.. In our sports fest, our team is called "blue eagles". :P
Yesterday, I didn't post a blog because I was too busy searching for cheers and yells for our team. And I slept early 'cause I need to. Well, in Science, there was a surprise quiz. We were like, whaaat?!? But thanks to Dana, she helped me. LOL!! And I got a perfect score. Woo. On the other hand, we made our scripts for our dialogue in Hekasi 'bout the Philosophers of Enlightenment. Meanwhile, we were suppose to have a radio dialogue in Filipino. Although, we were too noisy and so, we just read a story and we had an activity. Recess, I think I ate dewberry? :))

I.W. -- SCI: reference. HEK: dialogue. I recited "Voltaire". My grade was 89 because I was laughing. Haha. FIL: reference, again. I also got mad at Prince and I screamed on his face. Hihi.
Lunch Break -- We ate Taipan + chit-chatted. :P
EPP -- Ms. Analyn grouped us for our dialogue. I was in Kristine's group and I added a few lines in our dialogue. We'll perform it next week, I think.
DISMISSAL -- Dismissed early. All we did was practice and after that, we tried playing volleyball which was so hard to play. So, we just sat down and had a little talk. :D


Today, we had our graduation pictorial. I woke up early just to blowdry my hair and to put rollers on. I arrived early in school. There, I saw Tiffany and Arielle. We went upstairs and Tiffany used the flat iron to flatten my hair [?]. Haha. Then, Pauline & Mary arrived. After that, Hannah arrived too with her freaky hairstyle [peace!]. LMAOO. We went inside Arts Area. And Dana ironed my hair again. She made it better! Wee. When we got bored, we went downstairs to play volleyball. Then, 'twas time for the graduation pictorial. In Computer area, there were 6th graders, the photographer, and etc. We went inside and our group was the last one who got picturs taken. In our group, I was the first one. The toga was so big and Mitchell & Divino were making fun of us. Haha.

We didn't have class today. Oh, after the pictorial, we dressed up. Then, something happened to Arielle. The door in the cr was pushed into her right eyebrow and there was an open wound. We went to the clinic and the school nurse said that she will get 2 stiches. OMG! The nurse called her dad, we went to lmc, and we called her sister in HS. LC, Ivan, Paolo, Erwin, Noel, us & others went to lmc, too. It took time when Ella got her stitches even though she only got 2. Her eyes were so red because of crying. Siigh. Afterwards, she left with her dad and ate lunch at Jano's.

We went back to school. And we saw the IRAA players. They had a basketball practice in school. Waa! Yay. HAHA. You know why I want them to practice in MG, right? LOL. Um, we just ate, talked and watched them play basketball. Pauline & Tiffany left. I was with Sam the whole time. We ate sweet corn, watched basketball practice, and chatted. At 5pm, we went to Math area and I returned my card to sir Vincent. After giving it back, we went downstairs and both of us left. I went to St. Therese because my mom was there and I saw Razon & Marty [iraa players], again in DWAD! :P

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1.27.2009 ★ 8:52:00 PM

Hey hey ho. :)

My apologies, dear blog.. I haven't been posting entries a few days ago. Well, forgive me for being so busy and lazy at the same time. Psh. :))

Um, my mom and I watched "Bedtime Stories" - A Disney movie that is so nice. :) Then, we went to church. Oh!! -- I saw Girlie, Gabo & Erika there. :D

I did my EPP project and I finished it. Whoo! But 'twas so messy after finishing the whole thing. LOL. And I was really wondering why it took so long despite the fact that I only cut and pasted. :))

I was supposed to post a blog yesterday and yet I was unable to. Perhaps I was too sleepy (??). Hahs. The story begins here:
Math&Geom - Ms. Shirley discussed "Addition & Subtraction of Polynomials". :P
Language: A dicussion 'bout "Conjunctions".
Reading: Spelling + discussion of "Story Elements". (:
Recess: I ate a donut. Bow. :]]
Math&Geom: Copied the reference and homework.
Language: The activity about Conjunctions. Ugh! I was unable to finish it.
Reading: An activity about the lesson.
Dismissal: Dance practice which was so sucky. :|
And... I left at 5pm.

Yay that's today! LOL. I did my math homework when I arrived in school. Haha.
Math&Geom: Square Root discussion. Yee! It's so fun. HAHA. Then, activity.
Language: Discussion. Too lazy to listen. Hihi.
Reading: Another discussion - "Various Sounds of x&s". I got only 20 in the recitation. Haha. After that, activity. :P
Recess: I ate crackers, ferrero rocher and m&ms. :D
Math&Geom: Reference of "Square Root". Finished!!
Language: I did the writing. Hihi.
Reading: I finished the activity. ^^
Lunch Break: We went to Taipan, unfortunately, it was closed. Err. So, we bought Siomai in "Siomai Express". MAN, it was so spicy! After that, we had a bit of dance practice.
Computer: We did nothing.. Just laughed and made fun of people. Hah. Mr. Francis then told us that we could practice for our dance.
Dismissal: Practice. Then, we stopped at 4pm. Arielle went to a pet shop and bought a hamster, I think. And then her cousin arrived, Nicole. Haha. Carl (gr5) knows Nicole! She's so cute. :D
My driver arrived at 5pm. But I went home at 5:20pm, I guess. ^^

Okay, that's all. Now, I'm really really worried about the dance. I don't want to be embarassed, you know!! :(

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Eighteen, babyy! :)
1.23.2009 ★ 10:18:00 PM

Yesterday, I didn't blog. So, here's what happened: it was Thursday. Well, we didn't do anything that much yesterday since 'twas our P.E. In Arts, we watched Step Up 2. And in computer, we played with a marble. We didn't attend CL, but when we got there, we did this book activity. Recess in the court. In P.E., we got a meeting with sir Romy in the library. During our Music, we had a dance practice. Then, we played CTF. After that, we went to KiCaCo and ate there. Plus, we watched Step Up 2 dance scenes and a few scenes from She's The Man, too. :)

When we got back to school, we had a practice. We also laughed, played and obviously, we got tired so we stopped practicing and just rested. I left at 5pm.


Today is our card day (2nd trimester). I woke up at 8am. I used the computer and I woke up my brother. I ate breakfast then took a bath. My brother and I arrived in school at 'round 10am. I wasn't nervous at all. Actually, I was calm and relaxed. When I was looking at the bulletin board, I was trying to look for my name. At first, I can't seem to find my name. After a few seconds, there! I saw my name. At last. I was top 18. Yay. But I wasn't so surprised or so overjoyed. I was just happy. We went upstairs and got my card. Then, we left.

This afternoon, I did nothing but to use the computer. I also watched Step up 2, again, but this time, I watched the whole movie. After that, I just used the computer. I also ate this ube cake from Red Ribbon which was a gift given to my mom on her birthday. :P

Before, I was top 20 and now, I'm top 18. I am so blissful that all of my grades were increased and I got a higher rank. I'll really do my best this 3rd trimester so that I'll get higher grades and I'll get a higher rank! :D

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Laziness + busy bee = me, me & ME!!
1.21.2009 ★ 8:47:00 PM

Yo ma homie! What's up?

I'm currently eating chocolate mousse cake. It's a gift given to mom. :P

Well, I haven't blogged on Monday && Tuesday. And today's Wednesday! I've been busy recently for I have/had homework && projects that needed to be done right away. So, I was unable to make my usual blog-updates because I didn't have any time left. Surreh. :]

19th Jan, Monday
** Mom's birthday. Happy happy birthday! :D There was a party here at home, but I wasn't able to attend because I was still in school 'til 5pm due to dance practice. Hihi. ^^ Oh right, Mixcraft also gave us the CD that we bought from them - 70php. The music was so nice. Lol, credits to them! Hahaha. We also had a practice in Ella's place. :>

20th Jan, Tuesday
** Yesterday, I was really cramming because I wasn't able to review in the vocabulary & I only did the Language homework in school. Whew. I was hurrying a lot. LOL. But thankfully, I finished everything! I even got a perfect score in the post test. Yay. :P Oh, Ms. Shirley also discussed 'Polynomials' in Math. I never thought listening to the teacher's kinda fun. :))

21th Jan, Wednesday
** Now let's talk about this day. This weird && awkward day. [yea right! lol].
Science: A discussion 'bout Heat and Temperature. :) We answered seatworks and solved the problems. :P
Hekasi: New topic!! Renaissance. I didn't read in advance. So, I just listened. Then, quiz. I only got 6 out of 10. Bleh. :))
Filipino: We thought that we're gonna have the dialogue. But perhaps it was postponed. We just had a discussion with Ms. Heidi. I was the only one listening and she told me that I was the only one participating so I get plus points! Yahoo. xD After that, an activity.
I ate cassava cake only. And talked/laughed with Joseph & Elijah. :DD
Filipino: Reference 'bout Panitikan. I finished it! Hurrah.
Science: Acitivity + continuation of reference. ^^
Hekasi: Reference, again.. Though, unfinished. Hahs.
Lunch Break: I realized that my brown envelope with printed pictures + front page for my project was lost and we tried looking for it. However, we failed to find it. 'Twas completely lost and it's nowhere to be found. Urgh! I was getting out of control and didn't know what to do. I worked so hard for that!! Whaa.
EPP: I just cut-out some pieces in the magazine. And forgot about the incident. We also found this page with a butt and we tried fooling people. Obviously, we laughed out loud! :P
Dismissal: We ordered in McDo via delivery. I only ate McFlurry. Afterwards, we had a really short practice. Woot! :)) And I left at 'round 5:00pm. (:

I'm going to change my layout later!! Yee. Comment in my tagboard and criticize it nicely, would ya? Thanks & so long, sucker. HHA. :]

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That's the way I like it..
1.18.2009 ★ 6:37:00 PM

Alright, I haven't blogged for the second time, again, yesterday, for I was too lazy to make one and my mom used the computer. Apologies, my loved ones. (:

Weekend, weekend -- full of BOREDOM. Say whuut? :P

Well, yesterday, I used the computer, I went no place else but home. I turned into my couch-potato self, I mean, I always do! Lol. My piano teacher came here and another boring session (lol, i know right, what kind of 'pianist' am i?! HAHA). But I only liked the part where my teacher taught me the Symphony No. 5. So cool! Beethoven, you rock my world! :))

I also downloaded this software on the internet yesterday. It's called Music Morpher Gold. You can burn songs, make remix songs & other cool stuff. I'm still not familiar with the buttons and such, it's not that easy to use, just so everyone knows. I also watched "She's The Man" yesterday, it so totally rocked. I heart it, man! It reminds me of myself. LOL!!

Last night -- I wasn't able to sleep at once 'cause there's this noise behind our house. Perhaps there's this so-called 'party' at the back or whatever. It was so loud. But I did sleep at 12am. I don't usually get awakened during dreamy sleeps, but last night, I did, probably because of that noise. Well, I was awakened at quarter to 3am, wanting to know who text-messaged me. However, I only received one message from Ella, which was sent at 'round 12. I decided to make a GM, although, nobody replied at all. After that, I decided to sleep. :P

TODAY : I woke up, text-messaged, went downstairs && ate breakfast knowing that my mom went out. I used the computer 'til my mom arrived at noon with tita Edith. Then, someone fetched tita Edith and she left. Afterward, me and my mom ate lunch together without my brother with the reason of my brother - still full because he ate at early morning and he's on diet. Puh-lease! After eating, I just used the computer and used my phone while watching television.

As I was waiting for a reply from 'Mixcraft', a dance crew which includes boys from 4yellow. They offered us something that includes a song, for we need it for our own dance practicum next next week which is the modern dance. They told us that if we want them to make us a remix cd, then we'll just let them know. When we thought about it, we decided to let them make us with payment. We agreed about that and I told them that the money would be given to them tomorrow. :P

I was kinda regretting about accepting the deal 'cause the price was too high : P70. Not that I'm a person of parsimony, but for only a remix cd -- 70php?! Man, I could make myself my own remix cd! I'm just too lazy and I don't have any patience, though. So I guess we pay for the hard work [yeah right!]. Pff. :))

I still have 1 homework to do plus two other projects. Yes, here comes Clarisse, the cramming queen! Rofl. I'm too bored. Can I publish this blog now? Harhar. :P

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Whatever you like. :P
1.16.2009 ★ 9:28:00 PM

Heyy. Today was a-ok. :))

Science: Quiz. I didn't review that much but I'm pretty confident that I'll be perfect. :>
Hekasi: Discussion & quiz, too. Haha. Then, an essay with 250 words. -.-
Filipino: Discussion about Dula-dulaan. We were pretty much noisy. :P
Recess: I ate Piattos, something & Ovaltinies. :)
Filipino: I copied the reference and I finished it! :D
Science: "Energy" reference; still undone. LOL.
Hekasi: We continued writing our essays.. And I'm done with 250 words, actually, mine had 250+!! (:
Lunch: Ella & others went to the mall, Sam & I bought snowcones. :DD
- We went to different places.
- I played the piano upstairs.
- Hensen and the gang apologized. WOAH. :))
- Sam & Hannah wrote "Hensen" in the whole blackboard. Hahaha.
&& etc. (:
Pauline and others arrived at around 3pm. We completed our art activity in Arts and after that, we went downstairs. Pauline left & we played CTF. [so fun!!]. And then, Hannah + Tiffany left. Sam, Ella and I went to Computer Area and Hensen + his gang apologized to Ella, too. After the apology/ies, we went downstairs and talked about stuff. Then, we asked LC something and we asked Hensen if he opened my CL notebook 'cause he returned it to me. Hahaha. He said he didn't. Thank golly!! LOL. After that, the three of us left already. (:

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Phew, I'm back!
1.15.2009 ★ 5:04:00 PM

On hiatus? Not anymore, babyy! :P

**Jan 12 : Monday
-- I wasn't able to blog because.. I was too lazy? /:)
Math&Geom: Ms. Shirley discussed 'bout Volume.
Language: We wrote poems. Mine was entitled, "Piano". :D
Reading: Spelling, and we read a story - "Lost and Found".
Recess: Kristine gave us pizza and we ate wafers from Ella. :P
Math&Geom: Uhh, reference! lol.
Language: Continued writing the Poem (I think).
Reading: Copied the spelling words + reader's response.
Dismissal: We ate lunch at Chanelle's party in Music Area. ;)
& oh, I also received Sir Francis' email. Lol. Plus, mom's back!! With chocolates. :> Hahs. And my brother tried installing photoshop cs3, but it had a virus. Tsk, tsk. lol

**Jan 13 : Tuesday (Happy 9th Anniversary!!)
-- It was our 9th BFF anniv. ^^ Didn't write a blog. I was too busy doing the powerpoint presentation. :||
Math&Geom: We answered our books. I was texting, too. :))
Language: Discussion with Ms. Vangie 'bout Prepositions.
Reading: Post Test + Ms. Lily discussed "Propaganda Techniques".
Recess: We ate wafers, again. + ??. lol
Math&Geom: Continuation of book-answering. :P
Language: "Prepositions" activity. ^^
Reading: Acitivity about: Propaganda Techniques. I was the 1st one to finish! :P
Lunch Break: We ate mangoes. :>
Computer: We did nothing. When we were dismissed, Sir Francis told the chosen ones [lol] that the deadline of the MS ppt presentation will be on Thursday. :O
Dismissal: Well, it's our anniversary so we celebrated. Yay! Arielle bought cake from Pedritos, Pauline & I bought chips and Coke [1 litre] and Hannah & Tiff bought Bananofee Ice Cream. :)
Celebration: YUMM. The cake was deli. I ate the chips, too. And I didn't eath the ice cream that much but it was tastyy. :DD After eating, vanity fair!! Haha. And we signed on Hannah's scrapbook. Hannah & Tiff departed. Then, we were left in school. We just stayed there and waited for my driver. We got downstairs, and left. I think 'twas 5:30pm that time already! :))
& we also told the advisers of our enemies about what they were doing. They were scolded, I guess. Nyahaha. >:) :))

**Jan 14 : Wednesday
-- I arrived late in school 'cause I slept late. I woke up at 6:30am, whoa! :)) I didn't post a blog, again. Because.. Rush, rush! Cramming. :))
Science: I thought there was a quiz and sadly, I didn't review. But luckily, there wasn't a quiz at all! Yipee. We just copied "Energy" reference, I'm still not done. OMG. lol
Hekasi: Replay of Kaunlaran discussion. Then, quiz. I got 9 over 15. I know, I suck. =))
Filipino: We read a story then quiz. Purrfect-o! :D
Recess: We ate at the stairs. I bought Nestea & ate wafers + other food from friends. Haha!
Filipino: Well, when the bell rang, we saw Sir Pejay & Ms. Jenny downstairs (old teachers). We immediately went downstairs and hugged + talked to them. (:
Science: Still copied + talked. Hah.
Hekasi: Book activity. I finished it! Yayy.
Lunch Break: I ate chicken, only. And ate the left-over cake from yesterday. :))
E.P.P: We have a new project and we wrote scripts for an adolescence dialogue.
Dismissal: We ate mangoes and Ella and I were left in school. Just laughed, talked and fooled around. We left at 'round 5pm. :P

**Jan 15 : Thursday
-- I'm blogging!! 'Cause I'm already done with my presentation. & I slept late. 11pm. :)) Oh, we thought Ella was absent but she wasn't. Hahaha. We didn't attend rosary & hid inside the CR. (x
Arts: Ohmygahd. We did our art activities for the first time!! + it was cold. :))
Computer: Did nothing. Just copied terms in the board. And checked out our presentations. :>
C.L.: Reference. I fooled Sir Frederick. I wasn't finished yet but he checked it. Hahaha!!
Recess: I ate cup noodles & Mrs. Fields. Hahaha.
P.E.: We were grouped for the dance. Our group was what we wanted. All girls! Haha.
Music: Reference & saved the "homework" in my drafts. Haha.
Dismissal: We were bored and joined CTF. It's so fun!! :>
Ella, Alain, Arnold and I went to KCC. Man, they don't have any manners!! We ate nachos + coke float. And, we went back to school. Got the USB from Ms. Lily and talked to Mr. Francis. Then, we both left. :)

I'm planning to change my layout. Whatcha think? :P

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I've got your hand. I trust you.
1.11.2009 ★ 8:48:00 PM

HI. It's Sunday. :)

Tomorrow's school again. Huhu. Lol. But that's okay! I think. Well, hopefully. :||
Um, I woke up at 8:30am, the usual. :P I sat in front of the computer immediately without eating breakfast yet. I always do. HAHA. :] And obviously, I ate breakfast. Hm. In front of the computer, yeah! After eating, I just used the PC. Hihi. I looked for skins, plurked, friendster-ed, bloghopped, and just multiply-d. Haha. I also chatted in Y!M. Duuh. Well, I was THAT lazy to take a bath so after lunch? I didn't take a bath yet. :O

Um, in the afternoon, I ate some wasabi chips. Haha. And I finally took a bath at 3:30pm (?). After taking a bath, I went to the novena in our chapel. It ended at 5? Idk. Haha hmm.

I talked to my mom through phone, I called her. :D She said she'll be leaving Manila tomorrow in the early morning. :( She told me that they'll still watch a basketball game (PBA - Ginebra vs. San Miguel). Oh well. I continued using the computer and etc. :)) A few minutes ago, I watched Titanic. Eh, I was just browsing some channels and tadahh! Titanic. Yee. But 'twas already in the middle part. But, it's still the bestest movie everr! Hihi. I've watched it before already, for your info. :PP

I don't know what time I'll be going offline and sleep. Just have a fantastic night, 'k? :)

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Happy Feet.
1.10.2009 ★ 9:42:00 PM

Hi, blog! It's Saturday and guess what? I don't want to do my homework. (err!)

I woke up at 8:35am. My piano teacher called and told me that she'll come here at 10am. I ate my lunch, plurk-d, and after that, I took a bath at 9:30am. I continued using the computer and my teacher arrived. Piano lessons were a bit boring, I was sleepy, as usual. But I was awaken when my teacher showed me the piece of Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van Beethoven. :)

I used the computer and I talked to Ella after lunch. I talked to her for an hour, I guess. Then, I slept. I woke up, watched TV, used the computer, and I watched "Happy Feet". We ate dinner and I after Happy Feet, I used the PC for a while and I watched TV, I watched "The Shaggy Dog". Now, I'm watching "Cory In The House" in Disney while typing this blog. Oh, right.. My mom called me a while ago too. I told her about our driver, what happened last night. Lol. He tripped/slipped and his head got this blood thing and they went to the hospital and he was injected with anti-tetanus shots.

And when I woke up from my nap hours ago, QSL called and told me that my phone's fixed already. Yaaayy. =)

Btw, I don't wanna do my homework because I can't seem to search for examples of "Literary Allusions". I'm having a hard time and it obviously annoys me. And my other homework, Math.. Laws of Exponents, eh? Hard! Whaa. Not that hard but I forgot the lesson. So, yeah, tootles, unless I keep on typing. :))

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The 8th of January
1.09.2009 ★ 11:17:00 PM

Normal day. Nothing special. ;p
[The first day I wore my converse in school!!]

Arts: We did nothing. Because Ms. Ruth was late. Yayy. :>
Computer: Did nothing, again. Yes! :)
C.L.: We prayed the rosary and free time. :DD
Recess: I ate while standing. LOL! I ate Quake, Oreo + Big.
P.E.: Mr. Romy scolded us and then, reference. After, parlor games whatever. :))
Music: Nothing -- that's what we did. I played the piano. ;)
Dismissal: We went to CSI. :P It was crazy. We went to Penshoppe and put on some shirts. Haha. Then, Bench. Afterwards, we went to NBS to buy the World Map. After, we ate lunch at McDonald's. Haha. We were broke so we shared with Pauline in her double cheeseburger and we ate apple pie. :) Then, we went outside to the parking lot and we laughed like hell. Lol. We were screaming and everything. Haha. Happiness! Woot. Then, we rode on a jeepney. Weee. We went back to school and laugh trip! Kristine didn't give us pizza. :( Then, Pauline & Tiffany left. Hannah, Ella and I were left in school. I just sat and they were being insane. Haha. I left at around 4pm. ^^

Check out my other blog for today's entry. + I changed my layout. :)

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Fat butt =))
1.07.2009 ★ 9:25:00 PM

9:27; Clarisse Zaplan -- Still awake?!

As you can see, I'm usually asleep at this time but now, I'm still using the computer. Hahaha. I don't have a reasonable reason. Buhh, since there are no lessons to be reviewed tomorrow, I'm going to sleep late and wake up at 6am. Hahaha. :P

Science: I got 86/91 in the exam. Lol. And we copied "Energy".
Hekasi: I got 80/90 in the exam. Hurray! Haha. And then, discussion about Kaunlaran.
Filipino: We wrote a story about "Ang Aming Bagong Taon". Psh. :))
Recess: I didn't eat anything. Ham sandwich + Royal. Only. :D
Filipino: We wrote our New Year's resolutions. ^^
Science: Continued copying "Energy" but I didn't finish it. Lol.
Hekasi: I finished the reference of Kaunlaran. :P
Lunch Break: I bought Sprite at St. Joseph. :)
EPP: Discussion + seatwork.
Dismissal: We went to Musicians' Corner && we bought shake. And we regret buying it. Haha. After that, laugh trip at school! Yay. So funny. :))
I left at some time around 4pm. Then, took mass at St. Therese. Afterwards, my mom bought some things in St. Joseph and went home.

I need to hurry now. I want to sleep and my mom's going to Manila tomorrow.. I need to get some money!! Haha. Rofl. Fat-butt! You know who he/she is. :> :))

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You change your mind.. Like a girl changes clothes.
1.06.2009 ★ 7:40:00 PM

Ey. Whaddup? :)

I'm currently: Watching "Disturbia". :D
Listening to: The movie, duhh. :))


My day was a-ok. Hihi. I got to school, it's Tuesday, so we had flag ceremony. :P
Math&Geom - Continuation of discussion + activity. (:
Language - Book activitiy. Then, Ms. Vangie showed us our test papers. I got 93/100!! :> Guess what? I'm the highest in our class. YAY. Yep, I'm higher than Kristine. She's 92. :)) :O
Reading - Ms. Lily discussed "Allusion". I forgot my discussion score. Hahaha. Then, reference. I also showed Ms. Lily the lyrics of "Breakaway". But she told me to give her more songs. Lol.
LUNCH BREAK; I know it sounds really obvious that every person must eat lunch because that's why it's called "lunch break", right? But in my world, I don't eat lunch during lunch break's in school. HAHAH. :)) I just bought shake from the store near Lyceum.

COMPUTER CLASS; Mr. Francis announced the people who need to go back to Computer Area at 3pm. At first, we didn't know why. But he told us that we need to go back. He called the names, "Kristine Del Moral, Chanelle Abagat, Rica Lomibao, Patricia Sotong, CLARISSE ZAPLAN & Justin Lagman (wth?!). I was like, "eh? ok". lol. We did nothing there. I just checked Arielle's & Patricia's Tekkids book. Lol. Class dismissed! We went downstairs. And after a few minutes..

We were called by Sir Francis. They all gathered us. Whoa, I didn't expect that we were many. I can't type them all, so yeah. He told us that we were candidates for the I.T. Award. OMFG! Lol. And wait a sec, Justin.. Wtf? HAHA. Anyhow, he told us that he's gonna give us this e-mail with information and we'll make a presentation out of it. Arghh. :| And he told us that we will have workshops. My gahd. On saturdays?! Err. And, we'll be teaching 5th graders, too. MAN! What a job. *sigh*

After that, I went downstairs. We were all being frank about each other and asked funny questions. Who is the smelliest among chapstem? Lol. And yeah, we laughed and laughed. Arnold was also there. When he was about to leave, he asked us if he could throw water on us. We agreed and I got wet. LOL. Then, when my driver arrived, I left already and fetched my mom. And we went home. :) Disturbia? So freaky. It freaked me out! But whatever. Haha. Shia's so hot. Lol. :))

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Back to school - First day [2009]
1.05.2009 ★ 7:05:00 PM

I got to school and saw Arielle, Pauline, Tiffany and the rest of my girl-friends. We talked and I told them about Dana's pictures. Nothing changed, Pauline laughed hysterically. And eventually, we also did. Hahahaa. The bell rang, time for flag ceremony! We were giggling while singing the national anthem. We always do. LOL. ;)

1st period : Math & Geometry
- Ms. Shirley showed us our examination papers. She gave the Math test papers first and test papers in Geometry afterwards. I got 61/75 in Math. Likewise, I got 26/35. Both low scores, I know. Pft. :| And then, a short discussion 'bout "Laws of Exponents". Good thing I listened.. A bit. :))
2nd period : Language
- No test papers were showed. Yay. Lol. The only thing we did was to write entry/ies in our daily journal's. :)
3rd period : Reading
- They showed us our test papers. I was contented when I saw my score. But after a few minutes, I said, "I think I'm not satisfied". Oh well. My score? I got 74/80. Haha. Sorry for being such a vain person. Although, I hate vain people. Weird. :-S :))

Recess: I ate donuts + mountain dew. :P
I.W. -- Whole group
We copied a reference of "Laws of Exponents".
Language: Continued writing our entries. :D
Reading: We copied the spelling words && response log.

I still need to study. But I'm here, using the computer and indulging the time chatting with people. Hahahaa. Forgive me for being so troublesome!! (x

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First Sunday of the Year
1.04.2009 ★ 9:03:00 PM

Ayt, I woke up at nearly 9am. I used the PC without eating breakfast yet. LOL. Then, my piano teacher called me and told me that I'll have lessons at 10:30am. I went upstairs and fixed the bed. Afterwards, I played the piano for a while. Meanwhile, I took a bath. When I was finished, I ate breakfast when my teacher was already there. I took piano lessons for an hour and yes, I was sleepy, again. :))

After my lessons, computer. Um, I just waited for lunch. I think we ate lunch at around 12. After that, I used the computer. I just plurk-ed and did other things. I watched "Coach Carter" on dvd at around 3pm. When it was about to end, I clicked "pause" and I dressed up for church. When I got back, I pressed "play". And I continued watching. Lol. That movie was great! I'll put it in my "Favorite Movies" immediately. Hihi. :)

We went to church at 5:45pm, I think. We arrived at 5:55pm. The 5pm-mass wasn't done yet so we sat and waited for it to end. When it ended, we went inside and waited for the 6pm mass to begin. The priest was Fr. Jim Cerezo. The mass ended early. Haha. Then, we went home. I went online in Y!M and I remembered that there was "Minutemen" in Disney. My mom didn't allow me to change the channel 'cause she's watching so I watched here inside my brother's room. I ate dinner when 'twas commercial. I got my plate and went back here. I ate while watching. Haha. It ended just a few minutes ago. It was nice. :DD

Err, Ella told me about the interview papers in Computer and she told me the bad news. SHE LOST IT. -___- What am I supposed to do? FREAK OUT! But whatever. I guess it's too late after all. *sigh* Maybe we could still work this out. We'll just talk about it tomorrow. Besides, I don't have time left. I'll sleep at exactly 9:40pm and I should be in my PJ's at that time. I haven't even prepared my things. MAN! What kind of student am I? :)) I need to go now. Goodbye! School's tomorrow. Oh well. Just seeyaharound. ^^

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Baguio, again! :)
1.03.2009 ★ 9:39:00 PM

First, we went to Manaoag and took mass at 9am. There was a wedding so the mass took a bit long. When the mass ended, time to go to Baguio!! :D

Well, we went through Kennon Road to Baguio City. Yea, I don't like passing there because it makes me really dizzy. Lol. I didn't sleep while on the way. I just listened to music. And yes, I was a bit dizzy, as usual. Hahaha. Um, we arrived at 11:53pm; it was cold, as always. Haha.

We went straight to SM Baguio. Well, we ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy. Hah, japanese! We ordered: Tempura (mm!), Teriyaki Boy Chicken, California Roll, Gyosa and others. I was so full! Lol. And everything was delicious! :)

After eating, I begged my mom to buy me 2 pairs of shoes (vans + converse). Then, we went to a watch shop and bought battery for my mom's watch. After that, I was like, so upset because I knew that my mom won't buy me both. Then, we went downstairs to the department store. And my mom asked me what I like. I said, "both". And then she told me to pick a style. I was like, yay. And then, I picked a style in Vans first. I tried on the rainbow style but they didn't have any sizes left, that was the smallest. So, I tried the black & white. It was big, so we told the salesman that we'll go back there and we'll check out Sports Central first. Then, we went to Converse. I picked a style and tried it on. It has a print and 'twas so cool. But when I looked at the price, it was expensive. I said, "I won't be able to buy the Vans if I buy this". And my brother told me to buy that first and buy the Vans next time. He told me that Converse is cooler. So yeah, since it was cool and it was in a limited edition, I bought that pair of Converse. :DD

*I really wanted that Vans though* :))
Then, we went to the Cinemas and we watched "Ang Taning Ina N'yong Lahat". It was okay, funny as well. Hahaha. After watching, we went to Artwork and my brother bought a shirt saying, "I miss my beetle". Lol. Then, we went to NBS and my mom bought this something for her pen and scotch-tape. After, we went to Pancake House. I ate Golden Brown Waffle. Tasty! :)
Next, we went home. I fell asleep. My head was aching and by the time we were in Damortis, I woke up. I didn't continue my sleep, though. Just sat there. ;p

So, we arrived here at around 7pm. We ate dinner and blah. Haha. VANS! :))

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Date w/ Betina. :)
1.02.2009 ★ 9:52:00 PM

So at around 2pm, Betina called me and told me she was bored. Haha. At 2:30, I dressed up already. I went to Du Marc. But then, 'twas closed. I saw Betina's car and she got out. I went inside their car and we (me + her family) went to Lenox. Betina's mom thought that my mom was coming. Lol. We ate lots of food. And I made a lot of stories to Betina. Yee!! I ordered chicken sandwich. Uh, we ate Calamares, Quesidillias & Chiken Fingers. YUMM!! I was so full. :))

After eating, we went inside the wash room and yeah, we were vain inside. :> Then, we went to Nepo Mall with Betina, Ate Kyra & her mom. They shopped for a few things. We also went to BNY and they tried some pants on but they didn't buy them. I was text-messaging the whole time. :)

After that, we went to their house. Tita Roselle (sp?) gave us cake[s] and ice cream. We ate: chocolate mousse (I think), chocolate cake, buko pandan cake and chocolate-flavored ice cream. Oohlala. Hihi. Oh right, we also called Ella. Ella told me I was so lucky. Haha. We tried calling Pauline but no one answered the phone. So, we talked to Ella for an hour. Haha. I used B's camera and her iPod. Lol. After talking to Ella, Betina and I played "speed stacks". Lol. I was a beginner! It's my first time to play it. Hahaha. It was so hard. Betina was so fast. When I played it, my time was 1minute. And y'know Betina's time? 27 seconds. Man! :))

Then, Betina looked at her watch and 'twas already 6:30pm. Time to go home. She got her bag and we went inside their car with ate Kyra. They dropped me at our house and Betina went inside and said hello to my mom. Afterwards, we went outside and she went back to her car. Aw, we hugged. I miss her so much already! And yes, I had so much fun today. The last time we saw each other was 8 months ago, I think! Wow. That's a long time. Huhu. I hope we could see each other again next time! Thanks for the treat, Betina! ILY. (:

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Happy New Year! :)
1.01.2009 ★ 9:56:00 PM

So I slept at almost 3am and I woke up at 7am. I wanted to get out of bed but I knew my mom will tell me to continue sleeping because she knows I slept late. LOL. Then, I fell asleep again. I woke up at 9am. I went downstairs and ate my breakfast then started using the computer. Afterwards, my mom used the PC outside so I used the one inside my brother's room. We ate lunch together and I used the computer, again. I took a bath at 3:30, I think. After taking a bath, I watched "The Suite Life on deck". Haha. And then, we dressed up for church. My mom woke my brother up and he dressed up, too. We waited for him to be done and then we left.

When we arrived, we went to Msgr. Magno's place and he blessed my mom's religious images. When my mom was still talking to monsignor, my brother and I proceeded to the church and found a place to sit. The mass started at 5pm. The celebrant was Fr. Jerry Sera. The mass ended fast because Fr. Jerry's always fast. Hihi. It ended at 5:50 or 5:45pm, I guess. We went back to Msgr.'s place because my mom told him something. And we asked about YFC: I want to join!! :D And after that, we went home. My bro went to a party and mom & I ate dinner. I used the computer then my brother arrived.

He looked for his sim from me and I told him, "I gave it to you last night!", but then he told me that I didn't. I guess I lost it. I know I left it there somewhere but now it's gone. I think he's irritated or something. I hate it when he feels that way. It's really scary. Err. I'm so careless. I didn't know it was going to be lost. And better yet, I don't even remember where I put it. I just hope I could still find it. Or hopefully, my brother would stop being so grumpy. -__-

Oh! Betina called a while ago. She asked me to go out tomorrow at Du Marc's. I asked my mom and she said yes. YAY!! I'm so excited. Hihi. We talked about a lot of things. School, people, etc. Haha. I miss her so much! And I can't wait for us to see each other again tomorrow. Wee, vanity! Lol. Well, that's all. And once again, happy new year, everyone! :)

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We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up. :)
★ 12:53:00 PM

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
-- Yesterday, I woke up at 9am, I think. I used the computer and blah. I called Demi and let her hear my Für Elise on the piano. Suddenly, Elijah buzzed me in Y!M and told me to call him too so he could here me on the piano as well. I called him and yea. I really had a hard time in letting them here me on the piano since our phone isn't wireless. I just pulled it so it could reach the piano. Lol. When Elijah asked me to call him again, I decided to get the wireless so I played. Haha. Well, I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday. Right, I also tried being unli yesterday but it didn't work. Pft! Um, my mom went to church and I was left here. I just used the computer the whole day. (:

In the evening, my mom arrived and we ate lunch. Then, my brother arrived too. He used the other computer so I just helped my mom in searching for items to analyze the suspect. Haha! After that, she went upstairs already and I finally used the computer! Hurray. :))
Well, there were a lot of people who were online last night but I only chatted with ate Kai. Hihi. At the same time, I plurked and used diff kinds of webbies. At 10:30pm, me and ate Kai washed up and got dressed. We were supposed to change our skins at the same time but Raizzy used the comp due to ate Kai's tiredness. I just chatted with Raizel. And I also looked for a skin for her so that we can both change our layouts. I found a skin and showed it to her but then ate Kai and her fought about it. :)) In the end, however, they managed to pick a skin for the two of them. Lol. So, we changed our skins. And when 'twas nearly 12am, I went outside and went "be right back". :P

-- I went oustide the house and a lot of kids were there. My brother started putting up colorful and noisy fireworks. Haha. When my brother put up one firework (forgot the name), it went to the grassy part at the front of us and unexpectedly, there was fire! Everyone was panicking and our neighbours helped to put the fire out. My mom called the fire station near us. The good thing is, there was no residence/house in the place where the fire is. A lot of guys carried barrels of water to the fire and tried to put it out. And thank God, the fire was gone. But the hilarious thing is, when the firemen got here, the fire was already gone. And y'know what? There were 2 fire trucks that came! :))
We continued the party and they put up fireworks. After watching the fireworks, we all ate our medya noche's. I ate spaghetti, hotdog and ham. (MMM..). Hahaha. After eating, I just used the computer. Chatted with people and blahh. I went offline at 1:40am. I changed my clothes and went to bed. Plus, I still text-messaged. Haha. I slept at quarter to 3 (2:40am).

I'll just describe my new year in my other blog. :PP
Happy New Year, everyone!! :)

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